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Published : December 06th, 2007
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Dear Jane and Joe,


You are being stolen blind.  Few are aware of the scam.  Unfortunately, the thieves are not content with just your loss of vision.  They intend to own you and your labor outright.  Let’s start unraveling exactly how they have set about this task.


Money and its creation is a very complex subject.  Not many people understand it even though it literally drives most of the citizens in the developed world.  The sum total of what most people know about money is that they don’t have enough of it.  It’s getting harder and harder to have enough of it as the bar is continually raised.


You can read volumes of books and articles explaining the monetary mechanism, yet come away completely perplexed.  It is confusing by design, just as it is fraudulent by design.  If it weren’t so fraudulent, it wouldn’t have to be so confusing.


I’m going to attempt a simple English explanation of how the Federal Reserve acts like a feudal landlord as it creates and manages its paper products.  You need to understand the basic principles and end results of Fed activities.  That is much more important than wandering through the maze of their contorted mechanisms.


Principle #1: The Fed is a private corporation that has been granted a license to print money for the United States


“Bucks R Us,” if you will.  The ultimate franchise.  This is supposed to be Congress’ job, but they wimped out in 1913.  Not that you’d want our current Congress to administrate money or manage the economy.  They can hardly manage their own personal hygiene.


Their duty, per the Constitution, is to make the money and hold its value steady.  The free market takes over from there.  The endless booms and busts we’ve seen since 1913 are a direct result of monetary mismanagement by the Fed.  Rising prices through the decades is also of their doing.


Principle #2: The Fed takes their cut on every dollar they create


Sorry, the Fed is not exactly a benevolent charitable organization.  This is the ultimate “for profit” confidence game.  It’s been going on for nearly a century.  Here’s a quote from a 1936 Congressional bill that attempted to end the Federal Reserve:


The banks manufacture, without borrowing it, the monetary credit which they loan to the government.  For every dollar they themselves contribute to the loaning process, they manufacture 10 credit dollars, and call them their own, although they base the credit dollars on human sweat and labor and productive genius that is not their own.  We need to be delivered of the curse of a money system that is not owned, as a cash-credit system, by the American people.


Needless to say, this bill never passed.  The Fed continues to create money out of nothing and charges the American people interest for these keyboard entries.  Americans pay back this interest through the fruit of daily effort and work.


How would you like to type up trillions of dollars of paper money, loan it out, and collect the interest?  Don’t try this at home.


Principle #3: There are no practical restraints to money creation


The Fed can “monetize” whatever they want.  “Monetize” means creating what we use as money out of pretty much anything.  In theory, an elitist banker could send the Fed six chickens and the Fed could turn over $2 billion to his buddy.  Don’t laugh, they’ve done worse.


Here’s a controversial quote from the current Bucks R Us head, Ben Bernanke:


...the U.S. government has a technology, called a printing press (or, today, its electronic equivalent), that allows it to produce as many U.S. dollars as it wishes at essentially no cost.


Yes, the Fed can produce the dollars at “essentially no cost.”  Unless you take into account what that does to Jane and Joe and their currently held dollar-denominated assets.  Ben has been known as “Helicopter Ben” ever since.  Print the money, drop it from helicopters, and inflate your way out of any self-induced mess.


Principle #4: Inflation is a hidden tax


You’ve just seen a glimpse of whom and what creates what is commonly called “inflation.”  The Masters.  Every extra piece of paper funny money produced dilutes those already in existence.  Prices then rise because current money is cheapened.  The Fed is an instrument of inflation.  It’s what they excel at most.  The more money they create, the more interest they make.  You’re cheated on both ends of the transaction.


This is so simple you must be extremely educated (indoctrinated) not to understand it.


Now just might be the perfect time to invest in helicopters.  Ben is on the pad and only Plan H is in the playbook.


We’ll continue this discourse next week.  Protect yourself.  Precious metals are a prime method of protection.


Invest Resourcefully,


Russel McDougal

Investor’s Daily Edge


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Dr. McDougal writes about natural resource investing for Investor's Daily Edge and has been an active investor for 25 years, holding everything from stocks, bonds and mutual funds, to options, futures, currencies, limited partnerships, private placements and rare coins.
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