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Gold & Silver Prices in
Manipulation, Missing and Fractional Gold
In the last 24 hours
1/19/2017GATA Chairman Murphy interviewed by the Daily CoinChris Powell - GATA
1/18/2017What was the 'strong-dollar policy' except gold leasing and price suppression?Chris Powell - GATA
More than 24 hours ago
1/12/2017Proof Gold Prices Are Manipulated: Plot to “Negate Long-Term Hoarding By U.S. Citizens”Mac Slavo - ShtfPlan
1/10/2017FX 'cartel' traders said to face U.S. rigging chargesChris Powell - GATA
1/7/2017First Majestic Silver CEO Neumeyer endorses class-action suits against market riggingChris Powell - GATA
1/5/2017State Dept. cable confirms gold futures market was created for price suppressionChris Powell - GATA
1/5/201742 Years of Fractional Reserve Alchemy - Craig HemkeSprott Money
1/5/2017Bullion Star 'infographic' on gold ETFs shows how they undermine the gold priceChris Powell - GATA
1/5/2017Saville doesn't get it: Rig the gold price and you rig all pricesChris Powell - GATA
1/4/2017Market manipulation is not price suppressionSteve Saville - Speculative Investor
1/3/2017It’s War: World’s Purest Silver Producer Prepares To Join Class Action Lawsuit Against Bullion Banks For Price RiggingMac Slavo - ShtfPlan
1/1/2017Peter Boehringer: Germany's gold reserves in U.S. were only paper claimsChris Powell - GATA
12/28/2016Demystifying Precious Metals Propaganda, Part lllAndy Hoffman - Miles Franklin
12/24/2016Proven and Probable interviews GATA Chairman Bill MurphyChris Powell - GATA
12/23/2016Deutsche Bank agrees to $7.2 billion mortgage settlement with U.S.Chris Powell - GATA
12/21/2016Bullion Star's primer on the U.S. gold reserveChris Powell - GATA
12/21/2016Seven banks fined in Swiss probes of rate-rigging cartelsChris Powell - GATA
12/21/2016Why invest in the monetary metals and their miners if they won't defend themselves?Chris Powell - GATA
12/21/2016Ex-Deutsche Bank trader accused of market manipulation in RussiaChris Powell - GATA
12/20/2016TF Metals Report: Silver price manipulation continuesChris Powell - GATA
12/20/2016Archive of gold and silver market rigging reports added to annotated gold chartChris Powell - GATA
12/19/2016Silver Price Manipulation Continues In 2016 - Craig HemkeSprott Money
12/19/2016Doug Pollitt: 'Tinfoil hat crowd' was right, and gold mining executives are sapsChris Powell - GATA
12/17/2016Fleckenstein dismissed as 'nonsense' the silver rigging Deutsche Bank has just admittedChris Powell - GATA
12/16/2016Gold chart annotated with exchanges between market-manipulating tradersChris Powell - GATA
12/15/2016Bron Suchecki: Silver smoking gun to stop dishonest dealingChris Powell - GATA
12/15/2016Allan Flynn: 'When gold goes above 1430, we whack it'Chris Powell - GATA
12/13/2016Smoking Gun Proof of Silver Manipulation and How to Profit from the Price RiggingJason Hamlin - Gold Stock Bull
12/13/2016Bloomberg notes silver riggers' collusion, so how about central banks' collusion vs. gold?Chris Powell - GATA
12/12/2016Silver price charts annotated with messages between market-rigging tradersChris Powell - GATA
12/11/2016Deutsche Bank proves what GATA told CFTC six years ago, Murphy tells GoldSeek RadioChris Powell - GATA
12/11/2016CASE CLOSED: The Fact of Bullion Bank Gold and Silver Price Manipulation - Craig HemkeSprott Money
12/10/2016Deutsche Bank's 'smoking gun' evidence cited in bid to expand U.S. silver rigging caseChris Powell - GATA
12/10/2016CONFIRMED: Big Banks Rigging The Silver Market - Rory Hall/Dave KranzlerSprott Money
12/10/2016Gold And Silver Paper Has Been Rigged for 20 years - PodcastPhoenix Capital - Gains Pains & Capital
12/9/2016TF Metals Report: Case closed -- The fact of bullion bank gold and silver price manipulationChris Powell - GATA
12/8/2016Deutsche Bank records said to show silver rigging at other banksChris Powell - GATA
12/8/2016Allan Flynn: CFTC and Justice Dept. could find nothing wrong in silver marketChris Powell - GATA
12/8/2016On Kitco News, GATA chairman discusses government attacks on monetary metalsChris Powell - GATA
12/7/2016Top Ten Videos on Gold Manipulation - John RubinoSprott Money
12/7/2016Gold Manipulation, Propaganda and Totalitarianism - Rory Hall/Dave KranzlerSprott Money
12/6/2016Avery Goodman: What happened to gold and the dollar after Italy's 'no' vote?Chris Powell - GATA
12/4/2016How the gold banking system operates for surreptitious price suppressionChris Powell - GATA
12/4/2016Deutsche Bank to pay $60 million to settle U.S. gold price-fixing caseChris Powell - GATA
12/1/2016Michael Oliver suspects, Paul Roberts denounces gold market riggingChris Powell - GATA
11/30/2016Central banks were ready to smash gold upon Trump's election, Embry saysChris Powell - GATA
11/29/2016TF Metals Report: Dollar-yen ratio is tied to HFT rigging of gold priceChris Powell - GATA
11/29/2016Has GATA's work made any difference? Will it ever?Chris Powell - GATA
11/26/2016Gold Price Intervention Circuit Diagram and Determinants Intervention Policy - Nico SimonsSprott Money
11/23/2016Paper gold is the elephant in the roomChris Powell - GATA