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11:27 AMTrump’s Speech: Good, Bad, and Ugly Point-by-Point; Was Trump Preempted by the Fed?Mish - Global Economic Analysis
2/27/2017Another Scotland Independence Vote Coming Up?Mish - Global Economic Analysis
2/26/2017China Seeks Baby Boom Ponzi SchemeMish - Global Economic Analysis
2/26/2017Here’s How the Deep State Is Trying to Lead Trump into a Nuclear WarMac Slavo - ShtfPlan
2/25/2017Germany, Italy, France Insist UK Accept €60 Billion Bill Before Brexit Negotiations Start: Election WildcardsMish - Global Economic Analysis
2/25/2017Time for a Reality Check: Serious Reform Isn't Coming Until End of 2017 At the EarliestPhoenix Capital - Gains Pains & Capital
2/25/2017Caught on Video: Tigers Hunt Down Quadcopter Drone “Releasing Plumes of Smoke”Mac Slavo - ShtfPlan
More than 24 hours ago
2/24/2017Think Tank Admits Automation Could Replace 250,000 Government Jobs in the UKMac Slavo - ShtfPlan
2/24/2017Le Pen Calls for “Europe of Nations”, Blasts EU as “the Problem”Mish - Global Economic Analysis
2/24/2017Mark Blyth and Jimmy Dore On NeoLiberal Economics, Greece, the EU, and HubrisJesse - Le Cafe Américain
2/23/2017Project Veritas Sets Its Sights on "Very Fake News" CNN, The Alt Media Strikes Back - Nathan McDonaldSprott Money
2/23/2017Trump's Top Econ Guy Just ANNIHILATED the Market's Growth FantasyPhoenix Capital - Gains Pains & Capital
2/23/2017Hard Times: Sweden Complains It Collects Too Much TaxMish - Global Economic Analysis
2/22/2017Is it Autumn 2007 All Over Again?Phoenix Capital - Gains Pains & Capital
2/22/2017French Elections: Another “Unthinkable” Result Coming Up?Mish - Global Economic Analysis
2/22/2017Nigel Farage Drops Truth Bomb: The Younger Generation Screaming 'Fascist' Have Become the Thing They Loathe the MostPhoenix Capital - Gains Pains & Capital
2/22/2017"There is No Market, Only Trump."Phoenix Capital - Gains Pains & Capital
2/22/2017Stocks and Precious Metals Charts -Jesse - Le Cafe Américain
2/21/2017Trump to Fill at Least Three Fed Positions: What Will the Trump Fed Look Like?Mish - Global Economic Analysis
2/19/2017America Too Broke to Fix Crumbling Infrastructure? “Bridges, Roads, Airports In Long Term Collapse”Mac Slavo - ShtfPlan
2/19/2017The Markets Are Misreading What Trump Can and Cannot Do... BIG LEAGUEPhoenix Capital - Gains Pains & Capital
2/18/2017Sooner Than You Thought: GM to Build and Test Thousands of Self-Driving Bolts in 2018 for Ride-Sharing LyftMish - Global Economic Analysis
2/15/2017Greece said considering ditching euro in favor of dollarChris Powell - GATA
2/15/2017Janet Yellen Is Playing With Matches Next to a $555 Trillion Powder KegPhoenix Capital - Gains Pains & Capital
2/14/2017Time to Take the Other Side of the Trump Trade?Phoenix Capital - Gains Pains & Capital
2/13/2017Forget Politics, a Tectonic Shift Has Hit the MarketsPhoenix Capital - Gains Pains & Capital
2/12/2017Martin Armstrong: “EU in Disintegration Mode”Phoenix Capital - Gains Pains & Capital
2/9/2017Inflation Ahead? Yeah, Sure.Rick Ackerman
2/9/2017The Silver Market Is Set Up For A Mucher Higher Price Move Than GoldSteve St Angelo - SRSRocco Report
2/9/2017The Silver Market Is Set Up For A Mucher Higher Price Move Than GoldSteve St Angelo - SRSRocco Report
2/8/2017New Radiation Level at Fukushima Dwarfs the Highest Peak at ChernobylPhoenix Capital - Gains Pains & Capital
2/6/2017Market Alarm: 2017 - The Year of The “Trump Bump” Or “Trump Dump”Phoenix Capital - Gains Pains & Capital
2/6/2017If A Nuclear Bomb Destroyed Europe, Part IVAndy Hoffman - Miles Franklin
2/6/2017An Informal, Anti-fake News, Counterfactual, Reality-optional Biography of President Donald Trump, a.k.a. “Wayne Newton”James Howard Kunstler
2/6/2017Doomsday prep for the super-richMichael J. Kosares - USA Gold
2/6/2017France First: Marine Le Pen Speech Interrupted by Cheers “France! France!”Mish - Global Economic Analysis
2/3/2017Stocks and Precious Metal Charts -Jesse - Le Cafe Américain
2/3/2017End of Fed Independence! House Financial Services Committee Sends Warning Letter to Yellen “This is Unaccep...Mish - Global Economic Analysis
2/2/2017Bread and Roses: The Lawrence Massachusetts Textile Strike of 1912 - No Updates TonightJesse - Le Cafe Américain
2/2/2017Is Germany a Currency Manipulator? China? Arguably Yes, Under Bill Obama Signed: Full Blown Currency War on DeckMish - Global Economic Analysis
2/2/2017Germany Proposes Tracking Potential Terrorists: Dear Terrorists, Please Wear the Device We Gave YouMish - Global Economic Analysis
2/2/2017The Next Economic Trend Has Hit the US: STAGFLATIONPhoenix Capital - Gains Pains & Capital
2/1/2017Trump Accuses Germany of “Currency Exploitation”: Merkel vs. Trump, Is Either Side Telling the Truth?Mish - Global Economic Analysis
1/31/2017The $USD Bulls Are Going to Get Taken to The CleanersPhoenix Capital - Gains Pains & Capital
1/31/2017Another Greek WTF Showdown Moment ExplainedMish - Global Economic Analysis
1/31/2017Stock and Precious Metals Charts -Jesse - Le Cafe Américain
1/30/2017Liberals, Not Trump, to Blame for BacklashMish - Global Economic Analysis
1/30/2017Radical Left Cheers Benoît Hamon’s Victory in French Socialist Primary: Reassessing Le Pen’s ChancesMish - Global Economic Analysis
1/29/2017Mass Deportations Loom: 7 Ways To Get Kicked Out Of America If You Are Here IllegallyMac Slavo - ShtfPlan
1/29/2017Sheep: Watch How People Blindly Follow Orders From An “Authority” FigureMac Slavo - ShtfPlan