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Gold 1216.000.90
Silver 17.81-0.01
Platinum 1333.251.50
Palladium 810.002.25
DOWJONES 1728013
NASDAQ 4580-14
NIKKEI 16321254
ASX 543718
CAC 40 4461-3
DAX 97991
HUI 208-4
XAU 89-2
AUS $ 1.4369
CAN $ 1.4062
US $ 1.2829
GBP (£) 0.7873
Sw Fr 1.2068
YEN 139.8300
AUS $ 1.1203
CAN $ 1.0945
Euro 0.7795
GBP (£) 0.6141
Sw Fr 0.9400
YEN 108.9100
Gold / Silver68.28
Gold / Oil13.15
Dowjones / Gold14.21
Copper 3.090.00
WTI Oil 92.45-0.62
Nat. Gas 3.84-0.07
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Today's Editorial
Photo Auteur Cheap Gold Stocks' Upleg Intact  by  Adam HamiltonZeal Intelligence -
Gold stocks have plunged in September, crushed by the withering selling pressure from heavy futures shorting hammering gold.As usual, these falling prices... Read more
Photo Auteur Gold Market Update  by  Clive Maund Clive Maund -
The Pope just observed that the situation in the world today amounts to a Third World War ? he?s right and although he didn?t point the finger, we know... Read more
Photo Auteur The Tribute the World Pays to the Empire  by  Hugo Salinas Price -
International monetary reserves set a new high mark early this month: they now amount to a bit more that $12,000,000,000,000 dollars. ($12 trillion dollars,... Read more
Photo Auteur The Emergence of The US Petro-Dollar  by  Gary Dorsch Sir Chart a lot -
Trying to pick a profitable trade in the foreign exchange market is similar to judging a "reverse beauty" contest, that is to say, the winner is the... Read more
Photo Auteur The Financial Repression Authority with Special Guest Ronald-Peter S  by  Gordon Long Market Research and Analytics -
Financial repression always consists of a combination of different measures, which lead to a significant narrowing of the universe of investable assets... Read more
Photo Auteur The US Ambition To Rule the World  by  Michael S. Rozeff 
The current hegemonic ambitions of the U.S. government go back to the heavy influence of neoconservative thought that began to be expressed during the... Read more
Photo Auteur The Era of Bad Feeling  by  James Howard Kunstler -
T here are times when events are in charge, not personalities. The unseen forces that hold the affairs of nations and economies in equilibrium dissolve,... Read more
Photo Auteur Will The Swiss Vote to Get Their Gold Back?  by  Ron Paul Daily Paul -
On November 30th, voters in Switzerland will head to the polls to vote in a referendum on gold. On the ballot is a measure to prohibit the Swiss National ... Read more
Photo Auteur Fiat Money and Independence for Scotland  by  Hugo Salinas Price -
By Hugo Salinas PriceDoctor: “I told you thirty years ago that you should stop smoking and you didn’t; now you have full-blown emphysema.”Patient: “That’s... Read more
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Photo AuteurThe Value of Anonymous Investment Writers  by  James WestMidas Letter -
A growing phenomenon that will soon be the focus of regulators’ expanding efforts to improve equity market integrity is that where glowing coverage of... Read more
Photo AuteurMonetary Policy Killing the ...  by  Jim Willie CBHat Trick Letter -
Photo AuteurLesson of the Day: The Political Class Always Wins  by  MishGlobal Economic Analysis -
With a ramp up in fearmongering led by financial institutions and every UK political party, the preliminary votes indicate Scottish Anti-Independence Campaign... Read more
Photo AuteurStaying Invested in Cash Is Not Such a Sure Thing After All  by  Philippe HerlinGoldbroker -
According to a study by Deloitte, cash reserves of corporations located in Europe, Africa and the Middle East (EMEA zone) are reaching record highs, totalling... Read more
We Live in an Energy-Centric World! - David Chapman - SafeHaven
Canada's Shale Boom: More To Come In Montney - -
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Gold Silver Platinium Palladium Copper Oil 
Day :0.07%
Month :-6.06%
YTD :-0.73%
52 W :-10.27%
mm200 :1296.31
Trend Power :
Interactive Chart
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Photo AuteurFinding Zero  by  Jeffrey LewisSilver Coin Investor -
“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”- Nikola TeslaThe silver market is always one day... Read more
Photo AuteurBird's Eye View of the Gold Stocks  by  Jordan Roy ByrneTrendsman -
Since last summer, investing in the mining sector has been akin to riding a mini roller coaster. There have been two huge rallies, two sudden and sharp ... Read more
Photo AuteurThe Divergence Between Debt and Gold  by  JesseLe Cafe Americain -
There is little doubt that gold is 'money' in the de facto, if not official, sense. It has been so for at least two thousands years, if not longer. In... Read more
Photo AuteurWhat is the Gold Fix?  by  Mark O'ByrneGoldcore -
What is the Gold Fix? To help facilitate trades on the London gold market, the price of gold is "fixed" twice each weekday. The Gold Fix is determined... Read more
Photo AuteurGold: Janet & Raj Stoke The Bulls  by  Stewart ThomsonGraceland Updates -
Graceland Updates By Stewart Thomson1.Gold is the ultimate asset, and I think both the bulls and bears are probably going to learn that fact, the hard... Read more
 Why ECB QE Is Bearish For Gold Prices - Sam Kirtley - Sk Options Trading  (5)
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Photo AuteurMarket Report: Another miserable week for PMs  by  Alasdair MacleodFinance And -
Gold and silver drifted lower over the course of the week, with a challenge to the $1200 level for gold becoming a distinct possibility. Silver is struggling... Read more
Photo AuteurScotland Says "No" - Fallout May Impact Pound  by  Mark O'ByrneGoldcore -
The result of the Scottish independence referendum was announced early this morning, with 55.3% of voters wanting to stay in the United Kingdom (UK) and... Read more
Photo AuteurScotland Says No - Pound To Suffer From Fallout  by  Mark O'ByrneGoldcore -
The result of the Scottish independence referendum was announced early this morning, with 55.3% of voters wanting to stay in the United Kingdom (UK) and... Read more
Photo AuteurGold bottoming?  by  Bron SucheckiGoldChat -
This morning I recorded an interview with Al Korelin for his weekend show which should be up Saturday US time. Al talked about how bad the sentiment was... Read more
Photo AuteurGold arriving at medium term cycle turn point  by  Bill DowneyGold Trends -
INTRA-DAY NEWSLETTER ~ Sept 17 2014 Futures Unchanged Hours Ahead Of Janet Yellen, As Chinese Liquidity Lifts All Global Boats Submitted by Tyler Durden... Read more
HIGH ALERT!! The Stock Market is in a Dan... - Robert McHugh - SafeHaven
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Photo AuteurHow to Get to Mars  by  MishGlobal Economic Analysis -
In the spirit of a well-deserved break from grim economic news, please consider "How to Get to Mars"Read more
Photo Auteur  The Case Against the Fed  by  Murray N. -
By far the most secret and least accountable operation of the federal government is not, as one might expect, the CIA, DIA, or some other super-secret... Read more
Photo AuteurThere is a Tide in the Affairs of Men...  by  Food for thought
There is a tide in the affairs of men. Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune; Omitted, all the voyage of their life Is bound in shallows and... Read more
Photo Auteur Germany's Stolen Gold Reserves - Times are changing - the debts remain (Russian)  by  Charleston VoiceKnology -
Is the US Fedkeeping doublebookkeeper entries -addingGermany's plusothergovernments' goldincluded in the USclaimedreserves of 8,100+ tons? Show metheyaren't. ... Read more
Photo Auteur Fiat Money – Eastern Europe  by  Alan Leishman
Most commentators on how Fiat money always reverts to its intrinsic value, (i.e. approaching the value of the paper it is printed on, or near zero),... Read more
Investing in rare coins - Numismatic Chronicles - Daily Reckoning
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Photo AuteurThe More one Governs, the less one achieves the desired result…  by  Food for thought  (4)
The more one governs, the less one achieves the desired result.....The more restrictions and prohibitions there are in the world, the poorer the people... Read more
Photo AuteurPatrick Henry on the Constitution  by  Food for thought  (6)
The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people,Read more
Photo AuteurHow to Get people into wars : Herman Goering  by  Food for thought
Please recall whatReichsmarschall Hermann WilhelmGöring (his name is also spelled as Hermann Goering) Nazi founder of the Gestapo, Head of the Luftwaffe,... Read more
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Article of the Day
Photo AuteurOf course the Gold Price is manipulated, that's the point! - The "London Gold Pool" - 1961 to 1968  by  Julian D. W. PhillipsGold Forecaster -
By the beginning of the 1960s, the U.S.$ 35 = 1 oz. Gold price was becoming more and more difficult to sustain. Gold demand was rising and U.S. Gold reserves... Read more
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Is World Gold Council's CEO angling for a tin-foil hat? Chris Powell
Koos Jansen: Chinese gold demand rises 5 percent as international exchange opens Chris Powell
Russia Adds Another 300,000 Ounces of Gold To Its Reserves In August Jesse
Long Term Gold Chart with Retracements Jesse
What are your questions for former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan in New Orleans? Chris Powell
SP 500 and NDX Futures Daily Charts - The Error of Their Ways Jesse
Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - Option Expiration Jesse
Ray Dalio: Hedging Against Fascism Jesse
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Photo AuteurRussian Sanctions 'Putin' Pressure On Uranium Supply  by  Jeb HandwergerGold Stock Trades -
Summary Spot uranium price rebounding strong over the past few weeks, rallying more than $3 per lb or more than 10% in a short timespan. End users... Read more
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Photo AuteurWhen Atlas Shrugged… Part I : The lure and lore of risk-free profits  by  Antal E. Fekete  (14)
This apology is rather grotesque. It ignores the fact that gyrating foreign exchange and interest rates are far from being free market institutions. They... Read more
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Photo AuteurVideo: Laying the Groundwork for World War III (USA, Russia, China Circa 2016)  by  Mac SlavoSHTFPlan -
Recent years have seen the rise of dangerous rhetoric from the world’s major super powers. Russia, China and the United States have all made it clear that... Read more
Photo AuteurJanet Yellen Believes You Can Get Rich By Going Into Debt  by  Phoenix CapitalGains, Pains and Capital -
Janet Yellen’s latest talk was very telling. The title of her talk was: The Importance of Asset Building for Low and Middle Income Households The title... Read more
Photo AuteurECB's Targeted Lending Spree Starts Out As Flop; Modern Monetary Insanity  by  MishGlobal Economic Analysis -
Following on the "success" of the ECB's LTRO (Long Term Refinance Operation) which did nothing to spur lending and everything to create the biggest sovereign... Read more
Photo AuteurA Broken Economic System In One Picture  by  JesseLe Cafe Americain -
A truly bipartisan effort. Such a parcel of rogues in a nation. h/t Neil Irwin, You Can't Feed a Family GDPRead more
Photo Auteur A Visual History: How Much $1 Used To Get You (And How Much It Gets You Now)  by  Mac SlavoSHTFPlan -
Ever since the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913 Americans have seen the value of their currency dwindle. We know the dollar has lost some 97% of... Read more
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French Farmers Upset Over Falling Prices, Torch Tax and Insurance Offices, Dump Produce Mish
Idiotic Proposals for Fed to Give Away Money Mish
"Surprising" MH17 Crash Update Mish
Misunderstanding the Fed Tim Iacono
Money Printing, Economic Collapse and Secession Andy Hoffman
Nothing! Andy Hoffman
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overtheedge 2 / Germany's Stolen Gold Reserves - Times are changing - the debts remain (Russian)
OneTinSoldier66 / A Visual History: How Much $1 Used To Get You (And How Much It Gets You Now)
Doom 2 / A Visual History: How Much $1 Used To Get You (And How Much It Gets You Now)
Gypsy 1 / Gold & Silver Market Morning
Doom 0 / Deflationary Spiral Nonsense; Keynesian Theory vs. Practice; Eurozone Policymakers Concerned About F
Karandash 2 / The US Ambition To Rule the World
sam site 1 / China advances gold exchange launch; Singapore delays contract
Doom / Survey Results: Readers’ Thoughts on Whether to Hold, Fold, or Be Bold
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Investors Stuck or Sticking With Silver ETFs - etftrends
The Silver Price This Week Is at a 2014 Low; Here's Where It's Headed - moneymorning
Stronger U.S. Dollar Pushes Comex Gold Near Lows From Start Of Year - forbes
SILVER Is Getting Crushed - businessinsider
CFTC : COT Gold, Silver and US Dollar Index Report - September 19, 2014 - goldseek
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Gold stocks to gold ratio :  2.21
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Photo AuteurLooking for Lithium Mega-Deals with Thibaut Lepouttre  by  The Energy ReportThe Energy Report -
The Energy Report: The big news of last week was the announcement that Tesla Motors Inc. (TSLA:NASDAQ) will manufacture lithium batteries in Nevada. What... Read more
Photo AuteurRoadmap Capital's Hugh Cleland and Stephen Ireland: Due Diligence Rules in Biotech Investment  by  The Life Sciences ReportThe Life Sciences Report -
TLSR: Hugh, you are in the small- and micro-cap space, and you invest in both public and private equity. Generally speaking, what advice can you give the... Read more
Photo AuteurEric Coffin: Can Investors Still Find Tenbaggers?  by  The Gold ReportThe Gold Report -
Eric Coffin: I'm more positive than neutral these days, but I do agree somewhat with Stockman. As unemployment falls toward 6%, we would expect an increase... Read more
Photo AuteurJeff Desjardins and James Fraser Look at Junior Miners in a Way that May Surprise You  by  The Gold ReportThe Gold Report -
The Mining Report: A recent article on, "The Great Divide: Inequality in Gold Juniors Means Opportunity," said: "It's clear we've reached... Read more
Photo AuteurBrien Lundin Says Don't Miss This Buying Opportunity  by  The Gold ReportThe Gold Report -
The Gold Report: On July 30, you sent out a Gold Newsletter alert that forecast a pullback in the midsummer bull market. The next day the Dow dropped 317... Read more
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GOLD - U.S. Gold Production Now Cheaper Than Africa - finance
GOLD - Junior Gold Investors Should Focus on Cash-Rich Stocks with Near-Term Catalysts - equities
GOLD - 3 Reasons to Stay Away From Barrick Gold Corp. and Teck ... - fool
GOLD - AngloGold Ashanti educates communities on Ebola - gbcghana
Mining sector facing challenges: Oliphant - iol
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Aurico (Au-Ag)
Appoints Janice Stairs, LLB, MBA to the Board of Directors