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Maps Result
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Project nameCompanyTitleInterestStatusStatus LevelCountryRisk LevelProvinceTrendTotal
WEST RAND (JV)- MOGALE PROJECTSMINTAILSJoint venture50Production          South Africa     Gauteng258,336,885,164 lbs
OLYMPIC DAM - SULPHIDEBHP BILLITONOwner100Production          Australia     61,595,833,281 lbs
RABBIT LAKECAMECOOwner100Production          Canada     Saskatchewan17,564,360,706 lbs
KEY LAKECAMECOProduction          Canada     Saskatchewan709,623,930 lbs
AKOUTAAreva CiOwner100Production          Niger     390,192,190 lbs
MC ARTHUR RIVERCAMECO70Production          Canada     Saskatchewan332,669,970 lbs
MC ARTHUR RIVERAreva Ci30Production          Canada     Saskatchewan332,669,970 lbs
EZULWINIFIRST URANIUMOwner93Production          South Africa     Gauteng280,427,991 lbs
EZULWINIFRANCO NEVADARoyalty7Production          South Africa     Gauteng280,427,991 lbs
RANGERRIO TINTOInterest68.4Production          Australia     Northern Territory257,552,833 lbs
RANGERENERGY RESOURCES OF AUSTRALIAOwnerProduction          Australia     Northern Territory257,552,833 lbs
CROW BUTTECAMECOOwner100Production          USA     Nebraska234,990,725 lbs
ARLITAreva CiOwner100Production          Niger     200,021,442 lbs
ROSSING URANIUM MINERIO TINTOOwner68.6Production          Namibia     197,168,220 lbs
ROSSING URANIUM MINERossing UraniumProduction          Namibia     197,168,220 lbs
SOUTH INKAIURANIUM ONEJoint venture70Production          Kazakhstan     113,180,916 lbs
SOUTH INKAIKazatompromJoint venture30Production          Kazakhstan     113,180,916 lbs
(MWS) BUFFELSFONTEIN TAILING PROJECTFIRST URANIUMOwner100Production          South Africa     110,987,317 lbs
(MWS) BUFFELSFONTEIN TAILING PROJECTFRANCO NEVADAPurchasing Contract25Production          South Africa     110,987,317 lbs
KARATAUURANIUM ONEInterest50Production          Kazakhstan     North Kazakhstan71,423,776 lbs
KARATAUArmzInterest50Production          Kazakhstan     North Kazakhstan71,423,776 lbs
BEVERLEY MINEHeathgate Res.Owner100Production          Australia     South Australia46,000,000 lbs
KHARASANURANIUM ONEJoint venture30Production          Kazakhstan     27,321,557 lbs
KHARASANKazatompromJoint venture30Production          Kazakhstan     27,321,557 lbs
LANGER HEINRICHPALADIN ENERGY LTDOwner100Production          Namibia     24,471,311 lbs
INKAICAMECOInterest60Production          Kazakhstan     20,511,148 lbs
INKAIKazatompromInterest40Production          Kazakhstan     20,511,148 lbs
LUMWANAEQUINOXOwner100Production          Zambia     North Western Province16,567,739 lbs
BlyvooruitzichtProduction          South Africa     TRANSVAAL15,253,425 lbs
AKDALAURANIUM ONEJoint venture70Production          Kazakhstan     13,723,710 lbs
AKDALAKazatompromJoint venture30Production          Kazakhstan     13,723,710 lbs
KAYELEKERAPALADIN ENERGY LTDOwner100Production          Malawi     7,275,254 lbs
HONEYMOONURANIUM ONEOwner51Production          Australia     6,349,313 lbs
HONEYMOONMitsuiOwner49Production          Australia     6,349,313 lbs
GOLIADURANIUM ENERGYInterest100Production          USA     Texas5,884,248 lbs
PALANGANAURANIUM ENERGYOwner100Production          USA     Texas2,442,347 lbs
SMITH RANCHCAMECOOwner100Production          USA     Wyoming1,872,166 lbs
HIGHLANDCAMECO100Production          USA     Wyoming1,755,651 lbs
Note : Reserve and resources numbers are given pro-rata of interest in the various projects held
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