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In the last 15 minutes
6:24 PMRussian Oil Giant Rosneft Cannot Be Sold on Open Market, Says
In the last hour
5:53 PMSyrian Forces Close in on ISIS-Surrounded
5:52 PMA Key Indicator In The Copper Market Suggests The Bottom Is
In the last 4 hours
5:03 PMNegative Interest Rates Set to Propel the...Sol Palha - SafeHaven
4:54 PM‘Rebel’ General Nears Capital, Libyan Oil Fate Up in the
4:15 PMWhich of these markets is wrong?Steve Saville - Speculative Investor
In the last 24 hours
1:02 PMThe Looting Stage of Capitalism: Germany’s Assault on the IMFPaul Craig Roberts - Counterpunch
11:00 AMBad Arguments Economically and HistoricallyTom DiLorenzo - lewRockwell
8:50 AMFrance Running Out of Gasoline; Strikes Now Spread to Nuclear PlantsMish - Global Economic Analysis
8:30 AMHillary Clinton: A Major Gold-Digging LiabilityPepe Escobar - Counterpunch
1:33 AMWould Regulated Oil Prices, Argentine-Style, Help U.S. Shale?
1:33 AMDespite Oil Slump, Chevron to Invest $37B in Giant Kazakh
12:32 AM2015 Worst Year For Oil Discoveries Since
12:06 AMBakken Oil Patch At Risk Over Pipeline
5/25/2016Does The U.S. Have A Plan For The Post-Oil Era?
5/25/2016Oil Rally Set to Continue as EIA Confirms Inventory
5/25/2016Oil Chugs Higher But Slips On Gasoline
5/25/2016Oil Closes in on $50, EIA Data May or May Not Keep it
5/25/201672-Year-Old Fringe Left Candidate Wins Presidency in Austrian Run-Off ElectionDave Lindorff - Counterpunch
5/25/2016Five reasons the market is ignoring the Fed about rate hikesCaroline Baum - MarketWatch
5/25/2016The New SerfsPaul Craig Roberts - LewRockwell
5/25/2016Nobody Knows AnythingSteve Saville - Speculative Investor
5/25/2016Climate Change CommentBob Hoye - Institutional Advisors
5/25/2016OPEC Head Calls for $65
5/24/2016Citi Says Oil “Turns a Corner”: Barrel Price at $50 in
5/24/2016Oil Rally Pauses After Canada, Iran Up
5/24/2016Egypt to Increase NatGas Production by 30% by
5/24/2016Iraq Reaches 4.5M Bpd Oil Production, As Cracks Start to
5/24/2016Refinery Crisis Has French Oil Major Rethinking Investment
5/24/2016Oil Prices Spike Ahead Of Inventory
5/24/2016Venezuelan State-Run Oil Co. To Pay Suppliers With Debt
5/24/2016Libya Ramps Up Oil Production Just as Market Was
5/24/2016Yet ANOTHER Billionaire Warns About Coming Chaos … Maybe There’s Something to This Trend?Mike Larson - Money And Markets
5/24/2016The Financial Invasion of GreeceMichael Hudson - Counterpunch
5/24/2016Europe, the US and the Politics of Pissing and Being PissedDave Lindorff - Counterpunch
5/24/2016BP Faces Setback In World’s Largest Unexplored Oil
5/24/2016Key Pipeline Could Unleash Alberta’s Oil
5/24/2016Oil Investor Zukerman Charged with $45M Tax
5/24/2016Russian Natural Gas Dominance Under Threat From Croatian LNG
5/24/2016‘’Iran Will Not Freeze’’ -Plans To Ramp Up Oil Production Through
5/24/2016Saudi Market Share Takes A Hit As Russia Doubles Oil Exports To
5/23/2016Greed and the BibleCaptain Hook - Treasure Chest
5/23/2016North Dakota Spill Leaks 120,000 Gallons of Oil &
5/23/2016Oil Heads Lower As Supply Concerns
5/23/2016Drowning in Debt, Corporate EditionMike Larson - Money And Markets
5/23/2016Syria Asks Russia for Help Rebuilding Oil
5/23/2016Lower Away!James Howard Kunstler
5/23/2016Much Ado About RestroomsRon Paul
5/23/2016Christian and Independent Schools Under AssaultGary North - LewRockwell
5/23/2016Will Trump Win or Lose?Martin D. Weiss - Money And Markets