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Project nameCompanyTitleInterestStatusStatus LevelCountryRisk LevelProvinceTrendTotal
KIPUSHIFIRST QUANTUMInterest50Advanced discovery          Congo Dem. Rep. of     6,233,283,862 lbs
KIPUSHIKumba Iron OreInterest50Advanced discovery          Congo Dem. Rep. of     6,233,283,862 lbs
PITARILLASILVER STANDARDOwner100Advanced discovery          Mexico     Sierra Madre5,981,008,896 lbs
SPITZKOP ZINCANGLO AMERICANOwner100Early discovery          South Africa     5,511,556,555 lbs
Lady LorettaXSTRATAOwner100Brown exploration          Australia     5,134,566,086 lbs
PALLAS GREENXSTRATAOwner100Advanced discovery          Ireland     4,170,815,256 lbs
AKIE (CARDIAC CREEK)CANADA ZINCOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     3,954,211,135 lbs
MyrtleRox Res.Advanced discovery          Australia     Northern Territory3,930,268,933 lbs
AMBLERNOVAGOLD RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          USA     Alaska3,542,497,860 lbs
LALORHUDBAYOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Manitoba3,394,236,989 lbs
PRAIRIE CREEKCANADIAN ZINCOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     3,031,540,199 lbs
CITRONEN FJORDGLOBESTAR MININGAdvanced discovery          Greenland     2,781,351,865 lbs
CITRONEN FJORDIRONBARKAdvanced discovery          Greenland     2,781,351,865 lbs
TOMHUDBAYAdvanced discovery          Canada     2,726,082,011 lbs
LISHEENANGLO AMERICANOwner100Advanced discovery          Ireland     2,564,218,618 lbs
CRYPTOLithic Res.100Advanced discovery          USA     Utah2,432,626,016 lbs
KVANEFJELDGREENLAND MIN.Owner100Advanced discovery          Greenland     2,216,527,584 lbs
ARIPUANA / AREXANGLO AMERICANInterest70Advanced discovery          Brazil     Mato Grosso1,961,514,035 lbs
ARIPUANA / AREXKARMIN EXPL.Interest30Advanced discovery          Brazil     Mato Grosso1,961,514,035 lbs
ACCHAZINCORE METALSOwner100Advanced discovery          Peru     1,822,469,809 lbs
JASONHUDBAYOption on interest100Advanced discovery          Canada     1,818,482,970 lbs
LOGANALMADEN MIN.40Advanced discovery          Canada     Yukon1,673,110,154 lbs
KUDZ ZE KAYAHTECKOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Yukon Territory1,664,931,004 lbs
BlendeAdvanced discovery          Canada     Yukon Territory1,313,602,343 lbs
SAN AGUSTINGEOLOGIX EXPL.Option100Advanced discovery          Mexico     Durango1,307,120,778 lbs
SAN AGUSTINSILVER STANDARDOwner100Advanced discovery          Mexico     Durango1,307,120,778 lbs
DELTAHEATHERDALEInterest60Advanced discovery          USA     Alaska1,290,145,158 lbs
DELTAGRAYD RES.Interest40Advanced discovery          USA     Alaska1,290,145,158 lbs
GOLD HUNTERINDEPENDENCE LEAD MINESOwner100Advanced discovery          USA     IdahoSilver Valley1,236,674,466 lbs
GOLD HUNTERHECLA MININGLeaserAdvanced discovery          USA     IdahoSilver Valley1,236,674,466 lbs
BALMATHUDBAYOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     1,229,637,086 lbs
YANQUEZINCORE METALSOwner100Advanced discovery          Peru     1,198,595,999 lbs
HAMBOKNGEXInterest100Advanced discovery          Eritrea     1,182,890,268 lbs
CLEAR LAKECOPPER RIDGEOption on interest100Advanced discovery          Canada     Yukon Territory1,165,221,761 lbs
TORALGOLDQUEST MININGInterest100Advanced discovery          Spain     1,134,895,633 lbs
BACK FORTYHUDBAYInterest51Advanced discovery          USA     Michigan1,128,590,413 lbs
BACK FORTYAquila Resources Inc.Owner49Advanced discovery          USA     Michigan1,128,590,413 lbs
JERSEY-EMERALDSULTAN MIN.Interest100Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia1,118,612,291 lbs
SAN DIEGOGOLDEN MINERALSJoint venture50Advanced discovery          Mexico     DurangoSierra Madre1,064,836,033 lbs
SAN DIEGOGOLDEN TAG RES.Joint venture50Advanced discovery          Mexico     DurangoSierra Madre1,064,836,033 lbs
SILVERTIPSILVERCORP METALSOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Yukon973,294,646 lbs
GCSILVERCORP METALSOwner95Advanced discovery          China     941,712,490 lbs
SANDY CREEK DEPOSITTNG LIMITEDAdvanced discovery          Australia     Northern Territory929,266,954 lbs
MATAGAMISPHINXJoint venture50Advanced discovery          Canada     Quebec906,488,221 lbs
MATAGAMIXSTRATAJoint venture50Advanced discovery          Canada     Quebec906,488,221 lbs
JUANICIPIOFRESNILLOJoint venture56Advanced discovery          Mexico     Zacatecas885,923,191 lbs
JUANICIPIOMAG SILVEROwner44Advanced discovery          Mexico     Zacatecas885,923,191 lbs
YENIPAZARALDRIDGE MIN.Joint ventureAdvanced discovery          Turkey     872,432,665 lbs
YENIPAZARALACER GOLDJoint ventureAdvanced discovery          Turkey     872,432,665 lbs
STOCKMAN - CURRAWONGJABIRU METALSAdvanced discovery          Australia     Victoria845,258,927 lbs
FLINDERSPERILYA LTD.Owner100Advanced discovery          Australia     South Australia773,763,015 lbs
LundbergBUCHAN MINERALSInterest100Advanced discovery          Canada     Newfoundland766,679,563 lbs
BRABANT LAKE ZINCMANICOUAGAN MIN.Owner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Saskatchevan662,527,679 lbs
RUDDOCK CREEKIMPERIALOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia659,612,947 lbs
RUDDOCK CREEKMitsuiOption on interest50Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia659,612,947 lbs
ESCOBALTahoe ResourcesOwner100Advanced discovery          Guatemala     642,294,755 lbs
CANABRAVALARA EXPL.Interest45Brown exploration          Brazil     640,222,409 lbs
SAN RAFAEL - MAIN & UPPER ZONESCORPIO MININGInterest100Advanced discovery          Mexico     588,225,283 lbs
Vermillion-erringtonXSTRATAOwner100Brown exploration          Canada     584,732,063 lbs
BAMNIA KALANVEDANTA RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          India     573,422,344 lbs
NASH CREEKSLAM EXPL.Owner100Advanced discovery          Canada     New Brunswick550,241,014 lbs
MogoraibSanu ResourcesOwner100Green exploration          Eritrea     530,762,896 lbs
BILBAOXTIERRAInterest100Advanced discovery          Mexico     ZacatecasZacatecas518,794,455 lbs
BILBAOMINCO PLCInterest60Advanced discovery          Mexico     ZacatecasZacatecas518,794,455 lbs
TIM/WOLFINTERNATIONAL KRL RES.Option on interest60Advanced discovery          Canada     Yukon499,898,180 lbs
TIM/WOLFTARSISInterest40Advanced discovery          Canada     Yukon499,898,180 lbs
TIM/WOLFALMADEN MIN.Advanced discovery          Canada     Yukon499,898,180 lbs
SUNRISE LAKESILVER STANDARDOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Northwest Territories449,390,275 lbs
CHARCASGroupo MexicoOwner100Past Producer          Mexico     San Luis Potosi427,622,924 lbs
SCOTT LAKETHUNDERMINOption on interest100Green exploration          Canada     Quebec412,705,340 lbs
MargYukon GoldOwner100Green exploration          Canada     Yukon Territory407,043,892 lbs
MargGOLDEN PREDATOR.Option on interestGreen exploration          Canada     Yukon Territory407,043,892 lbs
TaxcoGroupo MexicoOwner100Past Producer          Mexico     Guerrero387,599,116 lbs
DEL TOROFIRST MAJESTICOwner100Advanced discovery          Mexico     Durango385,694,083 lbs
WATTS RIVERHUDBAYAdvanced discovery          Canada     384,011,988 lbs
TULKS NORTHBUCHAN MINERALSOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Newfoundland374,042,888 lbs
TULKS NORTHACADIAN MININGInterest51Advanced discovery          Canada     Newfoundland374,042,888 lbs
TULKS NORTHXSTRATABack in right50Advanced discovery          Canada     Newfoundland374,042,888 lbs
FONMURGORInterest100Advanced discovery          Canada     Saskatchewan373,592,263 lbs
STOCKMAN - WILGAJABIRU METALSAdvanced discovery          Australia     Victoria360,469,026 lbs
LEWIS PONDSTRI ORIGIN MIN.Owner100Advanced discovery          Australia     New South Wales353,841,931 lbs
LEWIS PONDSTRI ORIGINInterestAdvanced discovery          Australia     New South Wales353,841,931 lbs
CAPOOSENEW GOLDInterest100Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia351,193,659 lbs
Menninnie ZincTERRAMINOwner100Advanced discovery          Australia     335,102,639 lbs
SHERRIDON VMSHALO RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Manitoba329,501,795 lbs
CERRO PRIETOOROCOOwner100Advanced discovery          Mexico     Sonora323,919,470 lbs
Craig/ Nad ClaimsXSTRATABrown exploration          Canada     286,909,588 lbs
Craig/ Nad ClaimsManson Creek Res.Brown exploration          Canada     286,909,588 lbs
JUBILEEMERREX GOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Nova Scotia276,523,810 lbs
JUBILEEFrontline GoldJoint venture50Advanced discovery          Canada     Nova Scotia276,523,810 lbs
COULON JVVIRGINIA MINESOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Quebec272,138,616 lbs
PAGUANTA PROJECTHERENCIA RES.Interest50Advanced discovery          Chile     269,299,063 lbs
Zheng GuangLeyshon Res.Owner100Green exploration          China     264,554,719 lbs
Confederation Lake - FalconbridgeXSTRATAGreen exploration          Canada     261,162,232 lbs
Confederation Lake - FalconbridgeAURCREST GOLDGreen exploration          Canada     261,162,232 lbs
TULK SOUTH BOOMERANGMESSINA MIN.Interest100Advanced discovery          Canada     Newfoundland260,217,561 lbs
TULK SOUTH BOOMERANGXSTRATANet Smelter Return2Advanced discovery          Canada     Newfoundland260,217,561 lbs
BELARAIRONBARKOwner100Advanced discovery          Australia     259,704,545 lbs
BURHUDBAYOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Manitoba258,304,609 lbs
PaguantaOwner100Past Producer          Chile     257,940,847 lbs
ASKOT MINEPEBBLE CREEK.Owner100Advanced discovery          India     DELHI252,813,776 lbs
ASKOT MINEINDIA RES.Interest15Advanced discovery          India     DELHI252,813,776 lbs
LONG LAKEMESSINA MIN.Interest100Green Exploration          Canada     newfoundland233,094,750 lbs
LAGOA SALGADA PROJECTREDCORP VENTURESOwner100Green exploration          Portugal     228,116,937 lbs
BOBBY'S POND (MLR)MOUNTAIN LAKE RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Newfoundland208,594,779 lbs
TULK EAST A ZONEMESSINA MIN.Interest100Advanced discovery          Canada     Newfoundland198,416,036 lbs
TULK EAST A ZONEXSTRATANet Smelter Return2Advanced discovery          Canada     Newfoundland198,416,036 lbs
TULK LONG LAKE MAIN ZONEMESSINA MIN.Interest100Advanced discovery          Canada     Newfoundland197,534,187 lbs
TULK LONG LAKE MAIN ZONEXSTRATANet Smelter Return2Advanced discovery          Canada     Newfoundland197,534,187 lbs
GETTY DEPOSITSELWYN RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          Canada     188,495,234 lbs
GETTY DEPOSITGLOBEX MININGRoyalty1Advanced discovery          Canada     188,495,234 lbs
JAGUAR UNDERGROUND MINE JAGUAR MAIN LODE MEASUREDJABIRU METALSOwner100Advanced discovery          Australia     Western Australia179,235,819 lbs
TURGEONPUMA EXPLORATIONInterest100Brown exploration          Canada     New-Brunswick176,369,810 lbs
Daniels PondBUCHAN MINERALSOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     151,807,668 lbs
TAHUEHUETOSOHO RES.Interest99.4Advanced discovery          Mexico     Durango148,498,525 lbs
HERMOSA (HARDSHELL)WILDCAT SILVER CORP.Owner80Advanced discovery          USA     Arizona136,336,505 lbs
HERMOSA (HARDSHELL)Groupo MexicoInterest20Advanced discovery          USA     Arizona136,336,505 lbs
Dugald RiverOZ MINERALSAdvanced discovery          Australia     Queensland127,766,699 lbs
Hart(bear Property)Solid Res.Owner100Brown exploration          Canada     127,052,399 lbs
Matagami CaberBREAKWATER RES.Owner100Brown exploration          Canada     124,891,872 lbs
SUNNY CORNERGOLDEN CROSS RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          Australia     122,356,557 lbs
SUNNY CORNERARGENT MIN.Option on interest51Advanced discovery          Australia     122,356,557 lbs
NIBLACKNIBLACK MINERALOwner49Advanced discovery          USA     Alaska119,645,754 lbs
ALDERMACABCOURT MINESOwner100Past producer          Canada     Quebec115,520,000 lbs
PROMONTORIOKOOTENAY SILVEROwner100Early discovery          Mexico     Sonora110,478,046 lbs
LARATreasury MetalsOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia109,456,493 lbs
LARALARAMIDE RES.Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia109,456,493 lbs
BISMARKPENOLESOwner100Advanced discovery          Mexico     Chihuahua109,046,144 lbs
FABIE BAY AND MAGUSI RIVERGLOBEX MININGRoyalty2Advanced discovery          Canada     Quebec104,085,084 lbs
MAGNET JVBASS METALSJoint venture75Past producer          Australia     Tasmania101,390,594 lbs
FRESNILLO/PROAÑOPENOLESInterest77Advanced discovery          Mexico     97,883,883 lbs
MOUNT PLEASANT MINEADEX MINING INC.Owner100Advanced discovery          Canada     New Brunswick94,912,533 lbs
SOUTH MOUNTAIN MINETHUNDER MOUNTAINOwner100Past producer          USA     Idaho94,000,000 lbs
BOBBY'S PONDCORNERSTONEInterest100Advanced discovery          Canada     Island of Newfoundland89,598,068 lbs
West 45KagaraOwner100Advanced discovery          Australia     84,445,865 lbs
PotterMillstreamGreen exploration          Canada     Ontario79,439,612 lbs
PotterTECKGreen exploration          Canada     Ontario79,439,612 lbs
El Salvador (san Nicolas)TECKEarly discovery          Mexico     77,554,212 lbs
KANGIARAPARADIGM METALSOwner100Advanced discovery          Australia     New South Wales77,052,441 lbs
ELBE PROJECTFORSYS METALSInterest100Brown exploration          Namibia     76,720,870 lbs
MT CHARTERBASS METALSOwner100Advanced discovery          Australia     Tasmania67,240,990 lbs
TORTIGNYBEAUFIELD RES.Owner100Early discovery          Canada     Quebec66,976,435 lbs
TORTIGNYXSTRATANet Smelter Return1Early discovery          Canada     Quebec66,976,435 lbs
San Ramon ZacatecasInterest100Past producer          Mexico     ZacatecasZacatecas65,477,292 lbs
EL TRANSITOSTARCORE INTERNATIONALOwner100Advanced discovery          Mexico     Puebla64,946,762 lbs
Tambo GrandeMediterranean Res.Owner100Brown exploration          Peru     58,113,853 lbs
TULK SOUTH - DOMINOMESSINA MIN.Interest100Advanced discovery          Canada     Newfoundland57,112,072 lbs
TULK SOUTH - DOMINOXSTRATANet Smelter Return2Advanced discovery          Canada     Newfoundland57,112,072 lbs
LAS ANIMASGOLDQUEST MININGOwner100Early discovery          Dominican Republic     54,889,812 lbs
REED LAKEHUDBAYJoint venture70Advanced discovery          Canada     Manitoba53,107,154 lbs
REED LAKEVMS VENTURESJoint venture30Advanced discovery          Canada     Manitoba53,107,154 lbs
TEXAS SILVER SPURALCYONE RES.Owner100Early discovery          Australia     South East Queensland52,633,822 lbs
MING MINERAMBLER METALS & MININGOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Newfoundland52,172,835 lbs
WEBBS SILVERSILVER MINESOwner100Advanced discovery          Australia     50,223,508 lbs
CHANCEXSTRATAOwner58.1Brown exploration          Canada     Ontario49,665,738 lbs
CHANCEOPAWICAOwner41.9Brown exploration          Canada     Ontario49,665,738 lbs
TEUTONIC BORE/JAGUAR MINEJABIRU METALSBrown exploration          Australia     48,728,773 lbs
HUDVAMMURGORInterest100Advanced discovery          Canada     Manitoba48,261,694 lbs
Conjecture Mine / LakeviewCHESTER MININGOwner100Past producer          USA     IdahoSilver Valley46,693,907 lbs
ROSARIOSILVERMEX RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          Mexico     Sinaloa45,110,246 lbs
SKIDDERMESSINA MIN.Interest100Advanced discovery          Canada     Newfoundland44,092,452 lbs
SKIDDERXSTRATANet Smelter Return2Advanced discovery          Canada     Newfoundland44,092,452 lbs
JABAL SHAYBANCITADEL RESOURCESOwner100Advanced discovery          Saudi Arabia     43,651,530 lbs
TULK EAST B ZONEMESSINA MIN.Interest100Advanced discovery          Canada     Newfoundland43,607,435 lbs
TULK EAST B ZONEXSTRATANet Smelter Return2Advanced discovery          Canada     Newfoundland43,607,435 lbs
FREEGOLD MOUNTAIN -TINTA HILLNORTHERN FREEGOLDOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     YukonTintina42,901,956 lbs
Kistabiche / ScodnardCancorOwner100Brown exploration          Canada     39,963,634 lbs
Taylor Brook - StrataboundStratabound Min.Owner100Brown exploration          Canada     38,801,358 lbs
SMITHFIELD NOVA SCOTTIAACADIAN MININGOwner100Brown exploration          Canada     Nova Scotia38,580,896 lbs
TULKS HILLBUCHAN MINERALSInterest100Advanced discovery          Canada     Newfoundland37,726,605 lbs
Tulks Hill - Buchans RiverProminex Res.Brown exploration          Canada     37,722,637 lbs
San NicolasTECK79Advanced discovery          Mexico     34,643,440 lbs
SAN MARCIALSILVERMEX RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          Mexico     Sierra Madre33,611,678 lbs
CACHINALAPOGEEOwner100Advanced discovery          Chile     33,358,145 lbs
SAN RAFAEL - 120 ZONESCORPIO MININGInterest100Advanced discovery          Mexico     33,147,383 lbs
CONRAD SILVERMALACHITE RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          Australia     New South Wales30,961,906 lbs
TULKS HILL OPTIONED TO PROMINEXACADIAN MININGInterest27Brown exploration          Canada     29,084,264 lbs
SAN JUAN - HECLA MININGHECLA MININGJoint venture70Advanced discovery          USA     Colorado27,588,207 lbs
MAMATLA AURORAIMPACT SILVERInterest100Advanced discovery          Mexico     Mamatla26,324,734 lbs
WIMMURGORInterest100Advanced discovery          Canada     Manitoba22,593,318 lbs
NICHOLAS-DENYSPUMA EXPLORATIONInterest100Advanced discovery          Canada     New Brunswick21,830,864 lbs
Westarm Mine (schist Lake)TECKPast producer          Canada     Manitoba21,376,022 lbs
Westarm Mine (schist Lake)THUNDERMINPast producer          Canada     Manitoba21,376,022 lbs
Kudz Ze KayahTECKOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Yukon16,814,657 lbs
Torlon HillFIRESTONE VENTURESAdvanced discovery          Guatemala     16,565,535 lbs
CAMPO MORADONYRSTARInterest100Past producer          Mexico     Guerrero16,468,531 lbs
TULKS SOUTH - HURRICANEMESSINA MIN.Interest100Advanced discovery          Canada     16,277,611 lbs
BIRD RIVER - ZN & CU ZONEMARATHON PGMOwner53Advanced discovery          Canada     Manitoba16,043,921 lbs
BIRD RIVER - ZN & CU ZONEGOSSAN RESOURCESOwner47Advanced discovery          Canada     Manitoba16,043,921 lbs
TREASURE MOUNTAIN PROJECTHULDRA SILVEROwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     14,299,182 lbs
RECUPERADA - BVNBUENAVENTURAOwner100Advanced discovery          Peru     Angaraes13,159,392 lbs
VICTORIA PROSPECTKagaraAdvanced discovery          Australia     Queensland10,780,605 lbs
NightflowerOwner100Green exploration          Australia     10,476,367 lbs
BIRD RIVER - NI ZONEMARATHON PGMOwner53Advanced discovery          Canada     Manitoba8,415,485 lbs
BIRD RIVER - NI ZONEGOSSAN RESOURCESOwner47Advanced discovery          Canada     Manitoba8,415,485 lbs
Estrades MineBREAKWATER RES.Owner100Past producer          Canada     Quebec7,297,080 lbs
VENDOME BARVALLEEABCOURT MINESOwner100Brown exploration          Canada     5,681,665 lbs
NARRAWAFRONTIER RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          Australia     Tasmania5,137,426 lbs
LITTLE PITTSBURGH MINEMASCOT MINESOwner100Past producer          USA     idahoSilver Valley4,629,708 lbs
JULCANIBUENAVENTURAOwner100Advanced discovery          Peru     Angaraes1,269,863 lbs
BIRD RIVER - PAGE BLOCKMARATHON PGMOwner53Advanced discovery          Canada     Manitoba387,793 lbs
BIRD RIVER - PAGE BLOCKGOSSAN RESOURCESOwner47Advanced discovery          Canada     Manitoba387,793 lbs
MANBARRUMTNG LIMITEDOwner100Early discovery          Australia     Northern Territory94,442 lbs
Phillips RiverTECTONIC RES.Owner100Green exploration          Australia     Western Australia13,922 lbs
Note : Reserve and resources numbers are given pro-rata of interest in the various projects held
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