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Gold & Silver Prices in
Chart usGOLD
Chart usSILVER
WTI OIL50.52-0.91-1.83%
NAT. GAS2.67-0.02-0.56%
DOWJONES 17678-0.22%
NASDAQ 4863-0.27%
NIKKEI 19286-0.97%
ASX 58890.66%
CAC 40 5006-0.29%
DAX 11844-0.18%
HUI 167-1.86%
XAU 68-1.63%
AUS $ 1.28370.53%
CAN $ 1.25180.31%
Euro 0.92440.61%
GBP (£) 0.67500.28%
Sw Fr 0.96830.52%
YEN 119.37700.16%

Gold Effect on Mining & Shale Wasteland...

Jim Willie CB - Hat Trick Letteron 03/27/2015 - 02:10 GMT
KING DOLLAR DEATH WATCH Before diving into the featured topic, let it be known that the USD-based platforms and USGovt-sponsored continental trade unions are a dismal failure, poorly crafted, poorly sold. The effect will be to accelerate the gradually ...Editorials

Casey Gathers Top Gold Experts to Share Secrets for Making Money in Any Marke...

The Gold Reporton 03/26/2015 - 20:00 GMT
When the bears are attacking and "stuckholders" are looking for shelter, that is the time to call on the experts who have found a way to make money in up and down years. In this excerpt from the Casey Research "Going Vertical" webinar, The Gold Report ...Investing

Water Wars Loom Over California As Farmers Lose Thousands of Jobs: “Wrestling...

Mac Slavo - ShtfPlanon 03/26/2015 - 07:00 GMT
The announcement that California is rapidly running out of water has put new pressure on our most precious resource that could, in turn, force increased prices and shut down organic food production. Ultimately, it could even threaten the food supply. T...Crisis Watch

Who Buys Precious Metal?...

Perth Mint Blog - The Perth Minton 03/25/2015 - 22:05 GMT
In the Western world, gold was once almost exclusively the domain of royalty, the super-rich, professional traders and a group of 'gold bugs' - mavericks who for one reason or another distrusted the use of paper currency. Two decades ago, few 'ordinary...Gold, Silver and Real Money Issues

The most important chart on Earth and the Fed knows it

Bill Downey - Commodity Traderon 03/25/2015 - 13:23 GMT
INTRA-DAY NEWSLETTER ~ March 25 2015 GoldTrends has been for some time discussing the coming liquidity squeeze. That is what is forcing the US dollar higher and the risk of a liquidity squeeze that we have been warning since 2011 is nearing the 2015 ta...Gold and Silver Market Analysis
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March 27
Latest Comments
Kicked to the Curb
24 MarFalconflight1
I'm both ashamed and disgusted by the government 'of, by, and for the people,' every bit as much as I am ashamed and disgusted by the People.
Oil Surges, Gold and Silver Spik...
26 Marovertheedge
"That a country would choose to directly intervene militarily in the affairs of another country is a dangerous precedent, ..." Precedent?<...
Water Wars Loom Over California ...
26 Marovertheedge
Ellen Brown should stick to what she understands versus geology, hydrology and financially available technology. Example: "With discussions...
The Silver:Gold Ratio, 1687-2011
24 Marconey
"large new deposits of silver were found"? So what was found by ECB that enabled them to cough up an extra trillion euros for failing European econ...
The Silver:Gold Ratio, 1687-2011
23 Maruser4779
You are right that a currency based on precious metal is subject to inflation if there is a big increase in the supply of that metal. Indeed, this ...
The Silver:Gold Ratio, 1687-2011
23 Maruser4779
"The red line in the chart is a 16:1 silver:gold ratio, and the green line is a 15:1 ratio." This is the wrong way round: swap "red" and "green".
Gold & Silver Market Morning
23 MarGypsy
Everyone loves a Mystery Julian.
War Games: Russia Threatens Denm...
23 Marjox3
It's obvious that US wants a war with Russia. I don't get the motives. Perhaps the experts see that the american economy is deteriorating and that ...
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March 12, 1933 Roosevelt’s Banking Crisis Speech, 1933

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History of Gold and From the Archive

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Mining Company News
Fortescue Metals(Fe)FMG.AX
Applications open for Fortescue Community Support program
AU$ 2.00-5.66%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Golden Band Res.(Au)GBN.V
Reports Results For The Third Quarter Ended January 31, 2015
CA$ 0.00+0.00%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Provides Date for Q1 Results and Conference Call
CA$ 18.49-1.96%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Franco Nevada(Cu-Ni-Zn)FNV.TO
-Nevada Files Year-End Disclosure Documents
CA$ 61.92-0.55%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Visible Gold Mines(Au)VGD.V
announces exercise of warrants for proceeds of $1.46 million
CA$ 0.14+0.00%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Intl. Tower Hill(Au-Ag-Gems)ITH.TO
International Tower Hill Mines Appoints Karl Hanneman as Chief Operating Officer
CA$ 0.45-2.69%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Talon Metals(Au)TLO.TO
announces unsecured loan provided by Kennecott Exploration Company
CA$ 0.17-5.56%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Outokumpu Board decisions at their first meeting
€UR 7.67-2.54%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Canada Strategic Metals(Ni-Ngas-Co)CJC.V
Announces First Closing of $125,000
CA$ 0.09+0.00%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Yemen shuts major ports due to conflict -sources
€UR 46.59+0.17%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Alstom promotes qualification courses to customers in the hydro generation area
€UR 29.04-0.62%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Outokumpu - Resolutions of the Annual General Meeting 2015
€UR 7.67-2.54%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Mega Precious Metals(Ag-Au-Cu)MGP.V
Discovers Extensive Sericite Fuchsite Alteration and Broad Gold Mineralization at Newly Ident
CA$ 0.04+14.29%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Midland ExplorationMD.V
Midland commences an exploration program on its James Bay gold projects near Goldcorp's Éléonore deposit
CA$ 0.74+4.23%Trend Power :
Exploration and drilling
Dalradian ResourcesDNA.TO
Commences Drilling at the Curraghinalt Gold Project
CA$ 1.00+2.04%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Novo ResourcesNSRPF
Novo To Acquire 100% Interest In Beatons Creek Mining Leases
US$ 0.65+1.56%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Fancamp Expl.(Ag-Au-Co)FNC.V
Drill Program Demonstrates High Grade Gold Vein Continuity on the Gaspe Bay Group Property (R
CA$ 0.04+12.50%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Midland ExplorationMD.V
Midland Commences an Exploration Program on its James Bay Gold Project Near Goldcorp's Eleonore Deposit
CA$ 0.74+4.23%Trend Power :
Corporate news
ABE Resources(Cu-Ni-Ur)ABE.V
Reports on Annual Meeting and Awards Options
CA$ 0.04+14.29%Trend Power :
Corporate news
Outokumpu Annual General Meeting 2015: CEO Mika Seitovirta comments on EU anti-dumping and progress in Calvert
€UR 7.67-2.54%Trend Power :
Corporate news
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