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American Silver Eagles At $32 – Will They Continue To Climb?

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Published : July 23rd, 2020
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UPDATE 8:03am CST It appears the criminal thieving banking cabal is back at work. It seems too many people around the world were getting the memo – the economy is permanently broken – so, time to put silver and gold on sale instead of allowing them to tell the truth. Unfortunately for the thieving banking cabal, the cat’s out of the bag and by years end we are going to see a major disconnect – even bigger than today – between the lies on the COMEX and your ability to acquire physical metal.


While everyone is looking at the charts we continue to focus on the physical market. We are not traders, have never been traders and will never be traders of precious metals. We see silver and gold as money and the ultimate form of wealth protection. Therefore, we have thrown in the towel on the rigged, manipulated lying COMEX and the banking cabal that generates most of the reporting. Sure, we still look at the charts but the fact of the matter is the so-called markets we have reported on for the past decade have been proven to be rigged, manipulated in two different countries. How much more evidence does one need before they turn their back on liars and thieves?

Over the past few days gold and silver have been on a long overdue rip to the upside. For those that have been acquiring the metals for the past several years this is welcomed news. For those that have been acquiring the metals for the past several years this is also very unnerving. Gold, especially, has a job to do – let the world know how well, or poorly, the economy is doing. When gold begins to climb, the economy is beginning to tank. As gold climbs higher, the economy is getting worse and the banking cabal has become even more out of control.

I was looking at the “big three” online dealers this morning to see what is happening and find that the “low cost leader”, SDBullion, has crossed the $32 mark (CC / PP) for American Silver Eagles (ASE) and $2,062 (CC / PP) for 1 ounce American Gold Eagles (AGE). The fractional AGE’s push the acquisition cost much, much higher. For example, the 1/10 ounce AGE is $269.70 (CC / PP) or said another way $2,697.00 per ounce!! That’s a long way from whatever the banking cabal is reporting as of 7:44am CST 7/22/20.

The question we’ve been asking is does it really matter what the thieving banking cabal is reporting at the moment a person steps up and says “I need 5 ounces of gold and 500 ounces of silver.“? Only to a very, very small degree. Those of us, the minority, that have been following physical silver and physical gold already have an idea of what is happening and why. The “average Joe” that is currently starting to stack is behind the curve. Not attacking, not saying their bad people or anything of the sort – pointing out a fact. What they have figured out, thank goodness, is the need for precious metals. We welcome them and wish them Godspeed, we are all going to need it.

The information below was gathered at 7:55am CST 7/22/20

Let’s compare ASE’s from the big three – the following are based on CC / PP payment format and the 2020 ASE

SDBullion – $31.80
JMBullion – $32.89
APMEX – $33.48

Let’s compare AGE’s from the big three – the following are based on CC / PP payment format and the 2020 AGE

SDBullion – $2,059.27
JMBullion – $2,061.03
APMEX – $2,060.09 (5% off normal premium) – they have to compete so…

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