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Central Banks Are Now Printing $200 Billion Per Month... Without a Crisis...

Phoenix Capital - Gains Pains & Capital
A tidal wave of inflation is rapidly moving through the financial system. Most investors only pay attention to the Federal Reserve. And they are missing the BIG PICTURE for Central Bank monetary policy. The Fed is tightening policy by hiking rates. But...

Sweden’s Gold Reserves: 10,000 gold bars shrouded in Official Secrecy

Ronan Manly - Bullion Star
In early February 2017 while preparing for a presentation in Gothenburg about central bank gold, I emailed Sweden’s central bank, the Riksbank,  enquiring whether the bank physically audits Sweden’s gold and whether it provide me with a gold bar weight...

Past few days a fractal event for the gold market. . . ....

Michael J. Kosares - USA Gold
OPINION by Michael J. Kosares “In the absence of a credible monetary standard, we expect no escape from the treadmill of rising debt, both US and globally, that outpaces economic growth. Income inequality, wage stagnation, overvaluation of financial as...

Massive Attacks On Gold Reek Of Desperation - Dave Kranzler/Rory Hall...

Sprott Money - SprottMoney
The paper silver open interest on the Comex is at all-time highs. The previous all-time high was 224k contracts when the price of silver was pushing $50 in 2011. The current paper silver open interest is 229k contracts with the price of silver at ...

Don’t get hung up on bull/bear labels...

Steve Saville - Speculative Investor
Gold is probably immersed in a multi-decade bull market containing cyclical bull and bear markets. We can be sure that a cyclical bear market began in 2011, but did this bear market come to an end in December of 2015? In other words, did a new cyclical...

Last Days of The Gold Cartel

Andy Hoffman - Miles Franklin
It’s early Saturday morning, so don’t be surprised if by the time you read this, the world has significantly changed.  As frankly, a war involving the U.S., North Korea, and potentially many others may well be imminent; so much so, that China “nearly s...

Death Spiral for the LBMA Gold and Silver auctions?

Ronan Manly - Bullion Star
In a bizarre series of events that have had limited coverage but which are sure to have far-reaching consequences for benchmark pricing in the precious metals markets, the LBMA Gold Price and LBMA Silver Price auctions both experienced embarrassing tra...

Trump Says Dollar Getting Too Strong and Wants Interest Rates to Stay Low

Jason Hamlin - Gold Stock Bull
President Trump said on Wednesday that the dollar was “getting too strong” and would eventually hurt the U.S. economy, while admitting he would like to see interest rates stay low, the Wall Street Journal reported. “I think our dollar is getting too st...

Precious Metals: Crisis Protection - Jeff Nielson

Sprott Money - SprottMoney
Readers of these commentaries may have wondered if they were receiving mixed messages over these past many months. On the one hand, they have been told that converting our paper wealth into gold and silver is one of our most important wealth managemen...

The Cartel’s Upcoming Silver Waterloo? – Updated (in a Big Way)!

Andy Hoffman - Miles Franklin
The reason I know Bitcoin is so early in its bull market is that there is literally no one employed to write about it on a full-time basis.  Thus, to get information on the topic, I largely have to seek out the tiny handful of “good, smart” Bitcoin peo...

hat Are Our Stable Money ...

Nathan Lewis - New World Economics
(This item originally appeared at on April 6, 2017.) Let’s say that you wanted a currency that was stable in value – one that did not ...

Trading NUGT? Play Blackjack Instead - Erik Lytikainen

Sprott Money - SprottMoney
Real gold is real money; however, in today's financial system it is traded as a paper derivative. One day, we believe that gold will reclaim its throne at or near the center of the world monetary system. Until that time, our strategy is to remain long ...

Another 5-Year Record for Private Gold Investing

Adrian Ash - Bullion Vault
Gold investing extends best run since 2012 as Eurozone elections begin... PHYSICAL GOLD investing amongst private individuals marked another 5-year record in March, writes Adri...

Is Gold Money? China And Russia Think So, And The Whole World Shortly Will, TOO!

Andy Hoffman - Miles Franklin
How manipulated have financial “markets” become?  Well, considering all that occurred in the past three months – from what will likely be reported as sub-1% U.S. GDP growth; an expanding, irreversible retail apocalypse; the death blow to “Trump-flation...

Is The Cartel’s “Silver Waterloo” Looming?

Andy Hoffman - Miles Franklin
IS THE CARTEL’S “SILVER WATERLOO” LOOMING? It’s very early Saturday morning – as I write this, the last of my abbreviated vacation week articles.  Perhaps I have a crazy inner goal of becoming the Cal Ripken of blogging; and perhaps, I publish so often...

Riots, Fear, Anger Predicted By AI: Simulation “Detects Your Emotions Under S...

Mac Slavo - ShtfPlan
It is true that how you react to a situation will determine whether or not you achieve a successful outcome. During an emergency, the strength and resolve of your mindset, and of your psychological state, will ultimately be the driving factor in whethe...
Chart usGOLD
Freeport McMoranUS$ 13.10+7.11%
Caledonia MiningCA$ 1.82+5.81%
TasekoCA$ 1.57+4.67%
Furukawa€UR 1.69+2.30%
China GoldCA$ 1.89-10.00%
Primero MiningCA$ 0.65-8.45%
Serabi GoldGBX 5.00-7.06%
Yamana GoldCA$ 3.72-6.77%
GOLD Trend Power : -13
SILVER Trend Power : -6
Northern DynastyCA$ 2.05+1.99%
Chaarat GoldGBX 21.63+1.76%
NovaGold Res.CA$ 5.42-5.74%
Seabridge GoldUS$ 10.35-5.48%
WesdomeCA$ 3.31-5.43%
Intl. Tower HillCA$ 0.70-5.41%
Bison GoldCA$ 0.45+25.00%
BitterrootCA$ 0.28+10.00%
Entree GoldCA$ 0.61+8.93%
Prospector Cons.CA$ 1.60+6.67%
Goldstone ResGBX 1.13-18.18%
Pure Gold.CA$ 0.55-9.84%
Silk Road Res.CA$ 1.61-8.52%
StratexGBX 1.70-8.11%
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Debate Over Electric Trucks: Let’s Get It On
25 AprJerry82
Thanks Mish, this was a very insightful and thought provoking piece. I've often heard concerns about the weight of these new electric trucks and th...
No, The Junior Mining Stocks Are Not About To Implode - Dave Kranzler
25 AprJerry82
Thank you Dave for this excellent article. I agree with your well thought out critiques that point to junior miners being just fine. Relying on tha...
Gold Bullion Erases $10 Bounce Despite French Election, N.Korea Ris...
25 AprJerry82
I don't know how much I'd trust the listed GLD holdings. I always found GLD's structure to be a bit strange. They so famously claim that they are 1...
The Story of Gold Money, Past, Present and Future, by Edwin Walter ...
18 AprJerry82
Thank you for this very thought provoking piece Nathan. I have not read any literature from Edwin Walter Kemmerer before but I am inclined to pick ...
Gold Prices Slip $10 After Breaking Downtrend as UK's May Seeks Bre...
18 AprSam Maher1
"That left the GLD gold ETF needing a 2017 high of 849 tonnes in bullion backing." I frequently see you make these claims on GLD's holding...
Bombs Away!
17 Aprprljr-1
James tribe owns trump.
Krunch Time for Korean Krackpot Despot, Kim Jong-Un: Missile Crisis...
17 Aprprljr1
Unfortunately the world is not run by Christians, well except for the useful idiot ones.
Krunch Time for Korean Krackpot Despot, Kim Jong-Un: Missile Crisis...
15 Aprkevthorne1
I read from this that it is the USA that is 'a threat to the entire world'. How many times have we heard this - 'country X is a threat to the w...
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Gold University

The Root Cause of Unemployment : Part I : Destroying the Wage Fund

Antal E. Fekete - Gold University
Economists have failed to find the root cause of unemployment. Keynesians have looked for it in the paucity of government debt. Frie...
Gold University

All Paper is STILL a short position on gold

The gold derivatives pyramid is a vigorous free market creature. It cannot be put down with a simple declaration that the paper is n...
Coins and treasures

The Centenary

Famous diamonds
The Centenary was found on July 17th 1986 in the Premier Mine but brought to light 2 years later. Its discovery was possible due to ...

Watch money if you want to know when a society vanishes

Ayn Rand - Food for thought
"If you want to know when a society money. Whenever destroyers appear among men, they start by destroying money...
Gold University

Little Faith, Not much Hope and Too much Charity

Investing in Mining Stocks - 24hgold
If we want to encourage the transfer of gold from those who wish to dispose of it to those who wish to acquire it, we must at all co...
Gold University

Hyperinflation around the Globe

Mike Hewitt - Dollar Daze
Angola (1991-1999) Angola went through the worst inflation from 1991 to 1995. In early 1991, the highest denomination was 50,000 kw...
Mining Company News
Canadian Zinc(Ag-Au-Cu)CZN.TO
Drilling Extends Mineralization at Lemarchant, NFLD
CA$ 0.18-2.78%Trend Power :
Target Resources(Au-Gems)TGT.L
GBX 1.10-2.65%Trend Power :
McEwen Mining(Cu-Le-Zn)MUX
Reports Q1 2017 Production Results
US$ 2.89-3.67%Trend Power :
Western Areas NL(Au-Ni-Pl)WSA.AX
Mill Recovery Enhancement Project Approved
AU$ 2.17-2.25%Trend Power :
to Complete Resource Infill Drilling to Test a Starter Pit Scenario
CA$ 0.94-3.09%Trend Power :
Victoria Gold Corp.(Au)VIT.V
Begins $6.2M, Phase 1 Exploration Program, Yukon
CA$ 0.69-2.82%Trend Power :
Bonavista Energy(Ngas-Oil)BNP-UN.TO
Announces Increase to Exchangeable Share Ratio
CA$ 28.85-0.93%Trend Power :
Eurasian Min.(Cu-Au-Ag)EMX.V
Announces Release of 2016 Annual Report and Management Discussion and Analysis
CA$ 1.12-6.67%Trend Power :
Columbus Gold(Au)CGT.V
Columbus Gold Announces Voting Results of its Annual Meeting
CA$ 0.34+0.00%Trend Power :
Pretium ResourcesPVG.TO
Brucejack Transmission Line Energized
CA$ 13.01-4.97%Trend Power :
Silver Wheaton(Cu-Le-Zn)SLW.TO
Silver Wheaton Provides Details of Annual and Special Meeting of Shareholders, Files Form 40-F, and
CA$ 27.34-3.43%Trend Power :
Barrick Gold(Cu-Le-Ni)ABX.TO
Reports Restrictions at Veladero Mine Heap Leach Facility
CA$ 26.41-1.49%Trend Power :
Hudbay Provides Update on Operations and Growth Projects
CA$ 8.12+2.27%Trend Power :
Silver Standard(Ag-Au-Cu)SSO.TO
Receives Extension on the Chinchillas Project Option Agreement
CA$ 13.49-4.73%Trend Power :
Peregrine Diamonds(Gems)PGD.TO
Announces Results of Voting for Election of Directors
CA$ 0.18+0.00%Trend Power :
Portia Gold Sales Exceed 20000 oz
AU$ 0.67+1.52%Trend Power :
Oceana Gold(Au)OGC.AX
AU$ 4.19-3.46%Trend Power :
Uranium Res.(Ur)URRE
Announces Closing of $9.7 Million Public Offering
US$ 1.79-1.65%Trend Power :
2016 Fourth Quarter Activities Report
AU$ 3.63+0.83%Trend Power :
Pioneer Resources(Au-Ni)PIO.AX
intersects further High Grade Caesium and Lithium mineralisation at Pioneer Dome LCT Pegmatite Proje
AU$ 0.02+0.00%Trend Power :
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