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Published : December 19th, 2016
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Category : Opinions and Analysis

I am launching a new website, this one centered around travel photography. My economic blog will not go away.

My first photography series is called “Iceland in 16 Days“.

My wife Liz and I went to Iceland two summers ago. The images are all from that trip, all taken in 16 days.

Here is my first article: Iceland in 16 Days: Day 1, South Region, Seljalandsfoss Waterfall.

Here is one of the images from the first day.

24hGold - Announcing “Mish Mom...

In the Iceland series, we will take you around Iceland, and the amazing trip we had with scenes of waterfalls, ice beaches, puffins, whales, geysers, rainbows, glaciers, and colorful fishing boats in small harbor villages.

I have a twitter ID of @MishMoments for the photography site, but for a while will double tweet.

I expect to release a new article about 4-7 times a week, no more than one a day. The initial series of about 25 articles is already written (some days have more than one feature).

The images were nearly all taken between 10:00PM and 4:00AM when the light was best. I got little sleep on the trip, the same as all my trips, because I still post on the economy multiple times a day. It was a pretty grueling schedule, because we stayed in a different hotel 11 times in the first 12 days.

Once again here is the kickoff article: Iceland in 16 Days: Day 1, South Region, Seljalandsfoss Waterfall.

Please check it out, and if you like it, then please signup and share.


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