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Crime is contagious. If the government becomes a lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law...
Louis D. Brandeis  
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Gold 1282.621.80
Silver 19.410.06
Platinum 1414.251.75
Palladium 887.754.50
DOWJONES 17107-4
NASDAQ 4566-5
NIKKEI 1553514
ASX 564914
CAC 40 4388-6
DAX 9562-26
HUI 239-1
XAU 1000
AUS $ 1.4139
CAN $ 1.4379
US $ 1.3204
GBP (£) 0.7959
Sw Fr 1.2071
YEN 137.2430
AUS $ 1.0709
CAN $ 1.0890
Euro 0.7574
GBP (£) 0.6028
Sw Fr 0.9142
YEN 103.9430
Gold / Silver66.08
Gold / Oil13.63
Dowjones / Gold13.34
Copper 3.18-0.02
WTI Oil 94.120.26
Nat. Gas 3.990.04
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Today's Editorial
Photo Auteur The interest trap… . . . and what it means to the gold market  by  Michael J. Kosares USA Gold -
"Interest rates on Treasury securities, which have been exceptionally low since the recession are projected to increase in the next few years as the... Read more
Photo Auteur Will the US succeed in breaking Russia to maintain dollar hegemony?...  by  Clive Maund Clive Maund -
In Why they are making an enemy of Russia? we looked at two of the key reasons why the US is making an enemy of Russia, namely the promotion of conflict... Read more
Photo Auteur Chill Winds  by  James Howard Kunstler -
T he new year officially starts in January, but for me, and perhaps many of you, the internal calendar re-sets at the end of the summer, where the programming... Read more
Photo Auteur Why Isn’t Monetary Pumping Helping the Economy?  by  Frank Shostak 
Despite all the massive monetary pumping over the past six years and the lowering of interest rates to almost zero most commentators have expressed disappointment... Read more
Photo Auteur Useful Idiots and The Something For Nothing Society - Part IV of V  by  Ty Andros Trader View -
In this next chapter of Useful Idiots and the Something for Nothing Society, we will put the final nails into a century's UNFOLDING MADNESS. A country ... Read more
Photo Auteur Market Report: Summer drift continues  by  Alasdair MacleodFinance And -
Gold drifted lower this week, with the price undermined by lack of interest on low volume and a slightly more hawkish tone in the FOMC minutes released... Read more
Photo Auteur Gold Rising-Rate Fallacy  by  Adam Hamilton Zeal Intelligence -
Gold has slid during this past week on mounting fears of interest-rate hikes.Between the latest FOMC meeting’s minutes and the Fed’s annual Jackson Hole... Read more
Photo Auteur Big Picture: Most Important  by  Mary Anne & Pamela Aden The Aden Forecast -
With gold again on the decline, it's time to take a look and focus on gold's big picture. This eases a lot of doubt, especially when companies like Goldman... Read more
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Photo AuteurThe "Escape Velocity" Myth  by  Steve SavilleThe Speculative Investor -
Making sense by replacing "despite" with "because of"In February of 2009 we wrote that if the story unfolded as we expected then a lot of future economic... Read more
Photo AuteurMust-Read Book of 2014  by  Louis JamesCasey Research -
, We’re going to take a break this week from our usual fare of industry insight for metals and mining investors, pulling back for a look at the big picture.... Read more
Photo AuteurYeah, This Will Work Out Just Fine  by  John RubinoDollar Collapse -
The Islamic State (ISIS) has set a modern-day "emergent threat" record by going from obscurity to existential global menace in what seems like... Read more
Photo AuteurThe Kardashians and Climate Change: Interview with Judith Curry  by
Climate change continues to drive energy policy, despite the fact that there is no way to reconcile eradicating energy poverty in much of the world with ... Read more
Ferguson: The War Comes Home - Ron Paul  (5)
 Why Global Bond Yields Are Tumbling - Michael Pento - Delta Global Advisors
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Gold Silver Platinium Palladium Copper Oil 
Day :0.14%
Month :-0.76%
YTD :4.70%
52 W :-9.63%
mm200 :1303.73
Trend Power :
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Photo AuteurState Department agrees to try looking for gold records again  by  Chris PowellGATA -
Three years ago GATA more or less won its freedom-of-information lawsuit in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia against the Board of Governors... Read more
Photo AuteurWhy Gold and Silver Prices are Range-bound  by  James WestMidas Letter -
Frustrated investors in physical gold and its derivative asset classes have fumed quietly as a mal-regulated market for counterfeit gold and silver (futures... Read more
Photo AuteurRoad Sign Says: Pot Of Gold Ahead  by  Stewart ThomsonGraceland Updates -
Graceland Updates By Stewart Thomson1.A week ago, I suggested gold would likely decline from the $1300 area to about $1275 and stop there, adding bullish... Read more
Photo AuteurSix!  by  FOFOAFofoa -
Six years ago today, I started this blog as a tribute to something I'd only discovered three months earlier. The fact that I'm still at it six years later... Read more
Photo AuteurA Bond Paid For and Denominated In Gold: A Rhyme From the Past  by  JesseLe Cafe Americain -
I don't think that we have seen such a thing since the gold bonds issued in the US, which went the way of the twenty dollar gold piece in the early part... Read more
Out With the Old - In With the Same - Jeffrey Lewis
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Photo AuteurGold Shines Most in September on Seasonal Buys: Bloomberg Chart of Day  by  Mark O'ByrneGoldcore -
Gold Shines Most in September on Seasonal Buys: Bloomberg Chart of Day BLOOMBERG CHART OF THE DAY - September Sees 3% Gains Over 20 Years Gold investors... Read more
Photo AuteurRussia Coordinating Gold Reserve Accumulation With Ex Soviet States?  by  Mark O'ByrneGoldcore -
Gold bars in a vault in West Point, N.Y. (Associated Press) Or are they? The IMF’s latest international gold reserves data, updated yesterday, shows that... Read more
Photo AuteurGold and Silver short term low due this week  by  Bill DowneyGold Trends -
INTRA-DAY NEWSLETTER ~ Aug 25 2014 Key Events In The Current Week Submitted by Tyler Durden on 08/25/2014 Key highlights in the coming week: US Durable... Read more
Photo AuteurCME Halt Electronic Gold and Silver Futures Trading Due to “Technical Glitch”  by  Mark O'ByrneGoldcore -
Today’s AM fix was USD 1,281.00, EUR 965.12 and GBP 772.29 ounce. Friday’s AM fix was USD 1,280.50, EUR 965.03 and GBP 772. 32 per ounce. Gold climbed... Read more
Photo AuteurDeflationary Straw Man  by  Gary TanashianBiiwii -
By Gary TanashianNo matter the debates over inflation vs. deflation, increasing employment vs. sound monetary policy or systemic health vs. fragility (and... Read more
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Photo AuteurManipulation is Still Alive and Well in the Gold Market  by  Toby ConnorGold Scents -
By Toby Connor, GoldScentsIf one looks at a longer term chart of the last two years it?s very clear that gold is being capped at certain levels, and those... Read more
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Photo AuteurCentral Banks are NOT ordinary Gold Investors  by  Missing and fractional gold  (6)
"The differences in the degree of marketability is of the highest significance for the theory of money. The failure to recognize this is one of the essential... Read more
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Photo AuteurThe purpose of market intervention  by  Alasdair MacLeodFinance And -  (5)
Interventions inmarkets bygovernments and centralbanks are routine andwetakethem forgranted. No one questionsthem, buttheycancreatedangerousdistortions.Theirreason... Read more
Photo AuteurHardness, color and clarity scales  by  Famous diamonds
The Mohs scale measures the hardness or durability of minerals and natural gemstones. Hardness refers to the gemstone’s ability to resist abrasion. In... Read more
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Photo AuteurYamashita's Gold and the Looting of Asia  by  Treasures and Gold Fever
Almost as soon as the war was over, American forces began to discover stupendous caches of Japanese war treasure. General MacArthur, in charge of the occupation,... Read more
Photo AuteurConfederate Inflation Rates (1861 - 1865)  by  Charleston VoiceKnology -
The Chart (below right) shows the Annualized Confederate Inflation Rate.  The Annual Inflation Rates are calculated from information provided  by... Read more
Photo Auteur  The Value of Debt  by  Debt Chronicles
.Read more
Gold (USGS) - Gold - USGS
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Photo Auteur From Bondage to Bondage  by  Food for thought  (11)
A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the... Read more
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Article of the Day
Photo AuteurA look at the coming 30-year inflation cycle  by  Clif DrokeClif -
The upcoming bottom of the 60-year cycle will drastically alter the U.S. economic landscape.  The ending of the long-term disinflationary/deflationary... Read more
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Gold & Silver Market Morning Julian D. W. Phillips
Koos Jansen: Comparison of Chinese silver price is complicated by 17% tax Chris Powell
London Metal Exchange dismissed from U.S. price-fixing lawsuits Chris Powell
SP 500 and NDX Futures Daily Charts - Two Markets - First SP 500 Close Over 2000 Jesse
Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - Statism is Relativism With Reference Only To Itself Jesse
GATA secretary to speak at London's Mines and Money conference in December Chris Powell
Leeb suspects a Chinese 'put' under the gold price Chris Powell
Alasdair Macleod: The Shanghai Cooperation Organization and Mackinder's prophecy Chris Powell
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Photo AuteurAnatomy Of A Stock Market Turn  by  Chris CiovaccoCiovacco capital -
Catch-22 Data Hits Tuesday Before we begin to examine the recent bottom in the stock market, investors were greeted with an eye-popping nugget of economic... Read more
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Photo Auteur Real Bills : “Waggon-Way in the Air”  by  Antal E. Fekete
Discount rate versus interest rate The banker applied a "discount" to the face value of the maturing bill when he purchased it from the producer. The... Read more
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Photo Auteur A Tale of Two Markets: One for Wealthy Insiders, And Another For the Rest of Us  by  JesseLe Cafe Americain -
"We run carelessly to the precipice after we have put up a façade to prevent ourselves from seeing it.” Blaise Pascal   Here is a brief excerpt from... Read more
Photo AuteurOnly Fools Still Hang on Yellen’s Every Word  by  Rick AckermanRick's Picks -
Who would have believed when the Great Financial Crisis was winding down five years ago that the feather merchants, unrepentant as always and eager to... Read more
Photo AuteurCracks in China's Strained Housing Market, Incentives Up to $325,000; Shopping on Taobao, China's "e  by  MishGlobal Economic Analysis -
Developers in China are offering up to $325,000 in incentives to home buyers. The catch? Incentives come in the form of a credit on Alibaba’s Taobao,... Read more
Photo AuteurBurger King Flips Obama the Bird; BK, Warren Buffet, Greg Mankiw, Barry Ritholtz, Mish on Corporate  by  MishGlobal Economic Analysis -
Obama Condemns CEOs President Obama is fed up with corporations no paying their "fair tax". On August 24, Bloomberg reported Inversion Express Slows to... Read more
Photo AuteurFormer Mob Boss Warns Of Stock Market Crash: “I Don’t Trust Wall Street… Buy Gold And Si  by  Mac SlavoSHTFPlan -
If you want to know how crooks behave and what you can do to protect yourself, why not ask a former mob boss? Michael Franzese was once a captain in the... Read more
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Wednesday Morning Links Tim Iacono
Ukraine Seeks Ceasefire Following 'Very Tough and Complex" Talks With Putin Mish
Jane's Defense vs. Colonel Cassad: Someone Seriously Wrong Mish
Andy Hoffman on the Jay Taylor Radio Show – August 26, 2014 Andy Hoffman
Outright Military Victory by Rebels? Ukraine Offensive in Donetsk and Lugansk Fails Mish
Incentives Up to $325K in China's Housing Market; Shopping on Taobao, China's "eBay-Like" Portal Mish
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glasstiger 1 / A Tale of Two Markets: One for Wealthy Insiders, And Another For the Rest of Us
overtheedge 1 / Will the US succeed in breaking Russia to maintain dollar hegemony?...
plons / Gold and Oil on the Verge of Something Big - Hero's Rarely Win
William Tan / Rebels Launch Counteroffensive: 4,000 Ukrainian Forces Trapped; Federalism to Save Ukraine?
glasstiger / New Orleans conference will debate gold market manipulation
GoldcoPreciousMetals 1 / Big Picture: Most Important
glasstiger / SP 500 and NDX Futures Daily Charts - When the Music Stops
William Tan 2 / What Have We Accomplished in Iraq?
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Gold back in the red after dismal week - marketwatch
Gold holds near two-month low on firm dollar, talk of U.S. rate hike - reuters
Gold holds near lowest in two months - fin24
The Broken Links In The Fed's Chain Of Cause & Effect - zerohedge
How Hedge Funds Are Making Money In 2014: The Full Strategy Breakdown - zerohedge
CHINA Gold Imports Drop for Fifth Month on Weak Demand - bloomberg
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Biggest Mining Stocks Moves
Gold Silver Uranium Copper Oil
Market tools and IndicatorsStocks by TrendPower
Gold stocks to gold ratio :  2.42
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Photo AuteurKeep the Faith, Says Michael Fowler: Juniors and Midtiers Poised for M&A-Fueled Breakout  by  The Gold ReportThe Gold Report -
The Gold Report: A report titled "M&A and Capital Raising in Mining and Metals, 1H 2014" from Ernest and Young (EY) says that mining and metals deal values... Read more
Photo AuteurEthan Park Expects to Harvest a Bumper Crop from Potash and Phosphate Juniors  by  The Energy ReportThe Energy Report -
The Energy Report: Investors who follow the metals may not pay much heed to the phosphate space. What are the agricultural and industrial uses for phosphates?... Read more
Photo AuteurCanaccord's Luke Smith: Five Aussie Companies with Cash Flows, Low Costs and MOUs  by  The Energy ReportThe Energy Report -
The Mining Report: Australian mining shares had a great July. Was that a one-off or indicative of a trend? Luke Smith: July tends to be good because the... Read more
Photo AuteurJunior Mining Companies that Will Make Beautiful M&A Music: AgaNola's Florian Siegfried  by  The Gold ReportThe Gold Report -
The Gold Report: As of Aug. 1, 2014 the SPDR Gold Trust ETF (GLD) was up about 7% year-to-date, while the Market Vectors Junior Gold Miners ETF (GDXJ)... Read more
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View RSS Feed for this category Exploration and drilling
Agnico-Eagle Meadowbank (Ag-Au-Cu)
More encouraging results from IVR project near Meadowbank; additional drill rigs and new exploration
View RSS Feed for this category Corporate news
In the last 4 hours
Azimut Expl. (Gems-Pl-Ag)
airborne survey identifies high-quality targets at Nantais (Au, Ag, Cu, Zn), Nunavik, Northern Quebe
In the last 24 hours
Ivanhoe Energy (Ngas-Oil)
confirms its intention to fully participate in new services contract for development of Block 20 pro
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Taseko (Au-Cu-Mo)
Announces New Board Appointment
Polaris Minerals ()
Appoints Scott Dryden as Vice President of Business Development
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RPT Resources (Au-Gems-Ur)
ArPetrol Ltd. announces second-quarter 2014 financial and operating results and reports positive wor
RPT Resources (Au-Gems-Ur)
ArPetrol Ltd. announces second-quarter 2014 financial and operating results and reports positive wor