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George Washington  
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Gold 1230.900.34
Silver 17.17-0.02
Platinum 1243.50-2.00
Palladium 776.00-2.75
DOWJONES 16805128
NASDAQ 448431
NIKKEI 15292153
ASX 539929
CAC 40 4129-29
DAX 8988-60
HUI 184-1
XAU 760
AUS $ 1.4416
CAN $ 1.4227
US $ 1.2669
GBP (£) 0.7875
Sw Fr 1.2059
YEN 137.0400
AUS $ 1.1382
CAN $ 1.1230
Euro 0.7893
GBP (£) 0.6217
Sw Fr 0.9518
YEN 108.1000
Gold / Silver71.69
Gold / Oil15.17
Dowjones / Gold13.65
Copper 3.060.01
WTI Oil 81.14-0.61
Nat. Gas 3.60-0.02
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Today's Editorial
Photo Auteur National Service is Anti-Liberty and Un-American  by  Ron Paul Daily Paul -
Former Clinton Administration Labor Secretary Robert Reich recently called on the government to force young people to spend two years either "serving"... Read more
Photo Auteur How The Federal Reserve Is Purposely Attacking Savers  by  Chris Martenson Chris Martenson -
There's something we 'regular' citizens wrestle with that the elites never seem to: a sense of moral duty. For example, following the collapse of the housing... Read more
Photo Auteur The Fed’s New Labor-Market Measure  by  Frank Shostak 
Economists at the Federal Reserve have devised a new indicator, which they hold will enable US central bank policymakers to get better information regarding... Read more
Photo Auteur Why is gold mining such a crappy business?  by  Steve Saville The Speculative Investor -
That gold mining has generally been a crappy long-term investment for almost five decades is evidenced by the following chart. The chart, much of the data... Read more
Photo Auteur Extreme PM Shorting Peaks  by  Adam Hamilton Zeal Intelligence -
The world’s financial markets are changing dramatically with the Federal Reserve on the verge of ending its third quantitative-easing campaign.The Fed’s... Read more
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Photo AuteurThe Pauperization of Workers in the UK and America  by  Wolf RichterTestosterone Pit -
Since the financial crisis, the government of the UK and the Bank of England have jumped through hoops and twirled around in extraordinary gyrations to... Read more
Photo Auteur Gold and Silver as Standards of Value  by  Lysander Spooner  (5)
All the usurpation, and tyranny, and extortion, and robbery, and fraud, that are involved in the monopoly of money are practised, and attempted to be justified,... Read more
Photo AuteurLEAKED: What Happens to Germany if Russia Turns off the Gas  by  Wolf RichterTestosterone Pit -
One of the threats, or perhaps the threat, hanging over the EU due to the sanctions fiasco has been the possibility that Russia could shut down the pipelines... Read more
Photo AuteurPhase Shift  by  Gordon LongMarket Research and Analytics -
Does the Current Market Volatility Signal A Trend Change in Sentiment? 31 Minutes, 49 Slides Gordon T Long poses three questions for debate with John... Read more
The Debt Markets Will Do Us In - Jay Taylor - Kitco
THE ROVING EYE The Kobani riddle - Pepe Escobar - Asia Times
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Gold Silver Platinium Palladium Copper Oil 
Day :0.03%
Month :1.69%
YTD :0.48%
52 W :-8.26%
mm200 :1277.84
Trend Power :
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Photo AuteurHow Much Gold is on Loan Worldwide  by  Dan PopescuGoldbroker -
We can’t speak about the manipulation of the gold price today without understanding the derivatives market. Right after the crash of 2000 in the stock... Read more
Photo AuteurRate Hikes & Gold  by  Stewart ThomsonGraceland Updates -
Graceland Updates By Stewart Thomson1.While all “systems are go” for the precious metals sector, or at least appear that way, things are substantially... Read more
Photo AuteurPerpetual Debt Slavery  by  Jeffrey LewisSilver Coin Investor -  (5)
There is an unspoken difference between debt that is designed to be paid back and debt (disguised as perpetual flow) to finance pre-existing streams of... Read more
Photo AuteurA Brief History of World Currencies, 1949-2014  by  Nathan LewisNew World Economics -
Here's something you don't see everyday: a look at all the currencies in the world, from 1949 to 2014. We looked at currencies during the... Read more
 Russia's Currency Crisis: This Is So 2008! - Nathan Lewis - New World Economics
The Countdown to Truth - Jeffrey Lewis
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Photo AuteurSwiss ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ Gold Initiative Campaigns Compete at Launches in Bern  by  Mark O'ByrneGoldcore -
by Ronan Manly, GoldCore Consultant Contents - Introduction - ‘Yes’ Campaign Launch - Paper Decays, Gold Holds Its Value - ‘No’ Campaign Launch - Alphabet... Read more
Photo AuteurScientists Discover Gold Grows On Trees  by  Perth Mint BlogThe Perth Mint -
ALL ABOUT GOLD Money doesnâ??t grow on trees, but according to scientists from CSIRO, gold most certainly does! Theyâ??ve discovered tiny â??nuggetsâ??... Read more
Photo AuteurPrepare for Global Gold Confiscation and Orwell's 1984, Warns Rickards  by  Mark O'ByrneGoldcore -
Microchips embedded in the arms of citizens to track their activities, the total destruction of the middle classes and a cashless economy where an authoritarian... Read more
Photo AuteurIndia Gold Demand Surges 450% and Bank of Russia Demand At 15 Year High  by  Mark O'ByrneGoldcore -
Demand for gold continues to be robust and has indeed increased significantly in recent weeks despite gold’s most recent paper driven gold weakness. Demand... Read more
Photo AuteurComex warehouse kilobar movements  by  Bron SucheckiGoldChat -
As promised in my Monday post, below is an updated chart of kilobar movements out of Comex warehouses. You can see the clustering of withdrawals in... Read more
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Photo Auteur The Kimberley Octahedron  by  Famous diamonds
The Kimberley Octahedron is an uncut diamond discovered in 1964 in South Africa in the Dutoitspan mine, one of the diamond mines situated in the Kimberley... Read more
Photo AuteurWho Are The Greatest Coin Collectors?  by  Perth Mint BlogThe Perth Mint -
Numismatics is the name given to the study and collecting of coins and medals, and is derived fromnomisma,the Greek word for coin. It is probable that... Read more
Photo AuteurA Century Unique In All History  by  Philip JudgeAnglo Far-East Company -  (7)
This last century is unique in all of history, as it tells the story of the first time in all of history, that gold has been completely and officially... Read more
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Photo AuteurOct 24, 1907 - Jesse Livermore and the 1907 Crisis. A day I shall never forget  by  Panics, Manias and Crashes
October 24, 1907. Reports from the money crowd early indicated that borrowers would have to pay whatever the lenders saw fit to ask. There wouldn't... Read more
Photo Auteur Oct 24, 1929 : Wall Street Crashes  by  Panics, Manias and Crashes
Wall Street Crash on the London HeraldRead more
Photo AuteurGolden Secrets (IV) The Chinese Imperial Gold  by  Gold secrets
A third is the rumored Chinese Imperial Gold that Benjamin Fulford has claimed to have knowledge of. This treasure is so vast that Fulford's contacts has... Read more
The Practical Guide to Free-Energy Devices - Alternative Energies - Free Energy
Thomas Paine on Paper Money - Thomas Paine - Mises
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Photo AuteurThe Quintessential Inflation - The Great Weimar Inflation  by  Julian D. W. PhillipsGold Forecaster -
The "Weimar Inflation". Much has been spoken about it, but few really appreciate key points, motives and reasoning. It seems that it was just excessive... Read more
Photo AuteurWorthless Trillion Dollar Paper  by  Mike HewittDollar Daze -  (7)
In 2009 Zimbabwe announced that it will issue a new set of notes which will include a 10 trillion, 20 trillion, 50 trillion and 100 trillion denomination.... Read more
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Article of the Day
Photo Auteur Liberty, Not Government, is Key to Containing Ebola  by  Ron Paul  (3) - Daily Paul -
According to Forbes magazine, at least 5,000 Americans contacted healthcare providers fearful they had contracted Ebola after the media reported that... Read more
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SP 500 and NDX Futures Daily Charts - V Bottom Back To 50 DMA Jesse
Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - Plus C'est la Même Chose - Mandatory Quarantines Jesse
Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - Audacious Oligarchy - Ten Tonnes of Gold Taken Out of JPM Jesse
At King World News, Sperandeo, Celente, and Mauldin Chris Powell
Alasdair Macleod: Markets and reality disconnected Chris Powell
Paying people their worth in gold -- a first in Singapore Chris Powell
Three major nations absent as China launches rival to Western development bank Chris Powell
Foreign central banks cut U.S. bond stakes to lowest since May Chris Powell
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Photo AuteurIs The Fed Altering Asset Prices?  by  Chris CiovaccoCiovacco capital -
Fed Is One Of Many Elements In Market's Structure Markets are never driven by any single factor at any moment in time. Asset prices are impacted by... Read more
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 The Fascist Threat - Lew Rockwell  (30)
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Photo AuteurNeither the US Nor China Will be an Engine For Global Growth Next Year  by  Phoenix CapitalGains, Pains and Capital -
The investment world is banking on real growth being just around the corner. However, the data does not confirm this view. Let’s talk about China first.... Read more
Photo AuteurThe Fed's Hands Are Tied Unless the Market Crashes  by  Phoenix CapitalGains, Pains and Capital -
The markets have a major problem. That problem, simply put, is that QE ends this month. QE has been the driving force for the stock market since 2008.... Read more
Photo AuteurHow Can You Have a Recovery Without Jobs Creators?  by  Phoenix CapitalGains, Pains and Capital -
One of the items overlooked by the MSM regarding the dismal economic “recovery” of the last five years is the complete decimation of the self-employed. There... Read more
Photo AuteurThe Problem With Letting Academics Run the Economy  by  Phoenix CapitalGains, Pains and Capital -
There is a common adage that “book learning” is not the same as “street smarts.” In the case of economics PhDs like Janet Yellen, we could adapt this to... Read more
Photo AuteurThe Death Rattle of Europe’s Statist Dream  by  Rick AckermanRick's Picks -  (7)
Europe’s all-too-predictable relapse into recession is gathering force, threatening not only the pipe dream of economic and political unity, but eroding... Read more
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Hyperventilation Charade: EU Demands Another €2.1 Billion from UK, "We Won't Pay," Says Furious Came Mish
Brink’s Montreal – The World’s Best Precious Metals Storage Program Andy Hoffman
Japanese Style Deflation Coming? Where? Fed Falling Behind the Curve? Which Way? Mish
European Service Prices Plunge at Steepest Rate Since January 2010; Reflections on Keynesian Stupidi Mish
Pre-Election/FOMC Drama Andy Hoffman
French Private Sector Output Falls at Sharpest Rate in Eight Months; Tale of Two Europes Mish
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Anthony D. / Oct 24, 1929 : Wall Street Crashes / Gold and Silver as Standards of Value
glasstiger / First Majestic CEO wants silver miners to form counter-cartel against futures shorters
glasstiger / Henry Giroux On the Rise of Neoliberalism As a Political Ideology
Doom / McDonald's Vows Fresh Thinking After Net Income Declines 30%; Mish Offers Some Advice
overtheedge 2 / Eurozone Rotting to the Core; Four Possibilities; Beyond the Math
overtheedge 1 / Challenge to Keynesians "Prove Rising Prices Provide an Overall Economic Benefit"
glasstiger / Sprott covers Chinese demand, GLD's decline, and investor mistakes
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Gold Silver Uranium Copper Oil
Market tools and IndicatorsStocks by TrendPower
Gold stocks to gold ratio :  1.91
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Photo AuteurBarrick Comes Home  by  Richard MillsAhead of the herd -
As part of his plan to prevent a run on the dollar, stabilize the US economy, and decrease US unemployment and inflation rates, on August 15, 1971, U.S.... Read more
Photo AuteurIs Gold as Dead as Florida Hurricanes?  by  Dennis MillerCasey Research -
It’s been over 3,280 days since a hurricane hit Florida. As hurricane season comes to a close next month, only Mother Nature knows how long the streak... Read more
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Canadian Orebodies Inc. Zig Zag (Ur-Au-Gems)
Reports Drilling Results from Falcon Property and Completion of Zigzag Drilling
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Newcrest Cadia (Cu-Au-Ag)
- Cadia East Mine reaches major milestone
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More than 24 hours ago
Maurel et Prom (Ngas-Oil)
Strategic agreement signed between Anticosti Hydrocarbons and Gaz Métro to develop natural associate
US Silver (Cu-Le-Ag)
U.S. Silver & Gold provides third quarter production update
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Loncor Resources ()
Newmont Announces Acquisition of Shares and Warrants of Loncor Resources Inc.