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History of Gold and From the Archive
In the last 15 minutes
1:00 AMAugust 15, 1971 : How Nixon stopped backing the dollar with gold and changed global financeRoger Lowenstein - Business Week
In the last hour
12:00 AMInfographic: The History Of PlatinumPerth Mint Blog - Perth Mint Blog.
In the last 4 hours
9/4/2015The Ghost of Fort Knox Past: Part 2Russel McDougal - inv. Daily Edge
In the last 24 hours
9/2/2015The “Plunge Protection Team” , from protection to manipulationPPT Chronicles - LEAP2020
9/2/2015Where does the term ‘Dollar’ originate?Perth Mint Blog
More than 24 hours ago
8/25/2015Confederate Inflation Rates (1861 - 1865)Charleston Voice
8/22/2015The Dutch Oven Mine of San Bernardino CountyLost Mines - LegendsofUSA
8/20/2015Mine Eyes Have Seen The Glory Of Federal Tyranny! - "General Sherman has silver and gold enough to sCharleston Voice
8/19/201511615 (08/15/1971). R. Nixon. Closing the Gold Window (EO providing for stabilization of prices....)Executive Orders - Am. Presidency
8/18/2015History of the Gold TrainTreasures and Gold Fever - Charleston Voice
8/17/2015The Weimar hyperinflation - 1923 – GermanyPaul Tustain - Bullion Vault
8/15/2015August 15, 1971: Inflation UnleashedNick Barisheff - BMSINC
8/14/2015What is a Market?Mike Hewitt - Dollar Daze
8/14/2015How Andrew Jackson Killed the Second Bank of the United StatesJesse - Jesse's Café
8/13/2015Empire At War For Energy & MoneyPhilip Judge - Anglo Far East
8/10/2015Then, As Now, Silver's Course Dangerous To PredictPerth Mint Blog
8/8/2015Dollar Deception : how banks secretly create moneyMoney as debt - web of debt
8/7/2015The Great Silver Mystery...REVEALED!Bix Weir
8/7/2015The full guide to Nazi gold and currency warJan Skoyles - The Real Asset Co
8/6/2015Passive Vs. Active: Commodity InvestmentsInvesting in Commodities - Hard Assets Investor
7/31/2015Franz Liszt: the first pop phenomenonPerth Mint Blog
7/30/2015What’s your weight worth in silver?Perth Mint Blog
7/29/2015The money is not thereFood for thought - 24hgold
7/28/2015The Ghost of Fort Knox Past - Part IRussel McDougal - Inv. Daily Edge
7/25/2015Can the US return to a Gold Standard ? (Alan Greenspan 1981)Gold Standard - Wall Street Journal
7/23/2015Commodity Prices in US Dollars 1831-1881, Gold @US$20.67Charleston Voice
7/22/2015Making A Gold Nugget From Electronic WastePerth Mint Blog
7/21/2015Ending the Monetary Fiasco – Returning to Sound MoneyThorsten Polleit
7/18/2015The Feds versus the Indianscentral Banks - The Free Market
7/17/2015They Will Take Everything If You Don’t Stop Them: Ten Things You Must Do To Defend YourselfMac Slavo - Shtfplan
7/17/201512 astonishing things about goldPerth Mint Blog
7/16/2015SS Central America : America's lost treasureTreasures and Gold Fever - SSCentralAmerica
7/16/2015The US Continental Currency – 1776Paul Tustain - Bullion Vault
7/11/2015Money and the Wizard of OzMonetary History - web of debt
7/10/2015I'll be watching youInflation - Columbia Bus School
7/9/2015The Gold WarsHistory of Gold - Gary North
7/8/2015Carlin Trend’s goldMining Districts - GoldCoin
7/5/2015Athens - Housing the Gods (on borrowed money) [500 - 300 BC]The Disastrous History of Money -
7/4/2015Why you can’t day trade GoldBron Suchecki - Goldchat
7/3/2015Los Almagres, the Lost Spanish MineLost Mines - Texas Beyond History
7/2/2015Feb 12, 1873 : On the Crime of 1873History of Silver - bartleby
7/2/2015Why Sweden’s central banker was beheaded [1719 AD] Scandinavian copper moneyPaul Tustain - Bullion Vault
6/30/2015History of Silver, Part I: Metal of the MoonHistory of Silver - Seeking Alpha
6/28/2015History of the Income Tax in the United StatesOf Men and Taxes - Tax foundation
6/27/2015The Real Bunker Hunt Silver StoryCharleston voice
6/26/2015Cracking on criminalsFood for thought
6/17/2015A history of Monetary Policy TargetsMonetary History - IEP
6/13/2015Fear, Mr. Bond, takes Gold out of circulation…Food for thought - Goldfinger
6/10/2015The mystery of the Gold CertificatesCharleston Voice
6/8/2015The Great German InflationCharleston voice