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Gold 1213.01-0.59
Silver 17.170.02
Platinum 1278.90-0.35
Palladium 777.200.70
DOWJONES 16805-236
NASDAQ 4422-71
NIKKEI 16082-91
ASX 533538
CAC 40 4365-51
DAX 9382-92
HUI 1961
XAU 810
AUS $ 1.4444
CAN $ 1.4081
US $ 1.2616
GBP (£) 0.7796
Sw Fr 1.2068
YEN 137.5960
AUS $ 1.1451
CAN $ 1.1162
Euro 0.7927
GBP (£) 0.6179
Sw Fr 0.9565
YEN 109.0690
Gold / Silver70.65
Gold / Oil13.60
Dowjones / Gold13.85
Copper 3.04-0.02
WTI Oil 89.18-0.58
Nat. Gas 4.02-0.10
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Today's Editorial
Photo Auteur Why China thinks gold is the buy of the century (. . . In one easy lesson*)  by  Michael J. Kosares USA Gold -
Let's start with some big, but digestible numbers: $3,950,000,000,000 = China’s total foreign exchange reserves $1,250,000,000,000 = Value of the world’s... Read more
Photo Auteur We’ll Become ISIS  by  James Howard Kunstler -
I played fiddle at a small-town, country dance last night with several other musicians and it was a merry enough time because that kind of self-made music... Read more
Photo Auteur Gold Market Update  by  Clive Maund Clive Maund -
Some of you may remember those gold ingot vending machines that started to pop up at airports and other places several years ago, which were of course... Read more
Photo Auteur Scottish Referendum Gives Reasons to be Hopeful  by  Ron Paul Daily Paul -
Even though it ultimately failed at the ballot box, the recent campaign for Scottish independence should cheer supporters of the numerous secession movements ... Read more
Photo Auteur Keynesian vs. Austrian Economics  by  Tim Iacono The Mess that Greenspan Made -
Here’s a pretty neat infographic from the Austrian Insider detailing the key differences between two very different schools of thought on economics – Keynesian... Read more
Photo Auteur Market Report: $1200 for gold underpinned by physical demand  by  Alasdair Macleod Finance And -
This week saw gold rally $15 to $1233 on Tuesday before sliding to $1207 yesterday morning, then rallying in the afternoon. Silver's moves tracked gold's,... Read more
Photo Auteur Major Stock Selloff Looms 2  by  Adam Hamilton Zeal Intelligence -
Since early 2013 the US stock markets have done nothing but rally, levitating thanks to the Fed’s oft-implied backstop.This incredibly unnatural behavior... Read more
Photo Auteur When Leverage Fails and Hope Turns to Fear  by  Ty Andros Trader View -
In today's TedBits we will be outlining a lot of smoke signals. They signal fires burning and about to break out. As everyone is aware, the Federal Reserve ... Read more
Photo Auteur A Stop Spike Event  by  Richard Mills Ahead of the herd -
Population growth reports say we can expect, barring WW lll or a virus like Ebola going airborne, upwards of 11.4 billion people on the planet by the 2060s.... Read more
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Photo AuteurWhat Frightens You?  by  JesseLe Cafe Americain -
Do you think that you are the only one who is ever frightened?  Are you frightened of those who are powerful, of the things that can hurt you?   Do you... Read more
Photo AuteurUK Joins U.S. Bombing, Courting Danger  by  John BrowneEuro Pacific Capital -
On September 26th, the English Parliament voted to join the U.S.-led bombing of ISIL, at least in Iraq. The news was received with relief by most in the... Read more
Photo Auteur Economic Atonement  by  Peter SchiffEuropac -  (10)
This Friday is Yom Kippur, the day when Jews around the world ask forgiveness for their transgressions from the year past. Rabbis remind the penitent to... Read more
Photo AuteurFed Up With Federal Inaction, States Act Alone on Cap-and-Trade  by
Unsatisfied with the pace at which the federal government is acting to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, several U.S. states and a few Canadian provinces ... Read more
Into The Fray - Captain Hook - Treasure Chest
Yo - This Market is Set For a Major Correction - Michael Pento - Delta Global Advisors
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Gold Silver Platinium Palladium Copper Oil 
Day :-0.05%
Month :-5.07%
YTD :-0.98%
52 W :-6.24%
mm200 :1288.61
Trend Power :
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Photo Auteur Big Al Talks Gold Reval  by  Stewart ThomsonGraceland Updates -
Graceland Updates By Stewart Thomson1.In America, there is a lot of talk about higher interest rates, and I would argue that most of those fears are already... Read more
Photo AuteurTruth, Consequences, and Confiscations  by  Jeffrey LewisSilver Coin Investor -
I think it's normal to have doubts - especially in rigged markets like this. Stockholm Syndrome creeps in and we begin questioning everything. Commenting... Read more
Photo AuteurThe Financial Crisis is mainly an Energy problem  by  Egon von GreyerzMatterhorn Asset Management -
THE MATTERHORN INTERVIEW: Maarten van Mourik – September 2014 “The financial crisis is only partly financial but mainly an energy problem” Dutch economist... Read more
Photo AuteurDoes Surging Demand For Gold and Silver Coins Signal a Bottom?  by  John RubinoDollar Collapse -  (4)
Reports of individuals snapping up near-record numbers of gold and silver coins are coming in from around the world: U.S. Mint American Eagle... Read more
Photo Auteur"The Fate of Empires," by Sir John Glubb  by  Nathan LewisNew World Economics -
A friend sent me this lovely piece, which originally appeared as an article in Blackwood's Magazine in 1976. It is brief, but has a lot of wonderful... Read more
Selling the Family Silver - Jeffrey Lewis
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Photo AuteurGold Is “Universally Acceptable” and Why China Is Buying - Greenspan  by  Mark O'ByrneGoldcore -
Alan Greenspan, former Chairman of the Fed, had an article entitled “Golden Rule - Why Beijing Is Buying” published in Foreign Policy, the journal of the... Read more
Photo AuteurKoos Jansen: China aims to exceed U.S. in gold reserves  by  Chris PowellGATA -
The president of the China Gold Association, gold researcher and GATA consultant Koos Jansen discloses today, argues that China should accumulate gold... Read more
Photo AuteurForex Volatility Predicting Bottom in Precious Metals?  by  Jeb HandwergerGold Stock Trades -
Summary Volatility in foreign exchange market as investors flee euro and yen for liquid U.S. dollar. Euro and yen hitting multi-year lows. Inflation... Read more
Photo Auteur Singapore Becoming Global Gold Hub - Launches Kilo Bar Contract And Gold ATMs  by  Mark O'ByrneGoldcore -
Singapore continues its push to be a global gold hub. The new exchange traded Singapore kilobar gold contract will launch in less than two weeks - on October... Read more
Photo AuteurRussia’s Gokhran Buying Gold Bullion In 2014 and Will Buy Palladium In 2015  by  Mark O'ByrneGoldcore -
Gokhran, the Russian precious metals and gems repository, said it has been buying gold bullion in 2014 and will likely to start buying palladium bullion... Read more
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Photo AuteurDo JPM and Citi Control the NY Fed (and US Monetary Policy)?  by  David Jensen
MP3: Interview with Jay Taylor taped on September 29, 2014. 1. Shanghai Gold Exchange and Shanghai Metal Exchange physical metals ... Read more
Photo AuteurThe Price of Gold and the Art of War, Part II  by  Darryl Robert SchoonSurvive the Crisis -  (4)
If you wait by the river long enough, the bodies of your enemies will float bySun Tzu, The Art of War, fifth century BCTHE 1999 GOLD CRISISThe 1999 gold... Read more
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Photo AuteurHow to Buy Silver Online  by  Mike MaloneyGoldSilver -  (8)
This guide is for any potential silver investor looking to buy silver online to protect wealth or maximize gains. Although there are literally dozens... Read more
Photo AuteurThe Jonker  by  Famous diamonds
The Jonker diamond gets its name from Johannes Jacobus Jonker who was a 62-year old white South African settler with a claim at Elandsfontein, South Africa... Read more
Photo AuteurThe Value of Doing Nothing  by  Franklin Sanders
When Hannibal crossed the Alps, invaded Italy and inflicted a disastrous defeat on the Romans at Lake Trasimene in 217 B.C. the Romans had their backs... Read more
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Photo AuteurThe Lost Padre Mine, New Mexico  by  Lost Mines
.Read more
Photo AuteurA Central Banker's Spectacular Fall  by  Paul TustainBullion Vault -
When John Law was faced with crippling sovereign debts in eighteenth century France he issued a lot of successful paper money and made the country feel... Read more
Photo AuteurPolitical Unification : a Generalized Progression Theorem  by  J.G. Hülsmann
A characteristic feature of modern civilization is the steady growth of government.1 This government growth occurs under two forms: either through a more... Read more
Photo AuteurEducation After the Collapse – School When There Is No Classroom  by  Mac SlavoSHTFPlan -
Forthose of uspaying attention towhat’s happening in the worldaround us, thecoming collapseis aforegone conclusion. Allsigns point to theinevitable:that... Read more
The Fed's Predecessors in American History - central Banks -
Mining for the Next Million Years - George Reisman
  Treasure Island (Robert Louis Stevenson) - Treasures and Gold Fever - Gasl
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How the Laffer curve really works - Gerard Jackson - Brookes News
 On laws that forbid the carrying of arms - Food for thought  (13)
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Article of the Day
Photo AuteurGold vs Silver during Precious-Metals Bull Markets  by  Steve Saville  (4) - The Speculative Investor -
It is widely believed that silver outperforms gold during bull markets for these metals, but that's only partially true. It's true that silver tends to... Read more
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Gold, silver price suppression is 'mission critical' for Fed, Barron tells KWN Chris Powell
War On the Weak and Different: Eugenics In the US, UK, and Germany Jesse
Bottom bounce will be historic rally for monetary metals, Leeb says Chris Powell
Why China Is the Golden Dragon In the Room That So Few Will Even Discuss Jesse
SP 500 and NDX Futures Daily Charts - Skittish Jesse
Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - End of September, Hello Non-Farm Payrolls Jesse
BIS is main mechanism for manipulating the gold market, Rickards says Chris Powell
Greenspan: Gold is the ultimate money and China well might want more Chris Powell
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Photo AuteurGuideposts For An Indecisive Stock Market  by  Chris CiovaccoCiovacco capital -
Three Economic Strikes Tuesday's economic news carried a theme of "below expectations". From The Wall Street Journal: The Chicago Business Barometer,... Read more
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Photo AuteurThe fiat money quantity (FMQ)  by  Alasdair MacleodFinance And -  (6)
Summary : This paper seeks to establish a measure of currency quantity that helps economists identify and estimate the risk that confidence in fiat currencies... Read more
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Photo AuteurThe Real Crisis in Europe Will Be Political With Spain as Ground Zero  by  Phoenix CapitalGains, Pains and Capital -
Spain’s Mariano Rajoy is back with yet another display of why he should never have been allowed to take office in the first place. For those who need... Read more
Photo AuteurStocks Are On THE Line  by  Phoenix CapitalGains, Pains and Capital -
Stocks are about to take THE line that has supported the rally ?going back to 2012. The amount of bearish issues the markets are facing is almost staggering. 1.    ... Read more
Photo AuteurDraghi Pressures ECB to Buy "Junk-Rated" Loan Bundles of Greece and Cyprus  by  MishGlobal Economic Analysis -
On September 4, ECB President pulled out a financial bazooka including a pledge to build up the ECB's balance sheet by another €1 trillion. Draghi confirmed... Read more
Photo AuteurThe Problem In One Picture: Monetary Stimulus In an Unreformed Economic System  by  JesseLe Cafe Americain -
Trickle down stimulus doesn't work to activate aggregate demand and encourage real economic growth because the largely unreformed economic system continues... Read more
Photo AuteurReader Question on a Credit-Based Society: Can Interest Ever Be Repaid?  by  MishGlobal Economic Analysis -
Reader Mike wonders how interest can ever be repaid in a credit-based economy. Hi Mish, I wonder if you would be able to comment on this from Bill... Read more
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Andy Hoffman on Caravan to Midnight Show – September 25, 2014 Andy Hoffman
Congressman Rangel Calls for War Tax, Draft; Why Not Bomb the Entire Muslim World? Draft Worse Than Mish
Painting the Tape Andy Hoffman
Banks pull out of dozens of benchmarks after rate-rigging scandals Chris Powell
"Come Hell or High Water" Promise Morphs Into "Infinity and Beyond" Mish
Crescendo Andy Hoffman
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Frank.Karl.S 1 / Singapore Becoming Global Gold Hub - Launches Kilo Bar Contract And Gold ATMs
Josu O. / Putin adviser suggests Russia knows all about West's gold price suppression
jb3415 1 / Big Al Talks Gold Reval
OneTinSoldier66 / Elephant in the Room Minsky Moment
Cameron Waugh 2 / Scottish Referendum Gives Reasons to be Hopeful
overtheedge 0 / Putin adviser suggests Russia knows all about West's gold price suppression
sneezy67 1 / Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - It May Be Protracted, But It Is an Endgame Nonetheless
sneezy67 2 / When Leverage Fails and Hope Turns to Fear
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TANAKA and Kuraray Chemical to Jointly Develop Activated Carbon Filters Enabling Recovery of Upwards - acnnewswire
Precious Metals: Rallying Dollar Continues To Undermine Gold And Silver - actionforex
PALLADIUM price loses lustre - moneyweb
COMMODITIES : Bears Tighten Their Vice-Like Grip On Commodities - investing
Clean Diesel chairman resigns, metals industry veteran steps in - pacbiztimes
Gold Bullion Bounces from 2014 Lows But "Lacks China Support" - bullionvault
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Biggest Mining Stocks Moves
Gold Silver Uranium Copper Oil
Market tools and IndicatorsStocks by TrendPower
Gold stocks to gold ratio :  2.08
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Photo AuteurFrom Beaver Creek to Denver: A Journey Between Different Worlds  by  The Gold ReportThe Gold Report -
Despite a relatively low gold price, 2014 marked a banner year for the Precious Metals Summit in Beaver Creek, Colorado, observed The Gold Report Publisher... Read more
Photo AuteurCanaccord's Joe Mazumdar Shares His Favorite Get Rich Slow Schemes  by  The Gold ReportThe Gold Report -
The Gold Report: A strange thing happened over the last few months. The price of gold went down, but some of the junior mining equities are up. Can you... Read more
Photo AuteurKal Kotecha: Going Against the Grain in Five Names  by  The Gold ReportThe Gold Report -
The Mining Report: You're the editor of Junior Gold Report, but you also follow similar-sized companies in the energy sector. Please give our readers an... Read more
Photo AuteurJay Taylor Urges Investors to Stay Liquid for the Coming Gold Boom  by  The Gold ReportThe Gold Report -
The Gold Report: The price of gold has fallen more than $130 an ounce ($130/oz) since July. Why? Jay Taylor: I believe we have two different markets.... Read more
Photo AuteurUsing Put Options to Bet on a Junk-Bond Crash  by  Rick AckermanRick's Picks -
Here’s an easy play for those who have never cashed a winning ticket trading puts or calls. Specifically, I am going to tell you how to bet on a junk-bond... Read more
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GOLD - Why all is not well for gold miners like Barrick and Kinross - ad-hoc-news
Moving Stocks: Newmont Mining Corporation (NYSE:NEM), Mattel ... - equitiesfocus
GOLD - Why Kinross Gold (KGC) Stock Is Down Today - thestreet
GOLD - Barrick to supply metal for the gold, silver and bronze Pan Am medals - fftimes
GOLD - Gold dips: B2Gold Corp (NYSEMKT:BTG), Newmont Mining Corp ... - investorwired
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In the last 24 hours
Guyana (Ag-Cu-Ni)
GPM METALS INC. Announces Filing of Initial Technical Report for the Walker Gossan Lead-Zinc-Silver
More than 24 hours ago
Golden Band Res. Ep (Au)
Reports Results For The First Quarter Ended July 31, 2014
Agnico-Eagle Meadowbank (Ag-Au-Cu)
Agnico Eagle's Amaruq project (formerly "IVR") near Meadowbank yields intersections up to 6.1 g/t Au
Bankers Petroleum (Oil)
to Release Third Quarter Operational Update and Hold Conference Call October 6, 2014
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Chalice (Au)
Announces 2014 Annual Financial Statements