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Project nameCompanyTitleInterestStatusStatus LevelCountryRisk LevelProvinceTrendTotal
RESOLUTIONRIO TINTOInterest55Advanced discovery          USA     Arizona52,630,515,951 lbs
COBRE PANAMÁINMET MININGOwner100Advanced discovery          Panama     Colon42,684,139,506 lbs
CuajoneSouthern CopperOwner100Green exploration          Peru     26,069,771,787 lbs
JUNINCOPPER MESAOwner100Advanced discovery          Ecuador     19,267,960,481 lbs
CERRO VERDE - MILLFREEPORT MCMORANInterest53.56Advanced discovery          Chile     14,232,161,798 lbs
CERRO VERDE - MILLBUENAVENTURAInterest19.3Advanced discovery          Chile     14,232,161,798 lbs
LOS AZULES ARGENTINAMCEWEN MININGOwner100Advanced discovery          Argentina     San Juan12,522,476,954 lbs
LOS AZULES ARGENTINATNRBack in right25Advanced discovery          Argentina     San Juan12,522,476,954 lbs
Las BambasXSTRATAOwner100Green exploration          Peru     11,234,757,100 lbs
TACA TACAGlobal Copper Corp.Interest100Advanced discovery          Argentina     Salta11,203,230,777 lbs
TACA TACALumina CopperOwner100Advanced discovery          Argentina     Salta11,203,230,777 lbs
FAR SOUTHEASTLEPANTO CONSOLIDATEDInterestAdvanced discovery          Philippines     Benguet10,139,059,438 lbs
FRIEDA - HORSE-IVAAL-TRUKAIHIGHLANDS PACIFICAdvanced discovery          Papua New Guinea     Sepik9,973,712,741 lbs
KINGKINGBenguetOwner100Advanced discovery          Philippines     9,965,687,915 lbs
HERUGA (LOOKOUT HILL)ENTREE GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          Mongolia     9,629,791,612 lbs
TUJUH BUKITINTREPID MINESOwner100Advanced discovery          Indonesia     East Java8,730,305,583 lbs
VIZCACHITASLOS ANDES COPPERJoint venture51Advanced discovery          Chile     8,715,534,611 lbs
VIZCACHITASGlobal Copper Corp.Advanced discovery          Chile     8,715,534,611 lbs
NAMOSINEWCRESTInterest65Green exploration          Fiji     Viti Levu7,726,100,107 lbs
Bambas West (lince)Southwestern Res.Green exploration          Peru     7,275,254,810 lbs
Bambas West (lince)Vale IncoGreen exploration          Peru     7,275,254,810 lbs
ANN MASONENTREE GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          USA     Nevada7,128,550,465 lbs
HUGO NORTH EXTENSIONENTREE GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          Mongolia     7,064,162,036 lbs
CASPICHEEXETEROption on interest100Advanced discovery          Chile     Maricunga6,635,914,092 lbs
FRIEDA - NENA DEPOSITHIGHLANDS PACIFICAdvanced discovery          Papua New Guinea     Sepik4,900,876,027 lbs
FRIEDA - NENA DEPOSITXSTRATAAdvanced discovery          Papua New Guinea     Sepik4,900,876,027 lbs
TEGHUTArmenian CopperAdvanced discovery          Armenia     L4,850,169,768 lbs
NEWTONGMENCONTINENTAL MINERALSOwner100Advanced discovery          China     4,436,582,564 lbs
SNOWFIELD (SULPHURETS)Pretium ResourcesOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia4,080,844,658 lbs
JOSEMARÍANGEXInterest100Advanced discovery          Argentina     San Juan3,955,092,984 lbs
CEVIZLIDEREALACER GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          Turkey     3,734,132,477 lbs
EL ABRA - ROM LEACHFREEPORT MCMORANJoint venture51Advanced discovery          Chile     El Loa3,624,620,053 lbs
EL ABRA - ROM LEACHCodelcoJoint venture49Advanced discovery          Chile     El Loa3,624,620,053 lbs
LA VERDE PROJECTTECKOwner100Advanced discovery          Mexico     3,461,213,424 lbs
LA VERDE PROJECTCatalyst CopperOption on interest60Advanced discovery          Mexico     3,461,213,424 lbs
SINCHAOSINCHAOOwner100Advanced discovery          Peru     3,301,642,970 lbs
SINCHAOANDEAN AMERICAN GOLDOwner58Advanced discovery          Peru     3,301,642,970 lbs
CONSTANCIAHUDBAYOwner100Advanced discovery          Peru     3,249,393,282 lbs
BOSETO COPPERDISCOVERY METALSOwner100Advanced discovery          Botswana     3,190,529,858 lbs
GHANZIHANA MININGOption on interest100Advanced discovery          Botswana     2,999,058,384 lbs
REDSTONE - LUMINAWESTERN COPPER AND GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Northwest2,903,752,604 lbs
GOLPUHARMONY GOLDJoint venture50Early discovery          Papua New Guinea     Morobe2,822,534,250 lbs
GOLPUNEWCRESTJoint venture50Early discovery          Papua New Guinea     Morobe2,822,534,250 lbs
TEMORAGOLDMINCO CORPORATIONOwner100Advanced discovery          Australia     New South Wales2,750,663,491 lbs
MANKAYANBEZANT RESOURCESInterest40Advanced discovery          Philippines     Benguet2,745,019,719 lbs
CATFACEIMPERIALOwner97.4Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia2,700,456,359 lbs
CATFACEXSTRATAArea of interest50.1Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia2,700,456,359 lbs
AFTON - AJAX CAMPABACUS MININGOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     2,695,592,080 lbs
SAN JORGECOROOption on interest100Advanced discovery          Argentina     Mendoza2,658,995,344 lbs
SAN JORGELumina CopperOwner100Advanced discovery          Argentina     Mendoza2,658,995,344 lbs
CERRO VERDE - CRUSHED LEACHFREEPORT MCMORANInterest53.56Advanced discovery          Chile     2,627,469,241 lbs
CERRO VERDE - CRUSHED LEACHBUENAVENTURAInterest19.3Advanced discovery          Chile     2,627,469,241 lbs
Mavoio-tetelo-bembeHansa ResourcesOwner70Green exploration          Angola     2,622,178,146 lbs
TAYSANCrazy Horse ResOwner100Advanced discovery          Philippines     2,586,022,335 lbs
AMBLERNOVAGOLD RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          USA     Alaska2,467,325,453 lbs
Sinchao PropertyAdvanced discovery          Peru     2,455,729,138 lbs
MIRADOR NORTECORRIENTE RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          Ecuador     2,439,855,856 lbs
MIRADOR NORTEBHP BILLITONNet Smelter Return4Advanced discovery          Ecuador     2,439,855,856 lbs
KWANIKASERENGETI RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia2,292,983,897 lbs
BasayOwner100Past Producer          Philippines     Negros Oriental2,234,376,197 lbs
CERRO CHORCHA-PANAMADOMINION MINERALSOption on interest75Advanced discovery          Panama     2,176,932,562 lbs
ARAPICARAAURA MINERALSOwner100Advanced discovery          Brazil     Alagoas2,155,350,199 lbs
Tambo GrandeMediterranean Res.Owner100Brown exploration          Peru     1,980,844,637 lbs
POPLARLIONS GATE METALSOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     1,925,076,498 lbs
PAMPA DE PONGOCARDERO RES.Owner100Brown exploration          Peru     1,902,589,351 lbs
NOKOMISDULUTH METALSOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Ontario1,890,435,503 lbs
HUSHAMU (ISLAND COPPER)WESTERN COPPER AND GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada      British Columbia1,751,264,026 lbs
HUSHAMU (ISLAND COPPER)KOBEX MINERALSOption on interest70Advanced discovery          Canada      British Columbia1,751,264,026 lbs
HUSHAMU (ISLAND COPPER)INTERNATIONAL ROYALTYRoyalty10Advanced discovery          Canada      British Columbia1,751,264,026 lbs
MORRISONPACIFIC BOOKEROwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia1,631,475,856 lbs
TADYBULAKORSUInterest40Advanced discovery          Kyrgyzstan     1,585,344,127 lbs
FREEGOLD MOUNTAIN - NUCLEUSNORTHERN FREEGOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     YukonTintina1,563,847,734 lbs
ILOVITZAEuromaxOwner100Advanced discovery          Macedonia     1,536,401,533 lbs
COTABAMBASPANOROEarly discovery          Peru     Apurimac1,527,803,439 lbs
CERRO DEL GALLOSAN ANTON RESOURCESOwner100Advanced discovery          Mexico     1,483,931,487 lbs
SAN ANTONSAN ANTON RESOURCESJoint venture64Advanced discovery          Mexico     1,483,931,487 lbs
B&c Springs/ Nevada BcADANAC MOLYBDENUMOwner100Green exploration          USA     1,440,287,029 lbs
CUMOMOSQUITO CONSOLIDATED GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          USA     Idaho1,287,521,709 lbs
GALORE CREEK - COPPER CANYONNOVAGOLD RES.Interest50Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia1,271,626,328 lbs
GALORE CREEK - COPPER CANYONTECKInterest50Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia1,271,626,328 lbs
MENGAPURMONUMENT MININGOwner70Advanced discovery          Malaysia     in Pahang State1,236,842,895 lbs
MACARTHURQUATERRA RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          USA     Nevada1,215,953,368 lbs
COPPERWOODORVANA MIN.Leaser100Advanced discovery          USA     Michigan1,158,903,974 lbs
COPPER CREEK KEELREDHAWK RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          USA     Arizona1,135,192,779 lbs
ZETA (BOSETO COPPER)DISCOVERY METALSOwner100Advanced discovery          Botswana     1,125,239,386 lbs
LAS MINERALECudecoOwner100Advanced discovery          Australia     1,102,311,311 lbs
EUREKA ARGENTINATNROption on interest75Brown exploration          Argentina     Jujuy1,102,311,311 lbs
EUREKA ARGENTINASOLTERA MININGBrown exploration          Argentina     Jujuy1,102,311,311 lbs
CHINO - ROM LEACHFREEPORT MCMORANOwner100Advanced discovery          USA     1,055,573,311 lbs
TALASORSUOwner100Advanced discovery          Kyrgyzstan     1,034,408,934 lbs
KEMESS UNDERGROUNDNORTHGATE MINERALSOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     British columbia1,005,175,638 lbs
TEMORA PROJECTSTRAITS RES.Interest55Advanced discovery          Australia     985,466,312 lbs
Cuatro HermanosVirgin MetalsGreen exploration          Mexico     Sonora909,459,756 lbs
BROWNS EASTCompass Res.Owner100Advanced discovery          Australia     867,408,771 lbs
KIPUSHIKumba Iron OreInterest50Advanced discovery          Congo Dem. Rep. of     864,388,438 lbs
KIPUSHIFIRST QUANTUMInterest50Advanced discovery          Congo Dem. Rep. of     864,388,438 lbs
SEPONBATEMAN ENGINEERINGAdvanced discovery          Laos     859,979,146 lbs
CHIBULUMA MAINMETOREXInterest85Advanced discovery          Zambia     Copperbelt823,647,012 lbs
PUKAQAQAVAALDIAM MININGInterest49Advanced discovery          Peru     769,841,022 lbs
WHISTLER ALASKAKISKA CORP.Owner100Advanced discovery          USA     Alaska749,571,691 lbs
WHISTLER ALASKAKennecott Min.Back in right60Advanced discovery          USA     Alaska749,571,691 lbs
TITIRIBIDe Beira GoldfieldsInterest70Past producer          Colombia     727,525,465 lbs
Victor Deep DepositVale IncoOwner100Brown exploration          Canada     708,345,235 lbs
CHAUCHACOPPER MESAInterest100Advanced discovery          Ecuador     Azuay691,149,192 lbs
EAST MADAGEOVICOwner100Advanced discovery          Cameroon     671,307,588 lbs
GJ KINASKANNGEXOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia652,017,129 lbs
COPPER FLATECR MINERALSOption on interest100Advanced discovery          USA     New Mexico641,545,208 lbs
COPAQUIREINTL. PBX VENTURESOwner100Advanced discovery          Chile     Iquique641,545,208 lbs
BAGDAD - ROM LEACHFREEPORT MCMORANOwner100Advanced discovery          USA     Arizona629,640,221 lbs
KEVISTAFIRST QUANTUMOwner100Advanced discovery          Finland     Lapland629,159,613 lbs
GRANDUC COPPER MINECASTLE RES.Interest100Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia605,179,933 lbs
HANNUKAINENNORTHLAND RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          Finland     602,920,195 lbs
AXEWESTSTAR RES.Interest66Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia594,807,183 lbs
AXEBEARCLAW CAPITALOwner34Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia594,807,183 lbs
PINAYAAM GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          Peru     southern peru593,719,996 lbs
Ok Property (powell River)Goldrush Res.Brown exploration          Canada     593,219,860 lbs
MAUNDISCOVERY METALSOwner100Advanced discovery          Botswana     570,997,249 lbs
BERGTHOMPSON CREEKOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia564,030,639 lbs
HAMBOKNGEXInterest100Advanced discovery          Eritrea     549,744,697 lbs
JOHNSON CAMP MINENORD RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          USA     Arizona542,387,783 lbs
JOHNSON CAMP MINEINTERNATIONAL ROYALTYNet Smelter Return2.5Advanced discovery          USA     Arizona542,387,783 lbs
Ungava (v V C)Goldbrook VenturesGreen exploration          Canada     541,087,133 lbs
Toodoggone Project - StealthStealth Min.Owner100Brown exploration          Canada     529,109,417 lbs
ZONIACOPPER MESAAdvanced discovery          USA     Arizona513,897,533 lbs
SOUKER PROPERTYKOLA MININGOwner100Early discovery          Russia     Murmansk513,376,801 lbs
BRONSON SLOPESKYLINE GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia510,177,960 lbs
CHU PROJECT MOLYBDENUMTtm Resources Inc.Owner100Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia489,614,938 lbs
KAKANDASIMBERI MININGInterest51Advanced discovery          Congo Dem. Rep. of     Katanga489,426,222 lbs
KARCHIGAORSUOwner94.75Advanced discovery          Kazakhstan     464,518,396 lbs
TAURUSSENATOR MINERALSOwner100Green exploration          USA     Alaska448,037,316 lbs
KanmantooOwner100Past Producer          Australia     South Australia446,932,109 lbs
MT. POLLEYLEVONInterest100Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia437,599,953 lbs
KARAKARTALALACER GOLD100Advanced discovery          Turkey     431,903,209 lbs
Trafalgar ProjectCerro ResourcesOwner100Green exploration          Australia     428,931,368 lbs
ORACLE RIDGEGOLD HAWK RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          USA     Arizona416,078,427 lbs
BERENGUELASILVER STANDARDOwner100Advanced discovery          Peru     414,292,683 lbs
TEPALGEOLOGIX EXPL.Interest100Advanced discovery          Mexico     Michoacán412,502,111 lbs
KALUMINES - LUPOTOTeal Expl.100Advanced discovery          Congo Dem. Rep. of     410,615,365 lbs
COPPER HILLGREAT WESTERN MIN.Owner100Green exploration          USA     Nevada409,177,947 lbs
STOCKMAN - CURRAWONGJABIRU METALSAdvanced discovery          Australia     Victoria403,090,996 lbs
MOKAMBOAFRICAN EAGLEJoint venture50Early discovery          Zambia     400,756,310 lbs
MUREMERANYOTA MINERALSOwner100Advanced discovery          Burundi     388,542,691 lbs
CIRESATA ROVINACARPATHIAN GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          Romania     379,658,062 lbs
RAINBOWABACUS MININGOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     374,444,129 lbs
COLNICCARPATHIAN GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          Romania     372,272,576 lbs
MKUSHICGA MINING.Joint venture51Advanced discovery          Zambia     Central363,145,438 lbs
MKUSHIAFRICAN EAGLEJoint venture49Advanced discovery          Zambia     Central363,145,438 lbs
CERRO VERDE - ROM LEACHFREEPORT MCMORANInterest53.56Advanced discovery          Chile     362,439,959 lbs
CERRO VERDE - ROM LEACHBUENAVENTURAInterest19.3Advanced discovery          Chile     362,439,959 lbs
ZAFRANALAqm CopperOwner100Early discovery          Peru     348,550,839 lbs
KUN-MANIEAMUR MIN.Interest100Advanced discovery          Russia     310,477,004 lbs
FYRE LAKE (KONA)PACIFIC RIDGEOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Yukon Territory300,798,711 lbs
FYRE LAKE (KONA)Endeavour FinancialAdvanced discovery          Canada     Yukon Territory300,798,711 lbs
WhistlerOwner100Past Producer          USA     Washington296,830,393 lbs
CONTACT COPPERINTERNATIONAL ENEXCOOwner100Advanced discovery          USA     Nevada296,665,485 lbs
RELINCHOGlobal Copper Corp.Advanced discovery          Chile     293,655,737 lbs
GETTY SOUTH DEPOSITGETTY COPPERJoint venture50Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia291,786,213 lbs
DM AUDRA DEPOSITABACUS MININGOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia283,234,482 lbs
LITTLE DEERCORNERSTONEJoint venture50Advanced discovery          Canada     Newfoundland275,849,217 lbs
LITTLE DEERTHUNDERMINJoint venture50Advanced discovery          Canada     Newfoundland275,849,217 lbs
WATTS RIVERHUDBAYAdvanced discovery          Canada     274,502,853 lbs
COPPER CREEKREDHAWK RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          USA     Arizona273,284,217 lbs
REED LAKEHUDBAYJoint venture70Advanced discovery          Canada     Manitoba270,070,680 lbs
REED LAKEVMS VENTURESJoint venture30Advanced discovery          Canada     Manitoba270,070,680 lbs
SHERRIDON VMSHALO RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Manitoba265,840,010 lbs
RED DOME PROJECTKagaraOwner100Advanced discovery          Australia     265,216,101 lbs
TOROPARUSANDSPRING RES.Owner100Early discovery          Guyana     261,742,492 lbs
SANTO DOMINGOFAR WEST MININGOwner100Advanced discovery          Chile     258,866,785 lbs
YanxiGobiminOwner100Green exploration          China     254,303,219 lbs
PITARILLASILVER STANDARDOwner100Advanced discovery          Mexico     Sierra Madre248,571,201 lbs
LALORHUDBAYOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Manitoba241,803,009 lbs
MING MINERAMBLER METALS & MININGOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Newfoundland235,116,389 lbs
MogoraibSanu ResourcesOwner100Green exploration          Eritrea     231,176,733 lbs
DAM DEPOSITGOLDMINCO CORPORATIONOwner100Advanced discovery          Australia     228,950,059 lbs
KUDZ ZE KAYAHTECKOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Yukon Territory228,575,273 lbs
PelusaCentenario Copper Corp.Advanced discovery          Chile     Antofagasta219,249,712 lbs
MALKU KHOTASOUTH AMERICAN SILVEROwner100Advanced discovery          Bolivia     Potosi213,850,700 lbs
WELLGREENPROPHECY DEVELOPMENTOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Yukon Territory211,026,477 lbs
DELTAHEATHERDALEInterest60Advanced discovery          USA     Alaska203,707,130 lbs
DELTAGRAYD RES.Interest40Advanced discovery          USA     Alaska203,707,130 lbs
YENIPAZARALDRIDGE MIN.Joint ventureAdvanced discovery          Turkey     196,733,688 lbs
YENIPAZARALACER GOLDJoint ventureAdvanced discovery          Turkey     196,733,688 lbs
FRIEDA RIVERHIGHLANDS PACIFIC88Advanced discovery          Papua New Guinea     185,532,221 lbs
Lang LakeEast WestBrown exploration          Canada     177,472,118 lbs
Lang LakeMEGA URANIUMBrown exploration          Canada     177,472,118 lbs
SUE DIANNEFORTUNE MINERALSInterest100Advanced discovery          Canada     177,141,428 lbs
CLONCURRY/ SWAN - MT ELLIOTIvanhoe AustraliaOwner100Brown exploration          Australia     Queensland176,457,996 lbs
STOCKMAN - WILGAJABIRU METALSAdvanced discovery          Australia     Victoria175,754,720 lbs
LundbergBUCHAN MINERALSInterest100Advanced discovery          Canada     Newfoundland173,415,615 lbs
BLUE CARIBOUMEGA PRECIOUS METALSInterest100Advanced discovery          Canada     Nunavut172,025,376 lbs
KALUMINES - KASONTATeal Expl.Owner100Advanced discovery          Congo Dem. Rep. of     171,299,178 lbs
CRYPTOLithic Res.100Advanced discovery          USA     Utah170,012,648 lbs
Vermillion-erringtonXSTRATAOwner100Brown exploration          Canada     169,447,299 lbs
MargYukon GoldOwner100Green exploration          Canada     Yukon Territory167,178,740 lbs
MargGOLDEN PREDATOR.Option on interestGreen exploration          Canada     Yukon Territory167,178,740 lbs
YUSUFELIMediterranean Res.Owner100Advanced discovery          Turkey     164,905,772 lbs
DOOLGUNNASANDFIREOwner100Advanced discovery          Australia     148,150,642 lbs
PuquiosOwner100Past Producer          Chile     147,445,159 lbs
MATAGAMIXSTRATAJoint venture50Advanced discovery          Canada     Quebec145,508,825 lbs
MATAGAMISPHINXJoint venture50Advanced discovery          Canada     Quebec145,508,825 lbs
MurrawombieSTRAITS RES.Advanced discovery          Australia     New South Wales144,402,782 lbs
NIAGARA COPPER SILVERNEW JERSEY MININGOwner100Advanced discovery          USA     IdahoSilver Valley144,005,950 lbs
RIIKONDOSKITARANIS RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          Finland     142,612,628 lbs
FrankeCentenario Copper Corp.Owner100Advanced discovery          Chile     Antofagasta138,790,696 lbs
TRES-CHORRERASATLAS MINERALSInterest100Advanced discovery          Ecuador     Azuay136,685,721 lbs
SOUKERKOLA MININGOwner100Brown exploration          Russia     136,245,675 lbs
TASEKOGREAT QUEST METALSInterest100Early discovery          Canada     British Columbia135,154,393 lbs
Seymour Lake/ Km 61XSTRATAGreen exploration          Canada     132,145,085 lbs
LOUISE LAKENORTH AMERICAN GEMInterest100Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia131,836,435 lbs
AREA 55Compass Res.Owner100Advanced discovery          Australia     131,792,340 lbs
COPPER CREEK-MAMMOTHREDHAWK RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          USA     Arizona131,787,931 lbs
WIMMURGORInterest100Advanced discovery          Canada     Manitoba129,774,794 lbs
ANTI-ATLASODYSSEY RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          Morocco     126,719,504 lbs
ROVERWestgoldOwner100Advanced discovery          Australia     Northern Territories126,580,612 lbs
MALPICASKEENA RESOURCESOption on interest100Green exploration          Mexico     125,650,256 lbs
Lower Coleman MineVale IncoOwner100Past producer          Canada     116,844,993 lbs
ASKOT MINEPEBBLE CREEK.Owner100Advanced discovery          India     DELHI113,019,979 lbs
ASKOT MINEINDIA RES.Interest15Advanced discovery          India     DELHI113,019,979 lbs
Frieda RiverXSTRATA72Advanced discovery          Papua New Guinea     110,862,535 lbs
BACK FORTYHUDBAYInterest51Advanced discovery          USA     Michigan110,385,455 lbs
BACK FORTYAquila Resources Inc.Owner49Advanced discovery          USA     Michigan110,385,455 lbs
Geordie LakeMARATHON PGMOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     109,746,113 lbs
Geordie LakeDiscovery Pgm Expl.Advanced discovery          Canada     109,746,113 lbs
Horseshoe LightsOwner100Past Producer          Australia     Western Australia107,585,584 lbs
South Trend / Overtime (raglan)INTL MONTORO RES.Brown exploration          Canada     107,517,682 lbs
OX LAKEGOLD REACH RES. LTDInterest100Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia106,681,689 lbs
STAVELY - THURSDAYS GOSSAN COPPER PROSPECTBCD RESOURCESOwner100Advanced discovery          Australia     victoria105,160,499 lbs
PRAIRIE CREEKCANADIAN ZINCOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     104,780,425 lbs
CANABRAVALARA EXPL.Interest45Brown exploration          Brazil     100,641,023 lbs
PARDOO (HIGHWAY AND SUPPLY WELL)SEGUE RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          Australia     Western australia98,546,631 lbs
PARDOO (HIGHWAY AND SUPPLY WELL)MITHRIL RESOption on interest51Advanced discovery          Australia     Western australia98,546,631 lbs
PotterMillstreamGreen exploration          Canada     Ontario96,796,164 lbs
PotterTECKGreen exploration          Canada     Ontario96,796,164 lbs
DOTDOT RESOURCESOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia96,282,484 lbs
Thierry MineIberian MineralsOwner100Past producer          Canada     93,032,869 lbs
FLYING HORSE - MOUNT KELLY PROJECTCoppercoOwner100Advanced discovery          Australia     92,182,988 lbs
NAMBONGAHARMONY GOLDJoint venture50Advanced discovery          Papua New Guinea     92,131,179 lbs
SEELGOLD REACH RES. LTDInterest100Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia91,694,668 lbs
SEELGRAYD RES.Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia91,694,668 lbs
ROVINACARPATHIAN GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          Romania     91,668,212 lbs
NICKEL KINGSTRONGBOW100Advanced discovery          Canada     Saskatchewan90,093,888 lbs
FABIE BAY AND MAGUSI RIVERGLOBEX MININGRoyalty2Advanced discovery          Canada     Quebec89,629,815 lbs
ELBE PROJECTFORSYS METALSInterest100Brown exploration          Namibia     89,507,677 lbs
SCOTT LAKETHUNDERMINOption on interest100Green exploration          Canada     Quebec87,303,058 lbs
LA BODEGAVENTANA GOLD CORP.Owner100Advanced discovery          Colombia     85,788,480 lbs
Rosario OesteXSTRATA44Advanced discovery          Chile     84,198,947 lbs
WEST ANSILALEXIS MIN.Joint venture50Advanced discovery          Canada     Quebec83,378,828 lbs
WEST ANSILXSTRATAJoint venture50Advanced discovery          Canada     Quebec83,378,828 lbs
MWAMBASHITeal Expl.Joint venture70Advanced discovery          Zambia     81,806,928 lbs
COPPER CREEK-CHILDS-ALDWINKLEREDHAWK RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          USA     Arizona79,477,800 lbs
STRIEBORNAGLOBAL MINERALSInterest70Advanced discovery          Slovakia     77,889,317 lbs
Red DomeOwner100Past Producer          Australia     Queensland77,355,799 lbs
South Norway ProjectXSTRATA100Advanced discovery          Norway     76,772,896 lbs
South Norway ProjectBlackstone VenturesAdvanced discovery          Norway     76,772,896 lbs
MOKOPANEBLACKTHORN RESOwner74Advanced discovery          South Africa     Limpopo75,270,226 lbs
LONE PINEBARD VENTURES100Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia75,116,894 lbs
Selkirk Mine (tati Nickel)XSTRATAOwner100Past producer          Botswana     74,736,710 lbs
Las BambasXSTRATAOwner100Advanced discovery          Peru     72,752,547 lbs
WEST GRAHAMFIRST NICKELJoint venture70Advanced discovery          Canada     Ontario71,661,258 lbs
WEST GRAHAMLANDORE RES.Advanced discovery          Canada     Ontario71,661,258 lbs
GHCS (GRIFFITH HILL COPPER ZONE)KagaraOwner100Advanced discovery          Australia     70,834,525 lbs
JAGUAR UNDERGROUND MINE JAGUAR MAIN LODE MEASUREDJABIRU METALSOwner100Advanced discovery          Australia     Western Australia68,982,642 lbs
TURGEONPUMA EXPLORATIONInterest100Brown exploration          Canada     New-Brunswick66,138,679 lbs
UPPER BEAVERQUEENSTON MININGOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Ontario64,553,335 lbs
BRABANT LAKE ZINCMANICOUAGAN MIN.Owner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Saskatchevan61,762,503 lbs
Lorraine - JajayTECKBrown exploration          Canada     61,112,138 lbs
Lorraine - JajayLysanderBrown exploration          Canada     61,112,138 lbs
LAS ANIMASGOLDQUEST MININGOwner100Early discovery          Dominican Republic     59,822,436 lbs
NIBLACKNIBLACK MINERALOwner49Advanced discovery          USA     Alaska58,501,864 lbs
Sleeping Giant TanzaniaContinental Nickel (cni)Owner10Advanced discovery          Tanzania     57,717,020 lbs
TEUTONIC BORE/JAGUAR MINEJABIRU METALSBrown exploration          Australia     56,213,467 lbs
GULLEWAATW GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          Australia     Western Australia55,759,756 lbs
GULLEWAMutiny GoldOption on interest70Advanced discovery          Australia     Western Australia55,759,756 lbs
ALDERMACABCOURT MINESOwner100Past producer          Canada     Quebec54,675,000 lbs
BURHUDBAYOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Manitoba53,433,438 lbs
DIKOLOTIDISCOVERY METALSOwner85Advanced discovery          Botswana     51,808,632 lbs
DIKOLOTIXSTRATAOwner15Advanced discovery          Botswana     51,808,632 lbs
MILPILLASPENOLESInterest100Advanced discovery          Mexico     Chihuahua51,697,862 lbs
PROMONTORIO HIDALGO MAGISTRALAZURE MIN.Option on interest100Advanced discovery          Mexico     Chihuahua51,623,443 lbs
JABAL SHAYBANCITADEL RESOURCESOwner100Advanced discovery          Saudi Arabia     48,501,698 lbs
KALUMINES - NIAMUMENDATeal Expl.100Advanced discovery          Congo Dem. Rep. of     47,531,664 lbs
MayvilleMustangOwner100Green exploration          Canada     46,786,723 lbs
GalaxyDiscovery-corpOwner100Green exploration          Canada     British Columbia45,856,149 lbs
WELLINGTONALKANE RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          Australia     New South Wales45,615,847 lbs
BOBBY'S POND (MLR)MOUNTAIN LAKE RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Newfoundland45,411,919 lbs
Salt CreekSTRAITS RES.Advanced discovery          Australia     44,974,301 lbs
Bahubulu SoutheastPt Antam TbkOwner100Advanced discovery          Indonesia     44,824,387 lbs
SKIDDERMESSINA MIN.Interest100Advanced discovery          Canada     Newfoundland44,092,452 lbs
SKIDDERXSTRATANet Smelter Return2Advanced discovery          Canada     Newfoundland44,092,452 lbs
CONSOLIDATED MURCHISONMETOREXOwner100Advanced discovery          South Africa     42,990,141 lbs
YUINMERYEMPIRE RES.Interest90Advanced discovery          Australia     42,968,977 lbs
ARIPUANA / AREXANGLO AMERICANInterest70Advanced discovery          Brazil     Mato Grosso41,798,322 lbs
ARIPUANA / AREXKARMIN EXPL.Interest30Advanced discovery          Brazil     Mato Grosso41,798,322 lbs
DOSTYKCigma MetalsOption on interest90Early discovery          Kazakhstan     41,005,981 lbs
LARATreasury MetalsOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia39,830,366 lbs
LARALARAMIDE RES.Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia39,830,366 lbs
KombatOwner100Past Producer          Namibia     37,358,653 lbs
LONG LAKEMESSINA MIN.Interest100Green Exploration          Canada     newfoundland36,354,227 lbs
COPPER CREEK OLD RELIABLEREDHAWK RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          USA     Arizona36,091,975 lbs
BANPHUCASIAN MINERAL RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          Vietnam     Son La Province35,714,886 lbs
JACKS PONDACADIAN MININGInterest51Green exploration          Canada     35,273,962 lbs
TULKS NORTHBUCHAN MINERALSOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Newfoundland34,341,407 lbs
TULKS NORTHACADIAN MININGInterest51Advanced discovery          Canada     Newfoundland34,341,407 lbs
TULKS NORTHXSTRATABack in right50Advanced discovery          Canada     Newfoundland34,341,407 lbs
Confederation Lake - FalconbridgeXSTRATAGreen exploration          Canada     34,243,301 lbs
Confederation Lake - FalconbridgeAURCREST GOLDGreen exploration          Canada     34,243,301 lbs
BELARAIRONBARKOwner100Advanced discovery          Australia     33,510,264 lbs
MT FITCHCompass Res.Owner100Advanced discovery          Australia     Northern Territory32,628,415 lbs
Westarm Mine (schist Lake)TECKPast producer          Canada     Manitoba32,331,233 lbs
Westarm Mine (schist Lake)THUNDERMINPast producer          Canada     Manitoba32,331,233 lbs
NTAKA HILLContinental Nickel (cni)Owner100Advanced discovery          Tanzania     32,238,197 lbs
LAC NEVACNemaska ExplorationOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Quebec32,071,748 lbs
LAC LEVACProdigy GoldInterest100Advanced discovery          Canada     Quebec32,071,748 lbs
HUDVAMMURGORInterest100Advanced discovery          Canada     Manitoba31,730,351 lbs
EMERALD ISLECOPPER MESAOwner100Advanced discovery          USA     Arizona31,691,450 lbs
EL CAJON DEPOSITSCORPIO MININGInterest100Advanced discovery          Mexico     31,153,963 lbs
LA GRANJARIO TINTOOwner100Advanced discovery          Peru     31,144,703 lbs
LA GRANJABHP BILLITONAdvanced discovery          Peru     31,144,703 lbs
El Salvador (san Nicolas)TECKEarly discovery