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Golden Queen Mining

Published : February 18th, 2011

Quarterly Report

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Golden Queen co ltd files sec form 10-q quarterly report












Item 2. Management's Discussion and Analysis or Plan of Operations


The following discussion of the operating results and financial position of Golden Queen Mining Co. Ltd. (the "Company") is as at November 17, 2010 and should be read in conjunction with the consolidated financial statements of the Company for the quarter ended September 30, 2010 and the notes thereto.


The information in this Management Discussion and Analysis is prepared in accordance with U.S. generally accepted accounting principles and all amounts herein are in US$ unless otherwise noted.


The Soledad Mountain Project


The Company is proposing to develop a gold-silver, open pit, heap leach operation on its Soledad Mountain property ("Property"), located just outside the town of Mojave in Kern County in southern California. Every element of the Soledad Mountain Project ("Project") has been rethought and reengineered in the past five years in an effort to find sound technical and cost-effective solutions that will ensure a viable mining operation at foreseeable gold and silver prices. The review has been supported and complimented by a substantial amount of work done by independent engineers and contractors. This phase of the technical work was completed toward the end of 2008.


Permitting Update


A detailed review of approvals and permits required for the Project is provided in the Company's latest Form 10-K filing with the SEC. The following is therefore only a note on the supplemental Environmental Impact Report ("SEIR"), which has been prepared for the Project.


The Company completed an Application for a revised Surface Mining and Reclamation Plan in April 2007. The Kern County Planning Department determined that changes proposed for the Project since the Conditional Use Permits were issued in 1997 constituted new information that required evaluation of potential impacts in a Supplemental Environmental Impact Report ("SEIR"). The draft SEIR was finally completed and distributed in January 2010. The Kern County Planning Commission formally considered the Project at its regularly scheduled meeting in Bakersfield on April 8. At the meeting, the Commission, consisting of a panel of three commissioners, unanimously approved the Project. Two appeals were subsequently filed against the Commission's decision and the Project was scheduled to be reconsidered before the Kern County Board of Supervisors on May
25. Both appeals were withdrawn before the day of the meeting and the decision made by the Planning Commission therefore became final.


The Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board (the "Board") unanimously approved Waste Discharge Requirements and a Monitoring and Reporting Program (the "WDRs") for the Soledad Mountain Project on July 14. The Board recommended adopting an order approving the WDRs, and the order was subsequently signed by the Executive Officer of the Board and is currently in effect. The order approving the WDRs is a critical authorization for the construction and operation of, and establishes the discharge and monitoring standards for, the heap leach pads, rock stockpiles and other activities that have the potential to affect surface and ground waters.


The Company also requires Authority to Construct permits to begin mining and processing operations on its Property. The Company's consulting engineers are completing applications for these permits and it is expected that these will be submitted to Eastern Kern Air Pollution Control District ("EKAPCD) in early December 2010. ECAPCD can now prepare and issue Authority to Construct permits as the SEIR has been certified. The Authority to Construct permits are converted to a Permit To Operate after construction has been completed and subject to inspection by the ECAPCD.



It is important to note that the Bureau of Land Management (the "BLM") has confirmed that its Record of Decision approving the Plan of Operations under NEPA in November 1997 remains valid and that no additional reviews or approvals are required from the BLM before GQM can proceed with the Project.


Results of Operations


Following are the results of operations for the three month period and nine month period ended September 30, 2010, and the corresponding periods ended September 30, 2009.


The Company had no revenue from operations.


During the quarter, the Company incurred general and administrative expenses of $706,455 (2009 - $431,324). For the nine month period ended September 30, 2010 the Company incurred general and administrative expenses of $22,647,764 (2009 - $1,622,016).


Costs were significantly higher for the quarter and nine month period ended September 30, 2010 when compared with the same period in 2009, due to the following non-recurring costs:


Legal fees were incurred in support of ongoing efforts to secure permits for the Project, and
Consulting engineering fees were higher due to the significant amount of detailed engineering completed for Project facilities. The detailed engineering allows contractors to provide cost estimates for construction of the facilities.


Interest income of $14,767 (2009 - $7,061) was higher by $7,706 as there was more cash on deposit. Interest rates remained low during the quarter. There was no interest expense during the quarter.


The Company incurred a net loss of $3,125,127 (or $0.03 per share) during the quarter and $5,668,654 (or $0.06 per share) during the nine month period ended September 30, 2010, as compared to a net loss of $1,057,149 (or $0.01 per share) during the third quarter of 2009 and $3,275,382 during the nine month period ended September 30, 2009 (or $0.04 per share).

Summary of Quarterly Results




Results for the eight most recent quarters are set out in the table below.




Results for the quarter  Sept. 30, 2010 June 30, 2010  March 31, 2010 Dec. 31, 2009


       ended on:


          Item                 $              $              $              $


Revenue                             Nil            Nil            Nil            Nil


Net loss for the quarter      3,125,127      2,406,367        326,305      1,239,360


Net loss per share                 0.03           0.03           0.00           0.02








Results for the quarter  Sept. 30, 2009 June 30, 2009  March 31, 2009 Dec. 31, 2008


       ended on:


          Item                 $              $              $              $


Revenue                             Nil            Nil            Nil            Nil


Net loss for the quarter      1,057,149      1,230,829        987,404      1,223,439


Net loss per share                 0.01           0.01           0.01           0.01

The results of operations can vary from quarter to quarter depending upon the nature, timing and cost of activities undertaken during the quarter and whether or not the Company incurs gains or losses on foreign exchange grants stock options or makes adjustments on quarterly or annual financial statements.



Reclamation Financial Assurance and Asset Retirement Obligation


The Company provided reclamation financial assurance in the form of an Irrevocable Payment Bond Certificate with Union Bank of California in the amount of $286,653 on October 21, 2009 for 2010. The financial assurance is reassessed annually and the estimate for reclamation of historical disturbances on the property is $283,809 for 2011.


The asset retirement obligation accrual is estimated at $189,550 and this is shown as a liability on the consolidated balance sheet. The actual obligation could differ materially from these estimates.


Advance Minimum Royalties


Advance minimum royalties of $22,167 were paid to landholders in the third quarter of 2010.


A mining lease agreement with one group of landholders expired in 2004 and the Company has prepared a new mining lease agreement for discussion with the group of landholders.


Mining lease agreements with groups of landholders expired in June and July of 2010 and discussions are under way with these groups of landholders for an extension of the agreements.


Off-balance Sheet Arrangements


The Company has no off-balance sheet arrangements.


Recently Issued Accounting Standards


(i) In January 2010, the FASB issued ASU No. 2010-06, Improving Disclosures about Fair Value Measurements, which requires additional disclosures about the amounts of and reasons for significant transfers in and out of Level 1 and Level 2 fair value measurements. This standard also clarifies existing disclosure requirements related to the level of disaggregation of fair value measurements for each class of assets and liabilities and disclosures about inputs and valuation techniques used to measure fair value for both recurring and non-recurring Level 2 and Level 3 measurements. Since this new accounting standard only required additional disclosure, the adoption of the standard did not impact the Company's consolidated financial statements. This standard will require additional disclosure and require the Company to present disaggregated information about activity in Level 3 fair value measurements on a gross basis, rather than one net amount.


(ii) In February 2010, FASB issued Accounting Standards Update ("ASU") 2010-09, "Subsequent Event (Topic 855) Amendments to Certain Recognition and Disclosure Requirements". ASU 2010-09 removes the requirement for an SEC filer to disclose a date through which subsequent events have been evaluated in both issued and revised financial statements. Revised financial statements include financial statements revised as a result of either correction of an error or retrospective application of GAAP. All of the amendments in ASU 2010-09 are effective upon issuance of the final ASU, except for the use of the issued date for conduit debt obligors. That amendment is effective for interim or annual periods ending after June 15, 2010. The adoption of this standard did not have a material effect on the Company's consolidated financial statements.


(iii) In April 2010, the FASB issued Accounting Standards Update 2010-13, "Compensation - Stock Compensation (Topic 718). The objective of this update is to address the classification of an employee share-based payment award with an exercise price denominated in the currency of a market in which the underlying equity security trades. It provides guidance on the classification of a share-based payment award as either equity or a liability. A share-based payment award that contains a condition that is not a market, performance, or service condition is required to be classified as a liability. The amendments in this update are effective for fiscal years, and interim periods within those fiscal years, beginning on or after December 15, 2010. The amendments in this update should be applied by recording a cumulative-effect adjustment to the opening balance of retained earnings. The cumulative- effect adjustment should be calculated for all awards outstanding as of the beginning of the fiscal year in which the amendments are initially applied, as if the amendments had been applied consistently since the inception of the award. The cumulative-effect adjustment should be presented separately. Earlier application is permitted. The Company is currently evaluating the impact of this update on the financial statements.



(iv) In June 2009, new guidance relating to the accounting for transfers of financial assets was issued. The new guidance, which was issued as, Accounting for Transfers of Financial Assets, has not yet been adopted into Codification. The new standard eliminates the concept of a "qualifying special-purpose entity," changes the requirements for derecognizing financial assets, and requires additional disclosures in order to enhance information reported to users of financial statements by providing greater transparency about transfers of financial assets, including securitization transactions, and an entity's continuing involvement in and exposure to the risks related to transferred financial assets. The new guidance is effective for fiscal years beginning after November 15, 2009. The adoption of the standard did not have impact on the Company's financial statements.


Stock Option Plan


The Company's current stock option plan (the "Plan") was adopted by management of the Company in 2008 and approved by shareholders of the Company in 2009. The Plan provides a fixed number of 7,200,000 common shares of the Company that may be issued pursuant to the grant of stock options. The exercise price of stock options granted under the Plan shall be determined by the Company's Board of Directors, but shall not be less than the volume weighted average trading price of the Company's shares on the Toronto Stock Exchange for the five trading days immediately prior to the date of the grant. The expiry date of a stock option shall be the date so fixed by the Board subject to a maximum term of five years. The Plan provides that stock options will terminate on the earlier of the expiry of the term and (i) 12 months from the date an option holder dies, (ii) 90 days from the date from the date the option holder ceases to act as a director or officer of the Company, or (iii) 60 days from the date the option holder ceases to be employed, or engaged as a consultant, by the Company.


The Company granted 1,950,000 stock options to directors, officers and consultants of the Company pursuant to the Plan on January 28, 2009. The options are exercisable at a price of C$0.26 per share for a period of 5 years from the date of grant. The Company also granted 50,000 stock options to a consultant of the Company pursuant to the Plan on April 19, 2010. The options are exercisable at a price of C$1.24 per share for a period of 5 years from the date of grant.


Transactions with Related Parties


For the three and nine months ended September 30, 2010, $ 32,500 and $102,600 (2009 - $30,900 and $87,300) was paid to Mr. H. L. Klingmann for services as President of the Company and $4,300 and $13,000 (2009 - $4,100 and $12,000) was paid to Mr. Chester Shynkaryk for consulting services to the Company.


The Company amended a consulting services agreement originally entered into in 2004 with Mr. H. Lutz Klingmann, the President of the Company, in May of 2010. Under the original agreement, upon receipt by the Company of a bankable feasibility study and the decision to place the Property into commercial production, a bonus of 150,000 common shares would be issued and upon commencement of commercial production on the Property, a bonus of 150,000 common shares would be issued. Pursuant to the amended agreement, an alternative 300,000 bonus shares would be issuable upon a change of control transaction or upon a sale of all or substantially all of the Company's assets, having a value at or above C$1.00 per share of the Company, with a further 300,000 bonus shares being issuable in the event the change of control transaction or asset sale occurred at a value at or above C$1.50 per share. As at September 30, 2010, the milestones had not been reached and no accrual was made in connection with these arrangements.



Fair Value of Financial Instruments


The carrying amount reported in the balance sheets for cash and cash equivalents, receivables, accounts payable and accrued liabilities approximates fair value because of the immediate or short-term maturity of these financial instruments. The company does not hold any bank or non-bank asset-backed commercial paper. The fair value of the reclamation financial assurance approximates carrying value because the stated interest rate reflects recent market conditions. It is the opinion of management that the Company is not exposed to significant interest, currency or credit risk arising from the use of these financial instruments.


Private Placement


The Company completed a non-brokered private placement with Gammon Gold Inc. on June 1, 2010, whereby Gammon Gold purchased 5,000,000 units of the Company at a price of C$1.60 per unit for total proceeds of $7,634,316 (C$8,000,000). Each unit consists of one common share, one quarter of one Class A Warrant, and one quarter of one Class B Warrant. Each Class A Warrant entitles Gammon Gold to purchase a common share at a price of C$1.75 for a period of 18 months from the closing date. Each Class B Warrant entitles Gammon Gold to purchase one common share at a price of C$2.00 for a period of 18 months from the closing date. The aggregate fair value of the Class A and B purchase warrants was $1,726,518 and the amount has been recorded as derivative liability and the Company allocated the remaining proceeds of $5,907,798 to the common shares.


Subject to certain conditions, Gammon Gold Inc. was granted the right to participate in future financings to maintain its equity position in the Company.


Liquidity and Capital Resources


The Company held $7,808,244 in cash and cash equivalents on September 30, 2010.


Cash used in Operating Activities


During the period ended September 30, 2010, the Company incurred significant expenditures in legal fees in connection with permit approvals, and for detailed engineering fees in connection with Project facilities.


Cash from Financing Activities:


Cash was received from financing activities during the nine months ended September 30, 2010 and for the comparable period in 2009 as follows:


$246,600 pursuant to the exercise of options on 750,000 shares @ C$0.35 and 50,000 shares @ $0.26 ($16,252 pursuant to the exercise of options on 100,000 shares @ C$0.35) and
$7,634,316 pursuant to a private placement of units to Gammon Gold Inc. ($1,439,368 pursuant to a private placement of 2,337,500 shares to five placees).


Cash used in Investing Activities:


The Company did not incur expenditures in investing activities during the three and nine months ended September 30, 2010 and 2009.



Working Capital


The Company has no long-term debt.


Management does not expect that additional cash will be required beyond cash currently on hand for ongoing work on permits for the Project, for paying advance minimum royalties, for additional property purchases, for detailed engineering of facilities for the Project and ongoing work on site, and for general corporate purposes to the end of 2011. Refer also to Outlook below.

Outstanding Share Data




The number of shares issued and outstanding and the fully diluted share position


are set out in the table below.




                          Golden Queen Mining Co. Ltd.




                                              No. of


                   Item                       Shares


Shares issued and outstanding on Dec. 31,    88,378,383




Shares issued pursuant to the exercise of       700,000


stock options


Gammon Gold Inc. private placement            5,000,000


Shares issued and outstanding on June 30,    94,078,383




Shares issued pursuant to the exercise of        50,000


stock options


Shares issued and outstanding on September   94,128,383 Exercise Price Expiry Date


30, 2010


Gammon Gold Inc. warrants                     2,500,000 C1.75 & C2.00   1/12/2011


Director and employee stock options           1,200,000     C$0.77       20/04/11


Director and employee stock options           1,950,000 C$0.26 & C1.24  28/01/14 &




Shares to be issued as a finders fee            100,000 Not Applicable     Not




Bonus shares to H.L. Klingmann                  600,000 Not Applicable     Not




Fully diluted on September 30, 2010         100,478,383

The company's authorized share capital is 150,000,000 common shares with no par value.




The Company plans to put the Project into production as an open pit heap leach operation and to construct facilities to process ore at a rate of 4,500,000 tonnes (5,000,000 tons) per year and these have been reduced from the earlier planned mining rates. Projected life of the open pit heap leach operation has increased from 7 years to 12 years. The Company also plans to produce and sell aggregate for up to 30 years. These plans are subject to management making a production decision.


Management is evaluating financing options with a view to making a production decision as soon as all permits have been secured.


If permits are secured for the Project and a production decision is made, the Company will need significant additional financing to develop the Project into an operating mine. Capital costs for mining projects are increasing rapidly and the Company is currently re-estimating these costs. The Company believes that financing for the Project can be secured if gold and silver prices remain at or above $600.00/oz and $12.50/oz respectively and these are the prices used for the feasibility study base case cash flow projections that were released on December 14, 2007. Gold and silver prices averaged $972.35/oz and $14.67/oz in 2009 and closing prices on November 17, 2010 were $1,213.00/oz and $17.95/oz respectively.



It is not expected that the Company will hedge any of its gold or silver production.


The ability of the Company to put the Project into production is subject to numerous risks, certain of which are disclosed in the Company's latest Form 10-K filing with the SEC and amendments thereto. Readers should evaluate the Company's prospects in light of these and other risk factors.


Special Meeting of Shareholders


The Company held a special meeting of shareholders on September 1, 2010 at which the Company adopted new corporate Articles and increased its authorized capital to 150,000,000 common shares.


Application of Critical Accounting Estimates


The financial statements of the Company have been prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles in the United States. Because a precise determination of many assets and liabilities is dependent upon future events, the preparation of financial statements for a period necessarily involves the use of estimates which have been made using careful judgment.


The financial statements have, in management's opinion, been properly prepared within reasonable limits of materiality and within the framework of the significant accounting policies summarized below:


Mineral Property and Exploration Costs


Exploration costs are expensed as incurred. Development costs are expensed until it has been established that a mineral deposit is commercially mineable and a production decision has been made by the Company to implement a mining plan and develop a mine, at which point the costs subsequently incurred to develop the mine on the property prior to the start of mining operations are capitalized.


The Company capitalizes the cost of acquiring mineral property interests, including undeveloped mineral property interests, until the viability of the mineral interest is determined. Capitalized acquisition costs are expensed if it is determined that the mineral property has no future economic value. Exploration stage mineral interests represent interests in properties that are believed to potentially contain (i) other mineralized material such as measured, indicated or inferred resources with insufficient drill hole spacing to qualify as proven and probable mineral reserves and (ii) other mine-related or green field exploration potential that are not an immediate part of measured or indicated resources. The Company's mineral rights are generally enforceable regardless of whether or not proven and probable reserves have been established. The Company has the ability and intent to renew mineral rights where the existing term is not sufficient to recover undeveloped mineral interests.


Capitalized amounts (including capitalized development costs) are also written down if future cash flows, including potential sales proceeds, related to the mineral property are estimated to be less than the property's total carrying value. Management reviews the carrying value of each mineral property periodically, and, whenever events or changes in circumstances indicate that the carrying value may not be recoverable, makes the necessary adjustments. Reductions in the carrying value of a property would be recorded to the extent that the total carrying value of the mineral property exceeds its estimated fair value. A write-down of $167,898 in mineral property interests was recorded for the year ended December 31, 2009. There was no write-down in mineral property interests recorded for the nine months ended September 30, 2010.


Asset Retirement Obligations


In accordance with the Accounting for Asset Retirement Obligations, the fair value of an asset retirement cost, and corresponding liability, should be recorded as part of the cost of the related long-lived asset and subsequently allocated to expense using a systematic and rational method. The Company has recorded an asset retirement obligation to reflect its legal obligations related to future abandonment of its mineral property using estimated expected cash flow associated with the obligation and discounting the amount using a credit-adjusted, risk-free interest rate. At least annually, the Company reassesses the obligation to determine whether or not a change in any estimated obligation is necessary. The asset retirement obligation recorded as a liability on the Interim Consolidated Balance Sheet is $189,550 as at September 30, 2010 (2009 - $172,962).



Derivative Liabilities


Our stock options are denominated in a currency other than our functional currency and the instruments were required to be accounted for as separate derivative liabilities. These liabilities were required to be measured at fair value. These instruments were adjusted to reflect fair value at each period end. Any increase or decrease in the fair value was recorded in results of operations as change in fair value of derivative liabilities. In determining the appropriate fair value, we used the Black-Scholes pricing model.


Recently Issued Accounting Standards


A summary of Recently Issued Accounting Standards is provided in Item 7 of the Company's latest Form 10-K/A filing with the SEC.


Qualified Person and Caution With Respect to Forward-looking Statements


Mr. H. Lutz Klingmann, P.Eng., the president of the Company, is a qualified person for the purposes of National Instrument 43-101 and has reviewed and approved the technical information in this report.


This report contains certain forward-looking statements, which relate to the intent, belief and current expectations of the Company's management. These forward-looking statements are based upon numerous assumptions that involve risks and uncertainties and other factors that may cause actual results to differ materially from those indicated by such forward-looking statements. Such factors include among other things the receipt of required approvals and permits, the costs of and availability of sufficient capital to fund the projects to be undertaken by the Company, commodity prices and other factors. Readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance on the forward-looking statements, which speak only as of the date the statements were made.























Golden Queen Mining

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Golden Queen is a gold development stage company based in Canada.

Golden Queen develops gold and silver in USA.

Its main asset in development is SOLEDAD in USA.

Golden Queen is listed in Canada and in United States of America. Its market capitalisation is CA$ 2.8 millions as of today (US$ 2.1 millions, € 1.8 millions).

Its stock quote reached its highest recent level on September 23, 2011 at CA$ 3.95, and its lowest recent point on July 25, 2019 at CA$ 0.02.

Golden Queen has 111 050 000 shares outstanding.

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