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Comex Gold Market Gone Off the Rails

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Published : April 04th, 2020
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"Disaster will overtake you,
and you won’t be able to charm it away.
Misfortune will descend upon you,
and you won’t be able to buy your way out.
A catastrophe will strike you suddenly,
one for which you are not prepared."

Isaiah 47:11

"With tears in my eyes I tell you now that some may be lost, forever.   For their own desires are the god that they worship. They boast with pride about things of which they should be ashamed. They think only about the privileges and glories of this world. But we now belong to heaven."

Phillipians 3:19-20

"Those among the fortunate rich who are not, in the rigorous sense, damned, can understand poverty, because they are poor themselves, after a fashion; but they cannot understand destitution.   Capable of giving alms, perhaps, but incapable of stripping themselves bare, they will be moved, to the sound of beautiful music, at Jesus’s sufferings, but His Cross, the reality of His Cross, will horrify them.  They want it all out of gold, bathed in light, costly and of little weight; pleasant to see, hanging from a woman’s beautiful throat."

Léon Bloy

Get right.   Sit tight.

I would like to say that after all this I have finally seen everything, heard everything, every excess of alternative facts.

There is worse to come.

This is nuts.

Have a pleasant evening.

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