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$10 Million Worth of Silver Bars – Stolen!

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Published : June 23rd, 2020
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How in the world does someone steal $10 million worth of silver bars without someone knowing, seeing or suspecting that something is very, very wrong? It’s not like someone walked into a room a picked up small sculpture, a painting or even a car; $10MM in silver represents an enormous mass of material.

On Friday June 19, 2020, silver closed at approximately $17.60 / ounce. If you divide $10MM by $17.60 the approximate total number of ounces would be 568,181.8. That’s a lot of 10 ounce bars or Engelhard one ounce bars. That’s a lot of 1,000 ounce bars – 568 would be in the appropriate neighborhood.

How does one walk off with 592 huge silver bars and no one stops them – no one says to the organized crew of 10 or more people with carts, 2-wheel dollies or other means of hauling massive silver bars – “what are you doing?” Seriously? Does this stink to the high heavens or is it just me?

Montreal police are trying to solve a crime involving missing bars of silver estimated to be worth over $10 million.

In January, a container holding 596 bars of silver was stolen from a LaSalle transportation company by suspects who allegedly used fake documents to take possession of the items.

In 2015, silver bars totalling the same amount – $10 million – went missing from a shipping container in the Port of Montreal. Tips from the public led to the arrests of five men in connection with the theft.

Anyone who has information that could help the case is being asked to call 911 or the anonymous Info-Crime line at 514-393-1133. A reward of up to $2,000 will be given to anyone who can provide information that will lead to an arrest. Source

Okay, if there were “fake documents” involved and the authorities allowed the silver to walk out, what about video cameras from inside, outside and all around showing the vehicles – of which there would be many – and the people moving the silver out of the building? What about the video cameras at the street corners, other businesses that pick up the activity on this property? See, I’m doing a better job than the so-called authorities in Montreal. There is something out balance with this story.

If you know “whodunnit” well, you can pick up a tip of “up-to” $2,000. Never mind the $10MM worth of silver your “reward” would provide you a decent trip to a local exotic destination.

Something about this story doesn’t sit well. We are talking about an item that is virtually untraceable and will become absolutely untraceable once it is melted down and the current state in which one would find it has morphed into a completely different shape or form. The 568,000 ounces would all be there, just the way they appear to the eye could change, thereby, “disguising” it completely and hiding it from it’s previous owner.

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