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Maps Result
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Project nameCompanyTitleInterestStatusStatus LevelCountryRisk LevelProvinceTrendTotal
La CaridadSouthern CopperOwner100Production          Mexico     Sonora2,471,124,845 lbs
LOS PELAMBRESANTOFAGASTAJoint venture60Production          Chile     1,613,893,990 lbs
ToquepalaGroupo MexicoProduction          Peru     1,498,355,417 lbs
ANTAMINABHP BILLITONInterest33.75Production          Peru     Ancash1,047,857,132 lbs
ANTAMINAXSTRATAInterest33.75Production          Peru     Ancash1,047,857,132 lbs
ANTAMINATECKInterest22.5Production          Peru     Ancash1,047,857,132 lbs
ENDAKOTHOMPSON CREEKInterest75Production          Canada     British Columbia1,026,088,688 lbs
THOMPSON CREEK MINETHOMPSON CREEKOwner100Production          USA     Idaho736,862,042 lbs
HENDERSONFREEPORT MCMORANOwner100Production          USA     Colorado518,306,778 lbs
QUEBRADA BLANCA - HYPOGENETECKInterest76.5Production          Chile     northern Chile454,152,260 lbs
BINGHAM CANYONRIO TINTOOwner100Production          USA     Utah427,917,241 lbs
SPINIFEX RIDGEMOLY MINESOwner90Production          Australia     Western Australia392,826,705 lbs
BAGDADFREEPORT MCMORANOwner100Production          USA     Arizona286,160,016 lbs
ESPERANZA (SULPHIDES)ANTOFAGASTAOwner100Production          Chile     Antofagasta284,581,507 lbs
GIBRALTAR MINETASEKOInterest75Production          Canada     British Columbia252,402,835 lbs
GIBRALTAR MINECaribou CopperInterest25Production          Canada     British Columbia252,402,835 lbs
HIGHLAND VALLEYTECKInterest97.5Production          Canada     Bristish Columbia130,030,847 lbs
MORENCI - MILLFREEPORT MCMORANInterest85Production          USA     Arizona113,978,990 lbs
MORENCI - MILLSUMITOMO METALInterest15Production          USA     Arizona113,978,990 lbs
CHINO - MILLFREEPORT MCMORANOwner100Production          USA     New Mexico20,106,158 lbs
ESPERENZA (OXIDES)ANTOFAGASTAOwner100Production          Chile     18,505,602 lbs
ASHDOWNWIN-ELDRICH MINESInterest100Production          USA     Nevada9,336,974 lbs
Ervana TerraneSOLOMON RES.100Production          Mongolia     1,984,160 lbs
HUCKLEBERRYIMPERIALJoint venture50Production          Canada     British Columbia922,414 lbs
Note : Reserve and resources numbers are given pro-rata of interest in the various projects held
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