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$5,000+ Gold As Fed Shovels Endless Fiat Into ...

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Published : October 13th, 2020
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Category : Gold and Silver

It’s been six months since Dan Wilton, CEO / Director First Mining Gold, sat down to discuss the state of the gold market. We followed up on what he stated in March 2020 about the mining companies having double the free flow of cash wither gold around $1,500. Gold is now bouncing between $1,850 and $2,000+. First Mining Gold is now sitting a mountain of cash to move their projects forward with little resistance.

We then turned to a review of the projects First Mining Gold is working on and the absolute rock bottom acquisition cost of their three largest projects. These projects should convert into world class mining operations that any of the senior mining companies would love to have on the balance sheet.

We wrap up what Dan’s analysis is telling him where gold is headed. It’s a great conversation and well worth your time, especially, if you are looking to add to your position or add them to your portfolio.

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Symbols TSX – FF / OTC: FFMGF / Frankfurt: FMG

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