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Project nameCompanyTitleInterestStatusStatus LevelCountryRisk LevelProvinceTrendTotal
YAKABINDIEBHP BILLITONMine development          Australia     Western Australia5,740,837,307 lbs
PUJADABHP BILLITONJoint venture40Mine development          Philippines     Mindanao5,732,018,817 lbs
RAVENSTHORPE - LATERITEBHP BILLITONOwnerCare and Maintenance          Australia     Western Australia5,049,688,115 lbs
RAMUHIGHLANDS PACIFICJoint venture68.5Mine Development          Papua New Guinea     4,716,437,360 lbs
AMBATOVYSherritt InternationalJoint venture40Mine development          Madagascar     3,465,358,114 lbs
AMBATOVYSUMITOMO METALJoint venture27.5Mine development          Madagascar     3,465,358,114 lbs
SHEBA'S RIDGERIDGE MININGJoint venture65Feasibility          South Africa     3,063,764,058 lbs
SHEBA'S RIDGEAnglo American PlatinumJoint venture35Feasibility          South Africa     3,063,764,058 lbs
HONEYMOON WELLNORILSKOwner80Feasibility          Australia     2,783,732,892 lbs
NKAMOUNAGEOVICOwner60.5Mine development          Cameroon     2,633,972,760 lbs
TURNAGAINHARD CREEKOwner100Mine development          Canada     British Columbia2,230,324,484 lbs
MINDOROINTEX RESOURCESOwner100Feasibility          Philippines     1,706,377,909 lbs
NONOCPacific Nickel PhilippinesOwnerCare and Maintenance          Philippines     1,494,734,138 lbs
MARLBOROUGHGladstone Pacific NickelOwner100Mine development          Australia     1,432,246,314 lbs
BINDURA NICKEL CORPORATIONMWANA AFRICAInterest53Care and Maintenance          Zimbabwe     991,861,922 lbs
ÇALDAGEUROPEAN NICKEL100Mine development          Turkey     827,086,223 lbs
BIRCH LAKEDULUTH METALSOwner100Feasibility          USA     Minnesota797,211,955 lbs
AGATAMindoro Res.Owner100Feasibility          Philippines     710,021,643 lbs
SELKIRKNORILSKMine development          Botswana     628,758,372 lbs
ZAMBALES DEPOSITEUROPEAN NICKELJoint venture40Feasibility          Philippines     611,341,853 lbs
ZAMBALES DEPOSITRUSINAJoint venture40Feasibility          Philippines     611,341,853 lbs
HUNTER’S ROADMWANA AFRICAInterest53Mine development          Zimbabwe     536,437,595 lbs
AVEBURYMinmetals100Care and Maintenance          Australia     501,838,247 lbs
LAKE JOHNSTONNORILSKOwner100Care and Maintenance          Australia     Western Australia434,019,646 lbs
MT KILKENNYGME RESOURCESOwner100Feasibility          Australia     Western Australia425,159,268 lbs
LYNN LAKEPROPHECY DEVELOPMENTOption on interest100Mine development          Canada     Manitoba378,842,351 lbs
MT THIRSTYBARRA RES.Joint venture50Mine development          Australia     Western Australia355,640,903 lbs
MT THIRSTYFISSION ENERGY LTDJoint venture50Mine development          Australia     Western Australia355,640,903 lbs
PILANESBESGPLATMINOwner72.39Mine development          South Africa     298,405,705 lbs
SHERLOCK BAYAustralasian ResourcesFeasibility          Australia     Pilbara223,989,658 lbs
RAVENSTHORPE - SPBHP BILLITONCare and Maintenance          Australia     142,418,621 lbs
LOCKERBY MINEFIRST NICKELOwner100Feasibility          Canada     Ontario118,555,786 lbs
BARNES HILLProto Res.Owner100Feasibility          Tasmania     118,412,265 lbs
KoniamboXSTRATAOwner51Mine development          New Caledonia     108,698,142 lbs
KENBRIDGECanadian ArrowOwner100Mine development          Canada     British Columbia101,346,722 lbs
MINAGOVictory NickelOwner100Feasibility          Canada     Manitoba69,842,443 lbs
HITURABELVEDERE RES.100Care and Maintenance          Finland     58,035,147 lbs
CAWSENORILSKOwner100Care and Maintenance          Australia     53,837,985 lbs
BROWNSCompass Res.Owner100Mine development          Australia     Northern Territory52,977,084 lbs
PREMIERE RIDGEFIRST NICKELOption on interest100Mine development          Canada     Ontario47,672,760 lbs
PREMIERE RIDGEXSTRATAMine development          Canada     Ontario47,672,760 lbs
VAMMALADRAGON MINING100Mine development          Finland     27,936,250 lbs
FALCONDO MINEXSTRATAInterest85.26Care and Maintenance          Dominican Republic     20,898,531 lbs
FALCONDO MINEFRANCO NEVADAInterest4.1Care and Maintenance          Dominican Republic     20,898,531 lbs
HAUTALAMPIBELVEDERE RES.Owner100Mine development          Finland     17,883,258 lbs
MACEY HILLGME RESOURCESOwner100Feasibility          Australia     9,259,415 lbs
COPERNICUS JVPANORAMIC RES.Joint venture60Care and Maintenance          Australia     Western Australia9,238,251 lbs
COPERNICUS JVTHUNDELARRAJoint venture40Care and Maintenance          Australia     Western Australia9,238,251 lbs
Onaping DepthXSTRATA100Mine development          Canada     Ontario9,063,645 lbs
REDSTONELiberty MinesOwnerCare and Maintenance          Canada     Ontario7,928,705 lbs
NICKEL RIM SOUTHXSTRATA100Mine development          Canada     Sudbury5,317,550 lbs
FRASER MORGANXSTRATA100Mine Development          Canada     Ontario2,888,056 lbs
THUNDER BAY NORTHMagma MetalsOwner100Feasibility          Canada     Ontario1,290,145 lbs
Maggie HaysXSTRATA100Mine development          Australia     1,193,865 lbs
ArmstrongMine development          Australia     259,638 lbs
BLACK SWANNORILSKOwner80Care and Maintenance          Australia     4,931 lbs
Note : Reserve and resources numbers are given pro-rata of interest in the various projects held
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