David Cay Johnston on the Crony Capitalism, and Part 2 on Plans for Funding For Your Old Age

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Published : March 03rd, 2019
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“Capitalism is at risk of failing today not because we are running out of innovations, or because markets are failing to inspire private actions, but because we’ve lost sight of the operational failings of unfettered gluttony. We are neglecting a torrent of market failures in infrastructure, finance, and the environment. We are turning our backs on a grotesque worsening of income inequality and willfully continuing to slash social benefits. We are destroying the Earth as if we are indeed the last generation.”

Jeffrey Sachs

"A pension is not a 'gratuity.'  A pension is wages you could have taken in cash, but prudently and conservatively set aside for your old age.   It's your money.  If your employer, for every pay period, does not set aside and designate it to go into a pension plan, your employer is stealing from you. The way to get this is to require pay stubs to itemize the amount of money that has been contributed to your pension plan."

David Cay Johnston

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