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Crisis Watch
In the last 24 hours
3:44 AMObamacare Is Just Medicaid for EveryoneRick Ackerman
1/25/2015Education Moment: The Man with 26 Million StudentsMish - Global Economic Analysis
1/24/2015European 'QE' In a Nutshell - Propagating the Western Trickle Down Policy ErrorsJesse - Le Cafe Américain
1/22/2015Job Site of the Future: Unmanned Bulldozers and Drones for Routine ConstructionMish - Global Economic Analysis
More than 24 hours ago
1/20/2015The Beginning of the End of the $100 TRILLION Bond BubblePhoenix Capital - Gains Pains & Capital
1/19/2015Graves Waiting For Bodies: Major War Escalation in Ukraine; In 5 Weeks Ukraine Out of MoneyMish - Global Economic Analysis
1/18/2015The Financial System Broke Last WeekPhoenix Capital - Gains Pains & Capital
1/17/2015Run on Greek Banks Spreads; Four Banks Request Emergency Liquidity; €77 billion in Nonperforming Loans Another Reason to Get OutMish - Global Economic Analysis
1/16/2015The Next Round of the Great Crisis as BegunPhoenix Capital - Gains Pains & Capital
1/16/2015Contagion Catch 22; Finland Opposes Greece Bailout Deal; No Scope for SolutionsMish - Global Economic Analysis
1/15/2015Easy Money and Asset BubblesTim Iacono - Iacono Research
1/14/2015Video: Market Crash Looming: “Riots Worldwide, Wars, Extreme Volatility… Even Global Depression”Mac Slavo - ShtfPlan
1/14/2015555 Trillion Reasons Why Central Banks Won't Let Rates NormalizePhoenix Capital - Gains Pains & Capital
1/12/2015Copper Just Marked the End of the "Recovery"Phoenix Capital - Gains Pains & Capital
1/12/2015The Fed is Focused On Only One Thing…the BOND bubblePhoenix Capital - Gains Pains & Capital
1/12/2015Biggest Bubble: Central Bank Credibility; Cautionary Tale of Global Gloom from Down UnderMish - Global Economic Analysis
1/12/2015Magazines Have a Final Fling at FrivolousnessRick Ackerman
1/11/2015Oil Projects Cancelled, ‘Rippling’ Layoffs and Defaults: “Money to Fund the Drilling Boom is Drying Up”Mac Slavo - ShtfPlan
1/11/2015The World Is a Business, Mr. BealeJesse - Le Cafe Américain
1/10/2015The $100 Trillion Reason Why Central Banks Are Terrified of Debt DeflationPhoenix Capital - Gains Pains & Capital
1/9/2015A Virtuous Life Is Found In Kindness, Tolerance, and ReasonJesse - Le Cafe Américain
1/9/2015Kindergarten’s Socialist OriginsCharleston Voice
1/8/2015Disruptive Tech: “3D Printing Could Undermine Sanctions,” Change Warfare and Upend Supply ChainsMac Slavo - ShtfPlan
1/8/2015Runaway $ Could Make Deflation UnstoppableRick Ackerman
1/7/2015Please HelpLew Rockwell
1/7/2015Uncensored: Shocking Graphic Video: Islamic Terrorists Kill Paris Cop, 11 Others In Muhammad Revenge RaidMac Slavo - ShtfPlan
1/7/2015Gordon T Long – Switzerland will print more money than any other countryEgon von Greyerz - Matterhorn AM
1/7/2015ECB Considering Three QE Options; Eight Reasons Why ECB's Plan Will Fail; Something Up Draghi's Sleeve?Mish - Global Economic Analysis
1/7/2015Citi: No Longer the Dumbest Bank -- Now the Most EvilJohn Rubino - Dollar Collapse
1/6/2015The US Dollar Rally Has Crushed Brazil, Australia, and Now the S&P 500Phoenix Capital - Gains Pains & Capital
1/5/2015Red Pill, Blue Pill, Cognitive Dissonance, Pavlov's DogsMish - Global Economic Analysis
1/5/2015Runaway Dollar Could Make Deflation UnstoppableRick Ackerman
1/4/2015A Specter Is Haunting AmericaTom DiLorenzo - lewRockwell
1/4/2015The Bubble to End All BubblesPhoenix Capital - Gains Pains & Capital
1/4/2015Don’t Wave: Hacker Uses Online Photos to Replicate Fingerprints, Bypass Biometric SecurityMac Slavo - ShtfPlan
1/3/2015Entertaining Angels: Dorothy DayJesse - Le Cafe Américain
1/3/2015The Genesis of the 2% Inflation Rate TargetTim Iacono - Iacono Research
1/2/2015Income Inequality Author Turns Down Prestigious Award; Can you Solve a Problem When You Don't Know the Cause?Mish - Global Economic Analysis
12/31/2014The Japanese Economic Dilemma in a NutshellJesse - Le Cafe Américain
12/31/2014My Stock Predictions for 2015 and BeyondRick Ackerman
12/30/20141000% Inflation in Venezuela?Mish - Global Economic Analysis
12/30/2014My Market Predictions for 2015 and BeyondRick Ackerman
12/30/2014Chris Powell – Gata – There are NO free markets anymoreEgon von Greyerz - Matterhorn AM
12/30/2014Rick’s Picks Stock Predictions for 2015 and BeyondRick Ackerman
12/29/2014China's Zombie Factories Provide Illusion of Work and Prosperity; Rebalancing Chinese StyleMish - Global Economic Analysis
12/29/2014Rick’s Picks Predictions for 2015 and BeyondRick Ackerman
12/29/2014The Fed and Interest Rates Are Just Political TheaterPhoenix Capital - Gains Pains & Capital
12/24/2014The Bond Bubble's Risk Hits an Unbelievable $555 TRILLION in SizePhoenix Capital - Gains Pains & Capital
12/22/2014Our Very Contrarian Bet: 30-Year at 1.74%Rick Ackerman
12/21/2014Moyers: The New Robber BaronsJesse - Le Cafe Américain
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