Der Spiegel: Ex-President Jimmy Carter Condemns Surveillance State, Praises Snowden

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Published : July 18th, 2013
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This is a rough translation of an article that appears in Der Spiegel.

NSA affair: Ex-President Carter Condemns U.S. Snooping
By Gregor Peter Schmitz, from Atlanta
17.07.2013 – 13:59 Uhr

Ex-President Carter: "The invasion of privacy has gone too far"

The Obama administration has tried to placate Europe's anger over their spying programs. Not so ex-President Jimmy Carter: The Democrat Carter sharply criticized U.S. intelligence policy. The disclosure by the whistleblower Snowden was "useful."

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter was in the wake of the NSA spying scandal criticized the American political system. "America has no functioning democracy," Carter said Tuesday at a meeting of the "Atlantic Bridge" in Atlanta.

Previously, the Democrat had been very critical of the practices of U.S. intelligence. "I think the invasion of privacy has gone too far," Carter told CNN. "And I think that is why the secrecy was excessive."

With regard to the NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, Carter said his revelations were "likely to be useful because they have informed the public."

Carter has repeatedly warned that the moral authority of the United States has declined sharply due to excessive curtailment of civil rights. Last year he wrote in an article in the "New York Times" that new U.S. laws have allowed "never before seen breaches of our privacy by the government."

The entire article in German can be found here.
Here is the only article I was able to find in English that discusses the same interview I believe.  There were some others but they only talk about Carter's comments on the Zimmerman trial.

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Maybe President Carter hasn't completely lost all his marbles.
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Maybe President Carter hasn't completely lost all his marbles.  Read more
samking73 - 7/18/2013 at 7:06 PM GMT
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