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American Silver Eagles Approaching $40 / Gold Eagles Flying Around $2,150 – Is A Smash Imminent?

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Published : July 27th, 2020
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Physical gold and silver can only sustain the level of acquisitions that is currently happening for so long. The ‘freshly minted’ products will run out, again, as they did earlier in the year. This will leave bullion dealers dependent upon you and I for produce. Are you selling back into the market at these levels or are you waiting for silver and gold to reach heights never dreamed possible?

A quick check at 7:00am CST with the big three we found both 2020 and random year AGE’s and ASE’s available. This means people are brining their coins back to market. If people weren’t bringing product back to market the “random year” coins would all be gone. Personally, there are two major items on my list and it is very possible some Eagles will be flying back into the market – converted for specific purposes. For those of who have been patient and done the right thing, the time to make something happen maybe upon us.

What we found this morning at 7:15am CST was the following –

2020 American Silver Eagles ranging between $35.44 and $37.80
2020 American Gold Eagles ranging between $2,148 and $2,156 (random years are higher!!)

The numbers are bouncing around for both silver and gold but the situation is not going to improve – silver and gold are going higher. As we noted late in 2019, which was a reiteration of what we have been saying since December 2017, between now and the end of the year silver is going to be a tear which is nothing more than a set up for 2021 – 2023 timeframe.

If we look specifically at physical silver and gold what we find today is unprecedented. The asking price of gold has never bounced around $2,100 – $2,200 ever. This is like throwing gasoline on the silver fire. For the past several thousand years as gold climbs to levels that leave the average citizens ability to acquire they run as quickly as possible to silver. This is being repeated right now and will continue to happen as until people can wrap their heads firmly around $2,000+ gold. All they know right now is gold is “really expensive I need to get some silver because I can’t afford gold” – that’s the driving force.

Buckle up, keep ALL varieties of powder dry and be ready to make the moves that best suit your families needs. Remember a calm, cool head is what is needed most right now. Making decisions based on emotion means making very bad decisions.

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