Today's Editorial

Financial crisis dynamics, the ‘shadow’ gold demand, and Mene

John Butler
The study of financial crises is as old as the economics discipline itself. One of the most prominent theorists of financial crises ever to hold a senior Federal Reserve policy position was John Exter, vice-president of the New York Federal Reserve dur...

Gold Investment Stalled...

Adam Hamilton
Gold has largely been drifting sideways for the better part of a couple months now, sapping enthusiasm.  Gold investment demand has stalled due to extreme stock-market euphoria.  Investors aren’t interested in alternative investments le...

So You’re a Bitcoin Millionaire! Now Where Do You Invest?...

Jeff Clark
If you’ve made a profit from bitcoin and other cryptos, congratulations! You’re obviously a smart investor who spotted a trend early on and was able to profit. Hats off to you.But now it’s time to take some profits… right? If you were smart enough to b...

Gold And The Big Four: Slam Dunk...

Stewart Thomson
The synergistic relationship between gold and economic growth is quite healthy, and poised to become even more healthy in 2018 – 2019. This is the fabulous South Korean stock market ETF chart. Big name Western money managers are finally racing to m...

Gold Stocks’ Winter Rally 2...

Adam Hamilton
The gold miners’ stocks have largely ground sideways this year, consolidating their massive 2016 gains.  That lackluster trading action, along with vexing underperformance relative to gold, has left gold stocks deeply out of favor.  But...

Anecdotes and Reminiscences How unbacked fiat money corrupts society...

Hugo Salinas Price
A well-known story from yesteryear: when Venustiano Carranza was President of Mexico (1917-1920). Carranza issued a great quantity of worthless paper money, which caused much resentment on the part of the population. Someone (whose identity was never d...

Bitcoin Isn't Gold. It's Silver...

Adrian Ash
Bitcoin 'to da moon!' is slaying Google searches to 'buy silver'... QUICK! Can you name this asset? asks Adrian Ash at BullionVault. ...

This is What it Looks Like When Credit Markets Go Nuts...

Wolf Richter
Pricing of risk kicks bucket in record central-bank absurdity. As the days pass, the perverse effects of central bank policies on the financial markets are getting more and more amazing. This includes the record-setting nuttiness now reigning in the Eu...


Egon von Greyerz
The dollar is dead but the world doesn’t know it. It has been a slow death and the final stages will be very painful for the US and for the rest of the world. The US empire is finished financially and militarily. Nixon was convicted for the wrong crime...

Falling Productivity of Debt...

Keith Weiner
Last week, we discussed the ongoing fall of dividend, and especially earnings, yields. This Report is not a stock letter, and we make no stock market predictions. We talk about this phenomenon to make a different point. The discount rate has fallen to ...

Neck and Neck: Russian and Chinese Official Gold Reserves...

Ronan Manly
Official gold reserve updates from the Russian and Chinese central banks are probably one of the more closely watched metrics in the gold world. After the US, Germany, Italy and France, the sovereign gold holdings of China and Russia are the world’s 5t...

The Gold-Backed-Oil-Yuan Futures Contract Myth...

Koos Jansen
On September 1, 2017, the Nikkei Asian Review published an article titled, “China sees new world order with oil benchmark backed by gold”, written by Damon Evans. Just below the headline in the introduction it states, “China is expected shortly to laun...

Oil for gold – the real story...

Alasdair Macleod
Following an article in the Nikkei Asia Review, which reported China will shortly introduce an oil futures contract priced in yuan, there has been some confusion about what it means. The article pointed out that in combination with existing gold future...

Gold's Technical Line Of Concern...

Stewart Thomson
The traditional post jobs report rally for gold is in full swing. This is the daily gold chart. Gold arrived at a key Fibonacci line at about $1268 as the US jobs report was released. The dollar has stalled against the yen, and that’s also good news...

THE UNKNOWN FUNDAMENTAL: This Will Push The Silver Price Up Much Higher...

Steve St Angelo
Precious metals investors need to understand the coming silver price surge will not occur due to the typical supply and demand forces.  While Mainstream analysts continue to generate silver price forecasts based on supply and demand factors, they fail ...

The Gold Worm on the Yuan Hook...

Hugo Salinas Price
Once again, I turn over in my mind the Chinese plan regarding their imported oil, which consists in convincing their oil suppliers to accept yuan in payment (and thus re-directing their sales outside the orbit of the US dollar) with an additional swee...


Egon von Greyerz
Inflation is coming and it will have a major effect on the world economy and financial markets. This is one of the factors that will drive gold to levels which few can imagine today. Later in this piece, I am discussing 10 Factors which will make gold ...

Published References which Gave Rise to my Article 'Prospects for Gold II', Sept. 25, 2017.

Hugo Salinas Price
Documento sin título My recent article, 'Prospects for Gold II', published on my website, on September 25, 2017, dealt with the possible consequences of a Chinese plan to offer oil exporters to China payment in Chinese yuan, with an...

Bitcoin is Not New and Improved Money...

Michael Pento
Cryptocurrencies are being billed as a new and improved form of money that has been offered to us courtesy of technological evolution. There is a big problem with this conclusion. That is, digital money is not money at all. And proving this truth serve...

Social destruction by the abuse of money...

Alasdair Macleod
In Britain, the top 1% of earners pay over a quarter of all income tax collected, and while super-rich British residents perhaps don’t have the tax breaks the Macklowes enjoy, the bulk of the burden falls on lawyers, bankers, company executives and own...

LBMA Silver Price Benchmark – Changes, but no Wider Participation...

Ronan Manly
On 21 September, ICE Benchmark Administration (IBA) announced that it will take over the administration of the daily LBMA Silver Price benchmark auction beginning Monday 2 October. This LBMA Silver Price auction is the successor to the former London Si...
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What Now?
14 NovThemis
Kunstler has a talent for summarizing complex situations in a pithy and entertaining way. The Middle East is being reduced to a drawn out proxy wa...
Spanking the Monkey
14 Novprljr
They wonder why Russia Today has such a big following. Real news is much more interesting than the MSM circus. Especially when you question more.
Spanking the Monkey
12 NovGypsy
James, I've been wondering about the Hollywood Spank the Monkey thing ever since the advertising firms came out with their "Can't Wait to Get Their...
Nietzsche, Trump, and the Political Left
09 Novgoldsacs0
What Could Go Wrong?
08 Novdennyc
If there are any survivors of the third Reich still hanging out on street corners I'm sure there's a lot going on right here in Der USA to remind t...
Electronic Gold: The Deep State’s Corrupt Threat to Human Prosperit...
08 NovBudd Ha1
Well written....
The plan comes together?
07 NovS W.1
When a country does all the things that 3rd world countries do, like print money, have high unemployment, have declining moral standards, put sanct...
The American dream is now a nation of low paid bartenders and waitr...
05 NovThe Recusant
It's both parties that approach the budget like pigs at a slop bucket. Our prodigal politicians, whether neocons or neoliberals, embrace Keynesian ...
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Say's Law for Our Time

Sean corrigan
How many times have you heard the unthinking comment that we need to keep consumption burning brightly because "consumption is two...
Today's Editorial

Financial crisis dynamics, the ‘shadow’ gold demand, and Mene

John Butler
The study of financial crises is as old as the economics discipline itself. One of the most prominent theorists of financial crises ...
Gold University

Lessons from the London Gold Pool

Philip Judge
As we examine 6000 years of monetary history, several very clear "Monetary Constants" seem to emerge. These very same constants have...
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November 15, 1923: The End of German Hyperinflation

Thorsten Polleit
On 15 November 1923 decisive steps were taken to end the nightmare of hyperinflation in the Weimar Republic: TheReichsbank, the Ger...
Today's Editorial

There Are Two Types of Credit — One of Them Leads to Booms and Busts

Frank Shostak
In the slump of a cycle, businesses that were thriving begin to experience difficulties or go under. They do so not because of firm-...
Gold University

The Golden Thorn in the Flesh I

Antal E. Fekete
Central bank sales of gold against the backdrop of deflation looming in the horizon is akin to soldiers throwing away ammunition jus...
Mining Company News
Plymouth Minerals LTDPLH.AX
Plymouth Minerals Intersects Further High Grade Potash in Drilling at Banio Potash Project - Plannin
AU$ 0.19-2.56%Trend Power :
announces expected non-cash impairment
AU$ 4.58+1.78%Trend Power :
Oceana Gold(Au)OGC.AX
AU$ 3.57+0.00%Trend Power :
Western Areas NL(Au-Ni-Pl)WSA.AX
Advance Notice - Full Year Results Conference Call
AU$ 2.88+3.05%Trend Power :
Canadian Zinc(Ag-Au-Cu)CZN.TO
Reports Financial Results for Q2 and Provides Project Updates
CA$ 0.18+6.06%Trend Power :
Stornoway Diamond(Gems-Au-Ur)SWY.TO
Second Quarter Results
CA$ 0.66+1.54%Trend Power :
McEwen Mining(Cu-Le-Zn)MUX
US$ 2.03+4.10%Trend Power :
Rentech Announces Results for Second Quarter 2017
US$ 0.20-12.28%Trend Power :
Reduced Funding Requirement
GBX 4.28-0.47%Trend Power :
Lupaka Gold Corp.LPK.V
Lupaka Gold Receives First Tranche Under Amended Invicta Financing Agreement
CA$ 0.16+10.71%Trend Power :
Closes Bridge Loan Financing
CA$ 2.90-2.36%Trend Power :
Guyana Goldfields(Cu-Zn-Pa)GUY.TO
Reports Second Quarter 2017 Results and Maintains Production Guidance
CA$ 4.58-0.33%Trend Power :
Lundin Mining(Ag-Au-Cu)LUN.TO
d Share Capital and Voting Rights for Lundin Mining
CA$ 10.14+3.00%Trend Power :
Canarc Res.(Au)CCM.TO
Canarc Reports High Grade Gold in Surface Rock Samples at Fondaway Canyon, Nevada
CA$ 0.08+0.00%Trend Power :
Q A April 2017 Quarterly Report
AU$ 0.19+2.70%Trend Power :
Uranium Res.(Ur)URRE
Commences Lithium Exploration Drilling at the Columbus Basin Project
US$ 0.96+5.49%Trend Power :
Platinum Group Metals(Au-Cu-Gems)PTM.TO
Platinum Group Metals Ltd. Operational and Strategic Process ...
CA$ 0.55+5.77%Trend Power :
Devon Energy(Ngas-Oil)DVN
Announces $340 Million of Non-Core Asset Sales
US$ 38.02+2.81%Trend Power :
Precision Drilling(Oil)PD-UN.TO
Announces 2017Second Quarter Financial Results
CA$ 8.66-0.35%Trend Power :
2nd Quarter Report
AU$ 0.16+0.00%Trend Power :
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