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Gold & Silver Prices in
Chart usGOLD
Chart usSILVER
WTI OIL48.960.090.18%
NAT. GAS2.660.020.75%
DOWJONES 179821.40%
NASDAQ 49340.87%
NIKKEI 194110.64%
ASX 5816-1.26%
CAC 40 50861.02%
DAX 120711.65%
HUI 163-2.08%
XAU 67-1.06%
AUS $ 1.30570.97%
CAN $ 1.26690.48%
Euro 0.92140.27%
GBP (£) 0.67510.47%
Sw Fr 0.96390.27%
YEN 119.88100.51%

Why We Feel So Poor, In Two Charts...

John Rubino - Dollar Collapseon 03/29/2015 - 19:07 GMT
Among the many things that mystify economists these days, the biggest might be the lingering perception, despite six years of ostensible recovery, that the average person is getting poorer rather than richer. Lots of culprits come in for blame, i...Editorials

Narrow Streets for People 3: A Shopping Center Example...

Nathan Lewis - New World Economicson 03/29/2015 - 00:00 GMT
We're talking about some of the details of making successful Narrow Streets for People. March 15, 2015: Narrow Streets for People 2: Subtleties of Street Width March 8, 2015: Narrow Streets for People In our fi...Gold, Silver and Real Money Issues

Gold market manipulation is 'too inflammatory' to be debated at Hong Kong con...

Chris Powell - GATAon 03/28/2015 - 22:00 GMT
Yesterday's concentration on gold at the spectacular Mines and Money Hong Kong conference may have inadvertently proved GATA's longstanding contention that gold market manipulation simply can't be discussed in polite company almost anywhere in the worl...Manipulation, Missing and Fractional Gold

Ralph Aldis: How the Five Principles of Capital Allocation Can Mean Gold Mini...

The Gold Reporton 03/28/2015 - 20:00 GMT
Everyone loves good management, but Ralph Aldis, portfolio manager with U.S. Global Investors, argues that few in the mining industry understand that the proper allocation of capital and the valuation of assets are the two criteria that separate the wi...Investing

Bounce Be Gone...

Warren Bevan - Precious Metals Stock Reviewon 03/28/2015 - 17:01 GMT
Stocks and markets were looking so good last weekend but their actions were to the contrary in the week just past.Weakness set in hard an continued and I had to go back to a cash position for a couple days but Friday saw some great V bottom type of pat...Technical Analysis

“This is Why You Need Your Money Out of the Bank”: Freeze Outs, Glitches and...

Mac Slavo - ShtfPlanon 03/28/2015 - 07:00 GMT
The above image was captured from a real ATM machine not long ago, and could be seen anytime for any reason by anyone operating on the digital grid. If ever you needed a better motivation to get your funds out of the bank, this is a clear sign that a d...Crisis Watch
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Gold: April 2015 Update
"I have been invited to speak at the Mines & Money Mauritius Conference in June 2015 again. If you would like to join you can receive 25% off your ...
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Wow dude. "Idiocracy" is obviously not just another dumb-ass movie. I admit that I should have recognized your devotion to Brawndo (it has ...
The Finanser Interviews Jon Matonis
29 Marovertheedge
"In late 2009, I got introduced to Bitcoin by a random email from Satoshi Nakamoto. I didn’t give it much thought at the time and then 3-4 months ...
Gold Effect on Mining & Shale Wa...
27 Maruser4779-1
A jumbled and rambling article, seasoned with hyperbolic rant, but redeemed by interesting information. So 3/5. A good editor could turn this into ...
Oil Surges, Gold and Silver Spik...
26 Marovertheedge
"That a country would choose to directly intervene militarily in the affairs of another country is a dangerous precedent, ..." Precedent?<...
Water Wars Loom Over California ...
26 Marovertheedge
Ellen Brown should stick to what she understands versus geology, hydrology and financially available technology. Example: "With discussions...
Kicked to the Curb
24 MarFalconflight2
I'm both ashamed and disgusted by the government 'of, by, and for the people,' every bit as much as I am ashamed and disgusted by the People.
The Silver:Gold Ratio, 1687-2011
24 Marconey1
"large new deposits of silver were found"? So what was found by ECB that enabled them to cough up an extra trillion euros for failing European econ...
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Gold coins: The Vienna Philharmonic

Gold Coins - Goldmoney
The Vienna Philharmonic has been minted by the Austrian Mint "Münze Österreich AG" since 1989. After Great Britain, Austria was th...
Gold University

Everybody loves an Early Inflation

Food for thought - 24hgold
"Everyone loves an early inflation. The effects at the beginning of inflation are all good. There is steepened money expansion, risi...

Gold, Interest, Basis

Antal E. Fekete - Gold University
Gold, interest, and basis are strongly inter-related. At the Inaugural Session we have covered the concept of marketability. Gold an...
Gold University

Lithium ABC's

Richard Mills - Aheadoftheherd
The world's future energy course is being charted today because of the ramifications of peak oil and a need to reduce our carbon foo...
Gold University

You cannot legislate the poor into freedom...

Food for thought
You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, ...

The US Constitution and Money

Michael S. Rozeff - Mike S. Rozeff
This article outlines what the U.S. Constitution’s clauses and references to money mean. It examines constitutional money from a leg...
Gold University
Mining Company News
Intersects 8.64 g/T Over 5.8 Meters at Bachelor Mine
CA$ 0.04+0.00%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Coral Gold(Ag-Au)CLH.V
Announces Barrick Drill Results from 2014 Gold Ridge Property Exploration Program, Nevada
CA$ 0.16+0.00%Trend Power :
Corporate news
North Arrow MineralsNAR.V
Discovers Three New Kimberlites at the Pikoo Diamond Project, Saskatchewan
CA$ 0.85+2.41%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Orvana Min.(Cu-Au-Ag)ORV.TO
Announces Appointment of New Chief Executive Officer
CA$ 0.38+1.33%Trend Power :
sells non-core Tirisano Project for a cash consideration of $6.3 million and provides an upda
CA$ 0.22-4.35%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Claude Resources(Au-Cu-Ngas)CRJ.TO
Hits Record Annual Gold Production and Generates 2014 Net Profit of $4.6 Million
CA$ 0.57-6.56%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Marathon GoldMOZ.TO
Deposit Continues to Expand in Advance of Resource Update, Valentine Gold Camp, Newfoundland
CA$ 0.26+0.00%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Powder River Basin and Central Appalachia Coal Prices Rise
US$ 5.18+0.97%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Barrick Gold(Cu-Le-Ni)ABX.TO
Barrick's 2014 Annual Report and Other Documents Now Available
CA$ 14.09-0.84%Trend Power :
Corporate news
NYSE stocks posting largest percentage decreases
US$ 5.18+0.97%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Silver Standard(Ag-Au-Cu)SSO.TO
Final Glance: Silver companies
CA$ 5.83-4.43%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Pan American Silver(Ag-Au-Cu)PAAS
Final Glance: Silver companies
US$ 8.94-2.08%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Gold Fields(Cu-Ni-Mo)GFI
Final Glance: Gold companies
US$ 4.27-2.29%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Barrick Gold(Cu-Le-Ni)ABX.TO
Final Glance: Gold companies
CA$ 14.09-0.84%Trend Power :
Corporate news
: Extension of Repayment of Loan and Convertible Notes and Financing Update
GBX 3.80+8.57%Trend Power :
Pelangio Exploration(Au-Cu-Le)PX.V
Pelangio Grants Options
CA$ 0.04+0.00%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Condor Res.(Ag-Au-Cu)CN.V
Closes $225,000 Private Placement
CA$ 0.04+0.00%Trend Power :
Shore Gold Inc.(Au-Cu-Gems)SGF.TO
Star - Orion South Diamond Project Core Drilling Commences Ahead Of Large Diameter Drilling
CA$ 0.22+0.00%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Orsu Metals Corporation Reports its Audited Annual Results for the Year Ended December 31, 2014
CA$ 0.02+0.00%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Energold DrillingEGD.V
Energold Drilling to Hold Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2014 Results Conference Call on April 13, 2015
CA$ 0.98+0.00%Trend Power :
Corporate news
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