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Project nameCompanyTitleInterestStatusStatus LevelCountryRisk LevelProvinceTrendTotal
PEBBLENORTHERN DYNASTYOwner50Feasibility          USA     Alaska2,131,870,028 lbs
PEBBLEANGLO AMERICANInterest50Feasibility          USA     Alaska2,131,870,028 lbs
MOUNT HOPEGENERAL MOLYOwner100Mine development          USA     Nevada1,797,426,288 lbs
AGUA RICAXSTRATAJoint venture50Mine development          Argentina     North western argentina1,095,108,610 lbs
AGUA RICAGOLDCORPJoint venture37.5Mine development          Argentina     North western argentina1,095,108,610 lbs
AGUA RICAYAMANA GOLDJoint venture12.5Mine development          Argentina     North western argentina1,095,108,610 lbs
RIO BLANCO PROJECTMONTERRICOOwner100Mine development          Peru     868,295,029 lbs
CASINOWESTERN COPPER AND GOLDOwner100Mine development          Canada     YukonTintina747,807,977 lbs
KITSAULTAVANTI MININGOwner100Mine development          Canada     British Columbia646,417,399 lbs
PETAQUILLA COPPERPetaquilla CopperJoint venture26Feasibility          Panama     483,143,048 lbs
PETAQUILLA COPPERTECKJoint venture26Feasibility          Panama     483,143,048 lbs
RUBY CREEKADANAC MOLYBDENUM100Feasibility          Canada     460,503,072 lbs
RUBY CREEKGoldnev Res.Feasibility          Canada     460,503,072 lbs
KERR (KSM)SEABRIDGE GOLDOwner100Feasibility          Canada     British Columbia456,705,654 lbs
LIBERTYGENERAL MOLYOwner100Feasibility          USA     Nevada297,624,054 lbs
STORIECOLUMBIA YUKONOwner100Feasibility          Canada     British Columbia273,229,684 lbs
EL CRESTONCRESTON MOLYOwner100Feasibility          Mexico     Sonora261,256,202 lbs
MAXROCA MINESInterest100Mine development          Canada     British Columbia220,226,368 lbs
YANDERAMARENGO MININGOwner100Feasibility          Papua New Guinea     200,323,035 lbs
DAVIDSON (YORKE-HARDY)THOMPSON CREEKOwner100Mine development          Canada     182,145,928 lbs
SCHAFT CREEKCOPPER FOXOwner100Feasibility          Canada     British Columbia180,734,958 lbs
WHITEWASHAUSSIE Q RES.Owner100Mine development          Australia     Queensland136,772,583 lbs
ANDURAMBAD'aguilarOwner100Feasibility          Australia     42,461,032 lbs
RUNRONOMetals Expl.OwnerFeasibility          Philippines     Nueva Vizcaya34,359,925 lbs
ANTILLAPANOROOwner100Feasibility          Peru     Apurimac30,635,436 lbs
MAGISTRAL PROPERTYInca Pacific Res.Owner100Feasibility          Peru     Ancash24,427,218 lbs
GETTY NORTH DEPOSITGETTY COPPEROwner100Feasibility          Canada     British Columbia10,615,258 lbs
MOLYHILTHOR MININGOwner100Feasibility          Australia     Northern Territory8,994,860 lbs
EL PACHONXSTRATA100Feasibility          Argentina     2,994,098 lbs
Note : Reserve and resources numbers are given pro-rata of interest in the various projects held
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