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Chart usGOLD
Chart usSILVER
WTI OIL55.500.240.43%
NAT. GAS2.520.000.16%
DOWJONES 180240.91%
NASDAQ 50051.26%
NIKKEI 195320.06%
ASX 57990.43%
CAC 40 50460.14%
DAX 114540.19%
HUI 180-0.04%
XAU 730.44%
AUS $ 1.27420.00%
CAN $ 1.21560.01%
Euro 0.8923-0.10%
GBP (£) 0.66050.00%
Sw Fr 0.93270.04%
YEN 120.16600.00%

Market Report: Bear squeeze come and goes...

Alasdair Macleod - Finance and Eco.on 05/02/2015 - 03:27 GMT
This week started with a sharp bear squeeze, which took gold from $1178 to $1214, and silver from $15.70 to $16.71. These higher prices on Wednesday proved to be the peak for both metals, before they fell back sharply yesterday (Thursday) on better tha...Gold and Silver Market Analysis

More Evidence Gold Stocks Have Bottomed Relative to Gold...

Jordan Roy Byrne - The Daily Goldon 05/01/2015 - 21:11 GMT
As we penn this article Gold is trading below $1180/oz and set to close at its lowest level in six weeks. Gold is less than 2% from its weekly low of $1158. It is fairly close to another technical breakdown. However, the gold mining stocks appear...Today article

Emerging Mexican Silver...

Scott Wright - Zealllcon 05/01/2015 - 13:31 GMT
Mexico has long been a silver juggernaut.  The indigenous peoples had been successfully mining this shiny-white metal since well before the Spanish colonials swarmed the shores in the 16th century.  Several hundred years of Spanish developm...Investing

Silver in the Individual Comex Warehouses...

Jesse - Le Cafe Américainon 05/01/2015 - 13:03 GMT
Here is the current state of silver stockpiles in the Comex warehouses. Several people have remarked on the accumulation of silver in the JPM warehouse. CNT has become a major wholesale dealer in the silver market, largely...Gold and Silver Market Analysis

JP Morgan Cornering Silver Bullion Market?...

Mark O'Byrne - gold.ieon 05/01/2015 - 11:00 GMT
- Why is JP Morgan accumulating the biggest stockpile of physical silver in history?- Legendary silver analyst Ted Butler believes JP Morgan are in a position to corner silver market- JP Morgan may be holding as much as 350 million ounces of physical s...Manipulation, Missing and Fractional Gold

10 year Price vs Sentiment Map for Gold...

Bron Suchecki - Perth Minton 05/01/2015 - 07:00 GMT
Earlier this year Societe Generale mapped asset classes in a matrix according to popularity and profitability over the past few years. It got me thinking about applying the same idea to gold to show how its sentiment had changed over the past 10 years....Gold and Silver Market Analysis
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Latest Comments
U.S.A. Caught in Enormous Policy...
00:39Cameron Waugh
No comments because there is not much more that can be added to that. Short paper and long the PM's, thanks Jim.
JP Morgan Cornering Silver Bulli...
01 Mayovertheedge
Good article. There is one other conspiratorial reason why JPM might be accumulating major tonnage of silver. Throughout history, silver ha...
10 year Price vs Sentiment Map f...
01 Mayuser4779
Thanks, Bron, for this nice chart---more informative than just a plain old scatter plot. A 5-star article.
Picking Undervalued Gold Equitie...
29 Aprcapitalstars
MCX Commodity Gold Silver Tips is the most favourite service for all of traders but so much risk is involved in bullion trading. In this people can...
It’s Over: This Is the ONLY Pict...
29 Apruser4779
Two questions arise about photo of the fruit seller: when? and where? The laptop or notebook computer puts it probably in the last 5 years. That, ...
Inflation Inferno I
29 AprSilverthumb
Great article. I hope many people get a chance to read it. I'm going to read it for a second time right now. My thanks to the author>
Deconstructing and Debunking Sha...
29 AprDoom
I was under the impression that the inflation stats on his site were, as he explained them: one set is "official government inflation", and the oth...
Martin Armstrong – Gold Bullion ...
22 Aprbaregil
This Armstrong individual suffers from hyperinflation of the Ego. He speaks in a cryptic, sybilline and esoteric fashion, trying to make an impress...
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Mining Company News
Corsa Capital Ltd.(Au)CSO.V
Coal Announces Financial Results for Fourth Quarter 2014 and Fiscal 2014
CA$ 0.13-7.14%Trend Power :
Atna Resources(Ag-Au-Cu)ATN.TO
. Reports First Quarter 2015 Results
CA$ 0.10-4.76%Trend Power :
Atna Resources(Ag-Au-Cu)ATN.TO
. Reports First Quarter 2015 Results
CA$ 0.10-4.76%Trend Power :
Ram Power(Cu-Mo-Au)RPG.TO
Announces Closing of Private Placement
CA$ 0.00+0.00%Trend Power :
True North Gems(Gems-Ni)TGX.V
True North Gems Provides Mine Construction Update
CA$ 0.16+3.13%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Caledonia Mining(Cu-Ni-Co)CAL.TO
Caledonia Mining Corporation: Major Shareholder Notification
CA$ 0.75+0.00%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Goldcorp's lower profit lags estimates, stock slumps
CA$ 22.73+0.09%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Silver Wheaton(Cu-Le-Zn)SLW.TO
Trade sees floor in Silver Wheaton
CA$ 24.52+3.03%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Fortuna Silver(Ag-Au-Zn)FVI.TO
Fortuna to release first quarter financial results on May 8, 2015; Conference call at 12 p.m. Eastern on May 11, 2015
CA$ 4.56-0.22%Trend Power :
Corporate news
CANADA STOCKS-Quarterly results, resources lead broad TSX rout
CA$ 22.73+0.09%Trend Power :
Discoveries and Drilling Results
Newmont Mining Reports Solid-Gold 1Q15 Results
US$ 26.49+0.00%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Great Western Min.(Ag-Au-Cu)GWG.V
Great Western Minerals Provides Update Regarding Filing of Reporting Documents
CA$ 0.00+0.00%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Great Western Min.(Ag-Au-Cu)GWG.V
Great Western Minerals Enters into Support Agreement with Certain Bondholders and Files for Protection under Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act
CA$ 0.00+0.00%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Klondike Gold(Ag-Au-Zn)KG.V
Klondike Gold Begins $800,000 Yukon Exploration
CA$ 0.14+0.00%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Arch Coal(Au-Coal-Cu)ACI
Alpha Natural posts bigger-than-expected adjusted loss
US$ 0.94-3.09%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Alpha Natural Res.(Coal)ANR
Alpha Natural posts bigger-than-expected adjusted loss
US$ 0.80-1.23%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Polska MiedzKGHPF
Shareholders holding at least 5% of the votes at the Ordinary General Meeting on 29 April 2015
US$ 38.90+0.00%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Pershimco Res.(Ag-Au-Zn)PRO.V
IIROC Trading Resumption - PRO
CA$ 0.18+5.71%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Alpha Natural Res.(Coal)ANR
Alpha Natural Resources Posts Wider-than-Expected Q1 Loss - Tale of the Tape
US$ 0.80-1.23%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Goldcorp reports 1Q loss
CA$ 22.73+0.09%Trend Power :
Corporate news
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