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But though we had plenty of money, There was nothing our money could buy.
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Gold 1293.600.30
Silver 20.32-0.01
Platinum 1462.50-0.60
Palladium 868.500.17
DOWJONES 17084-8
NASDAQ 4472-2
NIKKEI 15284-44
ASX 557710
CAC 40 441134
DAX 979441
HUI 235-4
XAU 99-2
AUS $ 1.4299
CAN $ 1.4460
US $ 1.3462
GBP (£) 0.7924
Sw Fr 1.2151
YEN 137.0690
AUS $ 1.0620
CAN $ 1.0743
Euro 0.7428
GBP (£) 0.5887
Sw Fr 0.9025
YEN 101.8150
Gold / Silver63.66
Gold / Oil12.40
Dowjones / Gold13.21
Copper 3.260.06
WTI Oil 104.30-0.12
Nat. Gas 3.840.08
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01/22/2014Silver Expert: Jeffrey Christian Proves Illegal COMEX Price Se...  (2)
09/11/2013The Problem with Knowing The Truth  (2)
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12/25/2012The Case for $136,604/oz physical silver  (10)
11/03/2012Laughing At the Market Riggers...As Revolution Lurks  (7)
10/25/2012Understanding Silver Price Manipulation  (8)
10/22/2012ALERT: Silver Short Hot Potato Being Passed Again!  (2)
10/17/2012The Hidden Meanings in the New $100 Bill!  (3)
10/10/2012Understanding Silver Price Manipulation
10/05/2012 Conversations with God...about Gold and Silver!  (3)
10/03/2012Silver for Millionaires and Billionaires!  (2)
09/14/2012ALERT: Gold & Silver Go Parabolic as Fed Announces QE to INFIN...  (4)
05/29/2012   Pay me my Silver Now !
09/08/2011The "Blue Bankruptcy" May Wreak Havoc In October  (4)
03/31/2011World Gold Council supports Gold Price Manipulation !
03/10/2011Caveat Emptor: Fake Silver and Gold May Destroy Markets  (1)
02/07/2011The New $100 Bill Will Usher In A NEW Gold Standard
01/12/2011SILVER: What Happens When...  (1)
12/01/2010Everybody Loves Silver !  (3)
09/03/2010Nuts and Bolts of COMEX Silver Manipulation  (2)
08/28/2010Will Gold/Silver Mining Shares Ever Payoff?  (6)
08/18/2010US Prepares For Gold Standard  (5)
07/27/2010The US Mint Fraud
04/28/2010The Hidden Meanings in the New $100 Bill!  (11)
04/15/2010Golden Road
04/08/2010Greenspan's Golden Testimony
04/05/2010Physical Metal Hedging and Metal ETF’s
03/10/2010Open Letter to the CFTC  (3)
03/03/2010Gold Manipulation Quiz  (4)
02/17/2010Gold and the Road to Roota Theory  (3)
02/05/2010Gold and the US Strong Dollar Policy
01/23/2010Are You Really Ready For This America?  (2)
01/20/2010The Future of Gold & Silver  (2)
01/16/2010Friday Road Trip
01/08/2010Gold & The Original Road to Roota
12/18/2009Gold: Road to Roota - Friday Road Trip
12/05/2009$6,000/oz SILVER and ONE BANK  (4)
12/01/2009The Catastrophic End of Market Manipulation  (4)
11/24/2009The Three Gold Camps
11/20/2009Gold Standard Implementation Update
11/18/2009Fake Gold portends Silver Explosion!
11/12/2009The Road to Roota letters
10/24/2009Road to Roota XXI - The Defining Moment
10/07/2009Road to Roota XX: The Big Silver Slingshot
09/27/2009Road to Roota XIX: Audit the Fed Gold
09/19/2009Road to Roota XVIII : “Ducks-in-a-Row” for the Gold Standard
08/26/2009Road to Roota XVII
06/20/2009Road to Roota XV : : When Atlas Shrugs  (1)
06/04/2009The Road to Roota XIV : Gold Panic inside the Oval Office
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Bix Weir

Bix Weir is a freelance author and analyst dedicated to exposing the long term manipulation of the gold and silver markets.
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