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Gold 1306.971.07
Silver 20.960.03
Platinum 1485.504.25
Palladium 873.002.90
DOWJONES 1711459
NASDAQ 445631
NIKKEI 15329-15
ASX 556733
CAC 40 438112
DAX 977541
HUI 240-2
XAU 101-1
AUS $ 1.4248
CAN $ 1.4425
US $ 1.3459
GBP (£) 0.7881
Sw Fr 1.2151
YEN 136.4310
AUS $ 1.0587
CAN $ 1.0717
Euro 0.7430
GBP (£) 0.5856
Sw Fr 0.9028
YEN 101.3650
Gold / Silver62.36
Gold / Oil12.53
Dowjones / Gold13.09
Copper 3.19-0.01
WTI Oil 104.30-0.29
Nat. Gas 3.780.01
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Today's Editorial
Photo Auteur Upton Sinclair: The Moneychangers  by  Jesse Le Cafe Americain -
"It had all worked out beautifully, according to the schedule. The stock market was falling to pieces—some of the leading stocks were falling several points... Read more
Photo Auteur Sean Rakhimov: Upward Trend a Silver Investor's Friend  by  The Gold ReportThe Gold Report -
The Gold Report: The Washington D.C.-based Silver Institute reports that net silver demand has exceeded net silver supply each year since 2004, with a... Read more
Photo Auteur Inflation's Real Cause  by  Michael Pento Pento Portfolio Strategies -
According to Pimco's new Chief Economist, Paul McCulley, the Fed's war against inflation has been won! But, before we get out our party hats and plan... Read more
Photo Auteur What The Media Won't Report About Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17  by  Ron Paul Daily Paul -
Just days after the tragic crash of a Malaysian Airlines flight over eastern Ukraine, Western politicians and media joined together to gain the maximum ... Read more
Photo Auteur Monetary discord  by  Alasdair Macleod Finance And -
Last Monday’s Daily Telegraph carried an interview with Jaime Caruana, the General Manager of the Bank for International Settlements (the BIS). As General... Read more
Photo Auteur The Worst of All Monetary Policies  by  Thorsten Polleit 
I. Monetary Expansion Is Kept Going In monetary analyses, the balance sheet of the commercial banking sector is typically kept separate from the balance... Read more
Photo Auteur The Wizards of LIBERTY Street Big Buyers in a fool's paradise  by  Ty Andros Trader View -
There is no shortage of interesting items to choose from. The world is unraveling fast and the absurdities just keep piling up. Here are a few from the... Read more
Photo Auteur The Electrical Grid May Well Be The Next War's Battlefield  by  Chris Martenson Chris Martenson -
We talk a lot about Peak Cheap Oil as the Achilles' heel of the exponential monetary model, but the real threat to the quality of our daily lives would... Read more
Photo Auteur Which Way Is Inflation Blowing? Watch Commodities  by  Gary Dorsch Sir Chart a lot -
In an age when governments of every political leaning and ideological stripe distort economic data to promote their parties' interests, it is hardly... Read more
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Photo AuteurThe Road To Hyperinflation In Simple Pictures  by  Andy HoffmanMiles Franklin -
THE ROAD TO HYPERINFLATION, IN SIMPLE PICTURES Sometimes, even the most poetic, concise text doesn’t do justice to simple graphics. Sure, I could write... Read more
Photo Auteur War Zones  by  James Howard -  (21)
I srael’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu summed it up the other day when he said, “We use our rockets to protect our women and children; they [Hamas]... Read more
Photo Auteur How Will It All End?  by  Rick AckermanRick's Picks -  (7)
How do you see the economic endgame playing out for the U.S. and the world? That’s this week’s discussion topic, and although some in this forum will undoubtedly... Read more
Photo AuteurThe Tar Pit that is Financial Reression  by  John RubinoDollar Collapse -
With Gordon T Long & Co-Host John Rubino 30 Minutes, 15 Slides Macroprudential Policies of Financial Repression have been steadily accelerating since... Read more
Monetary Velocity & John Exter’s Inverse Pyramid - Jay Taylor - Kitco
MALAYSIA AIRLINES TRAGEDY It was Putin's missile! - Pepe Escobar - Asia Times
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Gold Silver Platinium Palladium Copper Oil 
Day :0.08%
Month :-0.50%
YTD :6.69%
52 W :-1.49%
mm200 :1294.31
Trend Power :
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Photo AuteurCentral Banks and The Dollar Hitting the BRICS  by  Jeffrey LewisSilver Coin Investor -
“We are pleased to announce the signing of the Treaty for the establishment of the BRICS Contingent Reserve Arrangement (CRA) with an initial size of US... Read more
Photo AuteurForeign Exchange Rates 1913-1941 #8: A Brief Summary  by  Nathan LewisNew World Economics -
I thought I would make a brief summary of our look into currency histories of the 1913-1941 period. The data is from the Federal Reserve Banking... Read more
Photo AuteurGold : Western Delusions vs. Chinese Realities  by  Jeff ClarkCasey Research -
I don’t want to say that mainstream analysts are stupid when it comes to China’s gold habits, but I did look up how to say that word in Chinese… One... Read more
Photo AuteurSilver Before it’s Too Late  by  Jeffrey LewisSilver Coin Investor -  (4)
The ongoing plight of the long term value investor continues - seemingly without end. However, decades of exuberance and greed have colluded. The financial... Read more
Photo AuteurDevaluations of the 1930s Don't Justify Today's Funny Money Excess  by  Nathan LewisNew World Economics -
Without question, the Great Depression was a time when the political consensus moved from a Classical “hard money” approach towards a Mercantilist... Read more
Gold Manipulators are Desperate - Egon von Greyerz - Matterhorn AM  (7)
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Photo AuteurGold Dumped (pre-CPI) and Pumped (post-CPI)  by  Bill DowneyGold Trends -
INTRA-DAY NEWSLETTER ~ July 22 2014 Gold Dumped (Pre-CPI) And Pumped (Post-CPI) Submitted by Tyler Durden on 07/22/2014 - 08:49 9 minutes before CPI... Read more
Photo AuteurGaza And Ukraine: Pawns In A Deadly, Grotesque Geopolitical Game  by  Mark O'ByrneGoldcore -
Today’s AM fix was USD 1,307.00, EUR 969.44 and GBP 765.76 per ounce. Yesterday’s AM fix was USD 1,312.75, EUR 970.75 and GBP 768.72 per ounce. Gold rose... Read more
Photo AuteurNew gold miner ETF avoids primary investment in Barrick  by  Chris PowellGATA -
Looks like you can now buy a gold-mining stock exchange-traded fund without putting the biggest part of your money in Barrick Gold, the biggest gold hedger... Read more
Photo AuteurBOE’s Carney Leads Push For Bail-Ins - China and Japan Against  by  Mark O'ByrneGoldcore -
Today’s AM fix was USD 1,312.75, EUR 970.75 and GBP 768.72 per ounce. Friday’s AM fix was USD 1,310.25, EUR 968.40 and GBP 765.78 per ounce. Gold fell... Read more
Photo AuteurGold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - Sleepwalking To a Wipeout  by  JesseLe Cafe Americain -
Word has it that Goldcorp is eyeing Newmont (at these price levels and reserves) with covetous eyes. Can't say I would blame them. Markets shook off... Read more
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Photo Auteur Silver Investing Chapter 5 : Alternative Silver Investing  by  investing in precious metals
If mining stocks did not provide enough leverage, there are still other avenues that offer even more leverage than mining shares. The decision to use leverage... Read more
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Photo AuteurCommodity Prices in US Dollars 1831-1881, Gold @US$20.67  by  Charleston VoiceKnology -
All prices for all commodities were remarkably stable during this period in which gold was fixed at US$20.67 per ounce by the US Treasury from the time... Read more
Photo AuteurEnding the Monetary Fiasco – Returning to Sound Money  by  Thorsten Polleit  (4)
Money plays a key role in facilitating and intensifying the process of civilization. However, this holds true only for free-market money, while with government-controlled... Read more
Photo AuteurThe Federal Reserve As An Engine Of Deflation (sic!)  by  Antal E. Fekete
Although the Fed’s open market purchases of securities (always net) affect only the short end of the yield curve directly, through the transmission of... Read more
Photo AuteurMaking A Gold Nugget From Electronic Waste  by  Perth Mint BlogThe Perth Mint -
Ever wondered whether you could recover the gold in electronic waste and make your own nugget? Requiring deadly acids, toxic chemicals and lethal heat,... Read more
Credit Unions - Antal E. Fekete - Gold University  (4)
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La Fête Nationale - Jesse - Jesse's Café
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Petropavlovsk's Hambro 'horrified' by gold market rigging; he should buy a GATA T-shirt Chris Powell
Jeremy Warner: Have central banks been breaking the law? Chris Powell
Historic Shift In The Gold & Silver Markets James Turk
Turk notes weakening 'flash crashes'; Embry knocks Yellen's disinformation Chris Powell
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Photo AuteurIs Recent Volatility Cause For Concern?  by  Chris CiovaccoCiovacco capital -
Earnings: A Big Role This Week Before we get into the subject of recent volatility, it is important to understand the primary market driver in the days... Read more
Bitcoin Trading Alert: Tensions Mount for Bitcoin - Przemyslaw Radomski CFA - SunshineProfits
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(-1780) Gold and Silver in the Code of Hammurabi - History of Gold  (7)
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Photo AuteurHolier than Thou: Why Should Anyone Believe the US, Ukraine, or Russia? What is the US Attempting to  by  MishGlobal Economic Analysis -  (5)
I am quite tired of rhetoric from the Obama administration and Kiev regarding the situation in Ukraine. Hardly any of it is believable. Indeed, some Ukraine... Read more
Photo Auteur Thom Hartmann: The Crash of 2016  by  JesseLe Cafe Americain -  (6)
This is a view of how we got here and where we are going that you are unlikely to hear from the mainstream media.Read more
Photo AuteurVideo of MH17 Hit by Missile; Update ...  by  MishGlobal Economic Analysis -
Reader David sent an email and accompanying video that purportedly shows the Malaysian Flight 17 being hit by missile. Let's take a look. David Writes... Read more
Photo Auteur Putin’s Folly: Shooting Down Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17  by  James WestMidas Letter -  (14)
In the ‘fog of war’, tragic mistakes are to be expected. But in the case of Malaysian Airways Flight MH17, Russian militants have attacked a civilian aircraft... Read more
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"No Perry Mason Moment": US Intelligence Admits "No Direct Evidence Linking Russia to MH17" Mish
Sorting Through All the Possibilities; Ukraine Accuses Russia of Deliberately Downing MH17; Brawl in Mish
Archduke Ferdinand Moment? Andy Hoffman
Andy Hoffman on Butler on Business Show – July 22,2014 Andy Hoffman
Split Appeals Court Rulings on Obamacare Subsidies; Pizza Party for Obama? How Much Would Premiums R Mish
Is This 1914 All Over Again? Andy Hoffman
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Schwerpunkt 2 / What The Media Won't Report About Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17
Hart 1 / What The Media Won't Report About Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17
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CHINA's increasing demand to drive Palladium prices in H2 - metal
Johnson Matthey pretax profits fall on forex impact, Amplats... - stockmarketwire
Gold And Silver: Past, Present, And Futures Swings - investing
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Gold stocks to gold ratio :  2.4
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Photo AuteurAs Russia's Isolation Grows, Oil Companies Caught in Middle  by
The confrontation between Russia and the West took a turn for the worse with the downing of a Malaysian airliner on July 17, and that could spell trouble ... Read more
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SA miners struggle to survive - iol
Goldcorp Hunts for Growth in Africa - wallstcheatsheet
GOLD - AngloGold Ashanti signs deal to build $140m gas pipeline - abc
Indonesia's new president says he will sit down with miners - news
Indonesia Lifts Export Ban for Two Miners - miningglobal
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UR-Energy (Ur)
Announces Mineral Resource at Shirley Basin Project
More than 24 hours ago
Newcrest (Cu-Au-Ag)
- Slater & Gordon Commences Class Action Against Newcrest
Claude Resources (Au-Cu-Ngas)
Provides Date for Q2 Results and Conference Call
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Wesdome (Cu-Au)
Reports Q2 Production / Sales