Did Trump Start Taking Orders From Hillary?

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Published : April 07th, 2017
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Category : Opinions and Analysis

Excuse me for asking, but didn’t Trump win the election? If so, is he now taking orders from Hillary?

Ahead of the insane bombing of Syria with no proof of anything and no authorization from Congress, Hillary Clinton said the US Should Take Out Syrian Airfields.

Here are some tweets I gathered.

Guest after guest is gushing. From MSNBC to CNN, Trump is receiving his best night of press so far. And all he had to do was start a war.

— Sam Sacks (@SamSacks) April 7, 2017

It’s almost like this sort of ineducable, lizard brain, masturbatory public reaction is why presidents love to start wars. https://t.co/QWY0QVhFqS

— Barry Eisler (@barryeisler) April 7, 2017

Pentagon has learned they can get Trump to do as they please. A potentially dangerous lesson.

— Jeet Heer (@HeerJeet) April 7, 2017

Trump winning over new constituencies tonight, from neocons to jihadists https://t.co/9H1I2RArpm

— Max Blumenthal (@MaxBlumenthal) April 7, 2017

"That awkward moment when Trump notifies Russia he's about to strike Syria, but not the US Congress." pic.twitter.com/mRwX7ESZgg

— Matt Stoller (@matthewstoller) April 7, 2017

Regime change in…

-Iraq: disaster

-Libya: disaster

-Afghanistan: disaster

-Syria: good maybe?

— Ken Klippenstein (@kenklippenstein) April 6, 2017

While we all condemn the atrocities in Syria, the United States was not attacked.

— Senator Rand Paul (@RandPaul) April 7, 2017

F*ck all you warmongers. Every god damn one of you.https://t.co/xNuIi9XQtU

— Mike Mish Shedlock (@MishGEA) April 7, 2017

Syria: Who is likely responsible?
1. Rebels, ISIS, or Saudis
2. US False Flag
3. Assad accidentally hit a chemical dump
4. Assad on purpose

— Mike Mish Shedlock (@MishGEA) April 7, 2017

Syria: Least Likely Responsible
1. Rebels, ISIS, or Saudis
2. US False Flag
3. Assad accidentally hit a chemical dump
4. Assad on purpose

— Mike Mish Shedlock (@MishGEA) April 7, 2017

Here’s my take on this mess just before and after the bombing.

  1. Deja Vu 2013: Likely False Flag Event has US Preparing for War with Syria; Proof Please!!
  2. Trump Launches Airstrike on Syria, Issues Statement: Trump Then and Now – F You Warmongers

Mike “Mish” Shedlock

Source : mishtalk.com
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Could be that Hillary received a transcript of a Trump briefing . . . courtesy of Susan Rice.
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