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Project nameCompanyTitleInterestStatusStatus LevelCountryRisk LevelProvinceTrendTotal
OMAGH - KEARNEYGalantasLeaser100Advanced discovery          Ireland     Northern159,242,645 oz
MonakoffAlturaGreen exploration          Australia     81,019,885 oz
MonakoffAllied GoldGreen exploration          Australia     81,019,885 oz
POTCHEFSTROOM GOLDFIELDWITS GOLD100Advanced discovery          South Africa     76,150,972 oz
CaribouBREAKWATER RES.100Advanced discovery          Canada     65,660,766 oz
CaribouDiamond DiscoveriesAdvanced discovery          Canada     65,660,766 oz
NORTHERN EMPIREGOLDSTONE RESOURCESInterest100Advanced discovery          Canada     Ontario50,522,294 oz
VIRGINIA OPERATIONSAdvanced discovery          South Africa     Free State41,745,944 oz
VIRGINIA OPERATIONSHARMONY GOLDAdvanced discovery          South Africa     Free State41,745,944 oz
KLERKSDORP GOLDFIELDWITS GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          South Africa     Witwatersrand38,381,026 oz
SOUTHERN FREE STATE GOLDFIELDWITS GOLD100Advanced discovery          South Africa     Witwatersrand34,996,731 oz
SNOWFIELD (SULPHURETS)Pretium ResourcesOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia34,982,874 oz
SKAERGAARDPlatina Res.Owner100Advanced discovery          Greenland     30,787,555 oz
CASPICHEEXETEROption on interest100Advanced discovery          Chile     Maricunga26,308,956 oz
BLAGODATNOYEPOLYUS MININGOwner100Advanced discovery          Russia     Krasnoyarsk22,943,962 oz
BRUCEJACKPretium ResourcesOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia20,742,536 oz
KINGKINGBenguetOwner100Advanced discovery          Philippines     20,031,973 oz
FAR SOUTHEASTLEPANTO CONSOLIDATEDInterestAdvanced discovery          Philippines     Benguet19,855,658 oz
NatalkaNORILSK57.1Advanced discovery          Russia     16,390,824 oz
HERUGA (LOOKOUT HILL)ENTREE GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          Mongolia     14,336,018 oz
TUJUH BUKITINTREPID MINESOwner100Advanced discovery          Indonesia     East Java14,323,158 oz
FRIEDA RIVERHIGHLANDS PACIFIC88Advanced discovery          Papua New Guinea     13,715,508 oz
FRUTA DEL NORTEKINROSS GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          Ecuador     13,691,299 oz
LAS CRISTINAS (BOLIVAR)INFINITO GOLDInterest95Past producer          Venezuela     Bolivar12,000,000 oz
McdonaldATNA RESOURCES100Advanced discovery          USA     Montana11,812,184 oz
VOLCANANDINA MIN.Owner100Advanced discovery          Chile     11,485,854 oz
COBRE PANAMÁINMET MININGOwner100Advanced discovery          Panama     Colon11,004,879 oz
HAMMOND REEFOSISKO MININGInterest100Advanced discovery          Canada     Ontario10,576,695 oz
HAMMOND REEFKINROSS GOLDNet Smelter Return2Advanced discovery          Canada     Ontario10,576,695 oz
Dbm (de Bron - Merriespruit South (dbm)WITS GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          South Africa     10,058,361 oz
Frieda RiverXSTRATA72Advanced discovery          Papua New Guinea     8,698,835 oz
HOPE BAY MADRIDNEWMONTOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     7,669,008 oz
FRIEDA - HORSE-IVAAL-TRUKAIHIGHLANDS PACIFICAdvanced discovery          Papua New Guinea     Sepik7,340,015 oz
RAINY RIVERRAINY RIVERInterest100Advanced discovery          Canada     6,574,492 oz
YELLOW PINEVISTA GOLDOption100Advanced discovery          USA     idhao6,435,863 oz
TADYBULAKORSUInterest40Advanced discovery          Kyrgyzstan     6,419,861 oz
Mt Todd MineVISTA GOLDAdvanced discovery          Australia     Northern Territory6,416,003 oz
TALASORSUOwner100Advanced discovery          Kyrgyzstan     6,238,531 oz
DEGDEKANPOLYUS MININGOwner100Advanced discovery          Russia     Magadan6,109,311 oz
Lobo-marteKINROSS GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          Chile     5,865,569 oz
CanahuireGOLD FIELDSJoint venture51Advanced discovery          Peru     5,600,000 oz
CanahuireBUENAVENTURAOwner49Advanced discovery          Peru     5,600,000 oz
BLACKWATERNEW GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia5,552,654 oz
DOMINION PROJECTURANIUM ONEOwner100Advanced discovery          South Africa     5,521,622 oz
CERRO NEGRO ARGENTINAGOLDCORPOwner100Advanced discovery          Argentina     Santa Cruz5,356,469 oz
TITIMUKHTAPOLYUS MININGOwner100Advanced discovery          Russia     Krasnoyark5,237,357 oz
North ProjectPHILEX GOLD50Advanced discovery          Philippines     Mindanao Island5,210,350 oz
MELIADINEAGNICO-EAGLEOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Nanavut5,010,051 oz
ESAASEKEEGAN RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          Ghana     4,883,377 oz
DETOUR LAKETRADE WINDSOwner50Brown exploration          Canada     Ontario4,839,877 oz
DETOUR LAKEFRANCO NEVADANet Smelter Return2Brown exploration          Canada     Ontario4,839,877 oz
CERRO DEL GALLOSAN ANTON RESOURCESOwner100Advanced discovery          Mexico     4,560,583 oz
SAN ANTONSAN ANTON RESOURCESJoint venture64Advanced discovery          Mexico     4,560,583 oz
JOSEMARÍANGEXInterest100Advanced discovery          Argentina     San Juan4,436,803 oz
SINCHAOSINCHAOOwner100Advanced discovery          Peru     4,413,655 oz
SINCHAOANDEAN AMERICAN GOLDOwner58Advanced discovery          Peru     4,413,655 oz
MANKAYANBEZANT RESOURCESInterest40Advanced discovery          Philippines     Benguet4,263,446 oz
COTE LAKETRELAWNEYOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Ontario4,211,748 oz
BACK RIVERSABINAAdvanced discovery          Canada     Nunavut4,202,886 oz
BISSA GOLDHIGH RIVER GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          Burkina Faso     4,067,913 oz
GLEN EVADRUMMOND GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          Australia     Queensland4,016,580 oz
WAR EAGLE MOUNTAINSILVER FALCON MININGOwner100Past producer          USA     Idaho4,000,000 oz
TACA TACAGlobal Copper Corp.Interest100Advanced discovery          Argentina     Salta3,770,318 oz
TACA TACALumina CopperOwner100Advanced discovery          Argentina     Salta3,770,318 oz
Sinchao PropertyAdvanced discovery          Peru     3,733,666 oz
CONEY ARMCORNERSTONEOption on interest100Advanced discovery          Canada     Newfoundland3,636,249 oz
CONEY ARMKermodeAdvanced discovery          Canada     Newfoundland3,636,249 oz
BOREALISGRYPHON GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          USA     Nevada3,622,355 oz
Golden TriangleTVI PACIFICOwner100Advanced discovery          China     3,620,496 oz
WHISTLER ALASKAKISKA CORP.Owner100Advanced discovery          USA     Alaska3,596,383 oz
WHISTLER ALASKAKennecott Min.Back in right60Advanced discovery          USA     Alaska3,596,383 oz
LA BODEGAVENTANA GOLD CORP.Owner100Advanced discovery          Colombia     3,485,157 oz
BOMBOREOREZONE GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          Burkina Faso     3,456,366 oz
KIZILTASH (CHAARAT MAIN)CHAARAT GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          Kyrgyzstan     3,341,114 oz
ROBERTSONCORAL GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          USA     Nevada3,336,477 oz
MENGAPURMONUMENT MININGOwner70Advanced discovery          Malaysia     in Pahang State3,318,862 oz
HUGO NORTH EXTENSIONENTREE GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          Mongolia     3,246,422 oz
WESTWOODIAMGOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Quebec3,225,421 oz
MorelosTECK78.8Advanced discovery          Mexico     Chihuahua3,222,325 oz
HARDROCKPREMIER GOLD MINESJoint venture70Advanced discovery          Canada     Ontario3,180,234 oz
HARDROCKGOLDSTONE RESOURCESJoint venture30Advanced discovery          Canada     Ontario3,180,234 oz
MIWAHEAST ASIA MINERALSInterest85Advanced discovery          Indonesia     North Sumatra3,140,035 oz
BOURLAMAQUECENTURY MININGOwner100Brown exploration          Canada     QuebecAbitibi Gold Belt3,132,156 oz
Tucuma - HighgradeVale IncoBrown exploration          Brazil     3,086,472 oz
NORTHUMBERLANDFRONTEER GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          USA     NEVADA3,031,375 oz
ILOVITZAEuromaxOwner100Advanced discovery          Macedonia     3,019,920 oz
MORELOSTECK78.8Advanced discovery          Mexico     Guerrero3,009,567 oz
HUSHAMU (ISLAND COPPER)WESTERN COPPER AND GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada      British Columbia2,933,875 oz
HUSHAMU (ISLAND COPPER)KOBEX MINERALSOption on interest70Advanced discovery          Canada      British Columbia2,933,875 oz
HUSHAMU (ISLAND COPPER)INTERNATIONAL ROYALTYRoyalty10Advanced discovery          Canada      British Columbia2,933,875 oz
CIRESATA ROVINACARPATHIAN GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          Romania     2,931,184 oz
PAKRUTKRYSOOwner100Advanced discovery          Tajikistan     2,907,974 oz
GALORE CREEK - COPPER CANYONTECKInterest50Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia2,861,159 oz
GALORE CREEK - COPPER CANYONNOVAGOLD RES.Interest50Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia2,861,159 oz
NEWTONGMENCONTINENTAL MINERALSOwner100Advanced discovery          China     2,846,563 oz
TITIRIBIDe Beira GoldfieldsInterest70Past producer          Colombia     2,829,266 oz
KEMESS UNDERGROUNDNORTHGATE MINERALSOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     British columbia2,782,917 oz
SEKISOVSKOYEGOLDBRIDGES GLOBALOwner100Advanced discovery          Kazakhstan     2,782,306 oz
COLNICCARPATHIAN GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          Romania     2,751,397 oz
EL CAPITANEL CAPITAN PRECIOUS METALSOwner100Advanced discovery          USA     New Mexico2,713,972 oz
BLOCK ADETOUR GOLDJoint venture50Advanced discovery          Canada     Ontario2,698,444 oz
BLOCK APELANGIO EXPLORATIONJoint venture50Advanced discovery          Canada     Ontario2,698,444 oz
BLOCK ATRADE WINDSOption on interest25Advanced discovery          Canada     Ontario2,698,444 oz
MADRID DEPOSIT NAARTOK EASTNEWMONTOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     2,644,153 oz
TOROPARUSANDSPRING RES.Owner100Early discovery          Guyana     2,640,146 oz
TAYSANCrazy Horse ResOwner100Advanced discovery          Philippines     2,639,898 oz
MANICA GOLDPAN AFRICAN RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          Mozambique     Manica2,567,687 oz
AMULSARLYDIAN INTERNATIONALOwner95Advanced discovery          Armenia     2,543,446 oz
VerminskoeNORILSKAdvanced discovery          Russia     2,521,262 oz
MAGINOProdigy GoldOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Ontario2,510,589 oz
AFTON - AJAX CAMPABACUS MININGOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     2,478,951 oz
CRUCITASINFINITO GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          Costa Rica     Alajeula2,453,713 oz
MULATOSALAMOS GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          Mexico     Sonora2,386,068 oz
C1 SANTA LUZYAMANA GOLD100Advanced discovery          Brazil     2,359,964 oz
KWANIKASERENGETI RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia2,338,870 oz
Robertson CoreCORAL GOLDAdvanced discovery          USA     2,318,552 oz
PHOENIXHARMONY GOLDAdvanced discovery          South Africa     Free State2,315,175 oz
MT MAGNETRAMELIUSOwner100Advanced discovery          Australia     Western australia2,311,295 oz
WILCORYE PATCH GOLDOption on interest100Advanced discovery          USA     Nevada2,278,747 oz
ELEONORE SOUTHEASTMAIN RES.Joint venture33.33Green exploration          Canada     2,277,961 oz
ELEONORE SOUTHGOLDCORPJoint venture33.33Green exploration          Canada     2,277,961 oz
ELEONORE SOUTHAzimut Expl.Joint venture33.33Green exploration          Canada     2,277,961 oz
BATOTO / TARALECADAN RES.OwnerBrown exploration          Philippines     2,256,982 oz
PINSONATNA RESOURCESJoint venture70Advanced discovery          USA     NevadaBattle Mountain Eureka2,237,306 oz
PINSONBARRICK GOLDJoint venture30Advanced discovery          USA     NevadaBattle Mountain Eureka2,237,306 oz
PINSONINTERNATIONAL ROYALTYNet Smelter Return3Advanced discovery          USA     NevadaBattle Mountain Eureka2,237,306 oz
PINSONFRANCO NEVADANet Smelter Return1Advanced discovery          USA     NevadaBattle Mountain Eureka2,237,306 oz
YELLOWKNIFE (DISCOVERY MINE)TYHEE DEVELOPMENTOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Northwest Territories2,215,248 oz
BRONSON SLOPESKYLINE GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia2,211,330 oz
LONG CANYONFRONTEER GOLDOption on interest51Advanced discovery          USA     Nevada2,200,503 oz
AWAK MASVISTA GOLD100Advanced discovery          Indonesia     Island Of Sulawesi2,192,060 oz
GOLPUHARMONY GOLDJoint venture50Early discovery          Papua New Guinea     Morobe2,175,352 oz
GOLPUNEWCRESTJoint venture50Early discovery          Papua New Guinea     Morobe2,175,352 oz
YELLOWKNIFE GOLD PROJECTTYHEE DEVELOPMENT100Advanced discovery          Canada     Northwest Territories2,115,539 oz
Devil's TroughNORILSKOwner100Advanced discovery          Russia     2,030,641 oz
HADAMENGOUOwner100Past producer          China     2,000,000 oz
PAMPA DE PONGOCARDERO RES.Owner100Brown exploration          Peru     1,942,227 oz
GOLDEN EAGLEMIDWAY GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          USA     Washington1,919,785 oz
ARIZARO-LINDEROMANSFIELD MIN.Owner100Advanced discovery          Argentina     1,892,104 oz
PAUL ISNARDAUPLATAOwner100Advanced discovery          French Guyana     1,887,892 oz
PAUL ISNARDColumbus GoldOption on interest100Advanced discovery          French Guyana     1,887,892 oz
PAUL ISNARDEURO RESSOURCESRoyalty10Advanced discovery          French Guyana     1,887,892 oz
ALLUVIALSPOLYUS MINING100Advanced discovery          Russia     Irkutsk1,880,690 oz
YUSUFELIMediterranean Res.Owner100Advanced discovery          Turkey     1,869,084 oz
SPRING VALLEYMIDWAY GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          USA     1,842,262 oz
SIANARED 5 LIMITEDOption on interest80Advanced discovery          Philippines     1,818,253 oz
SIANAAnglogoldAdvanced discovery          Philippines     1,818,253 oz
BuciumGABRIEL RESOURCESOwner100Advanced discovery          Romania     1,809,373 oz
GUANZUANGCHINA GOLDMINESOwner100Advanced discovery          China     1,803,657 oz
MONTE CRISTO BCNORTH BAYOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia1,802,660 oz
LONG VALLEYVISTA GOLD100Advanced discovery          USA     california1,791,434 oz
TONKIN PROJECTMCEWEN MININGOwner100Advanced discovery          USA     Nevada1,750,512 oz
TONKIN PROJECTGOLDEN PREDATOR.RoyaltyAdvanced discovery          USA     Nevada1,750,512 oz
DUBLIN GULCH MAR TUNGSTENVictoria Gold Corp.Owner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Yukon1,743,716 oz
IXHUATÁN - CAMPAMENTOBRIGUS GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          Mexico     Chiapas1,722,219 oz
DUPARQUETOSISKO MININGOption on interest50Advanced discovery          Canada     Quebec1,718,136 oz
MONUMENT BAYROLLING ROCK RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Northwest Territories1,706,128 oz
MONUMENT BAYNEWMONTNet Smelter Return3Advanced discovery          Canada     Northwest Territories1,706,128 oz
SALAVEDagilev CapitalOwner95Advanced discovery          Spain     1,685,564 oz
CLEARWATER / EAU CLAIREEASTMAIN RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Quebec1,646,660 oz
SAN ANTONIO - LOS PLANESPEDIMENTOwner100Advanced discovery          Bolivia     Baja1,646,530 oz
SAN JORGECOROOption on interest100Advanced discovery          Argentina     Mendoza1,645,154 oz
SAN JORGELumina CopperOwner100Advanced discovery          Argentina     Mendoza1,645,154 oz
MOSS LAKEMOSS LAKE GOLD MINESOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Ontario1,640,042 oz
MASATO DEPOSIT (SABODALA)OROMIN EXPL.Owner and Leaser43.5Advanced discovery          Senegal     1,618,121 oz
Toodoggone Project - StealthStealth Min.Owner100Brown exploration          Canada     1,607,537 oz
SAN AGUSTINSILVER STANDARDOwner100Advanced discovery          Mexico     Durango1,594,999 oz
SAN AGUSTINGEOLOGIX EXPL.Option100Advanced discovery          Mexico     Durango1,594,999 oz
UPPER BEAVERQUEENSTON MININGOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Ontario1,584,682 oz
CEVIZLIDEREALACER GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          Turkey     1,576,361 oz
NEW PASSBonaventureInterest100Advanced discovery          USA     Nevada1,562,984 oz
GOLOUMAS DEPOSIT (SABODALA)OROMIN EXPL.Owner and Leaser43.5Advanced discovery          Senegal     1,561,743 oz
DORLINAUPLATAOwner100Advanced discovery          French Guyana     1,557,453 oz
EL DORADO EL SALVADORPACIFIC RIM MININGOwner100Advanced discovery          El Salvador     1,550,457 oz
BEISA NORTH / SOUTHWITS GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          South Africa     1,542,850 oz
BEISA NORTH PROJECTWITS GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          South Africa     1,542,850 oz
SAWAYAERDUNMAJESTIC GOLDJoint venture72Advanced discovery          China     1,524,377 oz
HOPE BAY BOSTONNEWMONTOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Nunavut1,511,099 oz
NORSEMANMATSAOwner100Advanced discovery          Australia     Western Australia1,504,976 oz
CO-OMEDUSA MININGOwner100Advanced discovery          Philippines     1,498,405 oz
HOPE BAY DORISNEWMONTOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Nunavut1,489,600 oz
BANFORAGRYPHON MIN.Owner100Advanced discovery          Burkina Faso     1,485,364 oz
FREEGOLD MOUNTAIN - NUCLEUSNORTHERN FREEGOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     YukonTintina1,483,933 oz
CENTRAL TANAMI PROJECTTanami GoldOwner100Advanced discovery          Australia     Northern Territory1,480,957 oz
SADDLE GOLDPREMIER GOLD MINESOwner100Advanced discovery          USA     NEVAda1,465,849 oz
PILARYAMANA GOLDInterest100Advanced discovery          Brazil     1,462,177 oz
VALLE HONDORUSORO MININGAdvanced discovery          Venezuela     1,461,251 oz
Kinaskan LakeCANADIAN GOLD100Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia1,456,297 oz
BELL CREEKLAKE SHORE GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     OntarioTimmins1,443,231 oz
KIPAWAAURIZON MINESInterest100Advanced discovery          Canada     Quebec1,435,762 oz
VENTERSBURGGOLD ONELeaser100Brown exploration          South Africa     Free State1,430,271 oz
SVETLOYEFORTRESS MINERALSOwner100Advanced discovery          Russia     Khabarovsk1,428,381 oz
WASAMACRICHMONT MINESOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Quebec1,418,254 oz
AMISK LAKE GOLDSt. Eugene MiningOwner35Advanced discovery          Canada     Saskatchewan1,413,521 oz
ARAE-GASSELSEARCHGOLDInterest100Advanced discovery          Burkina Faso     1,403,059 oz
GORUMBWAMOTO GOLDMINES60Advanced discovery          Congo Dem. Rep. of     1,385,954 oz
MADRID DEPOSIT NAARTOK WESTNEWMONTOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     1,379,744 oz
DAVIDSONNEW GOLDInterest75Advanced discovery          Canada     1,378,367 oz
TULU KAPINYOTA MINERALSInterest100Advanced discovery          Ethiopia     Wellega1,374,637 oz
BIBIANI GOLDNoble MineralOwner100Advanced discovery          Ghana     Kumasi1,365,555 oz
PAKAKAMOTO GOLDMINES60Advanced discovery          Congo Dem. Rep. of     1,358,369 oz
RED MOUNTAINAM GOLDInterest100Advanced discovery          Canada     yukon1,326,329 oz
CUIU CUIUMAGELLANOwner100Advanced discovery          Brazil     Tapajos1,305,320 oz
TitimuhtaNORILSKAdvanced discovery          Russia     1,299,533 oz
AGBAOUEndeavour MiningInterest85Advanced discovery          Ivory Coast     1,287,862 oz
OLLACHAMINERA IRLOwner100Advanced discovery          Peru     1,287,637 oz
JUBYTEMEX RESOURCESOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Ontario1,287,252 oz
LA INDIAGRAYD RES.Option on interest100Advanced discovery          Mexico     1,264,939 oz
DON SIXTOEXETEROption on interest100Advanced discovery          Argentina     Mendoza Province1,256,078 oz
MIGORI GOLDKANSAI MININGOwner100Early discovery          Kenya     1,238,000 oz
MIGORI GOLDRED ROCK RES.Option on interest60Early discovery          Kenya     1,238,000 oz
AGI DAGI - DELI ZONEFRONTEER GOLDJoint venture40Advanced discovery          Turkey     1,224,943 oz
IDAHO (FRIDAY / PETSITE / DIXIE)PREMIUM EXPL.Owner100Advanced discovery          USA     Idaho1,223,957 oz
OTJIKOTOTeal Expl.Owner100Brown exploration          Namibia     1,223,529 oz
BACK RIVER - GEORGE LAKESABINAOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Nanavut1,217,227 oz
COTABAMBASPANOROEarly discovery          Peru     Apurimac1,215,298 oz
SHARPE LAKEKAMINAK GOLDInterest100Advanced discovery          Canada     Manitoba1,211,247 oz
SHARPE LAKEGOSSAN RESOURCESAdvanced discovery          Canada     Manitoba1,211,247 oz
KIBALIMOTO GOLDMINES100Advanced discovery          Congo Dem. Rep. of     1,208,096 oz
KONONGOSIGNATURE METALS LTD.Interest70Advanced discovery          Ghana     1,207,058 oz
ComtoisMaudore Min.Green exploration          Canada     Quebec1,201,782 oz
BIG SPRINGS MINEGateway GoldOwner100Advanced discovery          USA     Nevada1,200,443 oz
SUGARLOAF PEAKChoice GoldOption on interest100Past producer          USA     Arizona1,200,000 oz
POURAOwner100Past Producer          Burkina Faso     1,200,000 oz
SUGARLOAF PEAKRIVERSIDE RESOURCESOwner100Past producer          USA     Arizona1,200,000 oz
GOLIATHTreasury MetalsOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Ontario1,193,436 oz
GOLIATHLARAMIDE RES.Advanced discovery          Canada     Ontario1,193,436 oz
KALANA GOLD MINEAVNEL GOLD MININGOwner80Advanced discovery          Mali     1,192,129 oz
COLUMBIA PROPERTYATNA RESOURCESOwner100Advanced discovery          USA     Montana1,189,504 oz
MORRISONPACIFIC BOOKEROwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia1,175,198 oz
TENNANT CREEKExcalibur Mining Corp.Advanced discovery          Australia     Northern Territory1,162,753 oz
Zheng GuangLeyshon Res.Owner100Green exploration          China     1,157,427 oz
DYNASTYDYNASTY METALSOwner100Advanced discovery          Ecuador     Loja1,156,282 oz
TEPALGEOLOGIX EXPL.Interest100Advanced discovery          Mexico     Michoacán1,152,852 oz
LixianDragon MountainOwner100Brown exploration          China     1,129,070 oz
AQUARIUSST ANDREW GOLDFIELDSOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Ontario1,120,567 oz
GOLDEN HIGHWAYMoneta Porcupine MinesOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Timmins1,116,816 oz
TEMORA PROJECTSTRAITS RES.Interest55Advanced discovery          Australia     1,115,631 oz
LAVERTON JVCarbon EnergyJoint venture50Advanced discovery          Australia     Western Australia1,105,269 oz
LAVERTON JVBARRICK GOLDOwner and Leaser50Advanced discovery          Australia     Western Australia1,105,269 oz
LEONORA - TOWER HILLST BARBARAOwner100Advanced discovery          Australia     Western Australia1,101,870 oz
BACK FORTYHUDBAYInterest51Advanced discovery          USA     Michigan1,090,521 oz
BACK FORTYAquila Resources Inc.Owner49Advanced discovery          USA     Michigan1,090,521 oz
TURKNEW DAWN MININGOwner100Advanced discovery          Zimbabwe     1,087,371 oz
AMAYAPAMPAREPUBLIC GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          Bolivia     1,077,789 oz
GUADALUPE Y CALVOAURICOOwner100Advanced discovery          Mexico     Chihuahua1,077,436 oz
Guadalupe Y CalvoAURICOOwner100Advanced discovery          Mexico     1,077,227 oz
MARA ROSAAMARILLO GOLDLeaser100Advanced discovery          Brazil     1,072,217 oz
DADIANGOUCHINA GOLDInterest80Advanced discovery          China     1,071,777 oz
Casa Berardi - North/southSea Green CapitalOwner100Green exploration          Canada     1,066,704 oz
KANSAS CLAIMSTENAJON RES.Joint venture40Advanced discovery          Canada     British columbia1,063,485 oz
KANSAS CLAIMSMOUNTAIN BOY MIN.Joint venture29.4Advanced discovery          Canada     British columbia1,063,485 oz
VOLTA GRANDEBELO SUNOwner100Advanced discovery          Brazil     Rio Grande Do Sul1,056,657 oz
BIELY VRCHEMEDOwner100Advanced discovery          Slovakia     1,055,091 oz
TAURUS PROJECT (CASSIAR)CHINA MINERAL MININGOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     1,052,115 oz
RED DOME PROJECTKagaraOwner100Advanced discovery          Australia     1,051,329 oz
SHAHUINDOSULLIDEN GOLDOwner100Early discovery          Peru     Cajabamba1,049,207 oz
KOUROUSSACASSIDY GOLDInterest100Advanced discovery          Guinea     1,048,571 oz
PANTANILLOOROSURAdvanced discovery          Chile     1,047,915 oz
CLONTIBRETCONROY DIAMONDS AND GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          Ireland     1,032,682 oz
CHANGKENGMINCO GOLDInterest100Advanced discovery          China     Guangzhou1,009,929 oz
TOKHTAZANORSUOwner100Brown exploration          Kyrgyzstan     1,000,000 oz
SHOTGUNTNROwner100Advanced discovery          USA     Alaska980,726 oz
SOUTH ARTUROBARRICK GOLDJoint venture60Advanced discovery          USA     Nevada978,070 oz
SOUTH ARTUROGOLDCORPJoint venture40Advanced discovery          USA     Nevada978,070 oz
TEMORAGOLDMINCO CORPORATIONOwner100Advanced discovery          Australia     New South Wales973,364 oz
MALARTIC BLOCKNIOGOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     QuebecVal D'or959,235 oz
YENIPAZARALDRIDGE MIN.Joint ventureAdvanced discovery          Turkey     956,278 oz
YENIPAZARALACER GOLDJoint ventureAdvanced discovery          Turkey     956,278 oz
SILVER COINTENAJON RES.Joint venture40Advanced discovery          Canada     British columbia948,510 oz
SILVER COINJAYDEN REJoint venture30.6Advanced discovery          Canada     British columbia948,510 oz
SILVER COINMOUNTAIN BOY MIN.Joint venture29.4Advanced discovery          Canada     British columbia948,510 oz
Gold Canyon/ Spring ValleyGoldspringOwner100Brown exploration          USA     939,220 oz
Sundance GoldRARE ELEMENT RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          USA     Wyoming935,780 oz
LO INCREIBLE 4A AND 4BMEDORO RES.Interest100Advanced discovery          Venezuela     Bolivar931,729 oz
LOUISE LAKENORTH AMERICAN GEMInterest100Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia924,334 oz
CENTRAL BOREGOLD ROADOwner100Advanced discovery          Australia     917,334 oz
TEMBANGSUMATRAInterest92.5Advanced discovery          Indonesia     South Sumatra907,069 oz
TEMBANGNEWCRESTOption on interest25Advanced discovery          Indonesia     South Sumatra907,069 oz
AYIRAKSKAYA BALPANTAU NORTHOXUS GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          Uzbekistan     Kyrylkum898,703 oz
TRES-CHORRERASATLAS MINERALSInterest100Advanced discovery          Ecuador     Azuay898,042 oz
CERRO QUEMAPERSHIMCO RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          Panama     Los Santos868,618 oz
WARRIOR GOLD MINECITIGOLD100Advanced discovery          Australia     South Australia868,070 oz
GOLD PICK AND GOLD RIDGEMCEWEN MININGOwner100Advanced discovery          USA     Nevada866,919 oz
LALORHUDBAYOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Manitoba857,782 oz
MENGU HILLMOTO GOLDMINES68.5Advanced discovery          Congo Dem. Rep. of     853,281 oz
BROOKBANKGOLDSTONE RESOURCESJoint venture74Advanced discovery          Canada     Ontario850,279 oz
CHUNYASHANTA GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          Tanzania     Mbeya847,341 oz
MARUDI MOUNTAINSHOREHAM RES. LTD.Owner100Brown exploration          Guyana     842,993 oz
MARUDI MOUNTAININFINITO GOLDNet Smelter Return2Brown exploration          Guyana     842,993 oz
DELTAHEATHERDALEInterest60Advanced discovery          USA     Alaska841,707 oz
DELTAGRAYD RES.Interest40Advanced discovery          USA     Alaska841,707 oz
BARSELE/ NORRANORTHLAND RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          Sweden     837,591 oz
SANGIHEEAST ASIA MINERALSInterest70Brown exploration          Indonesia     North Sulawesi834,654 oz
Goulagou - RoungaGOLDEN STAROwner100Advanced discovery          Burkina Faso     825,631 oz
CAPOOSENEW GOLDInterest100Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia824,570 oz
SAN MIGUELPARAMOUNT GOLD & SILVERInterest100Advanced discovery          Mexico     Chihuahua809,296 oz
GUADALUPE DE LOS REYESVISTA GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          Mexico     Sinaloa802,025 oz
SANTO DOMINGOFAR WEST MININGOwner100Advanced discovery          Chile     780,459 oz
SAMS CREEKOceana GoldOwner100Advanced discovery          New Zealand     772,582 oz
KARAKARTALALACER GOLD100Advanced discovery          Turkey     769,345 oz
CONSOLIDATED MURCHISONMETOREXOwner100Advanced discovery          South Africa     766,474 oz
HUXTER LANEPARAGONOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Newfoundland765,754 oz
HUXTER LANEGOLDEN DORY LTD.Option on interest60Advanced discovery          Canada     Newfoundland765,754 oz
KARARISARACEN MINERALS HOLDINGSOwner100Advanced discovery          Australia     Western Australia763,754 oz
SOUTHERN CROSS - NEVORIAST BARBARAAdvanced discovery          Australia     761,555 oz
MAVERICK SPRINGSALLIED NEVADAInterest100Advanced discovery          USA     Carlin Trend761,143 oz
MAVERICK SPRINGSSILVER STANDARDInterestAdvanced discovery          USA     Carlin Trend761,143 oz
PINAYAAM GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          Peru     southern peru758,684 oz
CORONATION HILLPast producer          Australia     Northern Territory756,266 oz
Sutter Gold MineSutter GoldOwner100Advanced discovery          USA     California749,745 oz
YAMARNAGOLD ROADOwner100Advanced discovery          Australia     Western Australia748,435 oz
MGUSUSHANTA GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          Tanzania     Mwanza742,882 oz
WHIRLING DERVISHSARACEN MINERALS HOLDINGSOwner100Advanced discovery          Australia     Western Australia736,869 oz
BAN HOUAYXAIPANAUSTInterest90Advanced discovery          Laos     734,966 oz
BAN HOUAYXAIGrdAdvanced discovery          Laos     734,966 oz
ZapadnoeNORILSK100Advanced discovery          Russia     723,392 oz
PICO MACHAYPAN AMERICAN SILVEROwner100Advanced discovery          Peru     Huancavelica710,274 oz
JUANICIPIOFRESNILLOJoint venture56Advanced discovery          Mexico     Zacatecas708,191 oz
JUANICIPIOMAG SILVEROwner44Advanced discovery          Mexico     Zacatecas708,191 oz
BACK RIVER - GOOSE LAKESABINAOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Nanavut707,959 oz
BOUSQUET MINEAGNICO-EAGLEOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Quebec707,724 oz
BOUSQUET MINEBARRA RES.Net Smelter Return2Advanced discovery          Canada