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Stealing Deflation...

Steve Saville - Speculative Investoron 11/29/2015 - 15:49 GMT
If you listen to the top central bankers of the world talk for long enough you will come away with the impression that central banks are attempting to give us "price inflation", as if rising prices were beneficial. However, nobody wants to pay more for...Today article
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Latest Comments
Stealing Deflation
29 Novuser4779
Thank you, Steve. Beautifully put.
Put 10% of your assets in gold a...
27 Novsonora69
Regarding the death penalty, the author is apparently referring to the Coinage Act of 1792. "Section 19. Penalty on debasing the coins.
Waiting for Goldot Again
24 Novtomk4429
as a gold bug, you will never convince me that gold is going nowhere, I know better. Keep your crap fiat because that's going nowhere fast !
Astronaut Scott Kelly Posts UFO ...
24 NovJohn L.
Just Alien Sight Seeing !!!
The Success of Irish Austerity: ...
23 Novovertheedge1
The first thing to remember is that Krugman did NOT get a Nobel Prize in Economics. He got the Sveriges Riksbank (Swedish Central Bank) Prize i...
Waiting for Goldot Again
22 NovGoldGrl2
Sobering, balanced, helpful. Thanks, Gary.
Brussels Enters Lockdown, Warns ...
21 Novovertheedge
The terrorist is under no obligation to launch an attack by a certain date/time group. Consider why Brussels might be in the gun sights of terr...
SHANGHAI vs COMEX: Opposite Move...
21 Novovertheedge2
Good article, but ... "The best way to protect oneself from the coming collapse of the U.S. Bond, Stock and Real Estate Markets is to own ...
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Origins of Technical Movement, Pricing Tomorrow - Research on Pozen, Coeur Mining, Internap, and Eldorado Resorts
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