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History of Gold and From the Archive
In the last 24 hours
4/27/2016The Discovery of Gold in California by Gen. J.A. SutterTreasures and Gold Fever - SfMuseum
4/26/2016Sparta - Gold prohibition in a collapsing economyThe Disastrous History of Money -
More than 24 hours ago
4/25/2016Newstopia explains the Reserve BankComedies - Central banks
4/24/20166102 (1933) : Requiring Gold Coin, Gold Bullion and Gold Certificates to Be DeliveredExecutive Orders
4/21/2016The Bank of England, 1844-1913Nathan Lewis - New World Economics
4/19/2016Fort Knox Looted of 7,000 Tons of Gold in 1973-1974 says 1981 Article!Charleston Voice
4/16/2016Fiat Money History in the UShistory of money - Kwaves
4/15/2016Bits of Australia’s Gold historyAustralia's Gold - Goldoz
4/14/2016The Lost Padre Mine, New MexicoLost Mines - Geozone
4/13/2016Silver (Lagrimas de la Luna)Silver Chronicles - Zealllc
4/10/2016The 4 Phase Lifecycle of a StockClive Maund. - Clive Maund
4/8/2016The costs of a Gold StandardRoger W. Garrison -
4/5/2016April 5, 1933 : FDR, the Great ConfiscatorConfiscation issue - Charleston Voice
4/3/2016Japan: the Yen 1914-1941Nathan Lewis - New World Economics
4/3/2016Remembering the Anniversary of Martin Luther King's Last SpeechJesse - Le Café Américain
4/2/2016An Answer to Warren Buffet on GoldFood for thought - 24hgold
4/2/2016Five Simple rules to rememberJesse - Jesse's Café
3/29/2016Introduction to Economic SophismsFrederic Bastiat
3/28/2016Rich Dad, Poor Dad (the power of compounding, Richard Russel)On Success - dow theory letters
3/27/2016March 27, 1980 : Silver Thursday, or the end of the The Hunt Brothers StoryHistory of Silver - Playboy
3/27/2016The Bank of England 1720-1844Nathan Lewis - New World Economics
3/25/2016The Bank of England, 1720-1913Nathan Lewis - New World Economics
3/24/2016Silver/Oil Correlation, Silver Refining, and CoinsCharleston Voice
3/22/2016How to Store Silver at HomeMike Maloney - Goldsilver
3/21/2016The Silver:Gold Ratio, 1687-2011Nathan Lewis - New World Economics
3/20/2016Historical Sketch of Paper CurrencyCharleston Voice
3/20/2016Golden Secrets (III) Yamashita’s GoldGold Secrets - Bix Weir
3/18/2016Sparta - Gold prohibition in a collapsing economyPaul Tustain -
3/15/2016Tracking Physical Silver PricesCharleston Voice
3/12/2016The Political and Economic ContinuumJesse - Le Café Américain
3/11/2016The lost San Saba MinesLost Mines - Texfiles
3/11/2016Rome - Monetary expansion & republican militarism [200 BC]Paul Tustain -
3/9/2016The Great Confiscation: Gold ownership was illegal in the USA from 1933 to 1975History of Gold - GoldCoin
3/9/2016Gold Manipulation QuizBix Weir
3/8/2016The relevance and importance of Gold in the World Monetary SystemPeter W. Millar - Gata
3/7/2016Standing Keynesian GDP on its head: Saving not consumption as the main source of spendingGeorge Reisman - brookesnews
3/6/2016Coloma: Where it all startedTreasures and Gold Fever - CalGoldRush
3/6/2016Ionia - Riches without strength [700 BC]Paul Tustain -
2/28/2016Chinese credit derivatives under Kublai Khan [1200 AD]Paul Tustain -
2/27/2016The “Five M’s” For Picking Gold StocksFrank Holmes - Goldseek
2/27/2016The World's Cumulative Gold and Silver ProductionDavid Zurbuchen
2/25/2016Three Levels of Survival SkillsDavid Galland - Casey Research
2/24/2016Central Banks are NOT ordinary Gold InvestorsAdrian Douglas - Market Force Analysis
2/23/2016The Weimar hyperinflation - 1923 – GermanyThe Disastrous History of Money - Bullion Vault
2/22/2016Galactic Gold: A Valentine StoryGold - npr
2/20/2016Banker Gold Price Suppression & Currency Manipulations Have Persisted for 50 yearsCharleston Voice
2/19/2016Freedom and FederalismTom DiLorenzo
2/18/2016Gold: the protector and creator of jobsHugo Salinas Price -
2/16/2016What Is the Money Supply?Monetary Economics 101 - Econolib
2/10/2016Inflation And Alan GreenspanPhilip Judge - Anglo Far East