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Project nameCompanyTitleInterestStatusStatus LevelCountryRisk LevelProvinceTrendTotal
La CaridadSouthern CopperOwner100Production          Mexico     Sonora2,471,124,845 lbs
TUJUH BUKITINTREPID MINESOwner100Advanced discovery          Indonesia     East Java2,138,924,868 lbs
PEBBLENORTHERN DYNASTYOwner50Feasibility          USA     Alaska2,131,870,028 lbs
PEBBLEANGLO AMERICANInterest50Feasibility          USA     Alaska2,131,870,028 lbs
MOUNT HOPEGENERAL MOLYOwner100Mine development          USA     Nevada1,797,426,288 lbs
LUCKY JACK / MT EMMONSUs EnergyOwner100Advanced discovery          USA     Colorado1,776,506,958 lbs
LUCKY JACK / MT EMMONSKOBEX MINERALSOption on interest50Advanced discovery          USA     Colorado1,776,506,958 lbs
LOS PELAMBRESANTOFAGASTAJoint venture60Production          Chile     1,613,893,990 lbs
ToquepalaGroupo MexicoProduction          Peru     1,498,355,417 lbs
CuajoneSouthern CopperOwner100Green exploration          Peru     1,109,351,969 lbs
AGUA RICAXSTRATAJoint venture50Mine development          Argentina     North western argentina1,095,108,610 lbs
AGUA RICAGOLDCORPJoint venture37.5Mine development          Argentina     North western argentina1,095,108,610 lbs
AGUA RICAYAMANA GOLDJoint venture12.5Mine development          Argentina     North western argentina1,095,108,610 lbs
ANTAMINABHP BILLITONInterest33.75Production          Peru     Ancash1,047,857,132 lbs
ANTAMINAXSTRATAInterest33.75Production          Peru     Ancash1,047,857,132 lbs
ANTAMINATECKInterest22.5Production          Peru     Ancash1,047,857,132 lbs
ENDAKOTHOMPSON CREEKInterest75Production          Canada     British Columbia1,026,088,688 lbs
RIO BLANCO PROJECTMONTERRICOOwner100Mine development          Peru     868,295,029 lbs
JUNINCOPPER MESAOwner100Advanced discovery          Ecuador     865,975,747 lbs
COBRE PANAMÁINMET MININGOwner100Advanced discovery          Panama     Colon802,019,664 lbs
CHU PROJECT MOLYBDENUMTtm Resources Inc.Owner100Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia776,222,933 lbs
AJAXTENAJON RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia748,586,666 lbs
AJAXCRESTON MOLYAdvanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia748,586,666 lbs
CASINOWESTERN COPPER AND GOLDOwner100Mine development          Canada     YukonTintina747,807,977 lbs
THOMPSON CREEK MINETHOMPSON CREEKOwner100Production          USA     Idaho736,862,042 lbs
KITSAULTAVANTI MININGOwner100Mine development          Canada     British Columbia646,417,399 lbs
CLIMAXFREEPORT MCMORANOwner100Advanced discovery          USA     Colorado598,488,903 lbs
HENDERSONFREEPORT MCMORANOwner100Production          USA     Colorado518,306,778 lbs
PETAQUILLA COPPERPetaquilla CopperJoint venture26Feasibility          Panama     483,143,048 lbs
PETAQUILLA COPPERTECKJoint venture26Feasibility          Panama     483,143,048 lbs
RUBY CREEKADANAC MOLYBDENUM100Feasibility          Canada     460,503,072 lbs
RUBY CREEKGoldnev Res.Feasibility          Canada     460,503,072 lbs
TACA TACAGlobal Copper Corp.Interest100Advanced discovery          Argentina     Salta459,619,724 lbs
TACA TACALumina CopperOwner100Advanced discovery          Argentina     Salta459,619,724 lbs
KERR (KSM)SEABRIDGE GOLDOwner100Feasibility          Canada     British Columbia456,705,654 lbs
QUEBRADA BLANCA - HYPOGENETECKInterest76.5Production          Chile     northern Chile454,152,260 lbs
CERRO VERDE - MILLFREEPORT MCMORANInterest53.56Advanced discovery          Chile     444,077,135 lbs
CERRO VERDE - MILLBUENAVENTURAInterest19.3Advanced discovery          Chile     444,077,135 lbs
RELINCHOGlobal Copper Corp.Advanced discovery          Chile     428,578,628 lbs
BINGHAM CANYONRIO TINTOOwner100Production          USA     Utah427,917,241 lbs
SPINIFEX RIDGEMOLY MINESOwner90Production          Australia     Western Australia392,826,705 lbs
SNOWFIELD (SULPHURETS)Pretium ResourcesOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia385,956,669 lbs
GOLPUHARMONY GOLDJoint venture50Early discovery          Papua New Guinea     Morobe331,140,932 lbs
GOLPUNEWCRESTJoint venture50Early discovery          Papua New Guinea     Morobe331,140,932 lbs
LIBERTYGENERAL MOLYOwner100Feasibility          USA     Nevada297,624,054 lbs
BAGDADFREEPORT MCMORANOwner100Production          USA     Arizona286,160,016 lbs
ESPERANZA (SULPHIDES)ANTOFAGASTAOwner100Production          Chile     Antofagasta284,581,507 lbs
VIZCACHITASLOS ANDES COPPERJoint venture51Advanced discovery          Chile     276,217,168 lbs
VIZCACHITASGlobal Copper Corp.Advanced discovery          Chile     276,217,168 lbs
STORIECOLUMBIA YUKONOwner100Feasibility          Canada     British Columbia273,229,684 lbs
EL CRESTONCRESTON MOLYOwner100Feasibility          Mexico     Sonora261,256,202 lbs
GIBRALTAR MINETASEKOInterest75Production          Canada     British Columbia252,402,835 lbs
GIBRALTAR MINECaribou CopperInterest25Production          Canada     British Columbia252,402,835 lbs
NORTHERN DANCERLARGO RES.Option on interest100Advanced discovery          Canada     Yukon250,753,777 lbs
NORTHERN DANCERSTRATEGIC METALSOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Yukon250,753,777 lbs
MAXROCA MINESInterest100Mine development          Canada     British Columbia220,226,368 lbs
LONE PINEBARD VENTURES100Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia213,261,502 lbs
COPAQUIREINTL. PBX VENTURESOwner100Advanced discovery          Chile     Iquique201,943,428 lbs
YANDERAMARENGO MININGOwner100Feasibility          Papua New Guinea     200,323,035 lbs
DAVIDSON (YORKE-HARDY)THOMPSON CREEKOwner100Mine development          Canada     182,145,928 lbs
SCHAFT CREEKCOPPER FOXOwner100Feasibility          Canada     British Columbia180,734,958 lbs
SISSON BROOKGEODEXOwner70Advanced discovery          Canada     New Brunswick170,068,998 lbs
MOLY BROOKTENAJON RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Newfoundland162,955,012 lbs
MOLY BROOKCRESTON MOLYInterest100Advanced discovery          Canada     Newfoundland162,955,012 lbs
CUMOMOSQUITO CONSOLIDATED GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          USA     Idaho143,057,959 lbs
WHITEWASHAUSSIE Q RES.Owner100Mine development          Australia     Queensland136,772,583 lbs
Las BambasXSTRATAOwner100Green exploration          Peru     130,954,584 lbs
HIGHLAND VALLEYTECKInterest97.5Production          Canada     Bristish Columbia130,030,847 lbs
MORENCI - MILLFREEPORT MCMORANInterest85Production          USA     Arizona113,978,990 lbs
MORENCI - MILLSUMITOMO METALInterest15Production          USA     Arizona113,978,990 lbs
CINCO DE MAYOMAG SILVEROwner100Early discovery          Mexico     Chihuahua96,119,346 lbs
BERGTHOMPSON CREEKOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia95,636,527 lbs
TADYBULAKORSUInterest40Advanced discovery          Kyrgyzstan     93,255,537 lbs
Cuatro HermanosVirgin MetalsGreen exploration          Mexico     Sonora90,945,972 lbs
LUCKY SHIPNANIKA RESOURCES INCInterest100Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia86,853,311 lbs
LUCKY SHIPCANDORADOAdvanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia86,853,311 lbs
CONSTANCIAHUDBAYOwner100Advanced discovery          Peru     86,198,540 lbs
HUDSON BAY MOUNTAINLIONS GATE METALSOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     British Coloumbia76,921,489 lbs
ANTHONYZAMIA GOLD MINESOwner100Advanced discovery          Australia     Queensland76,787,006 lbs
SERB CREEKCANDORADOOption60Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia73,193,471 lbs
Trafalgar ProjectCerro ResourcesOwner100Green exploration          Australia     67,020,529 lbs
ILOVITZAEuromaxOwner100Advanced discovery          Macedonia     66,800,064 lbs
TRES-CHORRERASATLAS MINERALSInterest100Advanced discovery          Ecuador     Azuay57,542,679 lbs
POPLARLIONS GATE METALSOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     52,029,093 lbs
TAURUSSENATOR MINERALSOwner100Green exploration          USA     Alaska49,781,921 lbs
SPHINXAdvanced discovery          Canada     Quebec47,844,644 lbs
Seymour Lake/ Km 61XSTRATAGreen exploration          Canada     42,879,911 lbs
ANDURAMBAD'aguilarOwner100Feasibility          Australia     42,461,032 lbs
KWANIKASERENGETI RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia37,022,228 lbs
CHAUCHACOPPER MESAInterest100Advanced discovery          Ecuador     Azuay36,376,273 lbs
RUNRONOMetals Expl.OwnerFeasibility          Philippines     Nueva Vizcaya34,359,925 lbs
COPPER CREEK KEELREDHAWK RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          USA     Arizona32,649,239 lbs
ANTILLAPANOROOwner100Feasibility          Peru     Apurimac30,635,436 lbs
NITHI MOUNTAINLeeward CapitalOwner100Green exploration          Canada     British Columbia24,493,357 lbs
MAGISTRAL PROPERTYInca Pacific Res.Owner100Feasibility          Peru     Ancash24,427,218 lbs
CHINO - MILLFREEPORT MCMORANOwner100Production          USA     New Mexico20,106,158 lbs
PIDGEON MOLYBDENUM DEPOSITMPH VENTURESOwner100Early discovery          Canada     Ontario19,841,604 lbs
MORRISONPACIFIC BOOKEROwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia19,775,465 lbs
Ok Property (powell River)Goldrush Res.Brown exploration          Canada     19,136,124 lbs
IMA MINEGENTOR RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          USA     Idaho18,508,182 lbs
ESPERENZA (OXIDES)ANTOFAGASTAOwner100Production          Chile     18,505,602 lbs
MMS VICKENCONTINENTAL PRECIOUS MIN.Owner100Advanced discovery          Sweden     16,072,099 lbs
OX LAKEGOLD REACH RES. LTDInterest100Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia14,224,225 lbs
PUKAQAQAVAALDIAM MININGInterest49Advanced discovery          Peru     13,600,524 lbs
B&c Springs/ Nevada BcADANAC MOLYBDENUMOwner100Green exploration          USA     13,188,714 lbs
GETTY NORTH DEPOSITGETTY COPPEROwner100Feasibility          Canada     British Columbia10,615,258 lbs
EmpressMOLYCOR GOLDInterest50Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia10,103,644 lbs
EmpressGoldrea ResourcesInterest50Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia10,103,644 lbs
ASHDOWNWIN-ELDRICH MINESInterest100Production          USA     Nevada9,336,974 lbs
MOLYHILTHOR MININGOwner100Feasibility          Australia     Northern Territory8,994,860 lbs
MOUNT PLEASANT MINEADEX MINING INC.Owner100Advanced discovery          Canada     New Brunswick6,621,804 lbs
LOUISE LAKENORTH AMERICAN GEMInterest100Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia5,732,019 lbs
KURISKOVATOURNIGAN ENERGY LTD.Interest100Advanced discovery          Slovakia     KOSICE5,332,365 lbs
Ryan LakePacific ComoxUnknown          Canada     Ontario5,264,639 lbs
Roundy CreekAVANTI MININGOwner100Green exploration          Canada     British Columbia4,543,727 lbs
LAC CINQUANTEKivalliqOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Nunavut4,107,212 lbs
ANGILAKKivalliqOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     4,053,640 lbs
BLUE CARIBOUMEGA PRECIOUS METALSInterest100Advanced discovery          Canada     Nunavut3,660,114 lbs
COPPER CREEKREDHAWK RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          USA     Arizona3,622,100 lbs
SEELGOLD REACH RES. LTDInterest100Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia3,056,489 lbs
SEELGRAYD RES.Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia3,056,489 lbs
EL PACHONXSTRATA100Feasibility          Argentina     2,994,098 lbs
COPPER CREEK-CHILDS-ALDWINKLEREDHAWK RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          USA     Arizona2,310,398 lbs
ANNA LAKEBAYSWATEROwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     2,189,631 lbs
Ervana TerraneSOLOMON RES.100Production          Mongolia     1,984,160 lbs
TEMORAGOLDMINCO CORPORATIONOwner100Advanced discovery          Australia     New South Wales1,581,596 lbs
DOTDOT RESOURCESOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia1,082,470 lbs
HUCKLEBERRYIMPERIALJoint venture50Production          Canada     British Columbia922,414 lbs
COPPER CREEK OLD RELIABLEREDHAWK RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          USA     Arizona374,880 lbs
COPPER CREEK-MAMMOTHREDHAWK RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          USA     Arizona192,419 lbs
Cobre GrandeLinear MetalsGreen exploration          Mexico     Oaxaca4,392 lbs
Note : Reserve and resources numbers are given pro-rata of interest in the various projects held
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