Reason is a faculty that man has to exercise by choice
Food for thoughtAyn Rand
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18 JulMaking Money on the Euro Bulls' Conspicuous Absence Today - Przemyslaw Radomski CFA
18 JulThe U.S. Is Not an Economic Island - Rick Ackerman
18 JulRefuting Ted Butler’s criticism - Alasdair Macleod
18 Jul6 Chinese Growth Exaggerated - Rick Ackerman
18 JulTruly Epic Silver Signals: Vying for Your Attention - Przemyslaw Radomski CFA
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Adam HamiltonInvesting in Mining Stocks

Gold Miners’ Q2’19 Preview

The gold miners’ stocks continue to rally on balance, after a major upside breakout extended their strong upleg.  That’s driving mounting interest in this recently-forsaken sector.  With the latest quarterly earnings season underway, tr...
Gary TanashianGold and Silver

Precious Metals Big Picture, as Silver Gets on Its Horse

While many are talking about major new bull markets in gold, silver and the miners I find it safer to set realistic goals within a still very bullish outlook. After all, we became bullish in November, had to retrench due to over-bullish sentiment and f...
Rory HallGold and Silver

UPDATED – Silver On The Move!!

UPDATE: 10:22am EST – Well, it’s good to be wrong! Silver is racing towards $16 this morning. The only real question is how the cartel will play this move. With such a significant climb over the past 4 trading sessions there is currently a lot of noise...
Rory HallGold and Silver

“Not A New Gold Bull Market” BUT It’s Going Higher!

Years ago Jim Sinclair said we would not sell our gold into the market but we would in fact use gold to make purchases. I believed then, and I certainly believe him now. I’ve also heard it said there are three phases to a bull market. Gold, nor silver,...
Nathan LewisEditorials

Judy Shelton And The Battle Against “Soft Money”

Naturally, I am thrilled that President Trump nominated Judy Shelton for a position on the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, the body that sets monetary policy. Shelton has long been one of our best people in favor of “stable money,” which is one hal...
Chart usGOLD
Polyus MiningUS$ 57.00+11.76%
China GoldCA$ 1.69+9.74%
Serabi GoldGBX 62.00+7.64%
Resolute MiningAU$ 1.75+7.38%
US EnergyUS$ 0.57-12.31%
Coeur d'AlèneUS$ 4.63-8.32%
Hecla MiningUS$ 1.89-5.97%
Golden StarCA$ 5.88-3.76%
GOLD Trend Power : -13
SILVER Trend Power : -6
Focus Min.AU$ 0.28+7.84%
Canada LithiumCA$ 0.36+2.86%
SabinaCA$ 1.50+2.04%
Sandstorm GoldCA$ 8.50+1.80%
McEwen MiningUS$ 1.87-5.56%
Solitario Explora...CA$ 0.40-3.66%
Intl. Tower HillCA$ 0.80-3.61%
AxminCA$ 0.44-3.33%
Eloro Res.CA$ 0.30+22.45%
Corsa Capital Ltd.CA$ 0.73+17.74%
Cantex Mine Devel...CA$ 4.85+15.48%
TeutonCA$ 0.26+13.04%
Starfire Min.CA$ 0.28-25.33%
Golden Arrow Res.CA$ 0.27-10.00%
Goldstone ResGBX 1.56-8.24%
Constantine MetalCA$ 0.62-6.06%
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New York08:32
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Wrong Whale
18 JulS W.
All that aside. it is all rather simple. $ USD going down. Silver and Gold going up ( in price that is)
Nemesis Rising
13 JulDynoman0
They had most of us fooled and now most of us are unbelieving in the level of their apparent self serving decadence.
Deliberately Looking Away
11 Jultsg1
So! what else is new?
Nemesis Rising
12 JulThemis-1
Americans need to do some navel-gazing about why they supported this sleazy couple and the degree of corruption on all levels that kept them in the...
Nemesis Rising
12 JulThe Recusant2
Nemesis Rising? Over the recent years, it's come and gone a number of times. Bill-and-Hill are out to pasture for good without lamenting by anyone....
Bill Holter Jim Sinclair – Gold $87,000 per ounce at Least (video ...
10 JulS W.
I am sure all that Math is correct but it will be all rather useless when Gold goes into permanent backwardation.
How Much Gold Should Someone Own? Where and How To Own It?
10 JulThemis
It also ignores counterparty risk. If physical gold availability is limited, you are unlikely to get any - you will be paid out for your paper gol...
I Hear That Train a’Comin’
10 JulThemis1
More like, let's start a war so we can funnel more taxpayers' dollars to the military-industrial complex.
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Gold University

Kondratiev Gold

Antal E. Fekete
Here we offer a new theory explaining the causes of Kondratiev's long-wave economic cycle in terms of gold and the hoarding of commo...
Gold University

Tin In Rome

Philip Judge
In the Roman world "Tin" was effectively the "King of Commodities". This essential commodity was crucially important to every day li...
Gold University

Has Hedging Killed The Goose - (Final Part)

Antal E. Fekete
Gold University

Gold coins: The Vienna Philharmonic

Gold Coins
The Vienna Philharmonic has been minted by the Austrian Mint "Münze Österreich AG" since 1989. After Great Britain, Austria was th...
History of Gold

The Metal of Hope

Philip Judge
In history gold alone has been the money of Kings. However, throughout most of recorded time there has been a metal far more import...
Gold University

Gold Vanishing Into Private Hoards The Dollar: An Agonizing Reappraisal Part One

Antal E. Fekete
The first thing to know about gold is that there is no alternative to it. Gold is the one and only commodity that has no marketing p...
Mining Company News
Plymouth Minerals LTDPLH.AX
Plymouth Minerals Intersects Further High Grade Potash in Drilling at Banio Potash Project - Plannin
AU$ 0.12-8.00%Trend Power :
announces expected non-cash impairment
AU$ 6.86-0.87%Trend Power :
Oceana Gold(Au)OGC.AX
AU$ 4.22+3.69%Trend Power :
Western Areas NL(Au-Ni-Pl)WSA.AX
Advance Notice - Full Year Results Conference Call
AU$ 2.42+2.11%Trend Power :
Canadian Zinc(Ag-Au-Cu)CZN.TO
Reports Financial Results for Q2 and Provides Project Updates
CA$ 0.12+4.55%Trend Power :
Stornoway Diamond(Gems-Au-Ur)SWY.TO
Second Quarter Results
CA$ 0.03+0.00%Trend Power :
McEwen Mining(Cu-Le-Zn)MUX
US$ 1.87-5.56%Trend Power :
Rentech Announces Results for Second Quarter 2017
US$ 0.20-12.28%Trend Power :
Reduced Funding Requirement
GBX 1.37-0.36%Trend Power :
Lupaka Gold Corp.LPK.V
Lupaka Gold Receives First Tranche Under Amended Invicta Financing Agreement
CA$ 0.02-25.00%Trend Power :
Closes Bridge Loan Financing
CA$ 2.87+7.49%Trend Power :
Guyana Goldfields(Cu-Zn-Pa)GUY.TO
Reports Second Quarter 2017 Results and Maintains Production Guidance
CA$ 1.36+2.26%Trend Power :
Lundin Mining(Ag-Au-Cu)LUN.TO
d Share Capital and Voting Rights for Lundin Mining
CA$ 7.26+5.07%Trend Power :
Canarc Res.(Au)CCM.TO
Canarc Reports High Grade Gold in Surface Rock Samples at Fondaway Canyon, Nevada
CA$ 0.06+9.09%Trend Power :
Q A April 2017 Quarterly Report
AU$ 0.14-6.45%Trend Power :
Uranium Res.(Ur)URRE
Commences Lithium Exploration Drilling at the Columbus Basin Project
US$ 6.80-2.86%Trend Power :
Platinum Group Metals(Au-Cu-Gems)PTM.TO
Platinum Group Metals Ltd. Operational and Strategic Process ...
CA$ 1.90+6.74%Trend Power :
Devon Energy(Ngas-Oil)DVN
Announces $340 Million of Non-Core Asset Sales
US$ 26.34+2.49%Trend Power :
Precision Drilling(Oil)PD-UN.TO
Announces 2017Second Quarter Financial Results
CA$ 8.66-0.35%Trend Power :
2nd Quarter Report
AU$ 0.08+0.00%Trend Power :
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