Big Repudiation of Liberal Elite

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Published : November 10th, 2016
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Category : Opinions and Analysis

Here is a collection of interesting tweets from people I follow. Let’s start with an observation by Tim Carney and re-tweeted by Rudy Havenstein.

Carney: Low-Income white voters in Pa. voted for Obama in 2008 and Trim in 2016 and your explanation is white supremacy? Interesting.

Human Molotov Cocktail

"the human Molotov cocktail"

— Rudolf E. Havenstein (@RudyHavenstein) November 9, 2016

Message Heard Loud and Clear


— Rudolf E. Havenstein (@RudyHavenstein) November 9, 2016

Rand Paul ‘Big Repudiation of the Liberal Elite’

Rand Paul: Election shows 'a big repudiation of the liberal elite'

— The Hill (@thehill) November 9, 2016

Floor Traders Shout Lock Her Up During Hillary’s Concession Speech

"Lock Her Up": NYSE Floor Traders Boo, Shout During Hillary Concession Speech

— zerohedge (@zerohedge) November 9, 2016

Did the US Elect a Monster?

Did The United States Just Elect A Monster?

— zerohedge (@zerohedge) November 9, 2016

Good News

Here's the good news: The bar is so low, it will be hard for Trump to under-perform expectations.

— Caroline Baum (@cabaum1) November 9, 2016

Expert Comments

the sad thing is that the media is going to to ask the same people that got everything completely wrong what they think happens now

— StockCats (@StockCats) November 9, 2016

Cat Predicts Trump

next time they tell you what the polls are saying…

— StockCats (@StockCats) November 9, 2016

Krugman Has Plenty to Talk About

Krugman will have to spend the next 4 years writing about (drum roll)… the Republicans!

— Caroline Baum (@cabaum1) November 9, 2016

Social Mood

Here is my comment on social mood.

Social mood finally boiled over. People were fed up with the establishment and endless wars.

— Mike Mish Shedlock (@MishGEA) November 9, 2016

Mike “Mish” Shedlock

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