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Phoenix Capital - Gains Pains & Capital
The Best Predictor of Future Inflation is Flashing "WARNING!"
The Fed is dramatically understating real inflation. As you know, I’ve been very critical of the Fed’s inflation measures for years. The official inflation measure (Consumer Price Index or CPI) does a horrible job of measuring the actual cost of living for Americans. I have long stated that this is intentional as the purpose of CPI is to hide the true rate of inflation so the Fed can paper over the decline in living standards that has plagued the US for the last few decades. The Fed isn’t doing
Thursday, October 12, 2017
Egon von Greyerz - Matterhorn AM
For news to be read and understood by a great number of people, it must be simple, sensational and forgettable. Most individuals are not interested in “heavy” news or complicated issues. Just compare television and newspapers today to say 50 years ago. At that time, newspapers had very few pictures but instead covered serious matters with in depth analysis. Same with television. In the 1960s there was serious news and many programmes which raised important issues in society or politics, which ma
Monday, October 2, 2017
Phoenix Capital - Gains Pains & Capital
A Tsunami of Inflation Has Just Appeared on the Horizon
Inflation is coming. It’s taken seven years of ZIRP and over $4 trillion in QE, but the Federal Reserve has finally begun to unleash inflation. It won’t show up in the official inflation measures like the Consumer Price Index CPI for a while. And this is intentional. The Fed knows that CPI doesn’t measure real inflation. How do we know this? The Fed itself published a paper back in 2002 admitting its official measures of inflation (CPI and PCE) do a horrible job of predicting future inflation. T
Tuesday, September 19, 2017
Adrian Ash - Bullion Vault
Tick-Tock, Northern Rock
Ermine for idiots, profits for bankers. And for savers? Risk... EVEN a stopped clock tells the right time twice a day, writes Adrian Ash at BullionVault. And 10 years ago this week, the minute-hand slowly turned towards a dark midnight which gloomy gold bugs like us had long predicted.  We like to flatter ourselves that
Wednesday, September 13, 2017
Mish - Global Economic Analysis
Real Male Earnings Below 1973 Level: Median Household Income Improvement Entirely Due to Rising Female Earnings
The Census Bureau report Income and Poverty in the US 2016 shows real household income in the US hit a new record high of $59,039 in 2016 thanks to a methodology change and rising incomes of women. Real, inflation adjusted, earnings of men are below where they were in 1973. Men vs Women Methodology Change Impact on Earnings Methodology Change Impact on Poverty New Record The Wall Street Journal reports U.S. Household Incomes Rose in 2016 to New Record. Widening Inequality Hooray! Slightly
Wednesday, September 13, 2017
Adrian Ash - Bullion Vault
  Gold Price Not 100 About Real Rates. But Close
Nor 100% about the Dollar. Just in time for Goldman Sachs to catch on... NICE to see Goldman Sachs spotting what matters 3 months late. "It is tempting to blame the rally in gold prices on recent events in North Korea," says a note from the US investment bank's commodities team under Jeffrey Currie.
Thursday, September 7, 2017
Mark O'Byrne -
This Is Why Shrinkflation Is Making You Poor
– Shrinkflation has hit 2,500 products in five years – Not just chocolate bars that are shrinking – Toilet rolls, coffee, fruit juice and many other goods – Effects of shrinkflation been seen for “good number of years” – Consumer Association of Ireland – Shrinkflation is stealth inflation, form of financial fraud – Punishes vulnerable working and middle classes – Gold is hedge against inflation and shrinkflation Editor: Mark O’Byrne “…Oompa Loompa doo-pa-dee doo…I’ve got another puzzle for you
Friday, July 28, 2017
Mark O'Byrne -
Why Surging UK Household Debt Will Cause The Next Crisis
– Easy credit offered by UK banks is endangering “everyone else in the economy” – UK banks are “dicing with the spiral of complacency” again – Bank of England official believes household debt is good in moderation – Household debt now equals 135% of household income – Now costs half of average income to raise a child – Real incomes not keeping up with real inflation – 41% of those in debt are in full-time work – £1.537 trillion owed by the end of May 2017 Editor: Mark O’Byrne Why UK household
Wednesday, July 26, 2017
Phoenix Capital - Gains Pains & Capital
“Bigger Systemic Risk” Now Than 2008 - Bank of England
“Bigger Systemic Risk” Now Than 2008 - Bank of England - Bank of England warn that "bigger systemic risk" now than in 2008- BOE, Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) concerns re financial system- Banks accused of "balance sheet trickery" -undermining spirit of post-08 rules- EU & UK corporate bond markets may be bigger source of instability than '08- Credit card debt and car loan surge could cause another financial crisis- PRA warn banks returning to similar practices to those that sparked 08 c
Monday, July 17, 2017
Phoenix Capital - Gains Pains & Capital
Video – “Gold Should Probably Be $5000” – CME Chairman
Video - "Gold Should Probably Be $5000" - CME Chairman Duffy - Fed has caused “frustration” and “confusion” in market place- "If you adjust for inflation, you should have gold somewhere around 2 to 3,000 per ounce"- "If you look at what is going on the world, gold should probably be $5,000 to $6,000 per ounce"- "Lot of us are so jaded about what is going on in the world, it is like yesterday's newspaper in five minutes"- "One day you will not be able to dismiss them and you will see a huge move
Thursday, July 13, 2017
Phoenix Capital - Gains Pains & Capital
India Gold Imports Surge - First Half 2017 Higher Than All 2016
- India gold imports in H1, 2017 greater than all of 2016- India imported 521 tonnes of gold in first half of 2017- H1 figure for gold imports $22.2 Bln versus $23 Bln in all '16- Gold demand was up 15% year- on-year in the first quarter- June gold imports climbed to an estimated 75 tonnes from 22.7 tonnes a year ago- Annual total set to surpass 900 tons, strongest year since '12- “I trust gold more than the currencies of countries” - 63% of Indians in Survey Editor: Mark O'Byrne Gold imports in
Wednesday, July 12, 2017
Egon von Greyerz - Matterhorn AM
“The report of my death has been grossly exaggerated” are words that Janet Yellen is likely to utter within the next few years. It was of course Mark Twain who said it over 100 years ago, before the Fed even existed. Yellen has recently stated that there won’t be another financial crisis in her lifetime and she will most likely have to eat those words in coming years. We know that the Fed’s record of economic forecasting has been abysmal. They have never forecast or anticipated a single economic
Saturday, July 8, 2017
Mark O'Byrne -
  UK House Prices ‘On Brink’ Of Massive 40 Collapse
– UK house prices on brink of massive 40% collapse – UK  at ‘edge of worst house price collapse since 1990s’ – Two leading economists warn of property crash – “We are due a significant correction in house prices” – Brexit and wages failing to keep up with inflation to trigger collapse – Trend starting in London before fanning out to rest of UK – UK homeowners unconcerned – 58% expect prices to rise – Over 1 million mortgages under threat in UK – Concerns of return of new “negative equity” genera
Tuesday, July 4, 2017
Mark O'Byrne -
London Property Bubble Bursting? UK In Unchartered Territory On Brexit and Election Mess
– London property bubble bursting? UK in unchartered territory on Brexit and election mess – Evidence of downturn in London housing market – Over 75% of London homes now selling below asking price – Prime north London property down 6 per cent annually – House prices have not fallen for three consecutive months since the 2009 crisis – Bank of England report expresses worry over UK property market – ‘Adverse shock’ to UK economy may amplify negative feedback loop – Increased political and economic
Thursday, June 29, 2017
Mark O'Byrne -
Shrinkflation – Real Inflation Much Higher Than Reported
Shrinkflation – Real inflation much higher than reported and realised Shrinkflation is taking hold in consumer sector Important consumer, financial, monetary and economic issue being largely ignored by financial analysts, financial advisers, economists, central banks and the media. Food becoming more expensive as consumers get less for price paid A form of stealth inflation, few can avoid it Brexit is the scapegoat for shrinkflation by the media and companies Consumers blame retailers rather tha
Wednesday, June 28, 2017
Egon von Greyerz - Matterhorn AM
Hubris is a deadly sin. It is an arrogance and conceit of the highest degree that eventually leads to failure. As we reach the final stages of the current economic cycle, hubris is prevalent everywhere. Central bankers and bankers believe that they can continue to create wealth by printing and borrowing money. Since it has worked so well for 100 years in this latest cycle, why can’t it continue? The laws of nature can’t be set aside Throughout history, governments have attempted to set aside th
Thursday, June 22, 2017
Jason Hamlin - Gold Stock Bull
How to Profit from Irrational Low-Inflation Exuberance
Everyday Definition of Inflation:  “Stuff costs more.” U.S. Government Definition of Inflation:  “After extensive statistical analysis and data manipulation … yada yada yada.” Shadowstats publishes their version of consumer price inflation.  The Chapwood Index is another version.  Both indicate real inflation rates in the U.S. are MUCH HIGHER than the official government statistics. THE PROBLEM WITH INFLATION MEASUREMENTS: Inflation measurements, or more properly, consumer price inflation, or e
Thursday, June 22, 2017
Mark O'Byrne -
Trust in the Bigger Picture, Trust in Gold
Trump pulls out of Paris Climate Accord Gold pauses ahead of non-farm payrolls data In Gold We Trust 2017 released Reports on the ‘Everything Bubble’ On average gold is up 5.88% ytd, since start of 2017. Trump ‘was the trigger of the sudden reverse thrust of the gold price’ Reorganization of the global monetary order considered a ‘grey swan’ Trump’s announcement late yesterday that the US would be pulling out of the landmark 2015 Paris climate accord saw gold prices retreat. Markets are now awa
Friday, June 2, 2017
JS Kim - Smart Knowledge U
Gold and Silver Hated Now, Cryptocurrencies Loved. The Debate Rages Onward, and Here’s a Solution!
by Republishing rights: This copyrighted article may NOT be reprinted in full elsewhere without the expressed written consent of SmartKnowledge Pte Ltd. However the first three paragraphs may be reprinted, without permission, with a link back to this original article for access to the full article here. by JS Kim, Founder of SmartKnowledgeU and skwealthacademy As most of you know, the rise of the cryptocurrency has dominated all financial headlines as of late, compelling many to comment on bull
Thursday, June 1, 2017
Egon von Greyerz - Matterhorn AM
by Egon von Greyerz Since the 2011 tops, precious metals investors have had their patience severely tested. Six years later, silver is down 66% from the $50 peak and gold 35% off the $1,920 peak. We mustn’t forget off course that these metals started this century at $280 and $5 respectively. But that is no consolation for the investors who got in near the highs. The best time to buy an asset is when it is unloved and undervalued like gold and silver were in the early 2000s. What few investors re
Sunday, May 28, 2017