CIA Created News and Events For Profit and Power

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Published : December 19th, 2017
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Over the past two years we have witnessed the power of mainstream media to manipulate the American public. We could go back much further to show isolated examples but the past two years it is has been a steady stream, from multiple outlets, producing content with the sole purpose of creating a world that doesn’t exist. That world is built on perpetual war, theft and control of the population by a handful of oligarchs.

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The entire “russia did it” narrative has not only been exposed as having nothing to do with Donald Trump, but we are now seeing the front edge of the real story being fully exposed.

The Obama regime, in conjunction with the Clinton Crime Machine, working with the CIA created an entire world to point the finger away from their high crimes, I would argue treasonous crimes that were designed for the specific purpose of incriminating someone else for a crime that never happened! That’s a neat trick if you can pull it off, and these people were very, very close to making it happen.

Now we see the whole scenario beginning to unravel but the CIA through CNN continues to lie, deceive and propagandize the whole story.

If we move away from the theatrics and distractions of the “russia did it” narrative and look at what the CIA really does in the mainstream media we see something far more sinister and something that can only be described as evil. Millions of people have been murdered because of the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird that has placed hundreds, if not thousands, of CIA operatives in the highest seats in mainstream media both in the U.S. and around the world.

We reported on various members of the media being members of the Council for Foreign Relations where their marching orders are handed down. Brian Williams, Morley Schaffer and Katie Courik were all members at one point. This is to say nothing of the “C” level executives attending, year after year after year, the very secretive Bilderberg Meetings that have been held each summer since 1954. This is a series of meetings held over three days between government, military and corporate criminals to discuss the direction of the world for the next 2-3 years. Why would it be legal for corporate leaders and government officials, from around the world, to meet behind close doors? Oh, that’s right, it’s not legal and in most countries, including the U.S., would be considered an act of treason.

If you don’t think these meetings and the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird have dire consequences please consider a small portion of Professor Michael Chossudovsky wrote about this very evil melding of mainstream media, military and a covert agency like the CIA.

The following text on Rumsfeld’s “Office of Strategic Influence” (OSI) was first published by Global Research in January 2003 two months before the onslaught of the war on Iraq. The analysis largely pertained to the role of the Pentagon in planting fake stories in the news chain with a view to providing a “human face” to US-led military interventions.

Already in 2002, the “Militarization of the Media” was on the drawing board of the Pentagon. Defense Secretary Rumsfeld created the OSI with a view to influencing public opinion in the months leading up to the war on Iraq in March 2003. “The purpose [of the OSI] was to deliberately lie to advance American interests,” (quoted in Air Force Magazine, January 2003). It consisted in feeding disinformation into the news chain as well as seeking the support of the corporate media. Acknowledged by the New York Times:

“The Defense Department is considering issuing a secret directive to the American military to conduct covert operations aimed at influencing public opinion and policy makers in friendly and neutral countries [Germany, France, etc], senior Pentagon and administration officials say.

The fight, one Pentagon official said, is over ”the strategic communications for our nation, the message we want to send for long-term influence, and how we do it.”

As a military officer put it: ”We have the assets and the capabilities and the training to go into friendly and neutral nations to influence public opinion. We could do it and get away with it. That doesn’t mean we should.”…

In February [2002], Mr. Rumsfeld had to disband the Pentagon’s Office of Strategic Influence, ending a short-lived plan to provide news items, and possibly false ones, to foreign journalists to influence public sentiment abroad. Senior Pentagon officials say Mr. Rumsfeld is deeply frustrated that the United States government has no coherent plan for molding public opinion worldwide in favor of America in its global campaign against terrorism and militancy.(NYT, December 10, 2002)

Many administration officials agree that there is a role for the military in carrying out what it calls information operations against adversaries, especially before and during war, as well as routine public relations work in friendly nations like Colombia, the Philippines or Bosnia, whose governments have welcomed American troops.

… But the idea of ordering the military to take psychological aim at allies has divided the Pentagon — with civilians and uniformed officers on both sides of the debate.

Some are troubled by suggestions that the military might pay journalists to write stories favorable to American policies or hire outside contractors without obvious ties to the Pentagon to organize rallies in support of American policies. (NYT, December 16, 2002)

The Ongoing “Militarization of the Media”

Most people do not even know that an Office of Strategic Influence (tantamount to a “Ministry of Truth”)  existed within the confines of the Pentagon. Why? Rumsfeld decided to abolish the OSI. In reality, it was never abolished. They just changed the name to something else (as confirmed by Rumsfeld in a November 2002 Press Conference):

Rumsfeld: And then there was the office of strategic influence….  I went down that next day and said fine, if you want to savage this thing fine I’ll give you the corpse. There’s the name. You can have the name, but I’m gonna keep doing every single thing that needs to be done and I have.

That was intended to be done by that office is being done by that office, NOT by that office in other ways.

DARPA Press Conference (Dept of Defense, November 18, 2002 emphasis added) Source

Please keep in mind the above was reported some fifteen years ago – now we are beginning to see this play out in a fashion where CNN simply calls facts lies and lies facts. The difficult situation regarding CNN is it is played around the world in a variety of airports and other public places so the locals see this as being the face of America. This is the single biggest problem with mainstream media and CNN in particular, How do you feel about having this represent you and your family on foreign soil? “they hate us for our freedom.”

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