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Przemyslaw Radomski CFA - SunshineProfits
Should Platinum Be More Expensive Than Gold
Platinum is one of the rarest elements in the world, much rarer than gold. This is why historically the white metal has been more valuable – just think of platinum credit cards which offer greater privileges and prestige than the gold ones. However, the ‘little silver’ has recently been traded at a discount to gold, as one can see in the chart below. Chart 1: The platinum-to-gold ratio (the price of platinum divided by the price of gold, red line, right axis), the price of gold (yellow line, lef
Sunday, July 16, 2017
The Daily Market Report: Gold Consolidates Ahead of Jobs Data
USAGOLD/Peter Grant/07-06-17 Gold is maintaining a consolidative tone at the low end of the recent range. Trading remains thin in this holiday shortened week with focus on tomorrow’s jobs report. Nonfarm payrolls for June are expected to come in at +180k and the unemployment rate is anticipated to hold steady at 4.3%. Today’s weaker than expected ADP employment survey may indicate some downside risk to headline payrolls. Evidence of weakness in the jobs market may erode rate hike expectations in
Thursday, July 6, 2017
Mark O'Byrne -
Most Overvalued Stock Market On Record — Worse Than 1929
Stock Market Most Overvalued On Record — Worse Than 1929? The US stock market today has never been more dangerous and overvalued, according to respected Wall Street market analyst John Hussman. Indeed, Hussman goes as far as to say that “this is the most dangerous and overvalued stock market on record — worse than 2007, worse than 2000, even worse than 1929” as reported by Marketwatch. For some months now, Hussman of Hussman Funds’ has been warning in his research that investors are ignoring ex
Wednesday, March 15, 2017
Bob Hoye - Institutional Advisors
Reckless Economists
Signs of The Times Perspective It is uncertain if Krugman knew about the discussion of a gold standard. Possibly not, as he would have become apoplectic and unable to comment. The "ex-bank CEO" is John Allison who recently retired as president of the Cato Institute. Our comment on a convertible dollar has been that it "manages" the ambition of government. This contrasts with the long-running promotion that a committee of experts must have a fiat currency so they can "manage" the eco
Friday, December 9, 2016
The Gold Report
Matt Geiger Picks 7 Mining Companies to Buy Before the End of the Year
Headline news results in rash decisions; don't let Trump's victory distract you from the bigger picture, says Matt Geiger of MJG Capital. He explains why now is an excellent time to deploy capital into mining equities and highlights seven companies poised to deliver outsized returns. We are still in the early stages of a four- or five-year resource bull market. Those who own hard assets will be heavily rewarded; those exposed to the general stock market
Saturday, November 19, 2016
Sprott Money
The Evolving Gold Narrative: 2011 vs. 2016
Bill Gross just called out Janet Yellen as the penultimate market manipulator.Gross, former head of PIMCO and current manager of Janus funds, recently echoed Rick Rule, assigning blame to the Fed for deferring short-term pain at the expense of long time gain. Mr. Gross’s comments are timed as the Fed continues to debate whether to raise interest rates after years of keeping them anchored in an effort to stimulate the economy and generate inflation. Instead, Gross said, the Fed has merely
Wednesday, September 7, 2016
Andy Hoffman - Miles Franklin
Gold And “deflation” (doha Style!)
One by one, the propagandist myths about Precious Metals – and their counterparts, the “monies” fiat currency are purported to be – are being dispelled, as the “race to the bottom” heats up, and more and more “money” is destroyed.  And with it, the fabric of global society – as this weekend’s Brazilian impeachment vote screams in spades.  Not to mention, the “Hobson’s Choice” Americans may be facing this Fall – between a rogue demagogue, and a dyed-in-the-wool socialist.  Or the prospect of a UK
Monday, April 18, 2016
John Rubino - Dollar Collapse
Now We Can Finally Start Buying The Gold Miners
For most of the past few years it was easy to make the case that precious metals mining stocks were cheap. They'd suffered through an epic bear market, and in some cases were down 90% or more from their 2011 highs. How much more could they fall? But through it all, Sprott Asset Management's Rick Rule -- a voice of reason in this frequently-unreasonable sector -- was warning investors off of the miners, saying that "capitulation" hadn't yet occurred and until it did there remained way
Sunday, February 28, 2016
Clive Maund
The Incredible Commodities - Stocks Divergence and What It Portends
As we approach the end of the year we are going to review one of the most extraordinary divergences that we have witnessed in modern times. This is very important because once you grasp the magnitude of this divergence and what it implies, you will be able to position yourself to firstly avoid harm and secondly capitalize on a reversion to the mean of this divergence, which, because it is so extreme, looks inevitable. The divergence that we are referring to is the collapse of the Commodity secto
Tuesday, January 5, 2016
Captain Hook - Treasure Chest
Peak Complexity and Impending Reversion to the Mean
If you were to ask everyday people out there today if life was getting too complicated for them, it's my belief they would come back with a resounding consensus of 'yes'. And it's not hard to see why. In the first place the nanny state has put critical thinking by most people to sleep, where unfortunately far too many literally don't know their collective 'ass from their elbows' anymore. But what's worse, this taming of the mob by the psychopath's in charge has now redirected people's thinking a
Tuesday, January 5, 2016
Mark O'Byrne -
“I Can’t Deny It – The Outlook For Gold Isn’t Pretty Right Now”
Today we turn our attention to the precious metal that once brought joy and riches to its owners, but now seems to bring nothing but despair and disappointment. I’m talking, of course, about gold. There’s no point fighting it – gold is in a bear market – Money WeekIt’s taken yet another tumble. After a miserable early summer, which saw new lows at $1,080 an ounce, gold enjoyed a pleasant August to October with a nice 10% rally. But it didn’t last writes Dominic Frisby in his just released articl
Wednesday, November 11, 2015
Seven is supposedly a special number. Seven days in the week, seven colors of the rainbow, seven notes of the musical scale, Seven Wonders of the World, seven dwarves, 007, 7-11 and so on. So surely there must be some kind of deep Freegold significance to this weekend, because today this blog turns seven! ;D Coincidentally, my hit counter turned all sevens right around the beginning of this year: In a recent poll of 30,000 people, lucky number 7 was voted most popular. But some people believe
Wednesday, August 26, 2015
Graham Summer - Gains Pains & Capital
Greece's Collapse Was a Reversion to the Mean… Who's Next
Because of the rampant fraud and money printing in the financial system, the real “bottom” or level of “price discovery” is far lower than anyone expects due to the fact that the run up to 2008 was so rife with accounting gimmicks and fraud. The Greek debt crisis, like all crises in the financial system today, can be traced to derivatives via the large investment banks. Indeed, we now know that Greece actually used derivatives (via Goldman Sachs) to hide the true state of its debt problems in o
Saturday, August 8, 2015
Richard Mills - Ahead of the Herd
Kootenay Covers Precious Metal Investor Bases
In 2014 estimated uses for silver were: electrical and electronics, 42% coins and medals, 35% photography, 13% jewelry and silverware, 7% other, 3% "Silver is a unique metal that wins whether the economy is going well or is in bad shape. In the latter, the investor buys it as a hedge against the downturn in the economy and the markets. And if the economy improves, then the industrial demand increases." Chintan Parikh, CPM Group commodity analyst "The major monetary metal in histor
Wednesday, March 18, 2015
Mark O'Byrne -
London Property Bubble Primed To Burst - Consequences For UK Economy and Sterling
The ongoing slump in oil prices looks set to take their toll on London’s “super prime” property markets with attendant consequences for the rest of the London property market. Foreign money that had been flooding into the UK from a whole array of international sources and parking in London real estate is drying up. City AM These sources included Chinese billionaires and U.S. beneficiaries of the Fed’s QE largesse and Russian and Middle-East energy tycoons. Western sanctions on Russia have led t
Wednesday, December 3, 2014
The Gold Report
Florian Siegfried: Seeking Less Risky Business in Mining MA
Florian Siegfried, head of precious metals and mining investments with Zurich-based AgaNola, says there are small signs—fewer equities participating in the recent rally, greater spreads in the high-yield market—that the sentiment toward gold is changing. But we will have to wait to see if a trend forms. In the meantime, Siegfried believes all-paper M&A will gain pace, with a focus on companies that are making money at current gold prices while still trading at multiyear lows. In this interview w
Monday, November 24, 2014
Graham Summer - Gains Pains & Capital
All Of These Items Point To a Collapse in the Markets
The primary drivers of asset prices are the economy and corporate earnings. Unfortunately, both are indicating future weakness. If you want a somewhat accurate measure of GDP growth, you need to ignore the headline GDP numbers an look at nominal GDP. The reason for this is that all “adjusted” GDP data involves a “deflator” metric that is meant to adjust for inflation. The Feds often use an inflation adjustment that is even lower than their official Consumer Price Index metric (which is alread
Friday, October 31, 2014
Tim Wood -
Manipulation and Technical Analysis
It is no secret that the markets are manipulated. Periodically, the question is asked if the Dow theory, cycles or any other technical methods can remain valid in a world of extreme manipulation. The short answer is, Yes. While manipulation can have a temporary effect on the market by stretching a cycle, it cannot fix the underlying problem or negate the natural cyclical rhythm of the economy or the market. In fact, history clearly shows that it is not nice to mess with Mother Nature
Wednesday, July 30, 2014
Tim Wood -
It's Not As It Appears!
As equities continued to rise during the advance into the 2007 top, I screamed from the roof tops that it was a bear market advance and that the efforts to prop the markets up only served to make matters worse. That certainly proved to be the case as those efforts resulted in the worst financial crisis since The Great Depression. Yet, as a result of the worst financial crisis since The Great Depression, the response to that event was the massive bailouts and even more of the same thi
Sunday, July 6, 2014
Jesse - Le Cafe Américain
Robert Johnson with Paul Jay: The Convergence of Finance and Politics
As you may know, Robert Johnson is one of my favorite speakers on economic matters. He does not get sufficient exposure, and certainly not on the mainstream media. Here is an interesting perspective on recent financial history of the US, leading up to the development of our current system of finance and governance. It is an interview on The Real News with Paul Jay. You may find the interviews there with transcripts. Reality will indeed assert itself at some point. The longer the wait, the
Monday, June 16, 2014