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Ammunition Sold Out!

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Published : March 13th, 2013
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Coming from the liberal bastion of New York, I grew up in a major anti-gun culture; aside from those that hunted “upstate.”  Of course, the world was a much safer place – and the GLOBAL FINANCIAL SYSTEM significantly healthier; dramatically reducing the necessity of gun ownership.  In fact, my birth in 1970 just preceded abandonment of  the gold standard; and thus, America still had three decades to “charge up its credit card” before the bill came due.

When I moved to Colorado in 2007, I was still anti-gun; and in fact, viewed Michael Moore as a hero after watching Bowling from Columbine.  I still think Michael Moore is a champion of the people; albeit, a misguided one with seriously flawed views.  For one, he believes firmly in socialism – if not communism – and secondly, he is anti-gun.

Here in Colorado, guns are a part of life; not to kill or threaten – but as PROTECTION against an increasingly dangerous society.  As the END GAME of collapsing currencies, exploding unemployment, and god forbid – resource shortage – approaches, one would have to be crazy to not consider arming themselves.  Thus, I am now a proud, registered gun(s) owner; not to mention, Tasers and other sundry weapons.

What inspired this RANT is the rampant fear overtaking America; as clearly, millions are thinking as I am.  Recent mass shootings at Virginia Tech and Aurora, Colorado heightened such fears; but the recent Newtown, Connecticut school shooting is what really turned the tide in most citizens’ minds…

Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting – December 2012 – Wikipedia

NO ONE that has done more 9/11 research than I ( given I was THERE, and lost DOZENS of friends); and NO ONE is more convinced it was a “false flag” attack – to justify WARS, create PROFITS, steal RIGHTS, and establish the DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY.  However, I’ve largely avoided the “conspiracy theory” aspect of Sandy Hook until now; as it didn’t gibe with the focus of my blog.

That said, when I saw essentially ALL stores SOLD OUT of most ammunition, I took a deeper look; and after watching this MUST SEE video, became as convinced about Sandy Hook as 9/11…

The Sandy Hook Shooting – Fully Exposed

In this case, this “coincidentally timed” attack – just after Obama’s re-election – appears to have been executed to push a gun ban agenda…

Obama Seeks Assault Gun Ban, Background Checks – January 2013

…despite firearms homicides barely registering as a major threat…


The NRA logically associates such proposals as precursors to CONFISCATION…

NRA ad: Obama gun proposals would lead to ‘confiscation – February 2013

…as do millions of panicked Americans

Gun store owner: Ammo sold out after “panic”  -January 23, 2013

…creating ammunition shortages

Wal-Mart Limits Ammunition Sales Because Of Shortage – January 2013

…as the population fears repeal of the Second Amendment
Many Think Obama Wants a Gun Ban: Poll – March 2013

Gun sales have gone parabolic

…as have “background checks”; indicating a further surge in gun purchases…


Gun stocks have been the market’s BEST PERFORMERS; like Smith and Wesson…


…and Storm Ruger…


…as Obama has become the industry’s best-ever “salesman”…

Obama: Best Gun Salesman in History

Remember, my goal is to PROTECT you from what’s coming; a process in which PHYSICAL gold and silver ownership is just one aspect.  As always, my best advice is to consider what might occur if fiat currencies like the dollar collapse; and subsequently, to “prepare for the worst, and hope for the best.”  In this case, I urge you utilize the liberties bestowed upon you by the second amendment – while it still exists – until allAMMUNITION is SOLD OUT.”


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Andrew Hoffman was a buy-side and sell-side analyst in the United States (including six years as an II-ranked oilfield service analyst at Salomon Smith Barney), but since 2002 his focus has been entirely in the metals markets, principally gold and silver. He recently worked as a consultant to junior mining companies, head of Corporate Development, and VP of Investor Relations for different mining ventures, and is now the Director of Marketing for Miles Franklin, a U.S.-based bullion dealer.
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Any gun is useless without ammunition! There have been lines waiting for ammo in almost all Gun Stores and reloaders are running out of supplies to reload.
No matter where you are on Gun ownership we all have the right to defend ourselves with something! The deadliest attack in Norway since WW2 came on July 22, 2011 where the gun ownership is very restricted but the bad guys had guns and the people did not. 90 people died. Even as bad as it can get here we can still defend ourselves if we choose to. I do!
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Whatever credibility Ranting Andy had with me was destroyed by this: "I still think Michael Moore is a champion of the people; albeit, a misguided one with seriously flawed views. For one, he believes firmly in socialism – if not communism – and secondly, he is anti-gun."

No one can be a "Champion of the People" believing in socialism and gun control -- like saying a man is a doctor, although he doesn't believe in the germ theory of medicine.

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Jim, that is your opinion. But that is all it is. And backed up by not so much as a single reason as to why you hold such an opinion, it is without value.
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Ranting Andy saying Moore is "misguided" is like saying a doctor is "misguided" by not believing in the germ theory of medicine. "Misguideness" can be excused; stuipidty and evil, no. The results of both Moore's and that doctor's actions are deaths both to society and to patients. Andy excuses Moore and that is the issue.
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Thanks for your response Jim, however, your analogy is a rather weak one. To accept it one would first have to believe that socialism and being anti-gun lead to death. If one does not accept the premise, the analogy fails.

Socialism, as i am sure you are aware, is the opposite of capitalism. The creatures of capitalism are corporations. Corporations, however, do not have human values. They have but one value and it is to have the best bottom line possible. Unbridled capitalism is, as we are getting to witness first hand, what the great American author William S. Burroughs called a vampiric system. It was his contention that all vampiric systems are doomed because of the vampire's inability to control his or her appetite. And that is precisely what we have seen happening in America since Reagan introduced us to trickle down economics. The transfer of wealth has been staggering.

Societies are composed of people who band together so as that they may all do better collectively than as individuals. Socialism has human values. For example, socialists do not believe that a child born to poor parents should die of a treatable disease just because his parents are poor. And so you might think of socialism as a moderating force on the insatiable appetite of vampires.

Now with regard to Michael Moore and his ability to be a champion of the people, as he speaks out on behalf of those not in the top few percetiles of wealth, he quite obviously can be a champion of the people. Those who speak out on behalf of the priveleged few cannot be champions of the people. This is just basic math. You may argue that he is misguided and that his beliefs if adopted would lead to ruin. But you cannot do so effectively with an analogy such as yours. You must present logical reasons if your opinion is to be accepted as valid.

As for the anti-gun part of this, it is not that Moore is against the ownership of all guns. There are certain types of guns that he believes ought not be in the hands of those not in the military. Heck, even Wayne LaPierre does not believe that Americans should be able to own anti-aircraft or rail guns. So it really is not about being anti-gun so much as it is a debate as to just what sort of fire power ordinary citizens ought to be able to own. And that i think is a debate well worth having.

One more word regarding socialism and your view that it leads to death. With respect to western democracies, it seems to me that the ones doing the best in terms of their economies are nations such as Norway, Sweden, Canada and Australia; each far more socialistic than America. They also rate higher in terms of important metrics such as life expectancy. Those are facts which, if you are not an ideologue, must be accounted for. As a heads up, let me warn you that the arguement that they are all nations that are heavily reliant on the export of their natural resources and will wither and die after they have run out of minerals or timber to ship abroad will not fly. Sweden's economy is based largely on the export of medical equipment.

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You have no idea what Capitalism really is, what we are experiencing now is NOT Capitalism, it is Fascism, a.k.a. Crony Capitalism. This country has not opperated on a capitalist system in over 100 years. Certainly not since the formation of a central bank.
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Greetings J.,

i suspect that we may agree far moreso than you might expect. i would certainly agree that crony capitalism is the economic system of modern day America. But was that not my point that unbridled capitalism devolves into what is now being experienced? Fascism, however, is not an economic system. It is a political system. Just as unbridled capitalism devolves into crony capitalism, republican forms of government inexolerably devolve into fascism. Ditto for communism. Parliamentary democracies, while not immune, are far more resilient to such an abomination. And again, though not immune, capitalism tempered by a measure of socialism is less likely to devolve into crony capitalism.

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One final comment on this and I'll let it go. Capitalism does not devolve into an oppressive system if the original idea of our Founding Fathers is followed: government established and limited to the protection of individual liberty from enemies foreign and domestic. And "enemies" defined as those that would use force to either to harm life and seize property rightfully earned.

Unfortunately our government, with its myraid edicts and welfare programs that seize and re-distribute wealth, has become the enemy. But free capitalism is essentially a system of voluntary interaction for goods and services. It may become a 'vampire system' as some have suggested only with the help and force by governments. It can be debated whether such a system with original intent can be maintained or whether it necessary devolves into fascism. What can be said is that the system of free enterprise produces the greatest prosperity for all.

Does Socialism cause deaths? Since socialism is the seizure of individual property, and thus the means of sustaining life itself, for the common good according to the whim of those with the power -- it does cause deaths.This is not to say that governments are all to blame. Big businessmen themselves, who curry favors (bribes), using governments to forcefully block competition, are part of the problem.

Does gun control cause deaths? Certainly depriving individuals of the means of self-protection does cause deaths. And make no mistake, the anti-gunners are typically the above mentioned socialists who need to have their populace disamed to prevent resistance to their thefts. The original impetus for this was my take that Andy thought that Michael Moore was only 'misguided' rather that outright evil. I believe Moore is for the complete disarmament of America. He realizes, as other socialists, that resistance must be crushed before their agendas can be fully implement.

All this can be argued back and forth and other opinions certainly have merit.
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Now that is a far better response. i may not agree with all of it, but at least there is some substance to it.
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As Vox noted, excellent response. I was being lazy, but you took the time to make your points.
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As Vox noted, excellent response. I was being lazy, but you took the time to make your points. Read more
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