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Gold 1216.580.88
Silver 17.35-0.12
Platinum 1303.701.20
Palladium 774.50-12.00
DOWJONES 17061-9
NASDAQ 4500-6
NIKKEI 16174-137
ASX 529727
CAC 40 439739
DAX 94307
HUI 198-2
XAU 820
AUS $ 1.4444
CAN $ 1.4109
US $ 1.2615
GBP (£) 0.7778
Sw Fr 1.2064
YEN 138.2870
AUS $ 1.1451
CAN $ 1.1186
Euro 0.7927
GBP (£) 0.6166
Sw Fr 0.9559
YEN 109.6200
Gold / Silver70.12
Gold / Oil13.10
Dowjones / Gold14.02
Copper 3.04-0.02
WTI Oil 92.900.12
Nat. Gas 4.170.01
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Today's Editorial
Photo Auteur We’ll Become ISIS  by  James Howard Kunstler -
I played fiddle at a small-town, country dance last night with several other musicians and it was a merry enough time because that kind of self-made music... Read more
Photo Auteur Gold Market Update  by  Clive Maund Clive Maund -
Some of you may remember those gold ingot vending machines that started to pop up at airports and other places several years ago, which were of course... Read more
Photo Auteur Scottish Referendum Gives Reasons to be Hopeful  by  Ron Paul Daily Paul -
Even though it ultimately failed at the ballot box, the recent campaign for Scottish independence should cheer supporters of the numerous secession movements ... Read more
Photo Auteur Keynesian vs. Austrian Economics  by  Tim Iacono The Mess that Greenspan Made -
Here’s a pretty neat infographic from the Austrian Insider detailing the key differences between two very different schools of thought on economics – Keynesian... Read more
Photo Auteur Market Report: $1200 for gold underpinned by physical demand  by  Alasdair Macleod Finance And -
This week saw gold rally $15 to $1233 on Tuesday before sliding to $1207 yesterday morning, then rallying in the afternoon. Silver's moves tracked gold's,... Read more
Photo Auteur Major Stock Selloff Looms 2  by  Adam Hamilton Zeal Intelligence -
Since early 2013 the US stock markets have done nothing but rally, levitating thanks to the Fed’s oft-implied backstop.This incredibly unnatural behavior... Read more
Photo Auteur When Leverage Fails and Hope Turns to Fear  by  Ty Andros Trader View -
In today's TedBits we will be outlining a lot of smoke signals. They signal fires burning and about to break out. As everyone is aware, the Federal Reserve ... Read more
Photo Auteur A Stop Spike Event  by  Richard Mills Ahead of the herd -
Population growth reports say we can expect, barring WW lll or a virus like Ebola going airborne, upwards of 11.4 billion people on the planet by the 2060s.... Read more
Photo Auteur A Monetary Cancer Metastasizes in Europe  by  Keith Weiner Monetary Metals -
The European Central Bank again cut the interest rates it controls. Notably, the deposit rate was moved deeper into negative territory. It is now -0.2%... Read more
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Photo AuteurInto The Fray  by  Captain HookTreasure Chest -
Into the fray – a term with several meanings that helps define the juncture humanity finds itself pressing up against at the moment, poised to descend... Read more
Photo AuteurYo - This Market is Set For a Major Correction  by  Michael PentoPento Portfolio Strategies -
Wall Street came to a halt recently, as Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba made its Initial Public Offering debut. The media became myopically focused... Read more
Photo Auteur Elephant in the Room Minsky Moment  by  MishGlobal Economic Analysis -
The "elephant in the room" is debt. Try as they might, central bankers have not been able to spur credit, hiring, or much business expansion because of... Read more
Photo AuteurVainglorious Venture Capitalists! Tech Bubble 2.0 Series, Part 4  by  Alex DaleyCasey Research -
For several months, the investment community has been abuzz over the possibility of a tech bubble, with nearly everyone from the financial world weighing... Read more
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Gold Silver Platinium Palladium Copper Oil 
Day :0.07%
Month :-5.38%
YTD :-0.69%
52 W :-8.92%
mm200 :1289.19
Trend Power :
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Photo AuteurTruth, Consequences, and Confiscations  by  Jeffrey LewisSilver Coin Investor -
I think it's normal to have doubts - especially in rigged markets like this. Stockholm Syndrome creeps in and we begin questioning everything. Commenting... Read more
Photo AuteurThe Financial Crisis is mainly an Energy problem  by  Egon von GreyerzMatterhorn Asset Management -
THE MATTERHORN INTERVIEW: Maarten van Mourik – September 2014 “The financial crisis is only partly financial but mainly an energy problem” Dutch economist... Read more
Photo AuteurDoes Surging Demand For Gold and Silver Coins Signal a Bottom?  by  John RubinoDollar Collapse -  (4)
Reports of individuals snapping up near-record numbers of gold and silver coins are coming in from around the world: U.S. Mint American Eagle... Read more
Photo Auteur"The Fate of Empires," by Sir John Glubb  by  Nathan LewisNew World Economics -
A friend sent me this lovely piece, which originally appeared as an article in Blackwood's Magazine in 1976. It is brief, but has a lot of wonderful... Read more
Photo AuteurSelling the Family Silver  by  Jeffrey LewisSilver Coin Investor -
Purchasing and securing precious metals is easy. It's like stepping out of the river where you can see the mainstream headed for the big waterfall. Figuring... Read more
 Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - It May Be Protracted, But It Is an Endgame Nonetheless - Jesse - Le Cafe Américain  (5)
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Photo AuteurSingapore Becoming Global Gold Hub - Launches Kilo Bar Contract And Gold ATMs  by  Mark O'ByrneGoldcore -
Singapore continues its push to be a global gold hub. The new exchange traded Singapore kilobar gold contract will launch in less than two weeks - on October... Read more
Photo AuteurRussia’s Gokhran Buying Gold Bullion In 2014 and Will Buy Palladium In 2015  by  Mark O'ByrneGoldcore -
Gokhran, the Russian precious metals and gems repository, said it has been buying gold bullion in 2014 and will likely to start buying palladium bullion... Read more
Photo AuteurConspiracy fact: The European Central Bank Gold Agreement is renewed  by  Chris PowellGATA -
Bullion Vault research director Adrian Ash notes that the fourth European Central Bank Gold Agreement takes effect today, extends for five years, and removes... Read more
Photo AuteurDeath Of 'Safe Haven' Gold Greatly Exaggerated  by  Mark O'ByrneGoldcore -
With escalating conflict in the Middle East, an unresolved conflict in the Ukraine, and various other geo-political risks on the horizon such as the contagion... Read more
Photo AuteurGold bottom update  by  Bron SucheckiGoldChat -  (4)
Following up on my Sep 18 post gold has bounced a couple of times off sub $1210 level which is encouraging. I note there was another 5 tonnes of kilobars... Read more
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Photo AuteurThe Price of Gold and the Art of War, Part II  by  Darryl Robert SchoonSurvive the Crisis -
If you wait by the river long enough, the bodies of your enemies will float bySun Tzu, The Art of War, fifth century BCTHE 1999 GOLD CRISISThe 1999 gold... Read more
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Photo AuteurThe Jonker  by  Famous diamonds
The Jonker diamond gets its name from Johannes Jacobus Jonker who was a 62-year old white South African settler with a claim at Elandsfontein, South Africa... Read more
Photo AuteurThe Value of Doing Nothing  by  Franklin Sanders
When Hannibal crossed the Alps, invaded Italy and inflicted a disastrous defeat on the Romans at Lake Trasimene in 217 B.C. the Romans had their backs... Read more
Photo AuteurHow Tiny Particles Of Gold Get Transformed Into Solid Gold Bars  by  Perth Mint BlogThe Perth Mint -
Exactly how are microscopic particles of gold, invisible to the naked eye, extracted from huge quantities of ore and fashioned into solid gold bars?Read more
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Photo AuteurA Central Banker's Spectacular Fall  by  Paul TustainBullion Vault -
When John Law was faced with crippling sovereign debts in eighteenth century France he issued a lot of successful paper money and made the country feel... Read more
Photo AuteurPolitical Unification : a Generalized Progression Theorem  by  J.G. Hülsmann
A characteristic feature of modern civilization is the steady growth of government.1 This government growth occurs under two forms: either through a more... Read more
Photo AuteurEducation After the Collapse – School When There Is No Classroom  by  Mac SlavoSHTFPlan -
Forthose of uspaying attention towhat’s happening in the worldaround us, thecoming collapseis aforegone conclusion. Allsigns point to theinevitable:that... Read more
The Fed's Predecessors in American History - central Banks -
Mining for the Next Million Years - George Reisman
  Treasure Island (Robert Louis Stevenson) - Treasures and Gold Fever - Gasl
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Photo AuteurHow the Laffer curve really works  by  Gerard JacksonBrookesnews -
Kennedy declared that “it is a paradoxical that tax rates are too high and tax revenues too low”. In other words, high taxes were depressing output. Acting... Read more
 On laws that forbid the carrying of arms - Food for thought  (13)
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Article of the Day
Photo AuteurGold vs Silver during Precious-Metals Bull Markets  by  Steve SavilleThe Speculative Investor -
It is widely believed that silver outperforms gold during bull markets for these metals, but that's only partially true. It's true that silver tends to... Read more
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Steve Lonegan: There are no free markets when markets don't set money's value Chris Powell
Embry, Turk tell King World News about completely corrupted markets Chris Powell
SP 500 and NDX Futures Daily Charts - Late Day Buying in Weak Markets Jesse
Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - Non Farm Payrolls On Friday, End of Month Tomorrow Jesse
What Frightens You? Jesse
Geneva group's report predicts low interest rates forever Chris Powell
Financial writer talks about hangup in publication of report on silver market rigging Chris Powell
Lloyds fires eight over rate manipulation claims Chris Powell
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Photo AuteurKey Week For Bull/Bear Battle  by  Chris CiovaccoCiovacco capital -
Good News, Bad News An encouraging economic report was released Monday, which increased concerns about a sooner rather than later Fed rate hike. From... Read more
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Photo AuteurThe fiat money quantity (FMQ)  by  Alasdair MacleodFinance And -  (5)
Summary : This paper seeks to establish a measure of currency quantity that helps economists identify and estimate the risk that confidence in fiat currencies... Read more
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Photo AuteurThe Bells Are Ringing… Are You Listening?  by  Phoenix CapitalGains, Pains and Capital -
There is a saying that you don’t ring bells at the top. It’s not really true. Every time the market forms a major peak, at least in the last 15 years,... Read more
Photo AuteurBill Cohan: The Truth About the Fed  by  JesseLe Cafe Americain -
"The truth is, although both incidents do reveal something about the way the powerful and famous get away with more stuff than the rest of us, there’s... Read more
Photo AuteurBlue Ribbon for Sanction Craziness: Italy Seizes Hotel of Putin Ally; Russia Threatens Law Allowing  by  MishGlobal Economic Analysis -
What's Russia to do? Stand back and let the US and Europe escalate sanction after sanction, or respond in kind? Either way, Russia loses. I believe Europe... Read more
Photo AuteurGrossly Distorted Procedures: Mish Proposal to Raise GDP Calculation  by  MishGlobal Economic Analysis -
Here's the question of the day: Does GDP stand for Gross Domestic Product or Grossly Distorted Procedures? One of the reasons I ask is the latest push... Read more
Photo AuteurLegal Basis for War in Syria? Amazing Three-Point Logic!  by  MishGlobal Economic Analysis -
The hypocrisy of the US is on full display. We have imposed preposterous sanctions on Russia following its takeover of Crimea. Given that Crimea actually... Read more
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Is The Big Bottom Finally In? Andy Hoffman
Schoolgirls Aged 14-16 Leave France, UK, Germany for Syria to Join ISIS Jihad Mish
US Bombed Wrong Refineries in Syria; Iran Seeks to Stop Oil Price Slide; Sanctions Won't Impede Arct Mish
“Historic Capitulation” Andy Hoffman
Spain Manufacturers Warn of Another Slowdown; Consumption Recovery Ends, Retail Sales Contract, Pric Mish
Reflections on Catalonia, Crimea, Iraq, California, Nation Building Mish
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OneTinSoldier66 / Elephant in the Room Minsky Moment
Cameron Waugh 2 / Scottish Referendum Gives Reasons to be Hopeful
overtheedge 1 / Putin adviser suggests Russia knows all about West's gold price suppression
sneezy67 1 / Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - It May Be Protracted, But It Is an Endgame Nonetheless
sneezy67 2 / When Leverage Fails and Hope Turns to Fear
glasstiger / Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - It May Be Protracted, But It Is an Endgame Nonetheless
overtheedge / Housing Early Warning Stress Indicator On Rise
overtheedge 4 / The Grotesque Face of Irreversibly Destroyed Capital Markets
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Gold extends quarterly drop to hit fresh 9-month low - investing
Gold hits fresh 2014 low as dollar extends gains - fxstreet
Gold back to its losing ways as the dollar heads toward best quarter in years - marketwatch
New report looks into Global and China's sputtering targets industry, 2014 - whatech
Amplats CFO Bongani Nqwababa jumps ship - miningmx
Norilsk Nickel, world’s largest producer of nickel and palladium, selects Brady CTRM for managing it - bobsguide
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Biggest Mining Stocks Moves
Gold Silver Uranium Copper Oil
Market tools and IndicatorsStocks by TrendPower
Gold stocks to gold ratio :  2.12
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Photo AuteurUsing Put Options to Bet on a Junk-Bond Crash  by  Rick AckermanRick's Picks -
Here’s an easy play for those who have never cashed a winning ticket trading puts or calls. Specifically, I am going to tell you how to bet on a junk-bond... Read more
Photo AuteurHome Healthcare Cuts Threaten 500,000 Jobs and Put Female-Owned Businesses at Risk  by  Dennis MillerCasey Research -
That title wouldn’t make for much of a campaign slogan, and yet, it’s the natural outcome of one particular politician’s promise. As the editor of a retirement-focused... Read more
Photo AuteurKeep Truckin': Russell Stanley on How to Snap Up Growing Energy Services Companies  by  The Energy ReportThe Energy Report -
The Energy Report: Are oil and gas field services in Canada a high growth sector? Russell Stanley: Energy prices drive oil and gas field construction... Read more
Photo AuteurThree Biotech Investment Ideas that Disrupt and Diversify: Anita Dushyanth  by  The Life Sciences ReportThe Life Sciences Report -
The Life Sciences Report: Anita, now that the fall investment season is upon us, is it a good time to look for opportunities in the life sciences? Anita... Read more
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GOLD - Is it time for gold miners to rebound? - nasdaq
Why Newmont Mining Should Continue Delivering Inspiring Results - gurufocus
GOLD - Barrick, Newmont add to 1H U.S. gold output decline - mineweb
GOLD - AngloGold Ashanti: Pressure for asset sale to reduce debt - iol
GOLD - AngloGold unfazed by flop, says Pityana - bdlive
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Golden Band Res. Ep (Au)
Reports Results For The First Quarter Ended July 31, 2014
Agnico-Eagle Meadowbank (Ag-Au-Cu)
Agnico Eagle's Amaruq project (formerly "IVR") near Meadowbank yields intersections up to 6.1 g/t Au
Bankers Petroleum (Oil)
to Release Third Quarter Operational Update and Hold Conference Call October 6, 2014