Russian Silver Production Declines by 11 While Gold Production Surges 13

Rory Hall
With the excellent research that Steve St Angelo, SRSrocco Report has conducted over the years showing the steady decline of western world silver production it appears this has been overlooked – not just by Mr. St. Angelo but by all the western world s...

Silver Coins Silver Bars Silver Numismatics: Chris Marcus

Rory Hall
I sat down with Chris Marcus, Arcadia Economics and Miles Franklin, to catch up on the state of the physical gold and, primarily, the physical silver market. As a representative of Miles Franklin Chris delivers insight as to the movement of certain sil...

Platinum Investment 'Will Slash' 2019 Market Surplus

Adrian Ash
ETF investing drives 18% platinum price rally so far... DEMAND to invest in platinum will slash the metal's global market surplus in 2019 according to a raft of analysis published to mark L...

Mixed Vault of Chinese Gold News

Rory Hall
Editors Note – Be sure and check out the conversation I will be having with Ken Schortgen on The Gadfly on the topic of Central Bank Gold this Friday May 10!! – click here to check it out! With China being the largest producer of gold and the largest c...

Global Economic Growth In Serious Trouble When U.S. Shale Oil Peaks Declines

The global economy would be in serious trouble if it weren’t for the rapid growth of U.S. shale oil production.  Since the 2008 financial crisis, U.S. shale oil production has increased by more than 6 million barrels per day.  Without these additional ...

Curse of the London Gold Fix strikes again as SocGen abandons ship

Ronan Manly
News last week from the LBMA that French bank Societe Generale (SocGen) has resigned as a market maker for gold and silver continues an exodus from the London bullion markets that has included such former heavyweight bullion banks as Barclays, Deutsche...

Nonmonetary Cause of Lower Prices, Report 5 May

Keith Weiner
Over the past several weeks, we have debunked the idea that purchasing power—i.e. what a dollar can buy—is intrinsic to the currency itself. We have discussed a large non-monetary force that drives up prices. Governments at every level force producers ...

Monetary Metals Leases Silver to Money Metals Exchange

Keith Weiner
Scottsdale, Ariz, May 3, 2019—Monetary Metals® announces that it has leased silver to Money Metals Exchange® to support the growth of its business of selling gold and silver at retail and wholesale. Investors earn 2.2% on their silver, which is held in...

More Trouble in Mexico: Second Largest Silver Mine Suspended Operations

Steve St Angelo
In just a little more than a week after the mighty Newmont-Goldcorp merger was finalized, the company suspended operations of its largest gold-silver mine in Mexico.  The Penasquito Mine, which produced more than a 500,000 ounces of gold and 25 million...

Oil, Gold, Inflation and the Gordon Brown School of Irony

Adrian Ash
Horse-drawn hilarity... CLIMATE CHANGE activists brought parts of central London to a standstill last week, writes Adrian Ash at BullionVault. ...
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Crisis? What Crisis?
13 MayJ.
Yes! A return to constitutional government is what is in order.
More Trouble in Mexico: Second Largest Silver Mine Suspended Operat...
06 Mayrokdok25
I thank you for outing a thoroughly rapacious operation which not only harms the environment and its local communities, but which damages the reput...
Body Armor: Because If You’re Shooting Down Range, You Can Bet Some...
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Ah, sympathy for the triggered child. how sweet
Tom Petty was Right
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The always insightful Mr Kunstler had me captured with his opening sentence: "anxious, fearful, and stressed-out", which pretty much describes my o...
Boeing 737 Max Unsafe to Fly: New Scathing Report by Pilot and Soft...
30 Aprsneezy671
The "Anything to save a few bucks" routine and we the passengers lose big time. Replacing costly intense pilot training for particular aircraft wit...
Body Armor: Because If You’re Shooting Down Range, You Can Bet Some...
27 AprWatchdoctor0
Hey, I love ya, and so do a lot of the other guys. You hang in there !
Body Armor: Because If You’re Shooting Down Range, You Can Bet Some...
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Mining Company News
Plymouth Minerals LTDPLH.AX
Plymouth Minerals Intersects Further High Grade Potash in Drilling at Banio Potash Project - Plannin
AU$ 0.12-8.00%Trend Power :
announces expected non-cash impairment
AU$ 7.32-0.34%Trend Power :
Oceana Gold(Au)OGC.AX
AU$ 4.12-0.24%Trend Power :
Western Areas NL(Au-Ni-Pl)WSA.AX
Advance Notice - Full Year Results Conference Call
AU$ 2.24+1.13%Trend Power :
Canadian Zinc(Ag-Au-Cu)CZN.TO
Reports Financial Results for Q2 and Provides Project Updates
CA$ 0.12+4.55%Trend Power :
Stornoway Diamond(Gems-Au-Ur)SWY.TO
Second Quarter Results
CA$ 0.06+0.00%Trend Power :
McEwen Mining(Cu-Le-Zn)MUX
US$ 1.34+0.00%Trend Power :
Rentech Announces Results for Second Quarter 2017
US$ 0.20-12.28%Trend Power :
Reduced Funding Requirement
GBX 1.31-1.43%Trend Power :
Lupaka Gold Corp.LPK.V
Lupaka Gold Receives First Tranche Under Amended Invicta Financing Agreement
CA$ 0.06-7.69%Trend Power :
Closes Bridge Loan Financing
CA$ 2.55+2.82%Trend Power :
Guyana Goldfields(Cu-Zn-Pa)GUY.TO
Reports Second Quarter 2017 Results and Maintains Production Guidance
CA$ 0.99+1.02%Trend Power :
Lundin Mining(Ag-Au-Cu)LUN.TO
d Share Capital and Voting Rights for Lundin Mining
CA$ 6.29-3.97%Trend Power :
Canarc Res.(Au)CCM.TO
Canarc Reports High Grade Gold in Surface Rock Samples at Fondaway Canyon, Nevada
CA$ 0.05+0.00%Trend Power :
Q A April 2017 Quarterly Report
AU$ 0.15-11.76%Trend Power :
Uranium Res.(Ur)URRE
Commences Lithium Exploration Drilling at the Columbus Basin Project
US$ 6.80-2.86%Trend Power :
Platinum Group Metals(Au-Cu-Gems)PTM.TO
Platinum Group Metals Ltd. Operational and Strategic Process ...
CA$ 1.87+1.08%Trend Power :
Devon Energy(Ngas-Oil)DVN
Announces $340 Million of Non-Core Asset Sales
US$ 30.03-1.89%Trend Power :
Precision Drilling(Oil)PD-UN.TO
Announces 2017Second Quarter Financial Results
CA$ 8.66-0.35%Trend Power :
2nd Quarter Report
AU$ 0.09-1.10%Trend Power :
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