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Between the Loathsome and the Unspeakable

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Published : February 22nd, 2016
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How reassuring is it to Hillary, exactly, that she won what amounted to a straw poll totaling less than 11,000 votes among the various Nevada hotel employees unions? You could tell from her pained, artificial smile at the victory podium that there is something booby prize-ish about that narrow triumph. And what was with the metallic red outfit that had her looking like a previously-owned Christmas tree ornament? Maybe her handlers put her in Kevlar for the occasion.

She’ll need it as this fretful election campaign moves into the middle innings. That trademark unconvincing smile masks the embarrassing truth that the fix is in for Hillary inside the dark machine that is the Democratic Party hierarchy, hijacked by chairperson Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s league of crones. The so-called “super-delegates” have all been rounded up and branded with a big smoking “H” on their hindquarters, leaving poor Bernie in the alkali basin of dashed hopes.

Readers have noticed (and complained loudly) lo these many months that I couldn’t get on-board for Bernie. I’m glad that someone opposed Mz It’s-My-Turn, but the Vermonter-from-Brooklyn lacks the juice to drive the necessary wooden stake into her grifter’s heart. The Goldman Sachs speaking fees ($200-K-plus each) should have been enough to send her to the donkey’s graveyard but, like so many awful truths in our over-amped and under-brained world, it got sucked into the TMZ alternative universe of discarded realities.

The latest simpleton’s political theory floating around the ether says that Hillary is guaranteed to get the overwhelming support of black voters. Why is that exactly? And what does it mean? Is she going to re-run the civil rights era? Is she going take up the banner for “safe spaces” on campus? Is she going to join the Oscars boycott? And, honestly, what has Mr. Obama done for black America, besides provide a model for how you can get somewhere in this society by learning how to speak English intelligibly?

So, the simpleton’s theory goes: Hillary wins the black and Hispanic vote and a big majority of womens’ votes. What does that mean? That America is now split into an ethnic-and-womens’ party (Dems) against a white mens’ party (Repubs)? Isn’t that a nice recipe for a multi-dimensional civil war?

Actually, it would be the mere seasoning in a stew of civilizational crisis simmering on the margins of the stupidest election contest in American history that could literally blow the country to pieces. The news media is, for instance, perfectly oblivious to the awful instabilities blossoming on the financial scene. In fact, the banks and markets are behaving in a way that suggests shocking disruptions to everyday life before the general election is even held. How would the Hillary-versus-Trump match-up go in a September of bank bail-ins and empty supermarket shelves due to the inability of businesses to service one another?

Rumblings out of the banking system ought to inform us that trust in mutual obligations is dwindling to the same zero-peg (and under) as world-wide interest rates. Something’s got to give and something will give (perhaps starting with something that has the initials “DB”) and then a whole lot of other things will give — beating a path swiftly to disrupting the normal complex operations of daily life that put food in your microwave and gasoline in the convenience store pumps. At that point, of course, all bets are off. Without being too cute about it, we ought to have reason to worry that America will be too disorderly later this year to even hold the 2016 general election.

As for Mr. Trump, he remains what I said at the campaign’s outset: worse than Hitler, lacking the brains, charm, and savoir faire of the Ol’ Fuhrer, and with his darkness even more plainly visible. Even Adolf could manage to get his necktie on so that it didn’t dangle around his nutsack. I don’t mean to trivialize the difference between these two psychopaths, except to say that America will be very very sorry to follow the tune of the so-far leading Republican candidate’s pied-pipings.

Frankly, if Mr. Trump actually manages to technically snag the party’s nomination, I can imagine several consequences. One, that he will indeed succeed in destroying the party. The other leaders at the dark heart of its hierarchy will never stand for Trump. In that case, they will form a breakaway rump GOP and throw their support to Michael Bloomberg, if he decides to jump in — and he might be enough of a true patriot to do that. The less appetizing alternative consequences involve the apparatus of the runaway Deep State (NSA and the military) either bumping off Trump, or staging a coup d’état against him in the event that he manages to get elected. I’m not advocating for those outcomes, but you ought to be prepared for the possibilities.

Most of all, don’t underestimate the power of events to outrun personalities this year.


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James Howard Kunstler has worked as a reporter and feature writer for a number of newspapers, and finally as a staff writer for Rolling Stone Magazine. In 1975, he dropped out to write books on a full-time basis. His nonfiction book, "The Long Emergency," describes the changes that American society faces in the 21st century. Discerning an imminent future of protracted socioeconomic crisis, Kunstler foresees the progressive dilapidation of subdivisions and strip malls, the depopulation of the American Southwest, and, amid a world at war over oil, military invasions of the West Coast; when the convulsion subsides, Americans will live in smaller places and eat locally grown food.
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"he will indeed succeed in destroying the party." Well maybe the party needs destroying.

As for you - you have exposed yourself a just another New York type supporting that fascist Bloomberg

You're showing your NYC globalist sellout roots. I'm disappointed.

I thought you could see the Trump Train is an anti-globalist movement and you're just another

paid shill for these criminals.

James, you disappoint me. Trump, Hitler? I am speechless. Do you have no idea what is happening in Europe or that precisely the same fate is being planned for the US following a Hillary win? Hillary is often called Hitlery, by the way: Hitlery the neocon, the destroyer of nations - policies Trump strongly opposes. Hitlery, the enemy of the first and second amendments. Obama is putting all the pieces in place right now for an invasion of the US by the so-called "religion of peace". Small communities in the US are being gradually flooded with 3rd world Muslims, most of whom are economic migrants, not war refugees.

Europe is on the verge of collapsing. Violent assaults on European men, women and children are escalating due to the expanding "Arab invasion", as the pope recently called it in a rare moment of lucidity. Tens of thousands of Europeans, especially women and children, have already been sacrificed on the altar of this open borders "humanitarianism". Europe is gradually falling under Sharia law. The Islamization of Europe will lead either to Civil War or to the end of Western Civilization. According to democrats, this is a good thing. Replacing Western liberalism with barbarism and human slavery, we are told, is anti-xenophobic, kindly and democratic.

There is blood on the hands of the multiculturalist progressive twits who insist that open borders are humanitarian. There have already been many crimes - many murders and rapes - of US citizens by illegal immigrants who have exploited our open borders. These crimes are rarely reported in the mainstream press, to avoid turning the public against the open borders agenda. Obama lets these felons out onto our streets again and again. He recently released approximately 90,000 illegal alien felons onto US streets to re-offend And yet you seriously believe it would be Hitlerian to close our borders and to implement our immigration laws, which have not been enforced for the past 15 years?

Trump is the only one we trust to protect our national sovereignty and to save us from a European fate, in addition to putting an end to globalist trade deals, the anti-human climate change agenda, the elite's push for slave labor and their artificial social divisions that are leading us toward civil war. Trump actually plans to bring jobs back to African-American communities. Hillary and Bernie will further blight them. .

Yes, Trump did call for waterboarding ISIS fighters, but the US has been using torture for years. Long before George W. Bush began using it, the US had a decades-long track record of training dictatorships around the world in the art of torture at the School of the Americas. The feigned horror of the political establishment regarding Trump's call for rough handling of ISIS fighters is pure theater. This, remember, is the same political establishment that has senselessly destroyed many nations and brought death to millions of innocent souls.

Of course, you did not say Bernie and Hillary were good choices, but you need look no farther than the democratic party to find the next Hitler....
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James, you bit off a pretty big plug there Buddy. Most of us who back Trump already know he's not the Second Coming. After all ~ he told us all and Jeb ~ Bush lied us into the Iraq War ~ which is the truth; but the next day he took that truth back in favor of some other line. What counts is: Trump HAMMERS the people in office NOW. Those are the same people WE Trump supporters dislike no end. Is he anything like Hitler ?? We can easily answer that when you tell us how many wives Hitler had.

Bernie, on the other hand, IS a socialist. Looking up the basic tenants of Socialism and comparing those tenants to the Laws in Deuteronomy ~ handed down to Moses by G-d ~ (<-- I wrote it that way so as not to offend Jewish readers: though I'm not Jewish) you will see those tenants and those Laws are the same. What are the odds of that coming out in Main Stream Media ?? or even NOT main stream; like Alex Jones or Gerald Celente or Drudge on the Internet ??

The old timers told me they would give their horse a plug of sweet honey tobacco. The horse loved it, and would swallow it. It got rid of their intestinal worms all right ~ but it would almost kill the horse ! ! You be careful with that plug.
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I wonder if anyone has checked the records of Slick Willie to see how many civil rights law suits against the government were filed during his administration??
He was going to provide jobs for minorities . He did it by discrimination against career government employees. In other words, making things so miserable that they quit. Our district office leaders were given a quota of minorities they had to fill. Many minorities that were hired weren't qualified and then they made things so difficult that three years later many were forced to quit under those conditions.
Now how is Hillary going to find jobs for them? Bill and his trade agreements shipped those jobs and industries over seas?

Rate :   2  0Rating :   2
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"he will indeed succeed in destroying the party." Well maybe the party needs destroying. As for you - you have exposed yourself a just another New York type supporting that fascist Bloomberg You're showing your NYC globalist sellout roots. I'm disapp  Read more
sam_site - 3/10/2016 at 3:02 PM GMT
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