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Gold & Silver Prices in
In the last 24 hours
9/27/2016Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - A Quiet Option Expiration - CoilingJesse - Le Cafe Américain
9/27/2016As a Reminder, Today Is a Precious Metals Option Expiration on the ComexJesse - Le Cafe Américain
9/27/2016Gold and Silver Market Morning: Sep-27-2016 -- Gold and silver still building strength!Julian D. W. Phillips - Gold Forecaster
9/27/2016Gold Mining 'Needs New Discoveries' as M&A Rejected on Bad Memories, 2016 Price JumpBullion Vault
9/27/2016First Presidential Debate and GoldPrzemyslaw Radomski CFA - SunshineProfits
9/27/2016Do You Really Own Your Gold?Mark O'Byrne -
9/27/2016Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - Flight to Safety,Jesse - Le Cafe Américain
9/26/2016Gold’s Moving Averages and Long-Term OutlookPrzemyslaw Radomski CFA - SunshineProfits
9/26/2016September Yellen’s Press Conference and GoldPrzemyslaw Radomski CFA - SunshineProfits
9/26/2016Gold Prices 'Supported' by Trump-Clinton Debate as Deutsche Bank Sinks, China Risks GrowBullion Vault
9/26/2016Gold and Silver Market Morning: Sep-26-2016 -- Gold and silver building strength!Julian D. W. Phillips - Gold Forecaster
9/26/2016“Gold Will Likely Soar To A Record Within Five Years”Mark O'Byrne -
9/24/2016Allan Flynn: Monetary metals manipulation lawsuits hanging by a threadChris Powell - GATA
9/24/2016Seven ages of goldMichael J. Kosares - USA Gold
9/23/2016Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts -Jesse - Le Cafe Américain
9/23/2016Will September FOMC Economic Projections Support Gold?Przemyslaw Radomski CFA - SunshineProfits
9/23/2016Gold Bullion 'Testing Downtrend' as Fiscal Deficits, Money Printing Urged by Pundits, Asset-Fund ChiefBullion Vault
9/23/2016Gold around ElectionsPrzemyslaw Radomski CFA - SunshineProfits
9/23/2016Savings Guarantee? U.N. Warns Next Financial Crisis ImminentMark O'Byrne -
9/23/2016Russia banks aim to sell gold to China as VTB, Sberbank expandChris Powell - GATA
More than 24 hours ago
9/23/2016Infographic: Platinum As An InvestmentPerth Mint Blog - Perth Mint Blog.
9/23/2016Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - Been Down, Looking UpJesse - Le Cafe Américain
9/22/2016Gold Price Heads for Another $75 Quarterly Gain as Fed Holds Rates, UN Warns of 'Crisis Part 3'Bullion Vault
9/22/2016Gold Jumps After Divided Fed Chickens OutPrzemyslaw Radomski CFA - SunshineProfits
9/22/2016Gold Up 1.5%, Silver Surges 3% – Yellen Stays Ultra Loose At 0.25%Mark O'Byrne -
9/22/2016Gold and Silver Market Morning: Sep-22-2016 -- Gold and silver jumping in dollars, not Euros, after the Fed!Julian D. W. Phillips - Gold Forecaster
9/22/2016Do you know where those gold maples have been? Canadian Mint doesn't eitherChris Powell - GATA
9/22/2016David Morgan: Buy Precious Metals Now! - Maurice JacksonSprott Money
9/22/2016Storage cost argument against gold now applies to cash, McEwen notesChris Powell - GATA
9/22/2016Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts -Jesse - Le Cafe Américain
9/21/2016Gold Prices Rise Before Fed as Yen Defies Bank of Japan's Urgent New Inflation PlanBullion Vault
9/21/2016Gold and Silver Market Morning: Sep-21-2016 --Gold and silver waiting for the Fed!Julian D. W. Phillips - Gold Forecaster
9/21/2016Will the BoJ’s New Framework Move Gold?Przemyslaw Radomski CFA - SunshineProfits
9/21/2016Trump and Clinton Are “Positive For Gold” – $1,900/oz by End of YearMark O'Byrne -
9/21/2016Art Bubble Bursts?Tim Iacono - Iacono Research
9/21/2016Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - FOMC Next Week -Jesse - Le Cafe Américain
9/21/2016Japan's problems foreshadow the West's, Embry tells King World NewsChris Powell - GATA
9/21/2016Swiss gold exports down 7% on year to 160 metric tonnes in August, four-month lowChris Powell - GATA
9/21/2016Bitcoin is money, U.S. judge says in case tied to JPMorgan hackChris Powell - GATA
9/21/2016Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - Modern Monetary MadnessJesse - Le Cafe Américain
9/20/2016NAV Premiums of Certain Precious Metal Trusts and FundsJesse - Le Cafe Américain
9/20/2016Gold Prices 'Volatile', ETF & Comex Bets Shrink as US Fed and Bank of Japan MeetBullion Vault
9/20/2016‘Hard’ Brexit Looms For IrelandMark O'Byrne -
9/20/2016Gold Bullion 'Very Thin' as US Fed Meets, $2.2bn Failure Hits China's Bond MarketBullion Vault
9/20/2016Gold and Silver Market Morning: Sep-19-2016 --Gold and silver consolidating!Julian D. W. Phillips - Gold Forecaster
9/20/2016Dangerous Times for stocks - U.S. is headed toward stagflation - We’re not in a stable equilibrium. It’s a good time for Gold and Silver!Julian D. W. Phillips - Gold Forecaster
9/19/2016Funds dump gold at fastest pace since May as Fed outlook shiftsChris Powell - GATA
9/19/2016GATA Chairman Murphy discusses silver's threat to gold price suppressionChris Powell - GATA
9/19/2016Turk asks: What will be the Fed's excuse this time for not raising rates?Chris Powell - GATA
9/19/2016South Africa's top gold miner isn't afraid to say President Zuma 'has to go'Chris Powell - GATA