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The euro crisis...

Alasdair Macleod - Finance and Eco.on 06/29/2015 - 15:41 GMT
Make no mistake; the Greek crisis is a euro crisis that threatens the solvency of the ECB itself, and therefore confidence in the currency. Before going into why, a few comments on Greece will set the scene.Last weekend it became clear that Greece is h...Today article

China to Launch Yuan Gold Fix by End of 2015...

Jason Hamlin - Gold Stock Bullon 06/26/2015 - 15:05 GMT
After launching the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) last year to open the Chinese gold market to foreign capital, China has now announced plans to launch a yuan-denominated gold fix by the end of 2015.Reuters reported:“We will be introducing a renminbi-de...Gold, Silver and Real Money Issues

Why Buffett Bet A Billion On Solar...

Oilprice.comon 06/26/2015 - 14:50 GMT
Miles Per Acre Per Year During the late innings of the ICE-age (as in the Internal Combustion Engine age) it has become clear that feeding gasoline and diesel to the next billion new cars is not going to be easy, or cheap. In China alone, 500 milli...Editorials
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The Gold Standard: Generator & P...
You state, “To continue selling to the West, China will have to open wide its doors to imports” Here’s the crux of your argument of why Chin...
The euro crisis
"There is no immediate benefit from debating why." Debate? That would be like debating whether or not gravity exists. You stated the obvio...
The Ultimate Confirmation
29 Junovertheedge
It would appear that we share the same conclusion. A few sealed cans of kerosene might be handy as well. Thumbs up sir.
The Ultimate Confirmation
29 JunS W.1
My main sentiment here is why swap dollars for gold or silver only to sell at some later date for more dollars when that same paper is continually ...
The Ultimate Confirmation
28 Junovertheedge1
Well, gotta admit that there is a problem if a person tries to play silver as both an investment and as an insurance policy. I would suggest th...
The Ultimate Confirmation
27 JunS W.
Fair call, overtheedge. I've given Butler short shrift several times. Fancy spending 30 yrs analysing the silver market likely believing Ag...
The Ultimate Confirmation
27 Junovertheedge1
C'mon SW. Using the storage and transport issue you have tossed out would hold true for most all commodities; iron ore, wheat, pork bellies, oil, e...
Americans Have No Idea that the ...
26 JunDoom
Um, is there a parapgraph or two missing here?
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The Five Myths about the Gold Standard

Charleston Voice - Knology
Myth N° 1 : There isn't enough Gold
Gold University

Infographic - The Best Reasons To Own Gold

Perth Mint Blog - The Perth Mint
RESEARCH AND ANALYSIS The most simple and compelling argument for owning gold for the average investor is to diversify a portfolio. ...
Gold, Silver and Real Money Issues

Causes And Consequences Of Kondratiev's Long-Wave Cycle

Antal E. Fekete - Gold University
Here we offer a new theory explaining the causes of Kondratiev's long-wave economic cycle in terms of gold and the hoarding of commo...
Gold University

The Real Bunker Hunt Silver Story

Charleston voice - Knology
"I'm doing the same thing you are, Bill, only buying more of it"- Bunker Hunt, Waldorf, 1981 There had been an FBI file on the Ar...
History of Gold and From the Archive

The Gold Standard: Generator & Protector Of Jobs

Hugo Salinas Price -
The abandonment of the gold standard in 1971 is closely tied to the massive unemployment the industrialized world has suffered in re...
Fundamental Ideas

The Excelsior

Famous diamonds
Until the discovery of the Cullinan Diamond, the world's largest-known uncut diamond was the Excelsior, found at the Jagersfontein M...
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Mining Company News
Claude Resources(Au-Cu-Ngas)CRJ.TO
Increases Land Position at the Seabee Gold Operation and Consolidates Two Joint Venture Agree
CA$ 0.69+1.47%Trend Power :
Exploration and drilling
Eldorado Gold(Au-Fe)ELD.TO
Receives Project Permit Approval for the Eastern Dragon Project
CA$ 5.01+1.42%Trend Power :
Exploration and drilling
Gran Colombia.(Au)GCM.TO
Voting Results of the Annual Meeting of the Shareholders of Gran Colombia
CA$ 0.32+0.00%Trend Power :
Corporate news
GPM METALS INC. announces Results of 2015 Annual Meeting
CA$ 0.12+8.70%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Talon Metals(Au)TLO.TO
announces results of AGM
CA$ 0.15+0.00%Trend Power :
Corporate news
turns to the future after closing the Bondeo 140 cc acquisition
CA$ 0.23+0.00%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Centerra Gold(Au)CG.TO
and Premier Gold Announce Drill Results
CA$ 7.24-1.36%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Confirms Continuity of the S50 East and Presqu'Ile Zones at Val d'Or Properties
CA$ 1.05-1.87%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Fortune Minerals(Ag-Au-Co)FT.TO
Announces Results of Annual Meeting of Shareholders and Provides Update of Revenue Silver Min
CA$ 0.04+0.00%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Releases 2014 Sustainability Report
CA$ 20.28-0.20%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Vena Res.(Ag-Au-Cu)VEM.TO
Announces Results of 2015 Annual General Meeting
CA$ 0.06+9.09%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Achieves One Million Pound Milestone at Lost Creek
CA$ 0.99-1.00%Trend Power :
Exploration and drilling
Corsa Capital Ltd.(Au)CSO.V
Coal Announces Release of Updated Investor Presentation and Results Of Annual and Special Mee
CA$ 0.10-9.09%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Eureka Res.(Au-Cu)EUK.V
Announces Formation of Technical Advisory Board
CA$ 0.08+0.00%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Red Hill IronRHI.AX
Appendix 3Y - Change in Director's Interest Notices
AU$ 0.80+0.00%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Red Hill IronRHI.AX
Trading Halt
AU$ 0.80+0.00%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Consumers Energy Develops Community Solar Program to Power Michigan with New Renewable Energy Sources
US$ 31.59-0.69%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Nevada Copper(Cu)NCU.TO
Nevada Copper Continues to Expand Open Pit Mineralization Intersecting 381 Feet Grading 0.53% Copper
CA$ 1.55-1.90%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Great Western Exploration(ni)GTE.AX
12 Jun 2015 Change of Share Registry Address
AU$ 0.01-8.33%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Appendix 3B
AU$ 0.02-5.88%Trend Power :
Corporate news
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