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Does the US Have the Right To Bomb the Syrians?

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Lew Rockwell
Published : September 06th, 2013
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Does the U.S. government have a right to bomb Syria? It’s painfully obvious that it has no such right. It’s painful because it looks like it’s going to bomb anyway.

Not one of the arguments that attempts to show that the U.S. has a right to bomb Syria holds up upon examination. The preemptive or preventive idea has reappeared. This idea is that if there is a threat to U.S. national security (or interests), the U.S. has a right to remove that threat before it becomes a reality. That argument is an argument for self-defense. It is valid only if the threat is tangible and imminent. In this case, there is no tangible or imminent threat that the Syria government can or will unleash chemical weapons on America, American embassies or American forces. There is no intelligence to that effect. Moreover, the Syrian government has made no such threats.

The pro-bombing advocates argue that they do not want chemical weapons to fall into the hands of anti-American forces other than Syrians. There is also no direct, tangible and imminent threat of an attack from this source. This possibility is a threat of a threat. Only if the weapons first fell into hostile hands might they then possibly become a threat. This argument is twice-removed from being an actual threat and being an actual candidate for a rightful self-defense.

An argument is being made that the credibility of the U.S. government is at stake, and that it needs to follow through on the red line threats issued by the government. But if the U.S. has been so foolish as to make threats that might diminish its credibility and harm its capacity for self-defense, it does not follow that it has now gained the privilege or right of making good on its threats. One’s mistakes or threats do not generate rights and privileges. If man U threatens to kill man S if man S flirts with man U’s wife, man U doesn’t gain the right to kill man S if man S calls man U’s bluff and winks at man U’s wife.

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As a political system the U.S. is a sadistic nation ! Tout court.
Reigned by fear that one day they will have to work= getting along with the rest of the world. Imagine.
No more money to buy the ink for the print.
If they were masters that really deserved to be served they wouldn't destroy anything in their path.
Love and affection are the only cure. "But that doesn't make money ???!!!"
The only master in the world at the moment is Gold. That's why I buy silver. I don't need any master.
Just curious. Did the U.S. compensate the victims of "agent orange" in Vietnam ?
Or was that their rightful thing to do as well ?
Best Arts!!!
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It's Madness? We as the American people don't even know? WHO USED THE GAS ON WHO? And I did not Draw the Red line, This Prideful Pres. did.
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Since when has the US government ever needed the right to bomb anyone in order to transfer money from tax payers to the military industrial complex? What are a few hundred thousand lives when compared to a several billion transferred into certain private bank accounts? Is it any wonder that the majority of the people inhabiting the planet consider US presidents to be war criminals?
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It's Madness? We as the American people don't even know? WHO USED THE GAS ON WHO? And I did not Draw the Red line, This Prideful Pres. did.  Read more
sparrow - 9/8/2013 at 10:34 PM GMT
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