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Ancient Stone Carving Proves Comet Devastated the Earth 13,000 Years Ago

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Published : May 02nd, 2017
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Researchers from Edinburgh University made startling discovery last week. They’ve found evidence of a massive comet strike that may have devastated the Earth nearly 13,000 years ago, and sparked the Younger Dryas ice age. However, they didn’t find evidence of a crater, or anything conventional like that. Instead the researchers cite obscure carvings spotted on a pillar at Gobekli Tepe, an ancient archeological site that contains the oldest man-made structures that have ever been found.

Scientists have speculated for decades that a comet could be behind the sudden fall in temperature during a period known as the Younger Dryas. But recently the theory appeared to have been debunked by new dating of meteor craters in North America where the comet is thought to have struck.

However, when engineers studied animal carvings made on a pillar – known as the vulture stone – at Gobekli Tepe they discovered that the creatures were actually astronomical symbols which represented constellations and the comet…

…Using a computer programme to show where the constellations would have appeared above Turkey thousands of years ago, they were able to pinpoint the comet strike to 10,950BC, the exact time the Younger Dryas begins according to ice core data from Greenland.

The Younger Dryas is viewed as a crucial period for humanity, as it roughly coincides with the emergence of agriculture and the first Neolithic civilisations.

The scientific community has long derided researchers who think that that the Younger Dryas was caused by a comet impact, but this may be the best evidence that they were right along. The pillar appears to be a kind of memorial to the event, which would have made a lasting mark on the minds of our ancient ancestors. Among the animal carvings, is an image of a headless human body, which likely symbolizes massive human casualties caused by the comet. By all appearances, our ancient ancestors witnessed an apocalyptic event that was worth memorializing.

However, this isn’t the most interesting part of this discovery. If these researchers are correct, then what they’ve found vindicates Graham Hancock, a journalist who has been saying for over 20 years that a cataclysmic event occurred on our planet roughly 12,800 years ago. And since he published his book Magicians of The Gods in 2015, he’s claimed that a comet caused the devastation, which may have destroyed a long forgotten ancient civilization.

Scientists had numerous theories to explain this but, in Magicians Of The Gods, Hancock argued that we had all the proof we needed: more than 200 ancient myths, belonging to tribes from the Arctic to the Equator, telling of an advanced human civilisation destroyed by flood and fire.

Added to this was compelling physical evidence, in the form of giant boulders, platinum deposits and tiny diamonds found across North America — the detritus of a colossal impact.

There was only one explanation, said Hancock, and it matched the account carved into the limestone pillars at Gobekli Tepe . . . an account now verified by the team at Edinburgh University.

According to Hancock, the mere existence of Gobekli Tepe suggests that there had to be an advanced civilization on our planet long before most mainstream scientists thought that was possible. After all, these ruins predate the officially excepted timeline for the rise of human civilization by thousands of years.

…This means that when the Gobekli stones were made, around 9,000BC (that is, approximately 11,000 years ago), the sculptors had the astronomical know-how to backdate the constellations, shifting their pattern by a couple of millennia. And they were working with information that had been passed down over 2,000 years.

That shows spectacular sophistication. Yet according to common wisdom, humans were savages at this time, hunter-gatherers no more advanced than cavemen, without any knowledge of engineering or mathematics.

He believes that Gobekli Tepe was built by the few descendants of this civilization who survived the comet, and spread their knowledge to countless hunter-gatherer tribes around the world. They in turn used that knowledge to create the classical civilizations that we all know about today. And that’s why this discovery is so sobering.

These days, a lot of people are deeply concerned about the possibility of natural and man-made disasters destroying our modern civilization. However, it’s becoming more and more plausible that our species endured a tremendous disaster that utterly destroyed an advanced civilization in the past. That event was so thoroughly destructive, that the only record this civilization left behind was a few stone carvings and hundreds of myths passed down by word of mouth. We worry about the apocalypse, and don’t even realize that we may be living in a post-apocalyptic world that was built on top of the ashes of long forgotten civilization.

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