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Phoenix Capital - Gains Pains & Capital
Martin Armstrong: “EU in Disintegration Mode”
Martin Armstrong Frames the Issue Famous market forecaster Martin Armstrong wrote a recent article describing the current situation in Europe. Similar to our article, “Trouble Brewing in the EU”, the Armstrong's piece discusses growing discontent and fractures in the E.U. Martin Armstrong observes that, “The EU leadership is really trying to make Great Britain pay dearly for voting to exit the Community. Like the socialists in American, it’s our way or no way. The left may call the right the “
Sunday, February 12, 2017
Chris Vermeulen - GoldandOilGuy
The New Gold Rush Of 2017!
Gold to Regain Its Gleam! One question that gold investors are asking now is, will 2017 be as spectacular for the yellow metal as it was in 2016? The short and sweet answer to this is YES. The dollar, gold and the major U.S. stock exchanges will all see new highs. Gold is currently in a "complex corrective correction" while experiencing its' last pullback, beforehand. Both the short-term outlook and the long-term outlook for gold is BULLISH!  Trumps' victory win is a positive for gold
Sunday, January 22, 2017
Andy Hoffman - Miles Franklin
First Trump, Now Dudley! Next Up, Yellen!
Given yesterday’s historic news, of Trump blind-siding the gold Cartel’s principal propaganda meme of the past 20 years – the “strong dollar policy” – by saying the “dollar’s too strong”; and thus, taking the “final currency war” thermonuclear; you probably thought I’d start with something gold-related.  I’m not, but I couldn’t resist showing you just how desperate the Cartel is to survive, “Cartel Heralding” gold seven times in the 24 hours since Trump’s “weak dollar policy” comments.  But have
Wednesday, January 18, 2017
Egon von Greyerz - Matterhorn AM
Black Magic Fraud to be Exposed in 2017 – Gold up 300X
At the beginning of a new year it would be totally natural to forecast what the likely events and trends will be for 2017. A lot of experts around the world will predict a number of “new” events as if a lot of things will change just because we are entering a new year. But sadly, I will disappoint everyone and not change direction in any single area that I have been talking about for many years. Trends don’t change because we are in a new year. The principal long term trends take a long time to
Tuesday, January 10, 2017
Sprott Money
Silver Prices and the Russian Connection - Gary Christenson
Silver prices nearly reached $50.00 in April of 2011. They crashed to a low under $14 in December of 2015 and currently (December 2016) sit at about $16. Silver prices, in our increasingly unreal debt based fiat currency world, streak higher and subsequently crash to unbelievable lows. Option One: Silver prices are near the end of their correction and will rally substantially higher. Why? Exponential increases in debt and total currency in circulation lift the prices for nearly everything, i
Wednesday, January 4, 2017
Michael Pento - Delta Global Advisors
Yuan's Day of Reckoning
China's economy and markets have been defying the laws of economics since 2009. Amid a worldwide financial crisis during that year, they managed to grow their economy by 8.7%. But that growth was fueled by a $586 billion dollar government stimulus package, which was followed by an additional $20 trillion dollars in new construction spending over the next seven years. China's economy became the envy of the world as the economy expanded through the edict of government to build massive ci
Monday, December 19, 2016
Sprott Money
Interest Rate Turn? - Gary Christenson
Interest rates have bottomed and will rise substantially during the next decade. OR: Interest rates CAN’T rise because rising rates will crash governments, economies, derivatives, equity markets and more. ********************** Consider the chart below for the monthly 10 year T-Note Index of Interest Rates. Average drop in interest rates was about 2.5%. Date Rate Rate Jan. 2000 6.82% High Nov. 2001 4.09% Low Apr. 2002 5.46% High June 2003 3.07%
Monday, December 19, 2016
Bullion Vault
  Gold Prices Sink Back to Feb', Silver -7.5% as US Fed Sees 3 2017 Rate Hikes, Bond Yields 'Break 35-Year Downtrend'
GOLD PRICES sank to new 10-month Dollar lows Thursday as the US currency surged and Asian stock markets followed Wall Street lower after the Federal Reserve raised its key interest rate for the second time in 12 months. With the gold price losing $35 per ounce to $1126 between the Fed announcement and lunchtime today in London, analysts claimed the rate rise "was priced in" but gold's drop reflected shock at the Fed's outlook for more rate hikes
Thursday, December 15, 2016
Jim Willie CB - Hat Trick Letter
Criss-Crossed Fuses And Lit Bonfire
Many are the potential fuses to be lit, which would create the conflagration, the massive bonfire of the bond vanities and bank charades. Many are the fuses lying around, all criss-crossed, all exposed, all overlapping each other in highly dangerous manner. If any single fuse is lit, then several will light and the detonation arrives. It is unavoidable since the financial world is so deeply interwoven. Never in modern history has the global financial structure been so badly weakened, so totally
Monday, November 28, 2016
Mike Maloney - Goldsilver
  Common Gold Silver Pitfalls to Avoid 
Investing in gold and silver may seem simple and straightforward, however it is not. There are many types of ( quote, unquote ) "investments" in gold and silver you will want to avoid. Gold and silver dealers are no different from any other industry or crowd of people. Within our industry you will find many good honest professionals and organizations, but you will also find some bad outfits whose practices can be described as underhanded, even criminal. Being the Managing Director of
Friday, November 18, 2016
Michael Pento - Delta Global Advisors
Trump's Mandate to Yellen: Print More Money or You're Fired!
What kind of President will Donald Trump be? Will he restore America to its former position of greatness, or end up being feckless like a long list of his predecessors? That is yet to be determined. However, what is clear now is if Donald Trump wants to avoid starting his tenure with an economic crisis similar to that of Mr. Obama he will need to put a lid on long-term interest rates rather quickly. And in order to do that he will have to convince a supposedly politically-agnostic Fed
Wednesday, November 16, 2016
The Daily Market Report: Gold Pressured as Stocks, Yields, Dollar Rise
10-Nov (USAGOLD) — Gold remains under pressure, weighed by rising stocks, yields and the dollar. The yellow metal slipped to three-week lows as the great Trump recalibration continues. Investors continue to speculate on the prospects of a tax cut, borrow and spend Trump administration. Stocks obviously love it. Bonds not so much. But what seems to be getting lost in the calculations — at least initially — are the implications for inflation. If inflation surges above the Fed’s 2% target, it will
Friday, November 11, 2016
Sprott Money
Credibility, Confidence, Chaos and GOLD! - Gary Christenson
The corrupted Republican and Democratic parties in the U.S. have put forth two of the most despised candidates – ever. One candidate is probably more corrupt than LBJ and both parties are rapidly losing credibility. Ask yourself, does either party speak for anyone but the political and financial elite? The Dept. of Justice and the FBI have lost credibility by not prosecuting HRC and many others. Former Mayor Giuliani said about The Clinton Foundation, “If I was attorney general, I would
Wednesday, November 9, 2016
Sprott Money
Don’t Sweat The Election. The Next Crisis Is Already Baked Into The Cake - John Rubino
Friday was one of those days where you walk away from the screen for a minute and come back to find a completely different market. All it took was the FBI finding a trove of new Clinton emails, thus breathing new life into the Trump campaign and throwing what was a foregone conclusion back into doubt. Stocks tanked and gold popped, illustrating Wall Street’s preference in the upcoming election. It will be this way until the vote, especially if polls continue to tighten and the outcome rema
Tuesday, November 1, 2016
Jim Willie CB - Hat Trick Letter
  Broken Central Banks: 4 Quick Pix
The Western central bank franchise system is totally broken, totally insolvent, and totally corrupt. It invites the Gold Standard return. The entire financial system is built upon a debt-based monetary system. The debt saturation process has run its full course. The central bank heads have been covering the sovereign debt for the last five years, having rendered their balance sheets as ruined. Debt is at obscene levels, like $19.7 trillion for the USGovt. No debt limits are in place anymore, a s
Thursday, October 27, 2016
Egon von Greyerz - Matterhorn AM
The Current Gold Price Is A Gift
Two millennia ago, according to the Bible, three wise men came to offer Jesus the gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. The peak of the Roman Empire is considered to be at the time Jesus was born although it took until 476 AD until the Western Empire finally fell. Today, just over 2000 years later, we might be standing at another historical peak in the global economy. There are certainly many similarities like deficits, debts and decadence. Just like the Roman Emperors, current leaders have il
Tuesday, October 18, 2016
Andy Hoffman - Miles Franklin
A Tear For America-And One Last Ray Of Hope
Yesterday (Friday) was one of the worst days of my life.  Not because the Cartel did it’s “same old” thing, in relentlessly capping Precious Metals amidst some of the most “PM bullish, everything-else-bearish” headlines to date – although interestingly, they have been massively, frenetically covering their COMEX short positions in the past two weeks.  And not because America’s “powers that be” are hell bent on Nuclear and/or Cyber World War I with Russia; simply, in my view, to divert attention
Monday, October 17, 2016
Julian D. W. Phillips - Gold Forecaster
The Structure and Future of Gold in the Investment and Monetary World
This article takes from previous articles featured in the Gold Forecaster weekly issues. Subscribe directly to:www.GoldForecaster.comorwww.SilverForecaster.comThis article looks at factors that will affect gold and silver prices as we go forward. We have to say they are considerable and will lead to our conclusion that while the gold price has fallen through support below $1,300 and now stand at $1,250, we see the fundamentals taking the price back higher and much higher over time. Indeed we do
Tuesday, October 11, 2016
Michael J. Kosares - USA Gold
Gold’s second waterfall drop this week
QUICK OPINION ON TODAY’S GOLD MARKET ACTION by Michael J. Kosares (Founder, USAGOLD & Author, The ABCs of Gold – How To Protect and Build Your Wealth With Gold) We do not often find ourselves jogging the same track as the redoubtable Dennis Gartman who commands untold premiums for his advice, but now, it seems, he is verifying our suspicion of two days ago (Please see “Gold’s waterfall drop might be associated with the big drop in British sterling”) that something is amiss in London gold tradin
Friday, October 7, 2016
Michael Pento - Delta Global Advisors
The Free Market Always Prevails
The global securities market got a surprise recently when U.S. core consumer price inflation crept up to 2.3% year over year in the month of August. This closely followed core measure, which strips out the more volatile food and energy costs, increased 0.3%; this was the biggest rise in core CPI since February. According to the government, while the costs associated with food and energy decreased, price increases came primarily from medical care commodities and medical care services. A
Tuesday, September 27, 2016