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WTI OIL55.500.240.43%
NAT. GAS2.500.010.28%
DOWJONES 180880.29%
NASDAQ 50630.05%
NIKKEI 200590.38%
ASX 5922-0.57%
CAC 40 5173-1.88%
DAX 11812-1.96%
HUI 1833.07%
XAU 742.88%
AUS $ 1.2476-1.94%
CAN $ 1.2023-0.59%
Euro 0.9109-0.94%
GBP (£) 0.6527-0.65%
Sw Fr 0.9541-0.10%
YEN 118.8310-0.25%

It’s Over: This Is the ONLY Picture You Need To See To Know It’s Time To Get...

Mac Slavo - ShtfPlanon 04/28/2015 - 07:00 GMT
If you’re familiar with the story of the shoeshine boy then skip right to the image below. The anecdote goes that avid investor Joe Kennedy was on his way to work in the winter of 1928 and stopped to have his shoes shined. When the shoeshine boy finis...Crisis Watch

What’s Really Driving Gold and Silver?...

Jeffrey Lewis - Silver Coin Investoron 04/27/2015 - 15:38 GMT
This week a subscriber shared with me an interesting and well-written analysis. The focus was mainly relative to gold. He wondered if I might shed light on silver - based on similar parameters.First and foremost, I do not deny the complex tertiary dyna...Gold, Silver and Real Money Issues

Is The Strong U.S. Dollar Coming Again?...

Przemyslaw Radomski CFA - SunshineProfitson 04/27/2015 - 11:02 GMT
In March, the U.S. dollar reached a 12-year peak against the euro. The greenback gained almost 25 percent in the past twelve months and 9 percent in 2015, which was the biggest surge in 30 years. What is most important, the U.S. dollar was rising not o...Gold and Silver Market Analysis

Gold Flows East – China, India Import Massive Quantities of Gold from Switzer...

Mark O'Byrne - gold.ieon 04/27/2015 - 09:01 GMT
- Singapore, India and China continue to import staggering volumes of gold from the West- U.K. exports of bullion to Switzerland increase 6 fold to a very large 97 tonnes- Gold exports from Switzerland to both China and India doubled in March- Shanghai...Gold and Silver Market Analysis

2001 – A Gold Odyssey...

Michael J. Kosares - USA Goldon 04/26/2015 - 20:00 GMT
by Michael J. Kosares “Adjusted for the 1980 inflation measure the gold price is approaching its bear market low of 2001. In fact, gold is now below the 1975 price when it became legal to own it again! . . . . . . . .Don’t worry about the current range...Gold, Silver and Real Money Issues

Oil Price War May Benefit Both US Shale And Saudi Arabia...

Oilprice.comon 04/26/2015 - 07:35 GMT
Even as financial commentators on CNBC are starting to come around to the idea of a bottom in oil prices, the key question for US oil producers remains one of timing. How long will the oil price slump last? Is this a relatively short term e...Editorials

Market Report: A week of further consolidation...

Alasdair Macleod - Finance and Eco.on 04/26/2015 - 07:33 GMT
Precious metals continued their consolidation this week, with gold drifting off $10 to $1195 as of last night, and silver by $0.42 to $15.85. Intra-day trading ranges are relatively tight with buyers of physical metal on the dips and sellers of paper c...Gold and Silver Market Analysis
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Martin Armstrong – Gold Bullion ...
22 Aprbaregil
This Armstrong individual suffers from hyperinflation of the Ego. He speaks in a cryptic, sybilline and esoteric fashion, trying to make an impress...
The Don Fanucci of American Poli...
22 Aprsam_site
The south had every right to succeed in order to avoid the northern parasite feeding the federal government at the south's expense. This just...
A Few Facts About U.S. Tax History
19 Aprovertheedge-2
"I don't agree with the notion that "corporations don't really pay taxes, people do." Actually, corporations do pay taxes. The indirect payers of t...
The REAL Issue With a Grexit/ Gr...
17 Aprsneezy67
And the rich get richer while the poor become poorer.
Food Chain Catastrophe: Emergenc...
17 Aprsneezy67
And the scientists(researchers?) just can't figure it out yet...huh? And the Pacific is full of Fukushima, California is parched, Las Vegas and...
Martin Armstrong – Gold Bullion ...
16 Aprneville0
Hi Mark, I think lance armstrong is suffering from COGNITIVE DISSONANCE ,that is to say he is the product of a very confused mind. Let me ...
The Don Fanucci of American Poli...
16 AprFalconflight1
I'm reading aloud The Real Lincoln to my wife, We're about half way through and find it very readable and appreciate the historical reality check...
Greece to Default on IMF in May,...
14 Aprsneezy67
And Russia/China are waiting off stage salivating? AIIB? BRICS (G) ?
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Economists have failed to find the root cause of unemployment. Keynesians have looked for it in the paucity of government debt. Frie...
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All Paper is STILL a short position on gold

The gold derivatives pyramid is a vigorous free market creature. It cannot be put down with a simple declaration that the paper is n...
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Mining Company News
Intl Montoro Res.(Au-Cu-Ni)IMT.V
Montoro Updates Pecors Drilling and Down-Hole Probing Survey
CA$ 0.07-6.67%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Avocet Mining(W-Au)AVM.L
Avocet Mining PLC 2014 Full Year Results
GBX 4.79+1.27%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Foreign Exchange and Fuel Tailwinds Could Help Newmont in 1Q15
CA$ 23.89+2.97%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Kinross Gold(Cu-Le-Ni)K.TO
Foreign Exchange and Fuel Tailwinds Could Help Newmont in 1Q15
CA$ 2.85+2.52%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Foreign Exchange and Fuel Tailwinds Could Help Newmont in 1Q15
US$ 26.19+2.34%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Barrick Gold(Cu-Le-Ni)ABX.TO
Foreign Exchange and Fuel Tailwinds Could Help Newmont in 1Q15
CA$ 16.01+3.16%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Coeur d'Alène(Cu-Le-Zn)CDE
Coeur Reports 89% Increase in Silver Reserves and 76% Increase in Gold Reserves at Palmarejo Post-Paramount Acquisition
US$ 5.62-1.40%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Great Western Min.(Ag-Au-Cu)GWG.V
Great Western Minerals Provides Update Regarding Filing of Reporting Documents
CA$ 0.02+0.00%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Largo Res.(Au-Cu-Mo)LGO.V
Largo Signs Term Sheet for Debt Restructuring
CA$ 0.81-1.22%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Barrick Gold(Cu-Le-Ni)ABX.TO
Barrick Reports First Quarter 2015 Results
CA$ 16.01+3.16%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Silver Wheaton(Cu-Le-Zn)SLW.TO
Silver Wheaton Announces Filing of Preliminary Base Shelf Prospectus
CA$ 24.76+3.00%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Consol Energy(Coal-Ngas)CNX
Final Glance: Coal companies
US$ 29.00-2.95%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Freeport McMoran(Cu-Mo-Au)FCX
Chilean Refined Copper Production Falls to 2-Year Low
US$ 22.78+4.40%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Chilean Refined Copper Production Falls to 2-Year Low
US$ 14.74+0.82%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Barrick Gold(Cu-Le-Ni)ABX.TO
Most active New York Stock Exchange-traded stocks
CA$ 16.01+3.16%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Coeur d'Alène(Cu-Le-Zn)CDE
NYSE stocks posting largest percentage increases
US$ 5.62-1.40%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Silver Standard(Ag-Au-Cu)SSO.TO
Final Glance: Silver companies
CA$ 6.92+3.75%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Pan American Silver(Ag-Au-Cu)PAAS
Final Glance: Silver companies
US$ 9.63+1.37%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Hecla Mining(Cu-Le-Zn)HL
Final Glance: Silver companies
US$ 3.18+2.58%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Gold Fields(Cu-Ni-Mo)GFI
Final Glance: Gold companies
US$ 4.47+3.47%Trend Power :
Corporate news
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