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Project nameCompanyTitleInterestStatusStatus LevelCountryRisk LevelProvinceTrendTotal
REKO DIQBARRICK GOLDJoint venture50Feasibility          Pakistan     Baluchistan58,882,982,247 lbs
REKO DIQANTOFAGASTAJoint venture50Feasibility          Pakistan     Baluchistan58,882,982,247 lbs
KOVKATANGAOwner100Mine development          Congo Dem. Rep. of     Katanga30,292,440,766 lbs
PEBBLENORTHERN DYNASTYOwner50Feasibility          USA     Alaska25,582,440,332 lbs
PEBBLEANGLO AMERICANInterest50Feasibility          USA     Alaska25,582,440,332 lbs
RIO BLANCO PROJECTMONTERRICOOwner100Mine development          Peru     22,594,515,865 lbs
CADIA EAST UNDERGROUNDNEWCRESTOwner100Feasibility          Australia     New South Wales22,138,158,982 lbs
KERR (KSM)SEABRIDGE GOLDOwner100Feasibility          Canada     British Columbia17,477,851,314 lbs
AGUA RICAXSTRATAJoint venture50Mine development          Argentina     North western argentina16,396,731,718 lbs
AGUA RICAGOLDCORPJoint venture37.5Mine development          Argentina     North western argentina16,396,731,718 lbs
AGUA RICAYAMANA GOLDJoint venture12.5Mine development          Argentina     North western argentina16,396,731,718 lbs
PETAQUILLA COPPERPetaquilla CopperJoint venture26Feasibility          Panama     15,782,672,888 lbs
PETAQUILLA COPPERTECKJoint venture26Feasibility          Panama     15,782,672,888 lbs
PANANTZA – SAN CARLOSCORRIENTE RES.Feasibility          Ecuador     Morona- Santiago14,529,785,852 lbs
GALORE CREEKNOVAGOLD RES.Joint venture50Feasibility          Canada     British Columbia13,622,147,127 lbs
GALORE CREEKTECKJoint venture50Feasibility          Canada     British Columbia13,622,147,127 lbs
MITCHELL ZONESEABRIDGE GOLDOwner100Feasibility          Canada     British Columbia13,021,934,209 lbs
PUMPKIN HOLLOWNEVADA COPPEROwner100Feasibility          USA     Nevada10,532,701,641 lbs
PETAQUILLAINMET MININGJoint venture48Feasibility          Panama     10,471,957,454 lbs
PETAQUILLATECKJoint venture26Feasibility          Panama     10,471,957,454 lbs
PETAQUILLAPetaquilla CopperJoint venture26Feasibility          Panama     10,471,957,454 lbs
OYU TOLGOIIVANHOE MINESOwner90.1Mine development          Mongolia     South Gobi10,121,422,457 lbs
OYU TOLGOIRIO TINTOOwnerMine development          Mongolia     South Gobi10,121,422,457 lbs
RED CHRISIMPERIALOwner100Mine development          Canada     British Columbia9,284,044,174 lbs
EL MORROGOLDCORPJoint venture70Feasibility          Chile     8,953,871,953 lbs
EL MORRONEW GOLDJoint venture30Feasibility          Chile     8,953,871,953 lbs
CAÑARIACOCANDENTE COPPEROwner100Feasibility          Peru     8,930,793,964 lbs
MIRADORCORRIENTE RES.Owner100Mine development          Ecuador     8,584,507,275 lbs
MIRADORBHP BILLITONNet Smelter Return2Mine development          Ecuador     8,584,507,275 lbs
YANDERAMARENGO MININGOwner100Feasibility          Papua New Guinea     8,041,581,475 lbs
TAMPAKANXSTRATAOption62.5Feasibility          Philippines     Mindanao7,716,179,176 lbs
TAMPAKANINDOPHILJoint venture32.5Feasibility          Philippines     Mindanao7,716,179,176 lbs
SALOBO PROJECTVale Do RioOwner100Feasibility          Brazil     7,050,361,098 lbs
CASINOWESTERN COPPER AND GOLDOwner100Mine development          Canada     YukonTintina5,234,655,976 lbs
SKOURIESEUROPEAN GOLDFIELDSOwner95Mine development          Greece     4,055,000,969 lbs
SAFFORDFREEPORT MCMORANOwner100Mine development          USA     Arizona3,894,465,861 lbs
COPPER MOUNTAIN PROJECTCOPPER MOUNTAINOwner100Mine development          Canada     British Colombia, southwest of Princeton3,749,650,815 lbs
PROYECTO RIO TINTOEMEDOwner100Mine development          Spain     Iberian Pyrite Belt3,348,821,763 lbs
CERRO CASALEKINROSS GOLDJoint venture49Feasibility          Chile     3,310,887,703 lbs
BRISASGOLD RESERVEOwner100Mine Development          Venezuela     Bolivar3,259,719,757 lbs
KWATEBALA - FUNGURUMELUNDIN MININGInterest100Feasibility          Congo Dem. Rep. of     Katanga3,180,836,507 lbs
SILANGAN (BOYONGAN)PHILEX GOLDJoint venture50Feasibility          Philippines     Mindanao3,157,383,357 lbs
MOUNT MILLIGANTHOMPSON CREEKOwner100Mine development          Canada     British Columbia2,909,178,124 lbs
MINA JUSTAChariotOwner100Feasibility          Peru     2,881,882,691 lbs
PROSPERITYTASEKOOwner100Feasibility          Canada     British Columbia2,757,100,950 lbs
PROSPERITYFRANCO NEVADAPurchasing Contract22Feasibility          Canada     British Columbia2,757,100,950 lbs
XIETONGMENCONTINENTAL MINERALSOwner100Mine development          China     2,743,608,699 lbs
NEW AFTONNEW GOLDOwner100Mine development          Canada     British Columbia2,696,061,664 lbs
EL PILARSTINGRAYOwner100Feasibility          Mexico     Sonora2,553,246,652 lbs
SCHAFT CREEKCOPPER FOXOwner100Feasibility          Canada     British Columbia2,530,289,486 lbs
BIRCH LAKEDULUTH METALSOwner100Feasibility          USA     Minnesota2,495,539,685 lbs
DEGRUSSASANDFIREOwner100Mine development          Australia     Western Australia2,489,063,033 lbs
KOLWESI MUSONOIFIRST QUANTUMInterest65Mine development          Congo Dem. Rep. of     2,457,968,389 lbs
SULPHURETSSEABRIDGE GOLDOwner100Feasibility          Canada     British Columbia2,367,235,586 lbs
LINCE/MICHILLAANTOFAGASTAOwner74Care and Maintenance          Chile     Atacama2,339,986,451 lbs
ROCK CREEKREVETTOwner100Feasibility          USA     Montana2,235,046,414 lbs
CONGANEWMONTJoint venture51.4Mine development          Peru     2,126,839,992 lbs
CONGABUENAVENTURAJoint venture43.65Mine development          Peru     2,126,839,992 lbs
PIEDRAS VERDESFRONTERA COPPEROwner100Mine development          Mexico     Sonora1,911,918,624 lbs
MONTANORE (ROCK LAKE)MINES MANAGEMENTOwner100Feasibility          USA     Montana1,719,384,863 lbs
NORTHPARKES UNDERGROUNDRIO TINTOJoint venture80Mine development          Australia     central new south wales1,662,285,457 lbs
NORTHPARKES UNDERGROUNDSUMITOMO METALJoint venture20Mine development          Australia     central new south wales1,662,285,457 lbs
BOLEOBAJA MININGInterest70Feasibility          Mexico     Baja California Sur1,656,840,035 lbs
CHELOPECHDUNDEE PRECIOUS METALSOwner100Mine development          Bulgaria     1,611,638,661 lbs
CHELOPECHNavan MiningMine development          Bulgaria     1,611,638,661 lbs
VarvarinskoyeMine development          Kazakhstan     North Kazakhstan1,609,180,507 lbs
ANTILLAPANOROOwner100Feasibility          Peru     Apurimac1,599,850,544 lbs
LA ARENARIO ALTOOwner100Feasibility          Peru     LIMA1,569,118,085 lbs
MAIN DOME OPEN PITNEWCRESTOwner100Mine Development          Australia     Western Australia1,481,285,940 lbs
RIDGEWAY DEEPSNEWCRESTOwner100Feasibility          Australia     New South Wales1,308,597,850 lbs
DIDIPIOOceana GoldOwner100Mine development          Philippines     MANILA1,232,877,881 lbs
SHEBA'S RIDGERIDGE MININGJoint venture65Feasibility          South Africa     1,172,638,773 lbs
SHEBA'S RIDGEAnglo American PlatinumJoint venture35Feasibility          South Africa     1,172,638,773 lbs
GOMA - FUNGURUMELUNDIN MINING100Feasibility          Congo Dem. Rep. of     Katanga1,101,189,158 lbs
VARVARINSKOYE MINEPolymetalOwner100Mine development          Kazakhstan     1,011,128,124 lbs
KIPOITiger Res.Interest60Mine development          Congo Dem. Rep. of     974,884,123 lbs
PASCUA LAMABARRICK GOLDOwner100Mine development          Chile     929,841,346 lbs
PASCUA LAMASILVER WHEATONInterest25Mine development          Chile     929,841,346 lbs
PASCUA LAMAINTERNATIONAL ROYALTYNet Smelter Return3.15Mine development          Chile     929,841,346 lbs
PASCUA LAMAROYAL GOLDNet Smelter Return1.06Mine development          Chile     929,841,346 lbs
COPPER HILLGOLDEN CROSS RES.Owner100Mine development          Australia     New South Wales929,563,696 lbs
Arctic (suhanko)NORTH AMERICAN PALLADIUMOption on interest60Feasibility          Finland     885,574,155 lbs
SELKIRKNORILSKMine development          Botswana     738,107,654 lbs
MAGISTRAL PROPERTYInca Pacific Res.Owner100Feasibility          Peru     Ancash671,748,527 lbs
WHITEWASHAUSSIE Q RES.Owner100Mine development          Australia     Queensland623,584,122 lbs
CERRO DE MAIMONGLOBESTAR MININGOwner100Mine development          Dominican Republic     610,327,727 lbs
CERRO DE MAIMONXSTRATANet Smelter Return2Mine development          Dominican Republic     610,327,727 lbs
KUTCHOCAPSTONE MININGOwner100Mine development          Canada     British Columbia579,786,649 lbs
CLONCURRY COPPERXSTRATAOwner100Feasibility          Australia     561,737,844 lbs
PUTHEPPANAUSTFeasibility          Thailand     Loei524,259,244 lbs
MOUNT OXIDEPERILYA LTD.Owner100Mine development          Australia     Queensland513,015,665 lbs
ROSEBYUNIVERSAL RES.Owner100Mine development          Australia     Queensland458,334,428 lbs
MOKAMBO MINEICS COPPER SYSTEMPSInterest100Mine development          Zambia     455,034,109 lbs
GETTY NORTH DEPOSITGETTY COPPEROwner100Feasibility          Canada     British Columbia385,856,358 lbs
BROWNSCompass Res.Owner100Mine development          Australia     Northern Territory382,612,242 lbs
CARMACKSWESTERN COPPER AND GOLDOwner100Feasibility          Canada     YukonTintina345,684,827 lbs
CARMACKSBCGOLDOption on interest100Feasibility          Canada     YukonTintina345,684,827 lbs
SOLWARA 1NAUTILUS MIN.Owner70Mine development          Papua New Guinea     345,376,180 lbs
HACKETT RIVERSABINAOwner100Mine development          Canada     Nunavut336,695,473 lbs
HACKETT RIVERXSTRATAOption on interest100Mine development          Canada     Nunavut336,695,473 lbs
JABAL SAYIDCITADEL RESOURCESJoint venture50Feasibility          Saudi Arabia     310,410,870 lbs
ANDASHKENTOR GOLDInterest80Feasibility          Kyrgyzstan     310,410,865 lbs
CERATTEPETECKOwner100Mine Development          Turkey     302,650,594 lbs
LARONDEAGNICO-EAGLEOwner100Feasibility          Canada     AbitibiVal D'or300,249,539 lbs
CORNER BAYNUINSCO RES.Joint venture50Mine development          Canada     Quebec269,631,520 lbs
CORNER BAYCAMPBELL RESOURCESJoint venture50Mine development          Canada     Quebec269,631,520 lbs
WOLVERINEATNA RESOURCESNet Smelter Return10Mine development          Canada     Yukon Territories267,125,353 lbs
BUZWAGIBARRICK GOLDOwner100Mine development          Tanzania     262,505,915 lbs
LA ZARZAORMONDE MININGInterest100Mine development          Spain     Huelva217,816,715 lbs
LADY ANNIECoppercoOwner100Care and Maintenance          Australia     Queensland214,624,425 lbs
DIKULUSHIANVIL MININGInterest90Care and Maintenance          Congo Dem. Rep. of     Katang207,359,088 lbs
DIKULUSHIMawson WestOption on interest90Care and Maintenance          Congo Dem. Rep. of     Katang207,359,088 lbs
LA BALSABELL COPPER100Feasibility          Mexico     Michoacan204,072,657 lbs
LA BALSAFischer Watt GoldFeasibility          Mexico     Michoacan204,072,657 lbs
LYNN LAKEPROPHECY DEVELOPMENTOption on interest100Mine development          Canada     Manitoba201,458,415 lbs
BALCOOMAKagaraOwner100Mine development          Australia     Queensland174,099,048 lbs
BALCOOMAROYAL GOLDMine development          Australia     Queensland174,099,048 lbs
EL CRESTONCRESTON MOLYOwner100Feasibility          Mexico     Sonora170,036,767 lbs
NIBLACK COPPER CO.HEATHERDALEOwner100Mine development          USA     Alaska169,540,109 lbs
EL PACHONXSTRATA100Feasibility          Argentina     167,480,992 lbs
PHILLIPS RIVER - TRILOGY DEPOSITTECTONIC RES.Owner100Mine development          Australia     Western Australia138,205,588 lbs
MUNGANAKagaraOwnerMine development          Australia     Queensland133,952,871 lbs
KINSEVEREANVIL MININGJoint venture95Mine development          Congo Dem. Rep. of     Katanga130,712,072 lbs
KINSEVEREKATANGAJoint venture5Mine development          Congo Dem. Rep. of     Katanga130,712,072 lbs
WOODLAWN RETREATMENTTRI ORIGIN MIN.Interest100Feasibility          Australia     New South Wales129,587,718 lbs
WOODLAWN RETREATMENTTRI ORIGINFeasibility          Australia     New South Wales129,587,718 lbs
WOODLAWN UNDERGROUNDTRI ORIGIN MIN.Owner100Feasibility          Australia     New South Wales128,970,423 lbs
WOODLAWN UNDERGROUNDTRI ORIGINInterestFeasibility          Australia     New South Wales128,970,423 lbs
LUZ DEL COBREZARUMA RES.Owner100Mine development          Mexico     Sonora111,613,429 lbs
KUTCHO CREEKSILVER WHEATONPurchasing ContractMine development          Canada     107,696,699 lbs
NORTHPARKES OPEN PIT AND STOCKPILESRIO TINTOJoint venture80Mine development          Australia     central new south wales106,152,579 lbs
NORTHPARKES OPEN PIT AND STOCKPILESSUMITOMO METALJoint venture20Mine development          Australia     central new south wales106,152,579 lbs
CAIRN HILLIMX RESOURCES NLOwner100Feasibility          Australia     99,648,943 lbs
PILANESBESGPLATMINOwner72.39Mine development          South Africa     72,796,066 lbs
LOCKERBY MINEFIRST NICKELOwner100Feasibility          Canada     Ontario72,479,173 lbs
IVY ANNUNIVERSAL RES.Owner100Mine development          Australia     63,493,132 lbs
KENBRIDGECanadian ArrowOwner100Mine development          Canada     British Columbia54,320,579 lbs
KLIROUEMED100Feasibility          Cyprus     48,545,790 lbs
PHILLIPS RIVER - KUNDIP DEPOSITTECTONIC RES.Owner100Mine development          Australia     Western Australia44,553,219 lbs
HELLYER MINEBASS METALSOwner100Mine development          Australia     Tasmania41,887,830 lbs
MOUNT GUNSONGunson Res.Owner100Feasibility          Australia     Western Australia41,226,444 lbs
FABIE BAYGLOBEX MININGRoyaltyCare and Maintenance          Canada     Quebec41,037,727 lbs
NORRLIDENGOLD-ORE RES.Interest90Mine development          Sweden     37,841,906 lbs
LOMAS BAYAS IIXSTRATA100Mine Development          Chile     36,803,970 lbs
IDAHO COBALT PROJECTFORMATION METALSOwner100Mine development          USA     IdahoSilver Valley34,635,856 lbs
GREENWOOD - LONE STARHUAKAN INTERNATIONALNet Smelter Return2Care and Maintenance          Canada     British Columbia33,265,551 lbs
Pd1XSTRATAOwner100Feasibility          Canada     31,791,090 lbs
Pd1SPHINXOption on interest50Feasibility          Canada     31,791,090 lbs
TULSEQUAH CHIEFFRANCO NEVADAPurchasing Contract100Mine development          Canada     British Columbia27,649,055 lbs
TULSEQUAH CHIEFREDCORP VENTURESOwner100Mine development          Canada     British Columbia27,649,055 lbs
SAN FELIPEHOCHSCHILDJoint venture70Mine development          Mexico     26,507,038 lbs
NICOFORTUNE MINERALSOwner100Feasibility          Canada     24,102,257 lbs
HITURABELVEDERE RES.100Care and Maintenance          Finland     20,881,965 lbs
VAMMALADRAGON MINING100Mine development          Finland     20,209,202 lbs
SANTANDERTREVALI MININGOwner100Mine development          Peru     Lima Department17,748,535 lbs
CHESTERFIRST NARROWSOwner100Feasibility          Canada     Ontario16,490,136 lbs
HAUTALAMPIBELVEDERE RES.Owner100Mine development          Finland     15,313,533 lbs
GREENWOOD - LEXINGTON GRENOBLEHUAKAN INTERNATIONALNet Smelter Return2Care and Maintenance          Canada     British Columbia10,183,372 lbs
NICKEL RIM SOUTHXSTRATA100Mine development          Canada     Sudbury9,748,841 lbs
COPERNICUS JVPANORAMIC RES.Joint venture60Care and Maintenance          Australia     Western Australia8,730,306 lbs
COPERNICUS JVTHUNDELARRAJoint venture40Care and Maintenance          Australia     Western Australia8,730,306 lbs
HERAYTC RESOURCESOwner100Feasibility          Australia     New South Wales8,298,200 lbs
CAPIREIMPACT SILVERInterest100Mine development          Mexico     Mamatla6,906,819 lbs
PUEBLO VIEJOBARRICK GOLDJoint venture60Mine development          Dominican Republic     6,217,036 lbs
PUEBLO VIEJOGOLDCORPJoint venture40Mine development          Dominican Republic     6,217,036 lbs
WERNER LAKEPUGET VENTURESInterest100Feasibility          Canada     Ontario5,364,288 lbs
Onaping DepthXSTRATA100Mine development          Canada     Ontario4,019,027 lbs
RAMBLERCELTIC MIN.Interest100Mine development          Canada     Newfoundland3,668,492 lbs
THUNDER BAY NORTHMagma MetalsOwner100Feasibility          Canada     Ontario1,876,575 lbs
PREMIERE RIDGEFIRST NICKELOption on interest100Mine development          Canada     Ontario1,612,461 lbs
PREMIERE RIDGEXSTRATAMine development          Canada     Ontario1,612,461 lbs
ONAPING DEPTHXSTRATA100Mine Development          Canada     Ontario1,402,934 lbs
GREENWOOD - GOLDEN CROWNHUAKAN INTERNATIONALNet Smelter Return2Care and Maintenance          Canada     British Columbia1,370,173 lbs
FRASER MORGANXSTRATA100Mine Development          Canada     Ontario869,569 lbs
PHILLIPS RIVERTECTONIC RES.Owner100Mine Development          Australia     Western Australia445,532 lbs
CIENEGUITARIO TINTOOption on interest80Feasibility          Mexico     Chihuahua199,739 lbs
CIENEGUITAPAN AMERICAN GOLDFIELDSJoint venture20Feasibility          Mexico     Chihuahua199,739 lbs
REDSTONELiberty MinesOwnerCare and Maintenance          Canada     Ontario97,885 lbs
Note : Reserve and resources numbers are given pro-rata of interest in the various projects held
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