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History of Gold and From the Archive
In the last 24 hours
1:00 AMLos Almagres, the Lost Spanish MineLost Mines - Texas Beyond History
7/2/2015Feb 12, 1873 : On the Crime of 1873History of Silver - bartleby
7/2/2015Why Sweden’s central banker was beheaded [1719 AD] Scandinavian copper moneyPaul Tustain - Bullion Vault
6/30/2015History of Silver, Part I: Metal of the MoonHistory of Silver - Seeking Alpha
6/29/2015The Seven (Potentially) Deadly Sins of Silver InvestorsAdam Jay Doolittle - Silver Monthly
More than 24 hours ago
6/28/2015History of the Income Tax in the United StatesOf Men and Taxes - Tax foundation
6/27/2015The Real Bunker Hunt Silver StoryCharleston voice
6/26/2015Cracking on criminalsFood for thought
6/17/2015A history of Monetary Policy TargetsMonetary History - IEP
6/13/2015Fear, Mr. Bond, takes Gold out of circulation…Food for thought - Goldfinger
6/10/2015The mystery of the Gold CertificatesCharleston Voice
6/8/2015The Great German InflationCharleston voice
6/7/2015Gold Wars : Military Conflicts, Gold and Currency CrisesFerdinand Lips
6/6/2015The Longest Day - 6 June 1944Jesse - Le Cafe Américain
6/5/2015U.S. Foreign Exchange InterventionGold Price Management - New york fed
6/4/2015June 4, 1963 - JFK executive Order - Right to issue silver certificates against silver bullionExecutive Orders
6/4/2015North America's First Experience with Paper Money: Card Money in New FranceMartin Masse - Le Quebecois libre
6/3/2015The History of Money : PeruThe Disastrous History of Money - Dollar Daze
6/2/2015Gold Standards and the Real Bills doctrine in US Monetary Policy (Timberlake)Gold Standard - EconJournal
6/1/2015The Working Group on Financial MarketsPPT Chronicles - wikipedia
5/31/2015Putting a price on reservesValuation - Interactive Investor
5/30/2015Just Remember… They’ve been telling your Gold is a barbaric relic for decades now !Richard J. Greene - Thunder Capital
5/28/2015The Perfect Business (Richard Russel)On Success - dow Theory Letters
5/22/2015Pump and dumpHow they do it - investopedia
5/22/2015Who paid for the Civil War ?George F. Smith - Barbarous Relic
5/21/2015The Greenback - 1860 to 1880 - The United States of AmericaThe Disastrous History of Money - Bullion Vault
5/20/2015May 9, 1873 : The Panic of 1873Panics, Manias and Crashes - Scholarship Ed
5/19/2015Mineral Specimen Collecting - Part 2 - BrazilAlan Leishman
5/18/2015The Lost Gold Mines of TexasLost Mines - New York Times
5/18/2015Peter Daniels Talks On "Gold" Part 2Philip Judge - Anglo Far East
5/17/2015Nazi Gold: The Merkers Mine Treasure, How the US Army Stiffed the SovietsCharleston Voice
5/17/2015An introduction to peak oilPeak Oil ? - The Oil Drum
5/16/2015In Quest of the Blue Bucket MineLost Mines - Gesswhoto
5/16/2015Wildcat Inflation FightersGeorge F. Smith - Barbarous Relic
5/15/2015Forensic Examination of the Gold Carry TradeRob Kirby - Kirby Analytics
5/9/2015Gold and Economic Freedom (1966)Alan Greenspan - 24h.
5/6/2015The American gold BuffaloNumismatic Chronicles - GoldCoin
5/5/2015The Bank of England, 1844-1913 2: The Banking DepartmentNathan Lewis - New World Economics
5/3/2015Gold, the Golden Rule, and GovernmentLib Papers
5/2/2015Australian Gold ConfiscationConfiscation Issue - Goldchat
5/1/2015Historical Sketch of Paper Currency OF PAPER CURRENCY - History is repeating nowCharleston Voice
5/1/2015Byzantine iron sheets - 410 BCPaul Tustain -
4/29/2015Money Supply and Purchasing PowerMike Hewitt - Dollar Daze
4/22/2015How Goldman Sachs Screwed Ghana and Bankrupted AshantiHistory of Gold - Ghanaweb
4/21/20156102 (1933) : Requiring Gold Coin, Gold Bullion and Gold Certificates to Be DeliveredExecutive Orders
4/21/2015The Bank of England, 1844-1913Nathan Lewis - New World Economics
4/20/2015Why Sweden’s central banker was beheaded [1719 AD] Scandinavian copper moneyThe Disastrous History of Money - Bullion Vault
4/19/2015Fort Knox Looted of 7,000 Tons of Gold in 1973-1974 says 1981 Article!Charleston Voice
4/19/2015the "Great Grain Robbery" of 1972How they do it - Market Skeptics
4/18/2015The Discovery of Gold in California by Gen. J.A. SutterTreasures and Gold Fever - SfMuseum