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History of Gold
In the last 24 hours
6/20/2017The Great Silver Mystery (...and the greatest secret of all time!)Treasures and Gold Fever - Bix Weir
6/19/2017Tyrannosaurus DebtMoney as debt - Daily Motion
6/19/2017Fear, Mr. Bond, takes Gold out of circulation…Food for thought - Goldfinger
6/19/2017The Lost Padre Mine, New MexicoLost Mines - Geozone
More than 24 hours ago
6/17/2017A history of Monetary Policy TargetsMonetary History - IEP
6/16/2017Newstopia explains the Reserve BankComedies - Central banks
6/16/2017The History of Money : PeruThe Disastrous History of Money - Dollar Daze
6/16/2017Watch money if you want to know when a society vanishesFood for thought
6/15/2017Share Structure, People and Projects : A primer for the Lay InvestorInvesting in Mining Stocks - Mercenary Geologist
6/14/2017The AlchemistAlan Leishman - 24hpm
6/13/2017Money Supply and Purchasing PowerMike Hewitt - Dollar Daze
6/13/2017A brief history of gold in AustraliaPerth Mint Blog - Perth Mint Blog.
6/12/2017Small Troy Ounce Barsinvesting in precious metals - GoldBarsWorldwide
6/12/2017Making A Gold Nugget From Electronic WasteGold - Perth Mint Blog
6/12/2017Currency War: 140 Years of Monetary History in Ten MinutesJesse - Le Cafe Américain
6/11/2017Gold coins: The Mexican LibertadGold coins - Goldmoney
6/10/2017Byzantine iron sheets - 410 BCThe Disastrous History of Money -
6/10/2017How Gold is ProducedGold - GoldCoin
6/10/2017The mystery of the Gold CertificatesCharleston Voice
6/10/2017Silver/Oil Correlation, Silver Refining, and CoinsCharleston Voice
6/9/2017The Greenback - 1860 to 1880 - The United States of AmericaThe Disastrous History of Money - Bullion Vault
6/9/2017Russia’s lost GoldGold Secrets - GoldCoin
6/9/2017BIS Annual Reports 1931 to 1996Bis'S Gold
6/9/2017How the tax system worksFood for thought
6/9/2017Treason at the Highest Levels in Washington: How a Soviet Spy Shut Down America's Gold MinesCharleston Voice
6/8/2017The Great German InflationCharleston voice
6/8/2017The Gold DollarCharleston Voice
6/7/2017Gold Wars : Military Conflicts, Gold and Currency CrisesFerdinand Lips
6/7/2017The Virtue of HoardingHow did it happen ? - Barbarous Relic
6/7/2017Indian Gold Reserves. Forgotten History! New Opportunity?India and Gold - 2ndLook
6/7/2017The BIS : Ruling The World of MoneyEdward Jay Epstein
6/7/2017There is a Tide in the Affairs of Men...Food for thought
6/7/2017Free E-Book: None Dare Call It Conspiracy, by Gary AllenCharleston Voice
6/6/20171849 : South Australia's Early DaysAustralia and Gold - Ach
6/6/2017Betting against Gold, by De GaulleFood for thought
6/6/2017Tracking Physical Silver PricesCharleston Voice
6/6/2017Historical Sketch of Paper Currency OF PAPER CURRENCY - History is repeating nowCharleston Voice
6/6/2017The Longest Day - 6 June 1944Jesse - Le Cafe Américain
6/5/2017Where do you keep your Gold ?investing in precious metals - Casey Research
6/5/2017Bits of Australia’s Gold historyAustralia's Gold - Goldoz
6/5/2017On the two types of nationsFood for thought
6/4/2017June 4, 1963 - JFK executive Order - Right to issue silver certificates against silver bullionExecutive Orders
6/4/2017North America's First Experience with Paper Money: Card Money in New FranceMartin Masse - Le Quebecois libre
6/4/2017Golden Secrets (II) The Nazi GoldSecrets of Gold - Bix Weir
6/3/2017Havenstein's choiceFranklin Sanders - The Money Changer
6/3/2017Milton Friedman on greedMilton Friedman
6/3/2017On Finance’s poor track as a scienceFood for thought
6/2/2017Why Sweden’s central banker was beheaded [1719 AD] Scandinavian copper moneyThe Disastrous History of Money - Bullion Vault
6/2/2017Sparta - Gold prohibition in a collapsing economyThe Disastrous History of Money -
6/2/2017Peak Gold, easier to model than Peak Oil ? Part IIGold Data - The Oil Drum