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More than 24 hours ago
Bob Hoye - Institutional Advisors
The following is part of Pivotal Events that was published for our subscribers October 16, 2014. Signs Of The Times On the FOMC minutes of October 8th, the Street claimed that the report was "Dovish" and markets soared. On the next day's Pivot we noted that the stock market couldn't go down until all of the shorts had been forced to cover. The push by the establishment seems to have accomplished that. Not emphasized within the minutes was: "Some financial developments that could underm
Saturday, October 25, 2014
Wolf Richter
The Pauperization of Workers in the UK and America
Since the financial crisis, the government of the UK and the Bank of England have jumped through hoops and twirled around in extraordinary gyrations to bail out one of the largest financial centers in the world, the uniquely powerful and at once unaccountable speck of land, the City of London, an incorporated area within London known as the Square Mile; or rather bail out its financial institutions, way of doing business, and bonuses; and along the way, bail out banks further afield. Done in the
Saturday, October 25, 2014
Jay Taylor - Kitco
The Debt Markets Will Do Us In

Friday, October 24, 2014
Pepe Escobar - Asia Times
THE ROVING EYE The Kobani riddle

Friday, October 24, 2014
Lysander Spooner
  Gold and Silver as Standards of Value 
All the usurpation, and tyranny, and extortion, and robbery, and fraud, that are involved in the monopoly of money are practised, and attempted to be justified, under the pretence of maintaining the standard of value. This pretence is intrinsically a false one throughout. And the whole motive for it is to afford some color of justification for such a monopoly of money as will enable the few holders of gold and silver coins (or of such other money as may be specially licensed and substituted for them) to extort, in exchange for them, more of other men’s property than the coins (or their substitutes) are naturally and truly worth. That such is the fact, it is the purpose of this article to prove.
Friday, October 24, 2014
Wolf Richter
LEAKED: What Happens to Germany if Russia Turns off the Gas 
One of the threats, or perhaps the threat, hanging over the EU due to the sanctions fiasco has been the possibility that Russia could shut down the pipelines and stop deliveries of natural gas to European countries. It would be a way to escalate the crisis and force a solution of one kind or another. It would do enormous damage to the Russian economy. What are they going to do with the gas that gets pumped on a daily basis to Europe, and particularly to the largest consumer, Germany? Inhale it?
Friday, October 24, 2014
Gordon Long - Market Analytics
Phase Shift
Does the Current Market Volatility Signal A Trend Change in Sentiment? 31 Minutes, 49 Slides Gordon T Long poses three questions for debate with John Rubino regarding the current Geo-Political Event Risks and Macro Economics developments: Are the risks in fact bigger and more serious problems than we were seeing while the market was going up? Could it actually be a matter that investors are reacting differently because underlying mood / sentiment has changed for
Friday, October 24, 2014
Philippe Herlin - GoldBroker
Are sovereign bonds the last rampart before the collapse?
Last week was a rocky one on the stock markets, with London, Frankfurt, Paris and New York sliding heavily. Sort of a mini-crash, but not too serious... a simple warning showing some nervousness among investors: has the time of disillusion come? In Europe and Japan, stock market indices are below their January 1st, 2014, level, and in the United States, they’re just slightly above it. The basic problem is that global liquidity is growing at a much higher pace than real economic growth. Even wit
Thursday, October 23, 2014
Jim Lobe - Asia Times
Blackwater contractors convicted

Thursday, October 23, 2014 -
Low Oil Prices Hurting U.S. Shale Operations
Slumping oil prices are putting pressure on U.S. drillers. The number of active rigs drilling for oil and gas fell by their most in two months, according to the latest data from oil services firm Baker Hughes. There were 19 oil rigs that were removed from operation as of Oct. 17, compared to the prior week. There are now 1,590 active oil rigs, the lowest level in six weeks. "Unless there's a significant reversal in oil prices, we're going to see continued declines in the rig count, esp
Wednesday, October 22, 2014
John Rubino - Dollar Collapse
Goodbye War On Drugs, Hello Libertarian Utopia. Dominic Frisby's Bit
Now that bitcoin has subsided from speculative bubble to functioning currency (see the price chart below), it's safe for non-speculators to explore the whole "cryptocurrency" thing. bitcoin or one of its growing list of competitors a useful addition to the average person's array of bank accounts and credit cards -- or is it a replacement for most of those things? And how does one make this transition? With his usual excellent timing, London-based financial writer/actor/stand-up
Tuesday, October 21, 2014
Marin Katusa - Casey Research
Oil Deflation, the Saudi’s Muslim Frankenstein, and the Colder War
Deflation [dih-fley-shuhn] Economics. a fall in the general price level or a contraction of credit and available money (opposed to inflation). Source: The US Energy Information Administration (EIA) published a very compelling chart last week; it shows that the net energy imports of the US as a share of consumption are at their lowest level in 29 years. How can this be? The reason is shale oil. The success of the shale oil sector—specifically horizontal drilling and
Tuesday, October 21, 2014
Jay Taylor - Kitco
Are Our Markets Now Beyond Manipulation?

Tuesday, October 21, 2014
Alasdair Macleod - Finance and Eco.
Why the business cycle is failing 
Since WW2 economic theorists have posited that demand in the economy could be stimulated by a combination of deficit spending by the government and by suppressing interest rates. The separation of demand from production was promoted by Keynes and interest rate management of the economy by monetarists, though there is considerable overlap between the two. Yet no progress in economic management has been achieved: instead we appear to be on the brink of a major economic dislocation.Far from banishi
Tuesday, October 21, 2014
James Howard Kunstler
D id a few loose strands of Ebola seep into the organs and tissues of global finance last week? The US equity markets sure enough puked, the Nikkei bled out through its eyeballs, all the collagen melted out of Greek bonds, and treasuries bloated up grotesquely on a putrid stream of terrified “liquidity” that led two Federal Reserve proctologists to maunder about the possibility of a QE-4 laxative, out of which, in due time, will surely gush explosive bloody fluxes of deeper financial sickness. T
Tuesday, October 21, 2014
John Browne - Euro Pacific Capital
Turkey's Position on ISIL Misunderstood
As territory in the Middle East falls under control of the brutal fanatics of ISIL, many Americans may be wondering how this could happen in the backyard of major U.S. allies. In particular, frustration with Turkey's reluctance to move against ISIL, even as it massacres civilians and creates instability on the Turkish border, is growing rapidly. Turkey's political calculation with respect to the crisis reveals just how complex and intractable the crisis may become. Located between Europe and Asi
Monday, October 20, 2014
Michael Pento - Delta Global Advisors
A Funny Thing Happened on The Way to Raising Rates 
It wasn't too long ago that the stock market was busy celebrating a "great" September jobs report. There were 248k net new jobs created and the unemployment rate dropped to 5.9 percent. Janet Yellen, Ben Bernanke and the rest of Washington D.C.'s central planners deemed it a great time to take a Keynesian victory lap, basking in the delusion that they now have proved you actually can print and borrow your way to prosperity. And, because of their success, the Fed would be able to raise
Monday, October 20, 2014
Chris Martenson
The current Ebola outbreak, unlike others throughout history, is lasting a very long time; with cases now being reported on a variety of continents well outside of its equatorial African origin. I'm not especially worried about Ebola striking me or my loved ones, for reasons I'll explain in a moment. But I'm growing increasingly concerned about government response to the outbreak. So let's spend some time understanding the nature of Ebola, specifically, and viral contagion, more generally. At th
Monday, October 20, 2014
Jesse - Le Cafe Américain
The White Rose, In the Land of the Willfully Blind 
This is one of my favorite leaflets from Die Weiße Rose. I enjoy their observation that "German intellectuals fled to their cellars, there, like plants struggling in the dark, away from light and sun, gradually to choke to death." One cannot blame them in some ways, since from the very beginning the National Socialists were backing their words with violent street thugs in brown shirts. And so many among the very wealthy and the highly trained professional classes threw themselves into the arm
Saturday, October 18, 2014
John Rubino - Dollar Collapse
Phase Shift?
Does the Current Market Volatility Signal A Trend Change in Sentiment? 31 Minutes, 49 Slides Gordon T Long poses three questions for debate with John Rubino regarding the current Geo-Political Event Risks and Macro Economics developments: Are the risks in fact bigger and more serious problems than we were seeing while the market was going up? Could it actually be a matter that investors are reacting differently because underlying mood / sentiment has changed for
Saturday, October 18, 2014
Peter McKenzie-Brown - Language Instinct
The Stress-timed Rhythm of English
Imagine yourself at public auditions in which four conductors are competing for the top job in an orchestra. Each competitor has to conduct the same piece of music, and each to the same metronome. As he waves his baton, the first conductor begins with the words, “One, two, three, four.” The second says “One and two and three and four.” The next says “One and a two and a three and a four.” And the last aspirant says “One and then a two and then a three and then a four.” Which of these conductors
Saturday, October 18, 2014
Bob Hoye - Institutional Advisors
Credit is Suspicion Asleep
The following is part of Pivotal Events that was published for our subscribers October 9, 2014. Signs Of The Times "Tom Lee: Stay Bullish And Prepare For Years Of Stock Market Gains" - Business Insider, September 15 Lee was with J P Morgan and has an S&P target of 2100 by the end of this year. Lee asks "What can go wrong?" and only identifies an "external shock" from a spike in oil prices. The old conviction that inflation in tangible assets is bad still prevails. The dang
Friday, October 17, 2014
Puru Saxena - SafeHaven
Passing on The Baton

Friday, October 17, 2014
Pepe Escobar - Asia Times

Friday, October 17, 2014
Philippe Herlin - GoldBroker
Regulators and Banks Settle on the Backs of Depositors 
In the world of finance, important things often occur during the weekend, when markets are closed, when negotiations and inside rumours cannot have any repercussions or profit to any insiders, as the media is busy with trivial news and the weather. An important agreement was signed on Saturday, October 11, between the large global banks “under pressure from regulators”, as stated in the AFP news release, and it relates to derivatives and, more specifically, the CDSs, or credit default swaps. The
Thursday, October 16, 2014
Peter McKenzie-Brown - Language Instinct
Disowning contamination
Reclamation efforts after the frac are now top of mind for executives who don't want to end up owning contamination. This article appears in the October issue of Oilweek; image from here By Peter McKenzie-Brown “I find it hard to believe that it’s often a problem,” according to retired geologist Philip Coleman. “Well fracturing was old news back in 1977. We did thousands of fractures, and this was in Medicine Hat country, so they were all related to shallow gas. We fracked wells. They were on
Wednesday, October 15, 2014
Peter Schiff - Euro Pacific Capital
Governments Need Inflation, Economies Don't 
In an article in the UK's Telegraph on October 10, veteran economic correspondent Ambrose Evans-Pritchard laid bare the essential truth of the nearly universal current embrace of inflation as an economic panacea. While politicians, CEOs and economists talk about demand stimulus and the avoidance of a deflationary trap, Evans-Pritchard reminds us that inflation is all, and always, about debt management.Every year the levels of government debt as a percentage of GDP, for both emerging market and d
Wednesday, October 15, 2014
Jay Taylor - Kitco
Is This It?

Wednesday, October 15, 2014
Mike Whitney - Counterpunch
The Ukraine, As We Know It, Is Gone Forever

Tuesday, October 14, 2014
Peter Schiff - Euro Pacific Capital
Videocast: China's Boom and Lust for Gold 
Below please find the new monthly Gold Videocast from Peter Schiff, Chairman of SchiffGold. His latest book, The Real Crash: America's Coming Bankruptcy, was released in April.Synopsis: With the launch of the iPhone 6, Americans now wait in line for hours to sell wealthy Chinese the smartphones at 10X the price. How did we become the waiters and they the big spenders? Peter explains China's ongoing boom and what it means for their favorite commodity – gold.Highlights:0:20 – The dollar has rallie
Tuesday, October 14, 2014