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David Morgan Interview - GoldSeek Radio Nugget

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Published : September 12th, 2015
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Category : Gold and Silver

Chris Waltzek talks to David Morgan publisher of The Morgan Report

  • The Silver Investor David Morgan and the host review and article penned by David Smith.
  • With silver production waning, demand could overwhelm supply.
  • According to his work the bottom may already be in place in the PMs market.
  • The following scenario could occur: silver gaps higher several dollars - silver eagles / maple leafs sell out over night - premiums on pre-'65 silver triple.
  • Major silver suppliers are reporting big premiums in pre-'65 silver, over $4.00 per ounce, a startling high figure.
  • Bull markets oftentimes require a base building period - David Morgan thinks that could be currently underway.
  • But even if the bottom is not in place, the precious metals remain the diversification tool, du jour for every investment portfolio.
  • David suggests watching the preparedness film, The Empty ATM.

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Mr. Morgan has been published in The Herald Tribune, Futures magazine, The Gold Newsletter, Resource Consultants, Resource World, Investment Rarities, The Idaho Observer, Barron's, and The Wall Street Journal. Mr. Morgan does weekly Money, Metals and Mining Review for Kitco. He is hosted monthly on Financial Sense with Jim Puplava. Mr. Morgan was published in the Global Investor regarding Ten Rules of Silver Investing, which you can receive for free. His book Get the Skinny on Silver Investing is available on Amazon. His private Internet-only newsletter, The Morgan Report, is $129.99 annually.
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