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As currency crisis worsens, Iranians invest in gold

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Published : May 17th, 2018
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Category : Market Analysis

Iranians are reportedly investing in gold after the Central Bank of Iran last week issued strict limits on the amount of foreign currency travelers can take out of the country amid a deepening currency crisis.

With exchange offices forbidden to sell foreign currency and new rules limiting the amount of foreign currency travelers can take out of the country to 5,000 euros ($5,980) if leaving by air and 2,000 euros ($2,392) if exiting by land or sea, gold has become the new currency of choice for people hoping to move their money out of the country.

Referring to the formation of a "new forex market," the chairman of the Iran Gold & Jewelry Association, Hossain Pendarvand, says gold has replaced the dollar in local markets and that despite protective measures taken by the Central Bank of Iran, money is still finding its way out of the country, but now in the form of gold.

"The gold products market is suffering from a recession, while the market for melted gold is flourishing, indicating that in the absence of the dollar, people have started buying more gold and taking it out of Iran," Pendarvand told state-run Iran Students News Agency on Tuesday. ...

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