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Gold and Silver Market Analysis
In the last 24 hours
7/31/2015Protection From Cold and Hot Wars, Cyber and Currency WarsMark O'Byrne -
7/31/2015Gold Trading Spikes on Weak US Data, Dollar Price Avoids 5th Weekly DropBullion Vault
7/31/2015Greece Today, U.S. and Western World Tomorrow?Mark O'Byrne -
7/31/2015Will Uncle Sam Confiscate Gold Again?Mark O'Byrne -
7/31/2015Speculators, value investors and goldBron Suchecki - Perth Mint
7/31/2015Perth Mint and U.S. Mint Cannot Meet Demand as Gold Bullion Demand SurgesMark O'Byrne -
7/30/2015Bullion Near 5-Year Lows, 'Driven by Fed Rate-Hike Expectations' as Inflation Curbs US GDP GrowthBullion Vault
7/30/2015Threat Of Cyber War – “Other Reason To Own Physical Gold” – RickardsMark O'Byrne -
7/30/2015How to Read Corporate PresentationsBullion Vault
7/30/2015Forecasts, forecasts, everywhereBron Suchecki - Perth Mint
7/30/2015More Ritholtz on Gold, and Another ResponseGary Tanashian - Biwii
7/29/2015Gold Market 'Quiet, Back to Slow Motion' Ahead of US Fed Decision on RatesBullion Vault
7/29/2015Bail-Ins at “Bad Bank” Unconstitutional Says Austrian CourtMark O'Byrne -
7/29/2015Gold market liquidity and manipulationBron Suchecki - Perth Mint
7/29/2015Gold favors rebound into Mid AugustBill Downey - Commodity Trader
7/28/2015Gold Price 'May Rise' on Fed Rate Hike But 2015 Investment Sinks as Global Demand Drops 10%Bullion Vault
7/28/2015Buy and “Own Krugerrands” Says Legendary Jim GrantMark O'Byrne -
More than 24 hours ago
7/27/2015Gold Bullion Rallies Near $1100 But Spec's Turn Bearish, Big ETF Shrinks, China Imports FallBullion Vault
7/27/2015Copper-Bottomed CyclesBullion Vault
7/27/2015MacrocosmGary Tanashian - Biwii
7/27/2015How much gold does China really have?Bron Suchecki - Perth Mint
7/27/2015Gold Bullion “Extremely Rare” – All World’s Gold Fits In Average Four Bedroom HouseMark O'Byrne -
7/26/2015Two Week Shanghai Gold Exchange Withdrawals Exceed All 2014 Comex DeliveriesMichael J. Kosares - USA Gold
7/26/2015What the Heck Just Happened in the Global Markets?Wolf Richter
7/26/2015Market Report: Commodity routAlasdair Macleod - Finance and Eco.
7/24/2015Gold & Silver Hit New Multi-Year Lows as ETF Trusts 'Dishoard' Ahead of 'Looming' Fed Rate HikeBullion Vault
7/24/2015Bail-Ins Of “Big Deposits” In Greece Would Be “Extraordinarily Counter-Productive”Mark O'Byrne -
7/23/2015The ?Real? Reason the Fed Wants to Raise RatesGary Tanashian - Biwii
7/23/2015Free Markets At Work - Gold and Silver 'Owners Per Ounce'Jesse - Le Cafe Américain
7/23/2015Gold Prices Fail at $1100 Again, Silver Firmer, as 'Clear Bear Market' Explained by 'Established Arguments'Bullion Vault
7/23/2015Gold Smash Leads to Surge in Demand For Coins, Bars Around WorldMark O'Byrne -
7/22/2015Where to for Australian gold priceBron Suchecki - Perth Mint
7/22/2015Gold Bullion 'Liquidation' Below $1100 Hits Miners & RetailersBullion Vault
7/22/2015Lions, Tigers, and Gold Bears, Oh My!Keith Weiner - Monetary Metals
7/22/2015Russians Buy Gold Again In June – Another 25 TonnesMark O'Byrne -
7/21/2015Crash to $1080 Marks '50% Retracement of Long Bull', Gold Bar & Jewelry Sales Fall in Key MarketsBullion Vault
7/21/2015What’s the spin on the gold smashBron Suchecki - Perth Mint
7/21/2015Gold Hammered Down In Sunday Night’s 2-Minute, $2.7 Billion “Unprecedented Attack”Mark O'Byrne -
7/21/2015Gold long term charts tell the story of major channel breaksBill Downey - Commodity Trader
7/20/2015Gold Price Recovers Half of 4% Asian Crash to 5-Year Low After China Reserves UpdateBullion Vault
7/20/2015China’s Total Gold Holdings Much Higher – Owns Gold In SAFE and CICMark O'Byrne -
7/20/2015Let's Talk About GoldGary Tanashian - Biwii
7/20/2015Monetary Metals Supply and Demand ReportKeith Weiner - Monetary Metals
7/20/2015Dissection of a gold price smashBron Suchecki - Perth Mint
7/20/2015Thousands of Gold and Silver Futures Contracts Dumped at Market OpenJesse - Le Cafe Américain
7/17/2015Global Precious Metal Roundtable – Greece, China, Manipulation, Interest Rates and OutlookMark O'Byrne -
7/17/2015Where did 110 tonnes of CME Hong Kong gold go?Bron Suchecki - Perth Mint
7/16/2015Gold Bullion Dead-Flat at €1050 as Euro Falls Amid New ECB Support for Greece, Debt Interest 'Donated' Back to AthensBullion Vault
7/16/2015Gold close to breaking down towards 1100Bill Downey - Commodity Trader
7/16/2015You can’t draw horizontal lines on a GLD chartBron Suchecki - Perth Mint