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Project nameCompanyTitleInterestStatusStatus LevelCountryRisk LevelProvinceTrendTotal
WEST RAND (JV)- MOGALE PROJECTSMINTAILSJoint venture50Production          South Africa     Gauteng258,336,885,164 lbs
OLYMPIC DAM - SULPHIDEBHP BILLITONOwner100Production          Australia     61,595,833,281 lbs
RABBIT LAKECAMECOOwner100Production          Canada     Saskatchewan17,564,360,706 lbs
MT FITCHCompass Res.Owner100Advanced discovery          Australia     Northern Territory4,435,700,715 lbs
FREE STATE SURFACEHARMONY GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          South Africa     Free state897,942,794 lbs
San Rafael PropertyOronova25Green exploration          USA     808,228,336 lbs
KEY LAKECAMECOProduction          Canada     Saskatchewan709,623,930 lbs
LARK-ROYALDENISON MINESOwner100Green exploration          USA     Utah489,589,371 lbs
AKOUTAAreva CiOwner100Production          Niger     390,192,190 lbs
IMOURARENAreva CiOwner66.65Mine development          Niger     354,062,393 lbs
ROSSINGEXTRACT RES.Owner100Feasibility          Namibia     348,700,751 lbs
MC ARTHUR RIVERCAMECO70Production          Canada     Saskatchewan332,669,970 lbs
MC ARTHUR RIVERAreva Ci30Production          Canada     Saskatchewan332,669,970 lbs
JABILUKAENERGY RESOURCES OF AUSTRALIAOwner100Advanced discovery          Australia     Northern Territory313,104,914 lbs
NOLANS BOREARAFURA RES.Feasibility          Australia     Northern Territory293,567,548 lbs
PATRICIA DEPOSITAreva CiInterest90Advanced discovery          Central African Republic     292,773,884 lbs
EZULWINIFIRST URANIUMOwner93Production          South Africa     Gauteng280,427,991 lbs
EZULWINIFRANCO NEVADARoyalty7Production          South Africa     Gauteng280,427,991 lbs
KVANEFJELDGREENLAND MIN.Owner100Advanced discovery          Greenland     280,075,258 lbs
RANGERRIO TINTOInterest68.4Production          Australia     Northern Territory257,552,833 lbs
RANGERENERGY RESOURCES OF AUSTRALIAOwnerProduction          Australia     Northern Territory257,552,833 lbs
DOMINION PROJECTURANIUM ONEOwner100Advanced discovery          South Africa     251,341,529 lbs
CROW BUTTECAMECOOwner100Production          USA     Nebraska234,990,725 lbs
ETANGOBANNERMANInterest80Feasibility          Namibia     212,797,010 lbs
ARLITAreva CiOwner100Production          Niger     200,021,442 lbs
ROSSING URANIUM MINERIO TINTOOwner68.6Production          Namibia     197,168,220 lbs
ROSSING URANIUM MINERossing UraniumProduction          Namibia     197,168,220 lbs
POTCHEFSTROOM GOLDFIELDWITS GOLD100Advanced discovery          South Africa     165,346,697 lbs
MARENICAMARENICA ENERGYJoint venture80Advanced discovery          Namibia     128,309,037 lbs
MARENICAQuest Minerals & MiningOption on interest20Advanced discovery          Namibia     128,309,037 lbs
AGNEW LAKE PROPERTYPITCHBLACK RESOURCESInterest100Brown exploration          Canada     Ontario121,197,806 lbs
SOUTH INKAIURANIUM ONEJoint venture70Production          Kazakhstan     113,180,916 lbs
SOUTH INKAIKazatompromJoint venture30Production          Kazakhstan     113,180,916 lbs
(MWS) BUFFELSFONTEIN TAILING PROJECTFIRST URANIUMOwner100Production          South Africa     110,987,317 lbs
(MWS) BUFFELSFONTEIN TAILING PROJECTFRANCO NEVADAPurchasing Contract25Production          South Africa     110,987,317 lbs
ROSSING SOUTHKALAHARI MIN.Advanced discovery          Namibia     110,672,053 lbs
VALENCIA URANIUMFORSYS METALSOwner100Feasibility          Namibia     102,991,150 lbs
LETLHAKANEA-CAP RESOURCESOwner100Feasibility          Botswana     97,532,505 lbs
MKUJU RIVERURANIUM ONEOwner100Feasibility          Tanzania     84,333,650 lbs
MICHELIN (UNDERGROUND)FRONTEER GOLDOwner100Mine development          Canada     Labrador83,026,529 lbs
MECSEK HILLSWildhorse EnergyOwner100Advanced discovery          Hungary     76,667,956 lbs
Sheep MountainUranium PowerPast producer          USA     73,722,580 lbs
Sheep MountainUs EnergyPast producer          USA     73,722,580 lbs
CIGAR LAKECAMECOJoint venture50Mine Development          Canada     Saskatchewan73,427,163 lbs
CIGAR LAKEAreva CiJoint venture37.5Mine Development          Canada     Saskatchewan73,427,163 lbs
KARATAUURANIUM ONEInterest50Production          Kazakhstan     North Kazakhstan71,423,776 lbs
KARATAUArmzInterest50Production          Kazakhstan     North Kazakhstan71,423,776 lbs
MT GEEMARATHON RESOURCEOwner100Advanced discovery          Australia     South Australia69,121,533 lbs
VALHALLASUMMIT RES.Joint venture50Advanced discovery          Australia     Queensland68,034,654 lbs
VALHALLAPALADIN ENERGY LTDJoint venture50Advanced discovery          Australia     Queensland68,034,654 lbs
DORNODKHAN RES.Interest58Feasibility          Mongolia     67,129,877 lbs
KINTYRECAMECOJoint venture70Feasibility          Australia     Rudall National Park65,000,000 lbs
SHEA CREEKAreva CiJoint venture51Advanced discovery          Canada     Saskatchewan64,794,743 lbs
SHEA CREEKUEXJoint venture49Advanced discovery          Canada     Saskatchewan64,794,743 lbs
TAYLOR RANCHBLACK RANGE MIN.Interest100Green exploration          USA     Colorado60,067,148 lbs
MILLENNIUMCAMECOInterest41.96Feasibility          Canada     56,561,247 lbs
MILLENNIUMAreva CiInterest27.94Feasibility          Canada     56,561,247 lbs
SOUTHERN FREE STATE GOLDFIELDWITS GOLD100Advanced discovery          South Africa     Witwatersrand56,544,161 lbs
MULGA ROCK DEPOSITSENERGY AND MINERALSOwner100Advanced discovery          Australia     Western Australia53,788,383 lbs
WESTMORELANDLARAMIDE RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          Australia     Queensland53,172,328 lbs
WESTMORELANDINTERNATIONAL ROYALTYNet Smelter Return1Advanced discovery          Australia     Queensland53,172,328 lbs
BEISA NORTH / SOUTHWITS GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          South Africa     47,361,908 lbs
BEVERLEY MINEHeathgate Res.Owner100Production          Australia     South Australia46,000,000 lbs
NORTH SHOREURACAN RES.Option100Advanced discovery          Canada     Ontario40,980,584 lbs
HIDDEN BAYUEXOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Saskatchewan40,928,157 lbs
WHEELER RIVERDELTA URANIUMOption on interest75Advanced discovery          Canada     Saskatchewan39,469,954 lbs
WHEELER RIVERDENISON MINESJoint venture60Advanced discovery          Canada     Saskatchewan39,469,954 lbs
TUBAS RED SANDDEEP YELLOWOwner100Advanced discovery          Namibia     38,942,454 lbs
Tubas North AlaskiteDEEP YELLOWOwner100Advanced discovery          Namibia     38,844,505 lbs
KURISKOVATOURNIGAN ENERGY LTD.Interest100Advanced discovery          Slovakia     KOSICE38,029,057 lbs
BERLINU3O8Owner100Early discovery          Colombia     Tolima38,000,000 lbs
WATTASUMMIT RES.Advanced discovery          Canada     37,963,602 lbs
ROCA HONDASTRATHMORE MIN.Owner100Feasibility          USA     New Mexico36,214,895 lbs
ROCA HONDAURANIUM RES.Feasibility          USA     New Mexico36,214,895 lbs
SHEEP MOUNTAINTITAN URANIUMOwner100Advanced discovery          USA     Wyoming33,565,600 lbs
MIDWESTAreva CiOwner69.16Mine development          Canada     Saskatchewan33,471,462 lbs
MIDWESTDENISON MINESInterest25.17Mine development          Canada     Saskatchewan33,471,462 lbs
FOUR MILEHeathgate Res.Interest75Feasibility          Australia     South Australia31,812,704 lbs
FOUR MILEALLIANCE RES.Interest25Feasibility          Australia     South Australia31,812,704 lbs
MULLAQUANAURANIUMSAOwner100Advanced discovery          Australia     Eastern Eyre Peninsula30,093,098 lbs
KHARASANURANIUM ONEJoint venture30Production          Kazakhstan     27,321,557 lbs
KHARASANKazatompromJoint venture30Production          Kazakhstan     27,321,557 lbs
COPPER MOUNTAIN PROPERTYSTRATHMORE MIN.Interest60Green exploration          USA     Wyoming27,125,456 lbs
LANGER HEINRICHPALADIN ENERGY LTDOwner100Production          Namibia     24,471,311 lbs
DIETER LAKEFISSION ENERGYInterest100Brown exploration          Canada     24,269,158 lbs
MANYINGEEPALADIN ENERGY LTDOwner100Advanced discovery          Australia     Western Australia23,479,231 lbs
IDA DOMEKALAHARI MIN.Owner100Advanced discovery          Namibia     21,807,245 lbs
Gurvan SaihanDENISON MINESInterest70Advanced discovery          Mongolia     South Gobi21,641,061 lbs
MICHELIN (OPEN PIT)FRONTEER GOLDOwner100Mine development          Canada     Labrador21,397,185 lbs
MUTANGADENISON MINESOwner100Mine development          Zambia     20,743,912 lbs
INKAICAMECOInterest60Production          Kazakhstan     20,511,148 lbs
INKAIKazatompromInterest40Production          Kazakhstan     20,511,148 lbs
MATOUSHSTRATECO RES.Interest100Advanced discovery          Canada     Chibougamau20,251,222 lbs
KURUPUNG BATHOLITHU3O8Owner100Advanced discovery          Guyana     20,000,000 lbs
MOKOBAESIA-CAP RESOURCESOwner100Early discovery          Botswana     20,000,000 lbs
AMER LAKEURANIUM NORTH RES.Interest100Advanced discovery          Canada     Nunavut19,364,148 lbs
ANDERSONGlobal UraniumOwner100Advanced discovery          USA     Arizona19,118,487 lbs
FALEARockgate CapitalOwner100Advanced discovery          Mali     18,404,895 lbs
MANYONIURANEXOwner100Green exploration          Tanzania     17,636,981 lbs
CHURCH ROCKSTRATHMORE MIN.Owner100Care and Maintenance          USA     New Mexico17,586,211 lbs
SALAMANCA URANIUMBERKELEY RES.Feasibility          Spain     16,910,337 lbs
LUMWANAEQUINOXOwner100Production          Zambia     North Western Province16,567,739 lbs
MICHELINPALADIN ENERGY LTDOwner100Mine development          Canada     Labrador16,157,679 lbs
MARQUEZSTRATHMORE MIN.Owner100Advanced discovery          USA     New Mexico15,455,983 lbs
BAHI PROJECTURANEXOwner100Mine development          Tanzania     15,313,309 lbs
BlyvooruitzichtProduction          South Africa     TRANSVAAL15,253,425 lbs
MACUSANIWEALTH MIN.Advanced discovery          Peru     15,005,500 lbs
MACUSANIVENA RES.Advanced discovery          Peru     15,005,500 lbs
ANGILAKKivalliqOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     14,143,095 lbs
LAC CINQUANTEKivalliqOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Nunavut14,107,380 lbs
AKDALAURANIUM ONEJoint venture70Production          Kazakhstan     13,723,710 lbs
AKDALAKazatompromJoint venture30Production          Kazakhstan     13,723,710 lbs
GAS HILLSSTRATHMORE MIN.Owner100Advanced discovery          USA     Wyoming13,365,051 lbs
LAVOIEAbe ResourcesOption on interest50Advanced discovery          Canada     13,126,103 lbs
LAVOIEAreva CiInterest25Advanced discovery          Canada     13,126,103 lbs
LAVOIESoquemInterest25Advanced discovery          Canada     13,126,103 lbs
INCADEEP YELLOWOwner100Advanced discovery          Namibia     13,004,187 lbs
SKALSUMMIT RES.Joint venture50Advanced discovery          Australia     Queensland12,676,580 lbs
SKALPALADIN ENERGY LTDJoint venture50Advanced discovery          Australia     Queensland12,676,580 lbs
DEWEY BURDOCKPOWERTECH URANIUMOwner100Advanced discovery          USA     South Dakota12,008,495 lbs
RENO CREEK PROJECTBAYSWATEROption on interest100Advanced discovery          USA     Wyoming11,949,677 lbs
RENO CREEK PROJECTAMERICAN URANIUMOption on interest22.5Advanced discovery          USA     Wyoming11,949,677 lbs
JACQUES LAKE (UNDERGROUND)FRONTEER GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Labrador11,643,714 lbs
CENTENNIALPOWERTECH URANIUMOwner100Advanced discovery          USA     Colorado11,594,256 lbs
PONTONMANHATTAN CORPOwner100Early discovery          Australia     Western Australia11,574,269 lbs
FIRAWAForte EnergyOwner100Advanced discovery          Guinea     11,550,459 lbs
BIKINISUMMIT RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          Australia     11,511,878 lbs
LA JARA MESALARAMIDE RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          USA     New Mexico11,386,633 lbs
CMB - NORTHSTAR DIVISIONJET METALOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     10,950,801 lbs
MMS VICKENCONTINENTAL PRECIOUS MIN.Owner100Advanced discovery          Sweden     10,950,644 lbs
DOUBLE 8MANHATTAN CORPOwner100Green exploration          Australia     Western Australia10,934,928 lbs
Dbm (de Bron - Merriespruit South (dbm)WITS GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          South Africa     10,703,443 lbs
MIDWEST - MAE ZONEAreva CiInterest69.16Mine development          Canada     Saskatchewan10,486,949 lbs
MIDWEST - MAE ZONEDENISON MINESInterest25.17Mine development          Canada     Saskatchewan10,486,949 lbs
KANYIKAGlobe Metals & MiningOwner100Feasibility          Malawi     10,335,271 lbs
LOST CREEKUR-ENERGYOwner100Mine development          USA     Wyoming10,317,634 lbs
Rio PuercoOwner100Past Producer          USA     New Mexico10,226,363 lbs
INDA LAKEFRONTEER GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Newfoundland10,188,443 lbs
DON BENITOMAWSON RES.Owner100Brown exploration          Spain     Western Spain9,400,000 lbs
BIGRLYIURANIUM ONEJoint venture53.3Advanced discovery          Australia     Northern Territories8,994,860 lbs
BIGRLYIPALADIN ENERGY LTDJoint venture41.7Advanced discovery          Australia     Northern Territories8,994,860 lbs
BIGRLYISOUTHERN CROSS EXPL.Joint venture5Advanced discovery          Australia     Northern Territories8,994,860 lbs
MOUNTAIN LAKECanterra MineralsJoint venture50Advanced discovery          Canada     Nunavut8,113,011 lbs
MOUNTAIN LAKEPITCHSTONE EXPL.Joint venture50Advanced discovery          Canada     Nunavut8,113,011 lbs
NYANGCarbon EnergyOwner100Early discovery          Australia     Western Australia8,068,919 lbs
BEN LOMONDMEGA URANIUMOwner100Advanced discovery          Australia     Queensland7,904,895 lbs
LA PALANGANA / HOBSONURANIUM ENERGYOwner100Advanced discovery          USA     Texas7,622,791 lbs
TUMASDEEP YELLOWOwner100Advanced discovery          Namibia     7,599,334 lbs
NYANG PROJECT (CARLEY BORE)ENERGIA MINERALSInterest100Advanced discovery          Australia     7,530,991 lbs
NAPPERBYDEEP YELLOWOwner100Advanced discovery          Australia     Northern Territory7,392,232 lbs
NAPPERBYTORO ENERGYAdvanced discovery          Australia     Northern Territory7,392,232 lbs
KAYELEKERAPALADIN ENERGY LTDOwner100Production          Malawi     7,275,254 lbs
INDAFRONTEER GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Labrador6,625,773 lbs
MAUREENMEGA URANIUMOwner100Advanced discovery          Australia     Queensland6,554,343 lbs
HONEYMOONURANIUM ONEOwner51Production          Australia     6,349,313 lbs
HONEYMOONMitsuiOwner49Production          Australia     6,349,313 lbs
JACQUES LAKE (OPEN PIT)FRONTEER GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Labrador6,177,794 lbs
THATCHER SOAKURANEXOwner100Advanced discovery          Australia     Western Australia6,176,030 lbs
THATCHER SOAKGOLD ROADAdvanced discovery          Australia     Western Australia6,176,030 lbs
ANNA LAKEBAYSWATEROwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     6,063,594 lbs
FaleaRockgate CapitalOwner100Early discovery          Mali     6,052,571 lbs
LAC KACHIWISSTERRA VENTURES INC.Owner100Green exploration          Canada     Quebec6,051,689 lbs
TWO TIME ZONESILVER SPRUCE RES.Advanced discovery          Canada     6,019,502 lbs
SAN RAFAEL MINEENERGY FUELSOwner100Advanced discovery          USA     UTAh5,944,985 lbs
L URANIUM PROPERTYAbe ResourcesOption on interest50Brown exploration          Canada     5,941,458 lbs
L URANIUM PROPERTYAreva CiOwner25Brown exploration          Canada     5,941,458 lbs
GOLIADURANIUM ENERGYInterest100Production          USA     Texas5,884,248 lbs
APPLESTRATECO RES.Interest100Advanced discovery          Canada     Baie James5,315,147 lbs
NJAMEAFRICAN ENERGYInterest70Advanced discovery          Zambia     5,230,247 lbs
NJAMEALBIDONAdvanced discovery          Zambia     5,230,247 lbs
BOOTHEELJET METALInterest75Advanced discovery          USA     Southern Wyoming4,797,193 lbs
LilljuthattenCONTINENTAL PRECIOUS MIN.Owner100Advanced discovery          Sweden     4,768,665 lbs
INDA - OPEN PITFRONTEER GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Newfoundland4,725,388 lbs
ARICHENG SOUTHU3O8Owner100Advanced discovery          Guyana     4,596,682 lbs
LivingstoniaGlobe Metals & Mining100Green exploration          Malawi     4,583,410 lbs
CHORDSTRATHMORE MIN.Owner100Advanced discovery          USA     South Dakota4,188,122 lbs
JACQUES LAKEPALADIN ENERGY LTDOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Labrador4,038,869 lbs
RAINBOW PROJECTFRONTEER GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     3,800,769 lbs
RAINBOW LAKEPALADIN ENERGY LTDOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Newfoundland3,800,769 lbs
GWABE (CHIRUNDU)ALBIDONInterest70Feasibility          Zambia     3,477,351 lbs
GWABE (CHIRUNDU)AFRICAN ENERGYInterest30Feasibility          Zambia     3,477,351 lbs
NOSE ROCKSTRATHMORE MIN.16Advanced discovery          USA     New Mexico3,355,401 lbs
NOSE ROCKURANIUM RES.Advanced discovery          USA     New Mexico3,355,401 lbs
WHIRLWINDENERGY FUELSOwner100Advanced discovery          USA     Nevada3,334,970 lbs
KLÄPPIBÄCKENMAWSON RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          Sweden     Northern Sweden3,267,471 lbs
NICHOLS RANCHURANERZ ENERGYOwner100Advanced discovery          USA     Wyoming3,251,319 lbs
SOUTH DOUGHSTICKURANERZ ENERGYAdvanced discovery          USA     Wyoming2,723,105 lbs
ARICHENG NORTHU3O8Owner100Advanced discovery          Guyana     2,609,513 lbs
PALANGANAURANIUM ENERGYOwner100Production          USA     Texas2,442,347 lbs
Lake MasonEnterprise MetalsOwner100Early discovery          Australia     Western Australia2,293,689 lbs
NASHFRONTEER GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Labrador2,281,123 lbs
INDA - UNDERGROUNDFRONTEER GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Newfoundland2,155,900 lbs
RuthOwner100Past Producer          USA     Nevada2,142,893 lbs
ENERGY QUEENENERGY FUELSOwner100Mine development          USA     Utah1,948,443 lbs
SMITH RANCHCAMECOOwner100Production          USA     Wyoming1,872,166 lbs
THUNDERBALLTHUNDELARRAOption on interest70Advanced discovery          Australia     1,853,153 lbs
THUNDERBALLCROCODILE GOLDInterest30Advanced discovery          Australia     1,853,153 lbs
HIGHLANDCAMECO100Production          USA     Wyoming1,755,651 lbs
CORACHAPIRange Res.Past producer          Peru     1,519,867 lbs
SalvoURANIUM ENERGYOwner100Brown exploration          USA     Texas1,505,000 lbs
DALTON PASSSTRATHMORE MIN.Advanced discovery          USA     New Mexico1,456,815 lbs
NicholsOwner100Past Producer          USA     Georgia1,388,912 lbs
NICHOLSURANIUM ENERGYMine development          USA     Texas1,388,912 lbs
NASHPALADIN ENERGY LTDOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     1,258,619 lbs
GEAR - UNDERGROUNDFRONTEER GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     1,136,262 lbs
SKY PROPERTYSTRATHMORE MIN.Advanced discovery          USA     Wyoming1,092,665 lbs
SagtjarnCONTINENTAL PRECIOUS MIN.Owner100Brown exploration          Sweden     1,000,017 lbs
BOULDER CREEKNEW GOLDJoint venture65Advanced discovery          USA     Alaska1,000,000 lbs
BOULDER CREEKFULL METALJoint venture35Advanced discovery          USA     Alaska1,000,000 lbs
GEARFRONTEER GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Labrador965,625 lbs
ALLAMBERTHUNDELARRAInterest70Advanced discovery          Australia     944,319 lbs
Valhalla NorthFusion ResourcesUnknown          Australia     881,849 lbs
BjorkramyranCONTINENTAL PRECIOUS MIN.Owner100Brown exploration          Sweden     837,757 lbs
SkuppesavonCONTINENTAL PRECIOUS MIN.Owner100Brown exploration          Sweden     536,164 lbs
DUDDRIDGE LAKEFISSION ENERGYOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Saskatchewan507,211 lbs
ANDERSONSSUMMIT RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Mount Isa region462,971 lbs
KvarnanCONTINENTAL PRECIOUS MIN.Owner100Brown exploration          Sweden     416,674 lbs
PRAIRIE LAKE - NUINSCONUINSCO RES.Owner100Early discovery          Canada     Ontario357,149 lbs
NojdfjalletCONTINENTAL PRECIOUS MIN.Owner100Brown exploration          Sweden     238,981 lbs
YEELIRRIE CHANNELENCOUNTER RES.80Advanced discovery          Australia     Western Australia162,040 lbs
GEAR - OPEN PITFRONTEER GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     83,335 lbs
MARY KATHLEEN PROJECTGOLDSEARCHInterest75Green exploration          Australia     54,895 lbs
LAKE MAITLANDMEGA URANIUMInterest100Feasibility          Australia     25,574 lbs
BLIZZARDVIRGINIA ENERGYOption on interest100Green exploration          Canada     British Columbia17,637 lbs
BLIZZARDSparton Res.Green exploration          Canada     British Columbia17,637 lbs
Note : Reserve and resources numbers are given pro-rata of interest in the various projects held
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