5 Often Overlooked Emergency Foods To Consider

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Published : February 11th, 2020
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Emergency food preparation is sometimes stressful and overwhelming.  But it doesn’t have to be! You also don’t have to eat the same things over and over again if you ever have to dig into your stored food.  Which is why I wanted to share some often overlooked foods to consider adding to your food supply.

Having more options available to you will prevent boredom with food, and help round out your nutrient intake during an emergency situation.

    1. Coconut Oil – Coconut oil has a shelf life of up to two years if it’s unopened. It is solid at room temperature but it can withstand the high cooking temperatures of a fire in a survival situation. You can use it as a replacement for butter (which won’t store well) in baking and cooking. A bonus is that you can also use coconut oil for other purposes, such as a skin moisturizer if you haven’t stored any lotions.  Organic coconut oil is also a good replacement for cooking oil too, especially if you aren’t a big fan of the flavor of canola or vegetable oil.
    2. Nut Butters – Many preppers overlook the benefits of nut butters. While peanut butter might be in your pantry, consider adding others, for example, sunflower seed butter and almond butter. Both are quick and easy sources of energy and nutrition. They also are excellent for long-term storage. Unopened jars of nut butter will last for about two years under normal conditions. Having different options available when it comes to nut butters will go far in preventing boredom with your food!

3.Dehydrated Vegetables – Most of us already have at least some canned veggies in our stockpile. But you might want to consider adding some dehydrated vegetables as well. Dehydrated carrots, for example, can stay fresh for 20 years, and dehydrated corn can last for 10 years.

4. Dehydrated Meat (Jerky) – Jerky is not just a good travel snack, it’s also a tasty food fit for an emergency supply. Store-bought, processed jerky will last a long time to go bad in an unopened airtight container. If you’re adding it to your food supply, that’s how you should store it. Store-bought processed beef jerky will last one to two years easily in these conditions. If you make your own, it may only last three months, but you can increase this time by freezing it.

5. Oats – Rolled oats can last up to 30 years making them the perfect addition to an emergency food supply. Not only will they last when stored in airtight containers in cool, dry conditions, but they are incredibly inexpensive!  They also provide carbohydrates for an emergency energy boost, iron, thiamine, and dietary fiber.

These are not the only overlooked foods preppers often pass by. If you have some suggestions, share them with our readers in the comment section so we can learn from each other.

With threats of an ever-spreading coronavirus and potential pandemic, and during the heart of winter when it’s possible to get snowed in, it never hurts to have some food on hand that you won’t mind eating and will get you through an emergency.

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Source : www.shtfplan.com
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