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Gold 1251.825.11
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Platinum 1278.7017.20
Palladium 773.2013.67
DOWJONES 16563157
NASDAQ 439276
NIKKEI 14804-307
ASX 53135
CAC 40 408190
DAX 8887169
HUI 1943
XAU 791
AUS $ 1.4474
CAN $ 1.4280
US $ 1.2734
GBP (£) 0.7892
Sw Fr 1.2066
YEN 135.7890
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CAN $ 1.1215
Euro 0.7853
GBP (£) 0.6198
Sw Fr 0.9475
YEN 106.6410
Gold / Silver71.21
Gold / Oil15.29
Dowjones / Gold13.23
Copper 3.04-0.02
WTI Oil 81.860.48
Nat. Gas 3.670.00
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Today's Editorial
Photo Auteur Why is gold mining such a crappy business?  by  Steve Saville The Speculative Investor -
That gold mining has generally been a crappy long-term investment for almost five decades is evidenced by the following chart. The chart, much of the data... Read more
Photo Auteur Extreme PM Shorting Peaks  by  Adam Hamilton Zeal Intelligence -
The world’s financial markets are changing dramatically with the Federal Reserve on the verge of ending its third quantitative-easing campaign.The Fed’s... Read more
Photo Auteur Is the Surge in Capital Goods Orders Due to Malinvestment?  by  Frank Shostak 
Orders for US non-military capital goods excluding aircraft rose by 0.6 percent in August after a 0.2 percent decline in July to stand at $73.2 billion.... Read more
Photo Auteur Taxes on Capital and Capital Accumulation  by  Nathan Lewis New World Economics -
An economy is, fundamentally, a physical thing. We create goods and services. We don't create "money." Money, and all the associated contracts... Read more
Photo Auteur Real Life is Not Spin Art  by  James Howard Kunstler -
T he authorities keep emphasizing that the nurse who caught ebola from Thomas Eric Duncan was sealed in her haz-mat suit the whole time she cared for the... Read more
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Photo AuteurGoodbye War On Drugs, Hello Libertarian Utopia. Dominic Frisby's Bit  by  John RubinoDollar Collapse -
Now that bitcoin has subsided from speculative bubble to functioning currency (see the price chart below), it's safe for non-speculators to explore the... Read more
Photo AuteurOil Deflation, the Saudi’s Muslim Frankenstein, and the Colder War  by  Marin KatusaCasey Research -
Deflation [dih-fley-shuhn] Economics. a fall in the general price level or a contraction of credit and available money (opposed to inflation). Source:... Read more
Photo AuteurWhy the business cycle is failing  by  Alasdair MacleodFinance And -
Since WW2 economic theorists have posited that demand in the economy could be stimulated by a combination of deficit spending by the government and by... Read more
Photo Auteur“Omenland”  by  James Howard -  (9)
D id a few loose strands of Ebola seep into the organs and tissues of global finance last week? The US equity markets sure enough puked, the Nikkei bled... Read more
Turkey's Position on ISIL Misunderstood - John Browne - Euro Pacific Capital
A Funny Thing Happened on The Way to Raising Rates - Michael Pento - Delta Global Advisors
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Gold Silver Platinium Palladium Copper Oil 
Day :0.41%
Month :2.40%
YTD :2.19%
52 W :-4.88%
mm200 :1279.10
Trend Power :
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Photo AuteurPerpetual Debt Slavery  by  Jeffrey LewisSilver Coin Investor -
There is an unspoken difference between debt that is designed to be paid back and debt (disguised as perpetual flow) to finance pre-existing streams of... Read more
Photo AuteurA Brief History of World Currencies, 1949-2014  by  Nathan LewisNew World Economics -
Here's something you don't see everyday: a look at all the currencies in the world, from 1949 to 2014. We looked at currencies during the... Read more
Photo Auteur Russia's Currency Crisis: This Is So 2008!  by  Nathan LewisNew World Economics - Are you getting that “it’s kinda like 2008 again”... Read more
Photo AuteurThe Countdown to Truth  by  Jeffrey LewisSilver Coin Investor -
“The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.”-Winston ChurchillLet’s take a look at this... Read more
Gold Surges While Stock Markets Implode - Stewart Thomson - Graceland Update
Just Blame the Banks - Jeffrey Lewis
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Photo AuteurFirst Swiss Gold Poll Shows Pro-Gold Side In Lead At 45%  by  Mark O'ByrneGoldcore -
The first poll of how the Swiss people will vote in the “Save Our Swiss Gold” initiative on November 30th shows that the Swiss are leaning towards voting... Read more
Photo AuteurMarket Report: Gold benefits from market uncertainty  by  Alasdair MacleodFinance And -
The outlook for gold is now more positive than it has been for some time. After a prolonged period of low volatility as funds invested in ever-greater... Read more
Photo AuteurEuro Risk Due To Possible Return of Italy To Lira - Drachmas, Escudos, Pesetas and Punts?  by  Mark O'ByrneGoldcore -
The European status quo and EU elites are becoming increasingly concerned by popular calls in Italy for Italy to leave the European Monetary Union and... Read more
Photo AuteurGold market update  by  Bron SucheckiGoldChat -
At the launch of our Perth Mint Certificate Program Approved Dealer GoldSilver Central today the journalists were interested in the views of Raphael Scherer... Read more
Photo AuteurGold Weekly Report---the Consumer price index report on Wednesday should be key this week  by  Bill DowneyGold Trends -
Gold Weekly Update ~ Oct 19, 2014 Trend Long Term ~ Bearish– Need a monthly close above 1560 for neutral trend without bearish potential. The key resistance... Read more
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Photo AuteurA Century Unique In All History  by  Philip JudgeAnglo Far-East Company -  (7)
This last century is unique in all of history, as it tells the story of the first time in all of history, that gold has been completely and officially... Read more
Photo Auteur The Virtue of Hoarding  by  George F. SmithBarbarous Relic -  (9)
Most people would admit to hoarding money only with a tinge of guilt, because to be a hoarder carries with it the suggestion of being a miser — a Scrooge.... Read more
Photo AuteurThe Lesotho Brown  by  Famous diamonds
Discovered in May 1967, the 601 carat Lesotho Brown diamond was the first significant diamond to be recovered at Letšeng and thus became famous as the... Read more
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Photo AuteurReal Silver Highs  by  Adam HamiltonZeal Intelligence -
The first question burning a hole in every silver investor’s mind is just how high did silver rocket in 1980 in today’s dollars? Its January 21st, 1980... Read more
Growing Use of Molybdenum in Automobiles - Molybdenum - Thompson Creek
Are Diamonds Really Forever? - Diamonds -
Nazism is Socialism - Economics 101 - Brookes News
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Photo AuteurWorthless Trillion Dollar Paper  by  Mike HewittDollar Daze -  (6)
In 2009 Zimbabwe announced that it will issue a new set of notes which will include a 10 trillion, 20 trillion, 50 trillion and 100 trillion denomination.... Read more
Where they make a desert, they call it peace - Food for thought
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Article of the Day
Photo AuteurThe Fed’s New Labor-Market Measure  by  Frank Shostak
Economists at the Federal Reserve have devised a new indicator, which they hold will enable US central bank policymakers to get better information regarding... Read more
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SP 500 and NDX Futures Daily Charts - Shooting Shorts in a Barrel Jesse
Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - Post Stock Option Expiration Rally Jesse
Lower Gold Prices Prompt Large BRIC Purchases Jesse  (4)
Koos Jansen: The Chinese precious metals market is on fire Chris Powell  (5)
Gold & Silver Market Morning Julian D. W. Phillips
The Age of Narcissism Jesse
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Photo AuteurStock Rally Faces Important Test  by  Chris CiovaccoCiovacco capital -
Earnings Help Revive Equity Interest The market has been looking for some good news. While IBM had a big miss Monday, the overall picture for earnings... Read more
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Photo Auteur The Fascist Threat  by  Lew RockwellLewRockwell -  (30)
Everyone knows that the term fascist is a pejorative, often used to describe any political position a speaker doesn’t like. There isn’t anyone around who... Read more
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Photo AuteurThe Problem With Letting Academics Run the Economy  by  Phoenix CapitalGains, Pains and Capital -
There is a common adage that “book learning” is not the same as “street smarts.” In the case of economics PhDs like Janet Yellen, we could adapt this to... Read more
Photo AuteurThe Death Rattle of Europe’s Statist Dream  by  Rick AckermanRick's Picks -  (4)
Europe’s all-too-predictable relapse into recession is gathering force, threatening not only the pipe dream of economic and political unity, but eroding... Read more
Photo AuteurThe Death Rattle of Europe’s Statist Dream  by  Rick AckermanRick's Picks -
Europe’s all-too-predictable relapse into recession is gathering force, threatening not only the pipe dream of economic and political unity, but eroding... Read more
Photo AuteurThe Folks Who Know the Most About Their Firms… and the Economy… Are Selling the Farm  by  Phoenix CapitalGains, Pains and Capital -
Stocks rallied last week when a non-voting member of the Fed stated something totally pointless (that the Fed should consider postponing its taper… when... Read more
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Tuesday Morning Links Tim Iacono
Has The Great Unravelling Begun Andy Hoffman
The History of Money Tim Iacono
M&A Deals Fail At Highest Rate Since 2008 Mish
A New Hope Andy Hoffman
 Eurozone Rotting to the Core; Four Possibilities; Beyond the Math Mish
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overtheedge 2 / The Virtue of Hoarding
overtheedge / Russia's Currency Crisis: This Is So 2008!
glasstiger / Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - Life During Wartime
Gypsy 1 / Gold & Silver Market Morning
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Newcrest (Cu-Au-Ag)
- Quarterly Report for the three months ending 30 September 2014
Claude Resources (Au-Cu-Ngas)
Provides Date for Q3 Results and Conference Call
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Guyana Goldfields (Cu-Zn-Pa)
Achieves Financial Close and First Drawdown of the US$185 Million Project Finance Facility
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Duluth Metals (Cu-Ni-Co)
Extends Private Placement Closing Date