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Project nameCompanyTitleInterestStatusStatus LevelCountryRisk LevelProvinceTrendTotal
NAVIDADPAN AMERICAN SILVEROwner100Advanced discovery          Argentina     Chubut753,693,876 oz
Loma De La Plata (navidad)PAN AMERICAN SILVEROwner87.5Advanced discovery          Argentina     753,693,876 oz
Loma De La Plata (navidad)SILVER WHEATONPurchasing Contract12.5Advanced discovery          Argentina     753,693,876 oz
PITARILLASILVER STANDARDOwner100Advanced discovery          Mexico     Sierra Madre725,783,813 oz
CuajoneSouthern CopperOwner100Green exploration          Peru     404,451,248 oz
MALKU KHOTASOUTH AMERICAN SILVEROwner100Advanced discovery          Bolivia     Potosi369,655,219 oz
ESCOBALTahoe ResourcesOwner100Advanced discovery          Guatemala     318,269,886 oz
SUNSHINEALBERTA STARAdvanced discovery          USA     Idao286,181,983 oz
BRUCEJACKPretium ResourcesOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia249,079,807 oz
COBRE PANAMÁINMET MININGOwner100Advanced discovery          Panama     Colon231,404,998 oz
CERRO DEL GALLOSAN ANTON RESOURCESOwner100Advanced discovery          Mexico     207,275,863 oz
SAN ANTONSAN ANTON RESOURCESJoint venture64Advanced discovery          Mexico     207,275,863 oz
PROGNOZHIGH RIVER GOLDJoint venture42.5Advanced discovery          Russia     Yakutia204,809,579 oz
JUANICIPIOFRESNILLOJoint venture56Advanced discovery          Mexico     Zacatecas204,000,345 oz
JUANICIPIOMAG SILVEROwner44Advanced discovery          Mexico     Zacatecas204,000,345 oz
GOLD HUNTERINDEPENDENCE LEAD MINESOwner100Advanced discovery          USA     IdahoSilver Valley172,502,244 oz
GOLD HUNTERHECLA MININGLeaserAdvanced discovery          USA     IdahoSilver Valley172,502,244 oz
SNOWFIELD (SULPHURETS)Pretium ResourcesOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia126,859,162 oz
SINCHAOSINCHAOOwner100Advanced discovery          Peru     123,047,335 oz
SINCHAOANDEAN AMERICAN GOLDOwner58Advanced discovery          Peru     123,047,335 oz
MAVERICK SPRINGSALLIED NEVADAInterest100Advanced discovery          USA     Carlin Trend94,287,012 oz
MAVERICK SPRINGSSILVER STANDARDInterestAdvanced discovery          USA     Carlin Trend94,287,012 oz
CERRO VERDE - MILLFREEPORT MCMORANInterest53.56Advanced discovery          Chile     93,622,974 oz
CERRO VERDE - MILLBUENAVENTURAInterest19.3Advanced discovery          Chile     93,622,974 oz
Sinchao PropertyAdvanced discovery          Peru     92,198,696 oz
BERENGUELASILVER STANDARDOwner100Advanced discovery          Peru     87,752,248 oz
SAN DIEGOGOLDEN MINERALSJoint venture50Advanced discovery          Mexico     DurangoSierra Madre79,425,687 oz
SAN DIEGOGOLDEN TAG RES.Joint venture50Advanced discovery          Mexico     DurangoSierra Madre79,425,687 oz
DIABLILLOSSILVER STANDARDOwner100Advanced discovery          Argentina     Salta77,084,630 oz
PRAIRIE CREEKCANADIAN ZINCOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     68,522,405 oz
Dugald RiverOZ MINERALSAdvanced discovery          Australia     Queensland67,760,913 oz
MENGAPURMONUMENT MININGOwner70Advanced discovery          Malaysia     in Pahang State63,924,164 oz
CASPICHEEXETEROption on interest100Advanced discovery          Chile     Maricunga62,664,377 oz
JUNINCOPPER MESAOwner100Advanced discovery          Ecuador     59,986,862 oz
GCSILVERCORP METALSOwner95Advanced discovery          China     57,171,165 oz
BOSETO COPPERDISCOVERY METALSOwner100Advanced discovery          Botswana     57,137,342 oz
CAPOOSENEW GOLDInterest100Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia56,062,350 oz
GHANZIHANA MININGOption on interest100Advanced discovery          Botswana     53,028,991 oz
AMBLERNOVAGOLD RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          USA     Alaska50,714,170 oz
Tambo GrandeMediterranean Res.Owner100Brown exploration          Peru     46,941,890 oz
Guadalupe Y CalvoAURICOOwner100Advanced discovery          Mexico     45,609,562 oz
GUADALUPE Y CALVOAURICOOwner100Advanced discovery          Mexico     Chihuahua45,525,457 oz
CERRO NEGRO ARGENTINAGOLDCORPOwner100Advanced discovery          Argentina     Santa Cruz43,576,640 oz
SILVERTIPSILVERCORP METALSOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Yukon43,139,944 oz
SAN MIGUELPARAMOUNT GOLD & SILVERInterest100Advanced discovery          Mexico     Chihuahua43,111,065 oz
CUMOMOSQUITO CONSOLIDATED GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          USA     Idaho42,976,995 oz
Santa Rita - LuisminPast producer          Mexico     Durango42,902,728 oz
CONSTANCIAHUDBAYOwner100Advanced discovery          Peru     42,708,087 oz
Lady LorettaXSTRATAOwner100Brown exploration          Australia     42,284,662 oz
GALORE CREEK - COPPER CANYONNOVAGOLD RES.Interest50Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia37,883,868 oz
GALORE CREEK - COPPER CANYONTECKInterest50Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia37,883,868 oz
SAN AGUSTINGEOLOGIX EXPL.Option100Advanced discovery          Mexico     Durango36,945,067 oz
SAN AGUSTINSILVER STANDARDOwner100Advanced discovery          Mexico     Durango36,945,067 oz
HERMOSA (HARDSHELL)WILDCAT SILVER CORP.Owner80Advanced discovery          USA     Arizona36,251,613 oz
HERMOSA (HARDSHELL)Groupo MexicoInterest20Advanced discovery          USA     Arizona36,251,613 oz
BlendeAdvanced discovery          Canada     Yukon Territory35,288,659 oz
FRESNILLO/PROAÑOPENOLESInterest77Advanced discovery          Mexico     34,026,180 oz
ARQUEROSLAGUNA RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          Chile     32,947,056 oz
BLACKWATERNEW GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia31,590,529 oz
VETA COLORADASILVER STANDARDOwner100Brown exploration          Mexico     Chihuaha30,986,501 oz
DELTAHEATHERDALEInterest60Advanced discovery          USA     Alaska30,697,533 oz
DELTAGRAYD RES.Interest40Advanced discovery          USA     Alaska30,697,533 oz
DEL TOROFIRST MAJESTICOwner100Advanced discovery          Mexico     Durango29,938,335 oz
MANGAZEISKYSILVER BEAR RES.Interest100Advanced discovery          Russia     28,742,767 oz
EL CAPITANEL CAPITAN PRECIOUS METALSOwner100Advanced discovery          USA     New Mexico28,736,174 oz
YENIPAZARALDRIDGE MIN.Joint ventureAdvanced discovery          Turkey     28,657,771 oz
YENIPAZARALACER GOLDJoint ventureAdvanced discovery          Turkey     28,657,771 oz
STRIEBORNAGLOBAL MINERALSInterest70Advanced discovery          Slovakia     27,850,745 oz
TIM/WOLFINTERNATIONAL KRL RES.Option on interest60Advanced discovery          Canada     Yukon26,851,018 oz
TIM/WOLFTARSISInterest40Advanced discovery          Canada     Yukon26,851,018 oz
TIM/WOLFALMADEN MIN.Advanced discovery          Canada     Yukon26,851,018 oz
SUNRISE LAKESILVER STANDARDOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Northwest Territories26,713,412 oz
ARIPUANA / AREXANGLO AMERICANInterest70Advanced discovery          Brazil     Mato Grosso25,692,788 oz
ARIPUANA / AREXKARMIN EXPL.Interest30Advanced discovery          Brazil     Mato Grosso25,692,788 oz
CACHINALAPOGEEOwner100Advanced discovery          Chile     25,668,771 oz
ZETA (BOSETO COPPER)DISCOVERY METALSOwner100Advanced discovery          Botswana     25,411,950 oz
WILCORYE PATCH GOLDOption on interest100Advanced discovery          USA     Nevada24,562,497 oz
SAN RAFAEL - MAIN & UPPER ZONESCORPIO MININGInterest100Advanced discovery          Mexico     24,191,845 oz
CHALLACOLLOSILVER STANDARDOwner100Advanced discovery          Chile     23,606,309 oz
FRUTA DEL NORTEKINROSS GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          Ecuador     22,345,412 oz
TOMHUDBAYAdvanced discovery          Canada     21,506,728 oz
EL RAYOSILVERMEX RES.Interest100Brown exploration          Mexico     Sonora21,130,050 oz
COLQUIPUCROTINKA RESOURCESOwner100Advanced discovery          Peru     Daniel Alcides Carrion20,307,634 oz
LA BODEGAVENTANA GOLD CORP.Owner100Advanced discovery          Colombia     19,213,045 oz
AZUCAHOCHSCHILDOwner100Advanced discovery          Peru     18,671,968 oz
NEW PASSBonaventureInterest100Advanced discovery          USA     Nevada17,470,132 oz
SAN ACACIODEFIANCE SILVEROwner100Advanced discovery          Mexico     Zacatecas16,975,269 oz
JASONHUDBAYOption on interest100Advanced discovery          Canada     16,914,990 oz
KWANIKASERENGETI RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia16,896,343 oz
ARROYO SECOENDEAVOUR SILVEROwner100Brown exploration          Mexico     Michoacan16,000,000 oz
CRUZ DE MAYOSILVERCREST MINESOwner100Advanced discovery          Mexico     Sonora15,320,398 oz
CANDELARIA NEVADASILVER STANDARDOwner100Advanced discovery          USA     NevadaCarlin Trend15,071,498 oz
LEWIS PONDSTRI ORIGIN MIN.Owner100Advanced discovery          Australia     New South Wales14,716,040 oz
LEWIS PONDSTRI ORIGINInterestAdvanced discovery          Australia     New South Wales14,716,040 oz
RAINY RIVERRAINY RIVERInterest100Advanced discovery          Canada     14,709,215 oz
BACK FORTYHUDBAYInterest51Advanced discovery          USA     Michigan14,355,308 oz
BACK FORTYAquila Resources Inc.Owner49Advanced discovery          USA     Michigan14,355,308 oz
SAN MARCIALSILVERMEX RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          Mexico     Sierra Madre14,243,902 oz
SLEITATOSISKO MININGInterest80Early discovery          USA     southwest Alaska14,155,974 oz
SLEITATSOLOMON RES.Interest20Early discovery          USA     southwest Alaska14,155,974 oz
LA LAGUNA PEDERNALILLOXTIERRAOption on interest100Advanced discovery          Mexico     Zacatecas13,812,377 oz
LALORHUDBAYOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Manitoba13,669,211 oz
BRONSON SLOPESKYLINE GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia13,517,856 oz
EL CAJON DEPOSITSCORPIO MININGInterest100Advanced discovery          Mexico     13,272,021 oz
SAN JUAN - HECLA MININGHECLA MININGJoint venture70Advanced discovery          USA     Colorado13,187,693 oz
PROMOTORIO DURANGOMEGA PRECIOUS METALSOption on interest70Brown exploration          Mexico     Durango13,086,817 oz
PROMOTORIO DURANGOSILVER WHEATONOption on interest20Brown exploration          Mexico     Durango13,086,817 oz
San Ramon ZacatecasInterest100Past producer          Mexico     ZacatecasZacatecas12,696,330 oz
FaleaRockgate CapitalOwner100Early discovery          Mali     12,357,332 oz
Vermillion-erringtonXSTRATAOwner100Brown exploration          Canada     12,355,532 oz
STOCKMAN - CURRAWONGJABIRU METALSAdvanced discovery          Australia     Victoria12,011,808 oz
PALMARITOMCEWEN MININGOwner100Advanced discovery          Mexico     Chihuahua11,937,186 oz
SANGIHEEAST ASIA MINERALSInterest70Brown exploration          Indonesia     North Sulawesi11,931,163 oz
NEWTONGMENCONTINENTAL MINERALSOwner100Advanced discovery          China     11,899,602 oz
WHISTLER ALASKAKISKA CORP.Owner100Advanced discovery          USA     Alaska11,764,601 oz
WHISTLER ALASKAKennecott Min.Back in right60Advanced discovery          USA     Alaska11,764,601 oz
CERRO CHORCHA-PANAMADOMINION MINERALSOption on interest75Advanced discovery          Panama     11,578,448 oz
PENASCO QUEMADOSILVERMEX RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          Mexico     Sonora11,431,295 oz
PENASCO QUEMADOSILVER STANDARDBack in rightAdvanced discovery          Mexico     Sonora11,431,295 oz
EL DORADO EL SALVADORPACIFIC RIM MININGOwner100Advanced discovery          El Salvador     11,395,857 oz
TULKS NORTHBUCHAN MINERALSOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Newfoundland11,126,152 oz
TULKS NORTHACADIAN MININGInterest51Advanced discovery          Canada     Newfoundland11,126,152 oz
TULKS NORTHXSTRATABack in right50Advanced discovery          Canada     Newfoundland11,126,152 oz
KEMESS UNDERGROUNDNORTHGATE MINERALSOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     British columbia10,809,660 oz
Hart(bear Property)Solid Res.Owner100Brown exploration          Canada     10,644,791 oz
TRES-CHORRERASATLAS MINERALSInterest100Advanced discovery          Ecuador     Azuay10,569,905 oz
SAN RAFAEL - 120 ZONESCORPIO MININGInterest100Advanced discovery          Mexico     10,480,690 oz
NORTHUMBERLANDFRONTEER GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          USA     NEVADA10,466,764 oz
LOGANALMADEN MIN.40Advanced discovery          Canada     Yukon10,439,990 oz
NIEVESQUATERRA RES.Joint venture50Advanced discovery          Mexico     Zacatecas10,223,841 oz
WEBBS SILVERSILVER MINESOwner100Advanced discovery          Australia     10,158,350 oz
TORALGOLDQUEST MININGInterest100Advanced discovery          Spain     10,130,057 oz
FRIEDA - NENA DEPOSITXSTRATAAdvanced discovery          Papua New Guinea     Sepik10,031,033 oz
FRIEDA - NENA DEPOSITHIGHLANDS PACIFICAdvanced discovery          Papua New Guinea     Sepik10,031,033 oz
Cuatro HermanosVirgin MetalsGreen exploration          Mexico     Sonora9,947,216 oz
AKIE (CARDIAC CREEK)CANADA ZINCOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     9,863,849 oz
FARRELLBASS METALSOwner100Advanced discovery          Australia     Tasmania9,800,030 oz
REDSTONE - LUMINAWESTERN COPPER AND GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Northwest9,722,386 oz
AMISK LAKE GOLDSt. Eugene MiningOwner35Advanced discovery          Canada     Saskatchewan9,674,932 oz
LINCOLN HILLRYE PATCH GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          USA     Nevada9,488,224 oz
Santa Cruz (24 Props)BHP BILLITONBrown exploration          Argentina     9,431,570 oz
Santa Cruz (24 Props)ROYAL GOLDBrown exploration          Argentina     9,431,570 oz
NIAGARA COPPER SILVERNEW JERSEY MININGOwner100Advanced discovery          USA     IdahoSilver Valley9,130,812 oz
CONRAD SILVERMALACHITE RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          Australia     New South Wales8,980,850 oz
MIWAHEAST ASIA MINERALSInterest85Advanced discovery          Indonesia     North Sumatra8,952,440 oz
PROMONTORIOKOOTENAY SILVEROwner100Early discovery          Mexico     Sonora8,844,478 oz
TEMBANGSUMATRAInterest92.5Advanced discovery          Indonesia     South Sumatra8,748,958 oz
TEMBANGNEWCRESTOption on interest25Advanced discovery          Indonesia     South Sumatra8,748,958 oz
LA FRAZADASILVERMEX RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          Mexico     Nayarit8,551,931 oz
Conjecture Mine / LakeviewCHESTER MININGOwner100Past producer          USA     IdahoSilver Valley8,471,053 oz
MAGNET JVBASS METALSJoint venture75Past producer          Australia     Tasmania7,980,458 oz
PaguantaOwner100Past Producer          Chile     7,941,234 oz
MargYukon GoldOwner100Green exploration          Canada     Yukon Territory7,722,931 oz
MargGOLDEN PREDATOR.Option on interestGreen exploration          Canada     Yukon Territory7,722,931 oz
Phillips RiverTECTONIC RES.Owner100Green exploration          Australia     Western Australia7,715,215 oz
BERGTHOMPSON CREEKOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia7,711,357 oz
PAGUANTA PROJECTHERENCIA RES.Interest50Advanced discovery          Chile     7,457,655 oz
BALABAGTVI PACIFICOwner100Advanced discovery          Philippines     Zamboanga Del Sur7,191,575 oz
MT CHARTERBASS METALSOwner100Advanced discovery          Australia     Tasmania6,962,244 oz
BILBAOXTIERRAInterest100Advanced discovery          Mexico     ZacatecasZacatecas6,960,348 oz
BILBAOMINCO PLCInterest60Advanced discovery          Mexico     ZacatecasZacatecas6,960,348 oz
LAS BOLASGOLDEN GOLIATHOwner100Advanced discovery          Mexico     Chihuahua6,676,520 oz
IXHUATÁN - CAMPAMENTOBRIGUS GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          Mexico     Chiapas6,643,180 oz
CALCATREAUPAN AMERICAN SILVEROwner100Advanced discovery          Argentina     Rio Negro6,606,062 oz
CALCATREAUNEWMONTBack in rightAdvanced discovery          Argentina     Rio Negro6,606,062 oz
LA TRINI AND MOLOLOA PROPERTIESTUMI RESOURCESOwner100Advanced discovery          Mexico     6,477,710 oz
HAQUIRA EASTFIRST QUANTUMOption on interest100Advanced discovery          Peru     Apurimac6,263,805 oz
JULCANIBUENAVENTURAOwner100Advanced discovery          Peru     Angaraes6,220,845 oz
CERRO PRIETOOROCOOwner100Advanced discovery          Mexico     Sonora6,195,878 oz
EL TRANSITOSTARCORE INTERNATIONALOwner100Advanced discovery          Mexico     Puebla6,191,605 oz
WILDCATALLIED NEVADAOwner100Advanced discovery          USA     Nevada6,100,218 oz
TULK SOUTH BOOMERANGMESSINA MIN.Interest100Advanced discovery          Canada     Newfoundland5,832,038 oz
TULK SOUTH BOOMERANGXSTRATANet Smelter Return2Advanced discovery          Canada     Newfoundland5,832,038 oz
HAMBOKNGEXInterest100Advanced discovery          Eritrea     5,572,303 oz
Seymour Lake/ Km 61XSTRATAGreen exploration          Canada     5,567,223 oz
LAGOA SALGADA PROJECTREDCORP VENTURESOwner100Green exploration          Portugal     5,534,781 oz
WATTS RIVERHUDBAYAdvanced discovery          Canada     5,453,250 oz
KREMNICA MINEORTAC RESOURCESInterest100Advanced discovery          Slovakia     5,402,329 oz
GOLDEN ARROWNEVADA SUNRISE GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          USA     Nevada5,265,332 oz
PARRALENDEAVOUR SILVEROption100Advanced discovery          Mexico     Chihuahua5,248,614 oz
WhistlerOwner100Past Producer          USA     Washington5,016,288 oz
CALADAYAMERICAS SILVEROwner100Brown exploration          USA     IdahoSilver Valley4,964,611 oz
TEXAS MT. GUNYANALCYONE RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          Australia     South East Queensland4,943,370 oz
CLEAR LAKECOPPER RIDGEOption on interest100Advanced discovery          Canada     Yukon Territory4,931,410 oz
TalapoosaNEWMONTGreen exploration          USA     Nevada4,692,866 oz
BuciumGABRIEL RESOURCESOwner100Advanced discovery          Romania     4,688,222 oz
BoorookGreen exploration          Australia     4,674,397 oz
NASH CREEKSLAM EXPL.Owner100Advanced discovery          Canada     New Brunswick4,627,368 oz
TEUTONIC BORE/JAGUAR MINEJABIRU METALSBrown exploration          Australia     4,556,468 oz
Zheng GuangLeyshon Res.Owner100Green exploration          China     4,533,255 oz
TREASURE MOUNTAIN PROJECTHULDRA SILVEROwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     4,451,641 oz
Daniels PondBUCHAN MINERALSOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     4,447,648 oz
CRUCITASINFINITO GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          Costa Rica     Alajeula4,410,767 oz
KIRAZLIALAMOS GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          Turkey     4,391,272 oz
COPPERWOODORVANA MIN.Leaser100Advanced discovery          USA     Michigan4,348,067 oz
PUKAQAQAVAALDIAM MININGInterest49Advanced discovery          Peru     4,303,625 oz
LEBONGSUMATRAInterest92.5Advanced discovery          Indonesia     4,263,189 oz
OONAH JVBASS METALSJoint venture75Advanced discovery          Australia     Tasmania4,245,152 oz
OONAH JVClancyJoint venture25Advanced discovery          Australia     Tasmania4,245,152 oz
CANABRAVALARA EXPL.Interest45Brown exploration          Brazil     4,235,057 oz
La ManchuriaPatagonia GoldOwner100Advanced discovery          Argentina     4,180,875 oz
SCOTT LAKETHUNDERMINOption on interest100Green exploration          Canada     Quebec4,166,737 oz
KANSAS CLAIMSTENAJON RES.Joint venture40Advanced discovery          Canada     British columbia4,159,727 oz
KANSAS CLAIMSMOUNTAIN BOY MIN.Joint venture29.4Advanced discovery          Canada     British columbia4,159,727 oz
Menninnie ZincTERRAMINOwner100Advanced discovery          Australia     4,153,876 oz
BELARAIRONBARKOwner100Advanced discovery          Australia     4,153,876 oz
REAL DE CATORCEFIRST MAJESTICOwner100Advanced discovery          Mexico     4,074,560 oz
SEKISOVSKOYEGOLDBRIDGES GLOBALOwner100Advanced discovery          Kazakhstan     4,052,602 oz
LA PATRIACOEUR D'ALÈNEOwner100Advanced discovery          Mexico     4,050,994 oz
WAR EAGLE MOUNTAINSILVER FALCON MININGOwner100Past producer          USA     Idaho4,000,000 oz
LOUISE LAKENORTH AMERICAN GEMInterest100Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia3,978,655 oz
EL DORADO PROJECT - MINITAPACIFIC RIM MININGOwner100Advanced discovery          El Salvador     3,958,446 oz
MATAGAMISPHINXJoint venture50Advanced discovery          Canada     Quebec3,871,322 oz
MATAGAMIXSTRATAJoint venture50Advanced discovery          Canada     Quebec3,871,322 oz
CliftonDumont NickelOwner100Brown exploration          USA     3,863,070 oz
Craig/ Nad ClaimsXSTRATABrown exploration          Canada     3,825,505 oz
Craig/ Nad ClaimsManson Creek Res.Brown exploration          Canada     3,825,505 oz
TAHUEHUETOSOHO RES.Interest99.4Advanced discovery          Mexico     Durango3,797,653 oz
GUADALUPECOEUR D'ALÈNEOwner100Advanced discovery          Mexico     3,789,287 oz
GOLIATHTreasury MetalsOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Ontario3,618,245 oz
GOLIATHLARAMIDE RES.Advanced discovery          Canada     Ontario3,618,245 oz
SIANARED 5 LIMITEDOption on interest80Advanced discovery          Philippines     3,601,687 oz
SIANAAnglogoldAdvanced discovery          Philippines     3,601,687 oz
SOUTH MOUNTAIN MINETHUNDER MOUNTAINOwner100Past producer          USA     Idaho3,571,973 oz
DYNASTYDYNASTY METALSOwner100Advanced discovery          Ecuador     Loja3,550,246 oz
SHAHUINDOSULLIDEN GOLDOwner100Early discovery          Peru     Cajabamba3,530,152 oz
MONTE CRISTO BCNORTH BAYOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia3,503,145 oz
Balabag RidgeTVI PACIFICOwner100Green exploration          Philippines     3,473,129 oz
COLUMBIA PROPERTYATNA RESOURCESOwner100Advanced discovery          USA     Montana3,450,860 oz
SANDY CREEK DEPOSITTNG LIMITEDAdvanced discovery          Australia     Northern Territory3,397,139 oz
MANBARRUMTNG LIMITEDOwner100Early discovery          Australia     Northern Territory3,305,472 oz
JAGUAR UNDERGROUND MINE JAGUAR MAIN LODE MEASUREDJABIRU METALSOwner100Advanced discovery          Australia     Western Australia3,305,097 oz
AMANCAYAYAMANA GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          Chile     Atacama3,262,336 oz
STOCKMAN - WILGAJABIRU METALSAdvanced discovery          Australia     Victoria3,227,324 oz
JABAL SHAYBANCITADEL RESOURCESOwner100Advanced discovery          Saudi Arabia     3,182,924 oz
YUSUFELIMediterranean Res.Owner100Advanced discovery          Turkey     3,000,790 oz
La Paloma MexicoWESTSTAR RES.Owner100Early discovery          Mexico     2,965,906 oz
CAMPO MORADONYRSTARInterest100Past producer          Mexico     Guerrero2,941,673 oz
MAUNDISCOVERY METALSOwner100Advanced discovery          Botswana     2,919,288 oz
BRABANT LAKE ZINCMANICOUAGAN MIN.Owner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Saskatchevan2,875,482 oz
CUITABOCAFIRST MAJESTICOwner100Advanced discovery          Mexico     2,802,264 oz
ROSARIOSILVERMEX RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          Mexico     Sinaloa2,794,354 oz
BLUE CARIBOUMEGA PRECIOUS METALSInterest100Advanced discovery          Canada     Nunavut2,780,924 oz
LA JOSEFINAHUNT MININGInterest100Advanced discovery          Argentina     Santa Cruz2,774,397 oz
EL DORADO PROJECT - BALSAMOPACIFIC RIM MININGOwner100Advanced discovery          El Salvador     2,747,651 oz
FREEGOLD MOUNTAIN - NUCLEUSNORTHERN FREEGOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     YukonTintina2,709,315 oz
EL DORADO PROJECT - SOUTH MINITAPACIFIC RIM MININGOwner100Advanced discovery          El Salvador     2,672,722 oz
SHERRIDON VMSHALO RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Manitoba2,670,520 oz
CHANGKENGMINCO GOLDInterest100Advanced discovery          China     Guangzhou2,648,344 oz
LA BOLSAPAN AMERICAN SILVEROwner100Advanced discovery          Mexico     2,496,210 oz
SAN IGNIACIOGREAT PANTHER SILVEROwner100Advanced discovery          Mexico     Guanajuato2,494,801 oz
ASKOT MINEPEBBLE CREEK.Owner100Advanced discovery          India     DELHI2,411,338 oz
ASKOT MINEINDIA RES.Interest15Advanced discovery          India     DELHI2,411,338 oz
SILVER ANGELSILVERCREST MINESOwner100Brown exploration          Mexico     Sonora2,353,279 oz
JESSUPRYE PATCH GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          USA     Nevada2,184,756 oz
COULON JVVIRGINIA MINESOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Quebec2,182,778 oz
MAMATLA AURORAIMPACT SILVERInterest100Advanced discovery          Mexico     Mamatla2,164,756 oz
GHCS (GRIFFITH HILL COPPER ZONE)KagaraOwner100Advanced discovery          Australia     2,160,530 oz
TEXAS SILVER SPURALCYONE RES.Owner100Early discovery          Australia     South East Queensland2,136,520 oz
BreznikEuromaxOwner100Advanced discovery          Bulgaria     2,099,972 oz
KANGIARAPARADIGM METALSOwner100Advanced discovery          Australia     New South Wales2,096,949 oz
FABIE BAY AND MAGUSI RIVERGLOBEX MININGRoyalty2Advanced discovery          Canada     Quebec2,089,532 oz
ANTI-ATLASODYSSEY RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          Morocco     2,087,587 oz
MUREMERANYOTA MINERALSOwner100Advanced discovery          Burundi     2,074,945 oz
FREEGOLD MOUNTAIN -TINTA HILLNORTHERN FREEGOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     YukonTintina2,007,901 oz
Geordie LakeMARATHON PGMOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     1,937,995 oz
Geordie LakeDiscovery Pgm Expl.Advanced discovery          Canada     1,937,995 oz
LARATreasury MetalsOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia1,925,727 oz
LARALARAMIDE RES.Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia1,925,727 oz
NICHOLAS-DENYSPUMA EXPLORATIONInterest100Advanced discovery          Canada     New Brunswick1,895,554 oz
NIBLACKNIBLACK MINERALOwner49Advanced discovery          USA     Alaska1,792,170 oz
BURRO CREEKNORTHERN FREEGOLDOwner100Brown exploration          USA     Arizona1,763,919 oz
BarbKOBEX MINERALSOwner100Brown exploration          Canada     1,761,445 oz
WEBBS CONSOLSSILVER MINESOwner100Early discovery          Australia     New South Wales1,700,000 oz
BUCIUM - RODU-FRASINGABRIEL RESOURCESOwner100Advanced discovery          Romania     Transylvania1,676,919 oz
TUNKILLIA - LAKE EVERARDMINOTAUR EXPL.Interest51Advanced discovery          Australia     1,675,697 oz
TUNKILLIA - LAKE EVERARDHELIXInterest49Advanced discovery          Australia     1,675,697 oz
Kay TandaMindoro Res.Owner100Advanced discovery          Philippines     Batangas1,637,161 oz
LipenaNew World Res.Owner100Early Discovery          Bolivia     1,621,652 oz
PROMONTORIO HIDALGO MAGISTRALAZURE MIN.Option on interest100Advanced discovery          Mexico     Chihuahua1,598,921 oz
FONMURGORInterest100Advanced discovery          Canada     Saskatchewan1,590,647 oz
RECUPERADA - BVNBUENAVENTURAOwner100Advanced discovery          Peru     Angaraes1,460,500 oz
LA VERDEALTA VISTA VENTURESOwner100Early discovery          Mexico     Sonora1,455,919 oz
Confederation Lake - FalconbridgeAURCREST GOLDGreen exploration          Canada     1,404,927 oz
Confederation Lake - FalconbridgeXSTRATAGreen exploration          Canada     1,404,927 oz
SEELGOLD REACH RES. LTDInterest100Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia1,394,241 oz
SEELGRAYD RES.Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia1,394,241 oz
MING MINERAMBLER METALS & MININGOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Newfoundland1,372,415 oz
HOMESTAKE RIDGEBRAVO GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia1,347,554 oz
HOMESTAKE RIDGETECKAdvanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia1,347,554 oz
NightflowerOwner100Green exploration          Australia     1,344,467 oz
EL DORADO PROJECT - COYOTERAPACIFIC RIM MININGOwner100Advanced discovery          El Salvador     1,297,672 oz
VENTANASPRIMERO MININGOption on interest100Early discovery          Mexico     Durango1,285,708 oz
TULK SOUTH - DOMINOMESSINA MIN.Interest100Advanced discovery          Canada     Newfoundland1,242,716 oz
TULK SOUTH - DOMINOXSTRATANet Smelter Return2Advanced discovery          Canada     Newfoundland1,242,716 oz
MT. POLLEYLEVONInterest100Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia1,179,804 oz
SUNNY CORNERGOLDEN CROSS RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          Australia     1,157,427 oz
SUNNY CORNERARGENT MIN.Option on interest51Advanced discovery          Australia     1,157,427 oz
EASTER PROPERTYLa Quinta Res.Option65Advanced discovery          USA     Nevada1,149,325 oz
SAN JOSE DE GARCIAGOLDGROUPOwner100Advanced discovery          Mexico     Sinaloa1,141,112 oz
ALDERMACABCOURT MINESOwner100Past producer          Canada     Quebec1,046,000 oz
LONG LAKEMESSINA MIN.Interest100Green Exploration          Canada     newfoundland1,029,145 oz
CHANCEXSTRATAOwner58.1Brown exploration          Canada     Ontario1,007,219 oz
CHANCEOPAWICAOwner41.9Brown exploration          Canada     Ontario1,007,219 oz
BOBBY'S POND (MLR)MOUNTAIN LAKE RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Newfoundland998,768 oz
SUE DIANNEFORTUNE MINERALSInterest100Advanced discovery          Canada     993,741 oz
TORTIGNYBEAUFIELD RES.Owner100Early discovery          Canada     Quebec960,986 oz
TORTIGNYXSTRATANet Smelter Return1Early discovery          Canada     Quebec960,986 oz
Taylor Brook - StrataboundStratabound Min.Owner100Brown exploration          Canada     933,658 oz
JALES / GRALHEIRAGalena Internl LtdOwner100Advanced discovery          Portugal     916,046 oz
Thierry MineIberian MineralsOwner100Past producer          Canada     914,679 oz
ELBE PROJECTFORSYS METALSInterest100Brown exploration          Namibia     895,077 oz
DOTDOT RESOURCESOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia835,907 oz
West 45KagaraOwner100Advanced discovery          Australia     821,001 oz
BIRD RIVER - NI ZONEMARATHON PGMOwner53Advanced discovery          Canada     Manitoba811,321 oz
BIRD RIVER - NI ZONEGOSSAN RESOURCESOwner47Advanced discovery          Canada     Manitoba811,321 oz
VIRGINIA SILVERMEGA PRECIOUS METALSOwner100Green exploration          Canada     749,916 oz
WIMMURGORInterest100Advanced discovery          Canada     Manitoba744,803 oz
TULK LONG LAKE MAIN ZONEMESSINA MIN.Interest100Advanced discovery          Canada     Newfoundland684,168 oz