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James West - Midas Letter
Osisko vs. Goldcorp: An Industry ‘David and Goliath’
Osisko Mining Corp. (TSX:OSK) founder Sean Roosen is keeping mum about the hostile takeover of the company he started over a decade ago by Goldcorp (TSX:G) (NYSE:GG). Today Goldcorp sweetened the offer to $2.92 in cash plus 0.17 of a Goldcorp common share. At the time of this writing, that adds $4.57 for total consideration of $7.49 per Osisko share, for a total cash consideration of CA$3.63 billion. Osisko shares promptly shot up on the news to its current price of $7.62, giving it a fully dilu
Friday, April 11, 2014
James West - Midas Letter
  Canada Fluorspar, Colossus Minerals: Proof Positive that U.S. Quantitative Easing is Undermining Can 
While the media tone of coverage of Canada Fluorspar’s (TSX.V:CFI) buyout by Golden Gate Capital of San Francisco for a measly $38.8 million is decidedly congratulatory, the deal is better considered in the light of the loss of yet another would-be major contributor to future Canadian GDP, thanks in no small part to the oblivious Canadian Government. While America prints what amounts to subsidies for equity investors in U.S. markets, that incentive entices capital from around the world away from
Wednesday, April 09, 2014 -
Russia Eyes Crimea's Oil and Gas Reserves
According to Reuters Crimea may nationalize oil and gas assets within its borders belonging to Ukraine, and sell them off to Russia. Crimea's Deputy Prime Minister hinted at the possibility that it would take control of Chornomorneftegaz, a Ukrainian state-owned enterprise, and then "privatize" it by selling it to Gazprom. "After nationalisation of the company we would openly take a decision - if a large investor, like Gazprom or others emerges - to carry out (privatisation)," Deputy
Tuesday, March 18, 2014
Dennis Miller - Casey Reseach
5 Red Flags to Notice When Working with an Advisor
You don’t have to be an expert at ferreting out a bad financial advisor; if you were, you probably wouldn’t need one in the first place. Thankfully, you don’t need to become an expert in finance to spot the red flags. We’ll go over a few key warning signs here. Credentials and Experience Financial advisors often have all sorts of certifications and association memberships. While many of them sound impressive, they’re actually not terribly difficult to acquire. For example, the Series 7 Test, whi
Tuesday, March 11, 2014
Dennis Miller - Casey Reseach
Bernanke’s Legacy
"Mr. Bernanke, on the way out, don't let the door hit ya, where the good Lord split ya!" That's what I've imagined my former coworker Charley—a brilliant Alabamian who was proud to be called a redneck—might have said as the former Fed chairman stepped down. In case you missed it, here's Bernanke's highlight reel: The Federal Reserve jumped in and bailed out "too big to fail" banks that made bad business decisions. The Fed continued to buy Treasury bonds in order to keep interest rates d
Tuesday, February 25, 2014
Dennis Miller - Casey Reseach
Master Limited Partnerships Generate Safe Income for Seniors and Savers
It's time to answer the "who, what, when, where, and why" of investing in master limited partnerships (MLPs)… Andrey Dashkov, senior research analyst at Miller’s Money Forever, is the rare person who, when you asked for a hammer comes back with a hammer, nails, staples, and glue. In short, he often comes up with better solutions to tricky problems than I ever thought possible. Since Andrey and I are on a nonstop mission to unearth the best opportunities for generating safe income, we have looked
Thursday, February 20, 2014
Dennis Miller - Casey Reseach
Defend Your Life
It's all too easy to get lost in the misinformation and politicking surrounding Obamacare. Dr. Vliet, an independent physician and the past director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (whom I had the good fortune to meet when she spoke at the last Casey Summit) graciously agreed to sit down and clear the fog shrouding the new healthcare law for us. A warm thank you to Dr. Vliet for carving out time in her busy schedule to chat with us today. Dennis Miller: Thank you for spe
Tuesday, January 28, 2014 -
White House Targets Methane Emissions
On March 28, the White House released a multi-pronged strategy to reduce methane emissions from a variety of sources, a step the administration says is an outgrowth of the President's Climate Action Plan announced last year. Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas, about 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide. The federal government will target four key areas of methane emissions - landfills, coal mines, agriculture, and the oil and gas industry. The fact sheet indicates t
Wednesday, April 02, 2014 -
Why Ukraine's Next President Doesn't Matter 
Having ridden roughshod over Ukraine, Russia's annexation of the Crimea is now over and a new chapter in Ukrainian politics is about to begin--but it won't be much different than the last chapter, with the same old faces surfacing for May presidential elections. In the aftermath of the Maidan protests that overthrew president Viktor Yanukovych in February and Russia's retaliatory annexation of the Crimea in March, Ukraine has moved presidential elections forward a year to 25 May. As
Friday, March 28, 2014 -
What the Loss of Crimea Means for Ukrainian Energy: Robert Bensh 
Birth of a New Ukrainian Nation? Interview with Robert Bensh Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula is now Russia's. It was done with an impressively organized non-violent military operation, and supported by the foregone conclusion of a referendum on independence from Ukraine. One Ukrainian soldier was reportedly killed on 18 March, after Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the treaty to annex the Crimea and troops moved to take over a Ukrainian military facility in Simferopol. The US has im
Thursday, March 20, 2014
Dennis Miller - Casey Reseach
Reverse Mortgages 101
My grandfather liked to use clever sayings to make a point. One of his favorites was, “the same thing, only different!” As we pulled together this article, I immediately thought of how his funny little saying applied. The Same Thing… When you buy an annuity, you give a private company a sum of money in exchange for its promise to pay you a fixed amount every month until you die. As an investment, it’s not likely to pay off – unless you happen to outlive your expected mortality – but it may still
Tuesday, March 18, 2014
Jeff Clark - Casey Research
International Buying & Your Shot at 1,000% Gains
As a gold investor in North America, it sometimes feels like I'm living in some far-off land where everyone believes in fairy tales and unicorns. Most people around me don't seem to see anything wrong with the Fed creating $65 billion a month out of thin air—hey, it's not $85 billion anymore, what a relief! It's business as usual for the US government to spend billions more than it takes in, and a public debt hovering at $17.2 trillion—up from $7 trillion just 10 years ago—seems no more alarmi
Wednesday, February 19, 2014
The Gold Report
How to Vet Graphite Investments: Stephen Riddle
The Mining Report: Since 2005, prices for natural flake graphite spiked several times, but spikes have been less common since 2012. How long before we see another price spike or a sustained price run? Stephen Riddle: That won't happen until we see a strong increase in demand, or until something major happens in China, our largest supply base. Demand has declined over the last year or two due to the downturn in the steel industry, which means less use of graphite in the refractory industry. We
Tuesday, February 18, 2014
The Gold Report
Bob Moriarty's Stock-Picking Tools for Gold Equities: A Blindfold and a Dart
The Gold Report: Bob, in the last few weeks, Argentina and Venezuela have devalued their currencies and the central banks in Turkey and South Africa hiked interest rates. The U.S. Federal Reserve cut its monthly bond buying by another $10 billion ($10B). What do you make of all this happening in such a short timeframe? Bob Moriarty: In a way, I will take credit for having predicted it. The world is bankrupt, and not one government is talking about reducing expenses. They talk about austerity, b
Wednesday, February 12, 2014
The Gold Report
Ryan Castilloux: Sorting Reality from Hype in the Crowded Rare Earth Industry
The Metals Report: What implications will recent news of China's rare earth element (REE) industry consolidation have on prices in 2014 and beyond?Ryan Castilloux: In the near term, it will firm up REE prices in China and elsewhere. This consolidation is part of Beijing's larger efforts to stamp out illegal REE production, phase out inefficiencies and secure China's position as the world's lowest-cost REE producer and supplier. TMR: How significant is illegal REE production in China?RC: China ha
Tuesday, February 11, 2014
Dennis Miller - Casey Reseach
Debt: The Last Social Taboo?
Social taboos have dropped left and right since I was a young man raising a family, but one is unlikely to disappear any time soon: holding too much personal debt. But debt need not be a personal tragedy nor a badge of shame. For some, it is simply a practical problem with practical solutions. For others, however, it isn't even the real problem. In the last few year I've watched two friends handle debt quite differently, and those differences illustrate the real taboo about debt that we seem to
Thursday, February 06, 2014
Dennis Miller - Casey Reseach
Pension Promises Go Unfulfilled
I don't know which is worse: realizing you cannot keep a promise you made to someone important to you, or being the person who relied on the promise when you grasp that it is not going to be kept. In 1973, I was 33 years old and just starting a public-speaking career. The National Speakers Association asked me to join, and I became a charter member. Our first president, the late Bill Gove, was a terrific speaker and also a great salesman—one of the top life insurance salesmen in the country for
Tuesday, February 04, 2014 -
Iraqi Government Threatens Action Against Kurds as Oil Exports Set t
Iraq's Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs firmly stated the central government will take action, "including fiscal measures," if Kurdistan begins exporting oil without coming to an agreement with Baghdad. The remarks came as Minister Hussain al-Shahristani spoke at a conference in London on January 28. The Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) announced in mid-January that oil had begun to flow through a pipeline towards Turkey and that exports would officially start by the end of the mo
Thursday, January 30, 2014
The Gold Report
David Morgan: 'The Silver Bottom Is In: Time to Hold, Add and Ride It Out'
The Gold Report: When we interviewed you last, you mentioned the possibility of "resource wars" in 2014 as referenced in Michael Klare's book of the same title. What will that look like to the average investor? David Morgan: The resource wars have already started. Look at Mexico. It has a resource that it covets very much, and that's energy. That is why the government levied a new tax designed primarily at energy but subsequently adds a 7.5% royalty on mining profits. Is it a war? Not per se, b
Monday, January 27, 2014
Dennis Miller - Casey Reseach
Having No Exposure to Energy Risk is Risky
Because Marin Katusa is the foremost expert on all things energy, I’ve been eager to pick his brain for our subscribers. Marin, an accomplished investment analyst, is the senior editor of Casey Energy Dividends, Casey Energy Confidential, and the Casey Energy Report. He is also a regular commentator on BNN and other major media outlets. Dennis Miller: Marin, welcome. Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge with our subscribers. Marin Katusa: Thanks for having me. It’s my pleasu
Thursday, January 16, 2014 -
Ukraine Falling to Economic Warfare and Its Own Missteps
As protests in Ukraine's eastern region turned violent on Sunday leading to the death of a Ukrainian security officer in a shootout with pro-Russian militia, Kiev threatens military action while Moscow flexes its geo-economic warfare muscles. Pro-Russian militia groups have seized government buildings and police headquarters in Ukraine's eastern city of Donetsk and Slovyanks--where the shoot-out took place--and despite a Monday morning ultimatum by the Ukrainian government, these gro
Wednesday, April 16, 2014
The Gold Report
Supply and Demand Key to Base Metals Success: Adam Low
The Gold Report: Your 2014 prognosis for industrial metals is largely positive, correct? Adam Low: Yes, although our view is not universal. We are most positive on copper and zinc, somewhat less enthusiastic about nickel. We're fairly neutral on iron ore, although we do expect a bit of softening in iron ore prices. TGR: Why do you like zinc? AL: We are starting to see fundamental changes occurring in the market. This is a supply story. Zinc has been an unloved metal for decades. As a result,
Thursday, February 20, 2014
Dennis Miller - Casey Reseach
The Lay of the Land
Building your nest egg and managing it successfully takes more work than it did six years ago, but it isn’t a Sisyphean task. You can build a portfolio that will last the rest of your life. Waiting for the political class to come to its senses is futile. In 2008, Bloomberg reported: “The S&P 500 slid 60.66 points … extending its 2008 tumble to 32 percent in the market’s worst yearly slump since 1937. The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 508.39, or 5.1 percent, to 9,447.11, giving it a
Tuesday, February 18, 2014
Dennis Miller - Casey Reseach
A Second Look at Bonds
If you remember bond drives in school, please raise your hand. There are still a lot of us out there. I recall my teacher holding up a US Savings Bond, encouraging us to tell our parents to buy them. She went to great lengths emphasizing that they were the "the safest investment on earth." That same teacher gave us ten new words each week that we had to spell and define. "Safe" and "risk" both had their day. Here is how Merriam-Webster defines them: safe adjective \sāf\ : not able or likely to b
Thursday, February 13, 2014
Dennis Miller - Casey Reseach
65 Is Not a Magic Number
Is retirement really all it's cracked up to be? The answer depends on where you find yourself financially, emotionally, and health-wise come age 65 or so. When we're young, we trade time for money and hope to stash away enough of it to later reverse the process and trade money for time. Ideally, we'd each have a few decades of independence before the grim reaper—or assisted living facility—comes knocking. The statistics published on the Social Security website note that: "A man reaching age 65 t
Tuesday, February 11, 2014
The Gold Report
The Numbers Don't Lie: Why the Industrial Minerals Sector Is Here to Stay
The Mining Report: Let's start with some macro events in the rare earth elements (REE) space. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Inner Mongolia Baotou Steel, the world's largest REE supplier, bought nine regional REE mining companies in a move to consolidate China's REE industry. The article called that consolidation a sign of market weakness. Do you agree? Luisa Moreno: I don't necessarily agree. China set a domestic REE production quota of about 90,000 tons in 2011, according to U
Wednesday, January 29, 2014 -
The Golden Age of Gas, Possibly: Interview with the IEA
The potential for a golden age of gas comes along with a big "if" regarding environmental and social impact. The International Energy Agency (IEA)--the "global energy authority"--believes that this age of gas can be golden, and that unconventional gas can be produced in an environmentally acceptable way. In an exclusive interview with, IEA Executive Director Maria van der Hoeven, discusses: The potential for a golden age of gas What will the "age" means for renewables
Tuesday, February 11, 2014
The Gold Report
  Harry Dent: How to Prosper in the Coming Downturn
The Gold Report: In your latest book, "The Demographic Cliff: How to Survive and Prosper During the Great Deflation of 2014�2019," you write about the aging of the Baby Boomers and the wave of Gen-X'ers that follows. What does that tell you about the next five years? Harry Dent: I discovered this relationship, which I call the spending wave, in 1988. Peak spending happens at about age 46 in the U.S., Japan and most developed countries. That is when a generation will earn, spend and borrow the
Friday, January 17, 2014
The Gold Report
Looking for 1,000% Gains? Resource Investor Oliver Gross Has Some Junior Mining Names for You
The Gold Report: Gold has fallen in the second half of March. Why? Oliver Gross: I think it's a correction after the strong rally since December. And the situation in Ukraine has quieted down. We've also seen a strong uptrend since the beginning of 2014 and now it feels like a healthy consolidation. TGR: Since December, we've had a very significant rise in gold equities. What is the cause? Gold rising from $1,180/ounce ($1,180/oz)? Or is it a cyclical change? OG: It's a combination of bottom
Thursday, April 03, 2014
Dennis Miller - Casey Reseach
The Ty Cobb Approach to Retirement Investing
When baseball fans talk about players from the early 1900s, Babe Ruth is normally the first person mentioned. He was a great home-run hitter with 714 career home runs, a record that stood for almost 40 years. Only two men have surpassed it. Ruth struck out 1,330 times—a record that also stood for several decades. Most people think of Ty Cobb as a gritty player who held the career stolen-base record for many years. But let’s look a bit deeper. Ty Cobb broke into major-league baseball in 1905 at
Thursday, February 27, 2014