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1:44 AMTop Factors Undermining Any Oil Price
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In the last 24 hours
7/27/2015Higher interest rates, rising inflation dampen housing market momentumThe Standard
7/27/2015Inflation stays low, official reserves top US$ 7.5 bLakehouse Daily News
7/27/2015Don't Raise Inflation Targets, Economists SayNasdaq
7/27/2015Inflation debate will not deter price stability goalbusiness-standard
7/27/2015How to Identify a Classic BubbleMichael Pento - Delta Global Advisors
7/27/2015Is ‘Lifestyle Inflation’ Making You Broke?TIME
7/27/2015Must-Read: Nick Rowe: Suppose the Bank of Canada targets 2% inflation…Washington Center for Equitable Growth
7/27/2015Must-Read: Tim Duy: The Fed Is Closer to Hitting Its Inflation Target Than People ThinkWashington Center for Equitable Growth
7/27/2015Gold Bullion Rallies Near $1100 But Spec's Turn Bearish, Big ETF Shrinks, China Imports FallBullion Vault
7/27/2015Steep price declines and increased buying often go togetherSteve Saville - Speculative Investor
7/27/2015Do We Need to Bring Back Internment Camps?Ron Paul
7/27/2015With oil big boys not keen, will national cos move in?The Hindu Business Line
7/27/2015Quirks in European and Japanese inflation could be a
7/27/2015The Fed may have to make a change to its statement
7/27/2015Deflation threat returns to stalk investors and policymakersReuters
7/27/2015Copper-Bottomed CyclesBullion Vault
7/27/2015MacrocosmGary Tanashian - Biwii
7/27/2015Iran n-deal may lead to excess oil supplies, plunging pricesThe Hindu Business Line
7/27/2015Russian finance ministry sees end-year inflation at 10.5-11%The Economic Times
7/27/2015Russia's Finance Ministry Forecasts Year-End Inflation at 11 PercentThe Moscow Times
7/27/2015$185 Billion In New Oil and Gas Projects Up For
7/27/2015Falling Commodity Prices to Weigh on Near-Term InflationFXstreet
7/27/2015Bank of Israel holds rates on improving inflation, moderate growthReuters
7/27/2015Chinese Stocks Tank Again – Is There Any Cure for the China Flu?Mike Larson - Money And Markets
7/27/2015BSP estimates July inflation at 0.5-1.3%The Manila Times
7/27/2015The Nuclear Deal is Mostly about OilJohn Browne - Euro Pacific Capital
7/27/2015How much gold does China really have?Bron Suchecki - Perth Mint
7/27/2015Jeff Berwick Talks Crypto CurrenciesGordon Long - Market Analytics
7/27/2015Gold & Silver Market MorningJulian D. W. Phillips - Gold Forecaster
7/27/2015Inflation Data Suggest More ECB SupportJapan Real Time
7/27/2015Gold Bullion “Extremely Rare” – All World’s Gold Fits In Average Four Bedroom HouseMark O'Byrne -
7/27/2015Inflation Doesn't Seem Ready For LiftoffSeeking Alpha
7/27/2015Too early to predict price inflation turning point, says ECBThe Economic Times
7/27/2015Deflation or Runaway InflationAntal E. Fekete - Gold University
7/27/2015The American Religion of ViolenceTom DiLorenzo - lewRockwell
7/27/2015After the CrashGary North - LewRockwell
7/27/2015Is The Tide Turning?Puru Saxena - Kitco
7/27/2015Obama’s Version of Iran Nuke Deal: a Second False NarrativeGareth Porter - Counterpunch
7/27/2015The Fed Is Closer to Hitting Its Inflation Target Than People ThinkBloomberg
7/27/2015ECB says it's too early to say that inflation has reached
7/27/2015ECB says too early to predict inflation turning pointBusiness Times Online
7/27/2015Will Keynesians or Keynesian Economics Take the Hit?George F. Smith - Barbarous Relic
7/27/2015S. Sudan inflation caused by “well-connected” elites: reportSudan Tribune
7/27/2015Crude oil futures down at Rs 3,082 per barrelThe Hindu Business Line
7/27/2015CBDT raises cost inflation index by 5.57% for 2015-16The Hindu Business Line
7/27/2015BSP sees July inflation at 0.5-1.3