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Commodity : GOLD   Country : peru   Company status : explorer   Request : Sort Projects and Mines , By size of GOLD resources
Maps Result
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Project nameCompanyTitleInterestStatusStatus LevelCountryRisk LevelProvinceTrendTotal
CanahuireGOLD FIELDSJoint venture51Advanced discovery          Peru     5,600,000 oz
CanahuireBUENAVENTURAOwner49Advanced discovery          Peru     5,600,000 oz
SINCHAOSINCHAOOwner100Advanced discovery          Peru     4,413,655 oz
SINCHAOANDEAN AMERICAN GOLDOwner58Advanced discovery          Peru     4,413,655 oz
Sinchao PropertyAdvanced discovery          Peru     3,733,666 oz
PAMPA DE PONGOCARDERO RES.Owner100Brown exploration          Peru     1,942,227 oz
OLLACHAMINERA IRLOwner100Advanced discovery          Peru     1,287,637 oz
COTABAMBASPANOROEarly discovery          Peru     Apurimac1,215,298 oz
SHAHUINDOSULLIDEN GOLDOwner100Early discovery          Peru     Cajabamba1,049,207 oz
PINAYAAM GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          Peru     southern peru758,684 oz
PICO MACHAYPAN AMERICAN SILVEROwner100Advanced discovery          Peru     Huancavelica710,274 oz
CONSTANCIAHUDBAYOwner100Advanced discovery          Peru     535,310 oz
Poderosa MineIAMGOLDOwner100Past producer          Peru     385,396 oz
YANAMINA (PARON)Coronet MetalsOwner100Advanced discovery          Peru     286,864 oz
PUKAQAQAVAALDIAM MININGInterest49Advanced discovery          Peru     205,826 oz
AMRAFFINITY GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          Peru     158,209 oz
CAOLPAYOCAlianza MineralsOwner100Advanced discovery          Peru     Yanacocha143,714 oz
PORACOTABUENAVENTURAOwner100Advanced discovery          Peru     Cayarani122,469 oz
PORACOTASouthwestern Res.Advanced discovery          Peru     Cayarani122,469 oz
PORACOTATECKAdvanced discovery          Peru     Cayarani122,469 oz
Las BambasXSTRATAOwner100Green exploration          Peru     112,528 oz
ZAFRANALAqm CopperOwner100Early discovery          Peru     98,381 oz
AZUCAHOCHSCHILDOwner100Advanced discovery          Peru     76,515 oz
HAQUIRA EASTFIRST QUANTUMOption on interest100Advanced discovery          Peru     Apurimac61,410 oz
Tambo GrandeMediterranean Res.Owner100Brown exploration          Peru     42,375 oz
ANTAPITEBUENAVENTURAOwner100Advanced discovery          Peru     Huancavelica23,670 oz
JULCANIBUENAVENTURAOwner100Advanced discovery          Peru     Angaraes6,296 oz
ISHIHUINCABUENAVENTURAOwner100Advanced discovery          Peru     Caravelí1,647 oz
Note : Reserve and resources numbers are given pro-rata of interest in the various projects held
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