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Gold & Silver Prices in

Why Commodity Prices Are Down and May Go Lower...

Mickey Fulp - Mercenary Geologist
A multitude of mavens, pundits, sages, wizards, writers, and assorted talking heads with various but vested interests in the hard commodities sector have weighed-in on the supposed demise of the secular bull market in ?stuff? over the past few months. ...Investing

Gold-Stock Apocalypse...

Adam Hamilton - Zealllc
This latest capitulation by gold-stock investors has left this hated sector at truly apocalyptic lows.Bearish consensus is so extreme that pretty much everyone believes the gold miners are doomed to spiral lower forever.But today?s horrendous gold-stoc...Gold, Silver and Real Money Issues

Why changes in Gold production don’t matter...

Steve Saville - Speculative Investor
From the archives
Most analyses of the gold market consider the annual change in the amount of gold produced by the mining industry to be an important determinant of the gold price, with bulls regularly supporting their case by citing the mining industry's inability to ...Gold University
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Outstanding Political Insults
19 Novovertheedge
"Last week he dismissed the idea of impeaching President Obama for violating the constitution with "Have you met Joe Biden?"" But never fo...
Gold: Bull Flag In Play
19 Novsamking73
Gold broke 1200 this morning for a while and looked like it was on the rise. That must have scared the hell out of someone because within a matter ...
Cameron Says Second Global Crash...
18 Novmattellery
Unfortunately, Climate Change wasn't even on the agenda set by Tony Abbott. Thankfully he demands as little respect by other countries leaders as ...
Moyers: Our Democracy Is Flatlin...
16 Novovertheedge0
The author seems to have no knowledge concerning this nation and its Constitution (USC). 1. The word democracy doesn't exist in the USC. 2....
The Silver Mining Cartel
15 Novzbyg2
This very good. To get simple control on commodity price is to buying short future. Produce are buying paper and ask deliver metals which i...
15 NovFalconflight1
Bravo! Too bad only a small minority of people understand the rank fascist relationship of business to the gov't and the Obamanation in particular...
14 Novovertheedge0
I was gonna stop with the previous post, but sometimes it becomes obvious that truth must be outed. There is an additional aspect to the o...
13 Novovertheedge1
Excellent. It is always about the money. Only my opinion but based upon 45-50 years of observation. Democrats tend to protect old money...
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From our Archives

Why changes in Gold production don’t matter

Steve Saville - Speculative Investor
Most analyses of the gold market consider the annual change in the amount of gold produced by the mining industry to be an important...
Gold University

Common Gold & Silver Pitfalls to Avoid

Mike Maloney - Goldsilver
Investing in gold and silver may seem simple and straightforward, however it is not. There are many types of ( quote, unquote ) "...
Gold University

Lessons from the London Gold Pool

Philip Judge - Anglo Far-East Company
As we examine 6000 years of monetary history, several very clear "Monetary Constants" seem to emerge. These very same constants have...
Gold University

The Deep Cause Of The Great Financial Crisis: The Peace Diktat Of Versailles

Antal E. Fekete - Gold University
The Great Depression of the 1930's was caused by the decision to return to the gold standard without allowing the clearing house of...
Gold University

How the Fed Helped Pay for World War I

John Paul Koning - Financial Graph and Art
Governments can pay their bills in three ways: taxes, debt, and inflation. The public usually recognizes the first two, for they are...
History of Gold and From the Archive

Aristophane on Gresham’s law

Food for thought
"Oftentimes have we reflected on a similar abuse In the choice of men for office, and of coins for common use; For your old and st...
Mining Company News
and Curis announce completion of plan of arrangement
Corporate news
+28.57%Anaconda Min.(Au)
Announces Election of Directors
Completes Final Delivery on Its 2014 Sales Contracts
Corporate news
+9.09%Visible Gold Mines(Au)
announces initiation of a 4,000 kilometres airborne survey for its new project in the James B
Corporate news
arranges $4.1 million unsecured convertible Debentures
Corporate news
-- Dubuisson North drilling cuts 45.05 g/t Au over 5.0 metres; new S50 East discovery, 3.39 g
Corporate news
Drilling Continues to the Southeast on the Coneto Gold-Silver Project in Durango, Mexico
Corporate news
+0.00%Gale Force Petroleum Inc.(Oil)
closes Thunder Properties sale
Corporate news
+0.00%Exall Energy(Ngas-Oil)
announces results for the three and nine months ended September 30, 2014
Corporate news
+0.00%Atna Resources(Ag-Au-Cu)
Announces Sale of Reward and Clover Properties for US$10.0 Million
Exploration and drilling
TORC Oil & Gas Ltd. Confirms Monthly Dividend for November 2014
Corporate news
-1.69%Talon Metals(Au)
Reports Third Quarter 2014 Results
+0.00%Orex Minerals(Cu-Au-Ag)
Concludes 2014 Fieldwork on the Jumping Josephine Gold-Silver Project
Corporate news
Announces 2014 Third Quarter Financial Results, Commitment of Glencore to Extend Loan Facilit
Provides Corporate Update
Corporate news
-4.05%Arianne Res.(Ur-Mo-Ti)
Arianne Phosphate announces corporate and financial results for third quarter 2014
+0.00%Claude Resources(Au-Cu-Ngas)
Appoints Brian Skanderbeg as President and CEO
announces Kabukalli-1 Exploration Well on the Corentyne Block and Award of Onshore Airborne S
Corporate news
TORC Oil & Gas Ltd. Announces Third Quarter 2014 Financial & Operational Results; A Series of
-2.17%Tinka Resources(Ag)
Intersects Thick High-grade Zinc Mineralization in Four Drill Holes at Ayawilca
Corporate news
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