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Gold and Silver Market Analysis
In the last 24 hours
12/23/2014Gold Price Benchmark Erases December's 4.2% Gain, 'Just Not Needed' as US GDP Grows 5%, Iron Joins Oil & Currencies at 5-Year Lows vs. DollarBullion Vault
12/22/2014Gold and Silver under pressure to start the weekBill Downey - Commodity Trader
12/22/2014Gold Prices in Tight Range Sub-$1200 as ETF Demand Ebbs, Silver Speculators Cut Bullish Bets on ComexBullion Vault
More than 24 hours ago
12/20/2014Switzerland will print more money than any other countryEgon von Greyerz - Matterhorn AM
12/20/2014Russia Not Selling Gold, It's Buying; Reflections on Extremely Sloppy ReportingMish - Global Economic Analysis
12/19/2014Gold Trading "Thin" Below "Increasingly Important" $1200 Level as London Starts Christmas Holidays, Russia Grows Gold ReservesBullion Vault
12/19/2014The long term price chart of the HUI gold stock index in its final wave downBill Downey - Commodity Trader
12/19/2014On the impossibility to account for large price movesJesse - Le Cafe Américain
12/19/2014ZH fail on Soc Gen fail on Russia selling its goldBron Suchecki - Perth Mint
12/18/2014'One-Way Traffic' to Buy Gold Post-Fed in Asia Fades as Swiss Rates Go Negative, Indian Gold Premiums TooBullion Vault
12/18/2014Money, trust and goldBron Suchecki - Perth Mint
12/17/2014Gold Prices Flat Below $1200 Ahead of US Fed Decision on Zero Rate Promise, "Expect Volatility" as Russia Buoys Ruble with FX InterventionBullion Vault
12/17/2014Zero Hedge fail on undocumented gold supply storyBron Suchecki - Perth Mint
12/17/2014Gold Price chart showing big drop before rise during Weimar hyperinflationary eventBill Downey - Commodity Trader
12/16/2014Gold Price Erases 2% Spike vs. Falling Dollar as Oil & Russian Ruble Crash, "No Change Likely" to US Fed's Zero-Rate VowBullion Vault
12/16/2014Gold Price Jumps 2% vs. Falling Dollar as Oil & Russian Ruble Crash, "No Change Likely" to US Fed's Zero-Rate VowBullion Vault
12/16/2014Gold Imports ‘Phenomenal’ In India - 571 Percent Surge To 150 Tonnes in NovemberMark O'Byrne -
12/16/2014How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the GoldBron Suchecki - Perth Mint
12/15/2014Deflation or Inflation?Gary Tanashian - Biwii
12/15/2014Gold Price Drops 1.3% Ahead of US Fed Decision on "Zero Rate Promise", Still "Holding Well" Above $1200 as Crude Oil Hits Russian Ruble AgainBullion Vault
12/15/2014Silver Eagle Coin Sales Very Robust - Record High For Second Consecutive YearMark O'Byrne -
12/14/2014Hugo Salinas Price Asks Mexico for Silver Coin to Calm the National TantrumMish - Global Economic Analysis
12/14/2014Dow Industrials Have Worst Week Since Sep...Robert McHugh - SafeHaven
12/12/2014Gold Price "Remarkably Stable" in Face of Crude Oil Crash, Stock Market ...Bullion Vault
12/12/2014Will gold join crude and other commodities lower into the deflationary abyss?Bill Downey - Commodity Trader
12/12/2014New York Times on Benefits of Gold in Currency WarsMark O'Byrne -
12/12/2014The Trouble with Cheap OilBullion Vault
12/12/2014Comments On Gold From Russian Economist Mikhail Khazin - Of Volatility and CollarsJesse - Le Cafe Américain
12/12/2014Buying Silver: The Very Definition of CrazyAdrian Ash - Bullion Vault
12/11/2014Gold and silver remain in uptrends since the November lowsBill Downey - Commodity Trader
12/11/2014Gold Prices Back "Below $1220 Ceiling" as US Dollar Rallies, Both "Losing Safe Haven Appeal" as European Stocks Fall, Wall Street RisesBullion Vault
12/11/2014Faber Favours Commodity Stocks In India, Asia … and GoldMark O'Byrne -
12/11/2014Chinese regulations: rule of law or rule by law?Bron Suchecki - Perth Mint
12/10/2014Fade the Gold Short Squeeze Ahead of the FOMCSam Kirtley - Sk Options Trading
12/10/2014Gold & Silver Price 'Surge' Turns Bears 'Neutral' as China Trading Hits RecordBullion Vault
12/10/2014Gold Surges As Greece Crashes - Eurozone Debt Crisis Part II ComethMark O'Byrne -
12/10/2014PBOC paper recommends leasing its reserves to manipulate gold priceBron Suchecki - Perth Mint
12/9/2014Gold breaks higher and reaches next short term resistanceBill Downey - Commodity Trader
12/9/2014European Banks At Risk Of Bail-Ins In 2015 - Moody's and S&P WarnMark O'Byrne -
12/9/2014Gold Price Jumps as China Debt-Market Rule Sinks Stocks, YuanBullion Vault
12/9/2014European Banks At Risk Of Bail Ins In 2015 - Moody's and S&P WarnMark O'Byrne -
12/9/2014TWO COMEX GOLD DEPOSITORIES: Registered Inventories Decline 25% In One DaySteve St Angelo - SRSRocco Report
12/8/2014Gold trades in between support and resistance on MondayBill Downey - Commodity Trader
12/8/2014Gold Prices Kept Low But Only For AmericansMark O'Byrne -
12/8/2014Gold and silver bugs have already experienced a hyperinflationary eventBron Suchecki - Perth Mint
12/8/2014Why ECB QE Will Drive European Stocks To New HighsSam Kirtley - Sk Options Trading
12/7/2014LBMA Implosion By Reversal of its Own Gold LeverageDavid Jensen
12/6/2014QE: Rinse & Repeat in 2015, UK Gilts EditionAdrian Ash - Bullion Vault
12/5/2014ECB Draghi’s QE Battle With Germany; Rules Out ECB Gold BuyingMark O'Byrne -
12/5/2014Market report: Post referendum bounceAlasdair Macleod - Finance and Eco.
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