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Latest Comments
When Central Banks Re-build Silv...
26 Novsamking73
I'm pretty sure this isn't this article's reason, but one reason I feel that buying U.S. silver eagles (and junk silver) is probably the best, is b...
Gold blog writing for fun and pr...
26 Novccmhi2
I call bullshit!
Merkel Will Blink First, Not Putin
26 NovJosu O.
"We don't accept what has happened and we don't accept Europe's borders being changed again 70 years after the war," said Steinmeier. This...
Why Gold is Headed Much Higher
26 Novthegarve1
Whether your put you money in Gold, Equities or Bonds you are effectively making a "bet". If you take the argument for holding gold, you are effect...
The Minimum Wage Farce A Case S...
25 Novovertheedge
If establishing a minimum wage works, why do we have this pretty much identical discussion every couple three years? "Another argument is ...
The Abenomics Death Spiral
25 Novsolobueno1
Although Peter is right about the fact that high prices do not stimulate consumer spending, I think he is missing a point about the dynamics of a b...
Swiss Gold Poll Likely Tighter T...
25 Novend
Scaremongering usually works with cowards that have something to loose, or individuals geometrically somewhere in-between. This is why New World Or...
An Open Letter to Mining Company...
24 Novzbyg1
This an excellent article. The mining companies should buy short papers and ask to deliver physical gold,silver,platinum,palladium. The Car...
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Share Structure, People and Projects : A primer for the Lay Investor

Investing in Mining Stocks - Mercenary Geologist
There are three key ingredients to any junior resource company: Share Structure, People, and Projects. Many of my stock finds oc...
History of Gold and From the Archive

Four Thousand Years of Price Control

Tom DiLorenzo
Supply and demand have been allowed to work — at least in a limited way — in energy markets, resulting in ups and downs in gasolin...
History of Gold and From the Archive

Put 10% of your assets in gold and pray it doesn't work.

Richard J. Greene - Thunder Capital
The average person is blind to what is happening. Most believe there is not the slightest of problems with our financial policies an...
Gold University

Is Gold Money

Robert Blumen - 24hgold
Is Gold Money ? Many would say so, but is it so ? The answer the question of whether Gold is money requires a definition
Gold University

The path to tyranny, by Thomas Jefferson

Food for thought - Thomas Jefferson
Single acts of tyranny may be ascribed to the accidental opinion of a day; but a series of oppressions, begun at a distinguished per...

Why changes in Gold production don’t matter

Steve Saville - Speculative Investor
Most analyses of the gold market consider the annual change in the amount of gold produced by the mining industry to be an important...
Gold University
Mining Company News
Announces Third Quarter 2014 Results
announces execution of extended and increased loan facilities
Corporate news
Aley Niobium Project Enters Environmental Assessment Process
Corporate news
-5.51%Golden Queen(Ag-Au)
Company Ltd. provides update on the Soledad Mountain Project
Exploration and drilling
+0.00%Tinka Resources(Ag)
Discovers Tin - Copper Mineralization Beneath High-Grade Zinc at Ayawilca, Peru
Corporate news
+11.90%Northern Dynasty(Ag-Au-Cu)
US federal court grants 'Preliminary Injunction' to halt EPA regulatory process at Pebble
Corporate news
+0.00%Marathon Gold
Zone Expanding with 2.74 g/t Au over 24.2m (TT), 2.71 g/t Au over 16.5 m (TT), and 2.58 g/t A
Corporate news
named to NASDAQ Global Sustainability Index
Corporate news
-2.94%Fortune Minerals(Ag-Au-Co)
Issues Shares
Corporate news
+0.00%Castle Gold Corp.(Cu-Le-Zn)
Cosigo announces resignation of two directors
+0.00%Ivanhoe Energy(Ngas-Oil)
appoints Randolph Thornton to Board of Directors
and Curis announce completion of plan of arrangement
Corporate news
+0.00%Anaconda Min.(Au)
Announces Election of Directors
Completes Final Delivery on Its 2014 Sales Contracts
Corporate news
-9.09%Visible Gold Mines(Au)
announces initiation of a 4,000 kilometres airborne survey for its new project in the James B
Corporate news
arranges $4.1 million unsecured convertible Debentures
Corporate news
-- Dubuisson North drilling cuts 45.05 g/t Au over 5.0 metres; new S50 East discovery, 3.39 g
Corporate news
Drilling Continues to the Southeast on the Coneto Gold-Silver Project in Durango, Mexico
Corporate news
+0.00%Gale Force Petroleum Inc.(Oil)
closes Thunder Properties sale
Corporate news
+16.67%Exall Energy(Ngas-Oil)
announces results for the three and nine months ended September 30, 2014
Corporate news
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